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Yes, it’s time for round two. May 22nd - 28th is the second week to celebrate our crazy clown couple! 

Spread the word and have fun! 

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This is my number one favorite YouTube video of all time. 8 seconds long, and in that brief span, gives you minutes of laughter and HOURS of stuff to discuss. What is this competition? Who is this guy in the rafters? How did he get there? Why is he WAKING UP there? The title implies that the sleeping man is the video uploader… is he still trying to piece together how he materialized there? The greatest part of this video is the dangling carrot of mystery that will never truly be solved. Short and sweet- the best YouTube video of all time.

Thank you very much for checking out this whole list of videos. It was fun putting them together! I’ll have to do another list like this sometime. But until that day- don’t forget to do the skit!

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Sometimes I think about how Liam took time out of his busy body enhancement schedule to compliment Zayn on his graffiti wall. Like really compliment him. Not just like hey that's sick. Like really talk to him about it and commenting on which parts he liked and why and Zayn's face and expressions and Liam and Zayn and sob sob sob

LISTEN, that whole thing was straight out of Liam Payne’s Hoe Tricks journal. Liam risked passing out from paint fumes so he could work out shirtless while Zayn painted. That is dedication. That is the most classic of hoe tricks.

Liam took time out from setting his thirst traps for Zayn just to tell him that he lobed his graffiti and even picked out which neon shapeless teeth blobs were his favorite:

Liam didn’t just compliment Zayn one time. OH NUH. Liam is seen through the whole three minute video doing the real time version of poorly caps locked crying about how iconic Zayn’s art is roughly 812 times.  He even took the time to throw out the highest compliment he could think of: that Zayn’s graffiti teeth blobs* were something you would see in “New YAWK on a JAWG”. HE EVEN DID A HORRIBLE NEW  YORK ACCENT. HE DID THAT. 

I think my favorite part of it is after he says it to Zayn, he looks at the camera like he’s in The Office, extremely pleased with how well his Extraness and hoe tricks are panning out:

You know they had to edit it down for time because that three minutes was probably more like 6 ½ hours of Liam telling Zayn his art should be in the MoMA. Liam Payne won’t stand by and let the world spin some bullshit propaganda that there’s anyone that’s more deserving of lifetime membership in Zayn’s ass than Liam. Liam has land there, he maintains a beautiful property, and he put down real roots. 

In short,  I live for how much Liam went out of his way to make Zayn feel good about his art. 

*Zayn’s graffiti art is really ridiculous cool to be fair


First of all, @joker-x-harley and @mrjandmrshq just want to thank everyone so much for all the love and support that this blog and this week has received. I think we gained 1800 followers or more between JxHweek one and now. That’s amazing! So thank you all so much!

Now down to business. 

Here are the official dates:

Monday May 22 to Sunday May 28th is the second JokerxHarleyWeek.

Here are the official themes: 

Monday: Therapy Scene

Tuesday: Electroshock Therapy

Wednesday: Highway Scene

Thursday: Chemical Wedding

Friday: Date Night aka Club Scene

Saturday: Helicopter Rescue

Sunday: “Let’s go home” Breakout

Remember that these themes are just to help you, you don’t have to follow them. You can be exact with the theme of the day or you can do something different. 

Do I have to make something everyday?

No. Go at your own speed. We don’t want anyone stressed out about trying to make something everyday of the week. You can participate in one day or all of the days if you want! It doesn’t matter as this is supposed to be fun! So don’t stress yourself out.

What can I do?

ANYTHING YOU WANT! Cosplay, write fanfictions, headcanons, make videos, act, draw art, dance, make gif sets, or if you just want to reblog then just reblog! Also you can do alternative versions of the scene and gif your favorite part or just write your favorite part! Doesn’t have to be the whole thing. This whole week is celebrating Joker and Harley and supporting each other! So have fun with it. 

How do I get my post seen? 

Make sure you tag all your posts with #jokerxharleyweek

It’s very important that you tag your post exactly as it is stated above. We want to see your creations! We will not see them if the tag is done wrong. Notice: no spaces, an ‘x’ between their names, and no ‘Quinn’ after Harley. DO NOT TAG WITH ‘JxHweek’ or ‘JokerandHarleyWeek’ or ‘Jarleyweek’ or some other variation. We will not be able to see those.             
To be absolutely sure that we see your creations please also tag @jokerxharleyweek

Another note, during the last JxH week for some reason we had some trouble with seeing ALL of our tags and mentions. I suppose it was because of how many posts we were being mentioned in in one day, but if this happens again message us and we will get that reblogged. Because again, we want to see your creations and we want this fandom to appreciate them as well!

Any other questions? Just message @joker-x-harley , @jokerxharleyweek, or @mrjandmrshq and we will help!

Other than that, thank you all again! Remember that this week is for fun and not to stress yourself out. Above anything, have fun and support the others in this fandom! 

See you next week! 

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Nerdy Virgin Luke

Pairing: Y/N/Luke

Rating: NC-17

Request: No

Words: 10.000+

Summary: I wrote a song preference once and wanted to continue a part out from it. Would appreciate feedback and request if you want the other boys as well! ~ #61 End Up Here - 5 Seconds Of Summer | High School AU | His P.O.V

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Jade Takeover (2) Twitter Q&A

 Q: What has been your favorite part about filming for season 2B ?
Jade: So fun because Meliorn joins the action a little more than 2A! I’ll say he fights alongside unlikely friends+U see more Seelie things😏

Q: If you could be any food what would it be?
Jade: 😂 best question. If I was any food, I would be a pineapple 

Q: do you prefer clary with simon or with jace??? 
Jade: Oh no 🙈 why u gotta ask me that! There’s a whole fandom ready to pounce! I ❤️ Clary w/ whoever is right 4 her InTheMoment.Cus it keeps changing!

Q: would you rather have hands for feet or feet for hands? 
Jade: Hands for feet allTheWay! Cus I would be the best monkey ever!I’m jealous of them,they own the forrest. Yea sure Seelies too but still

Q: favourite Meliorn line?
Jade: Favourite Meliorn lines: “It is..but it isn’t.” & “I would say the same, but sadly I’m incapable of lying.” 😏😇😈

Q: you are stuck on a deserted island, which cast member would you call to help you? 
Jade: why just 1? 😔 I want the whole #ShadowFam . ButFine: @arosende (Alberto) cus we got stuck on an island once, we’re great at surviving, Stella taught us how

Q:  A word to define your fans?

Q: What advice would Jade give to Meliorn?
Jade: 🤔 "I know u owe ur life to ur Queen & all cus she took you in and all but… have a ‘Me’ day. U earned it"

Q: how long does it take for you to put on your costume/armor for meliorn?
Jade: To become Meliorn in full costume/gear takes about an hour total. usually it’s ears>scars>hair>flowerTattoos>armour

Q: which animal would you be? I’m a koala 🐨 (and apparently a cactus??? Idek)
Jade: I would be a lynx on land, a dolphin in the water 🐬 (mostly just a dolphin period. Pretty sure I was one once) , and a falcon in the air.

Q: How has your day been?
Jade: Thks4Asking 🤗 it’s been great/filled.WokeUp, meditated, walked in da woods, found out i’m healthy, #tmdj + #Shadowhunters socialmedia madness

Q: if there was a meliorn filter on Snapchat what would you want it to consist of? 
Jade: Faerie ears obvi, and leaf on the face or the new scarred up Melly? I guess i could have that “open ur mouth” & then 💥 it changes thing

Q: describe 2B in 3 words
Jade: OH. MY. GAH.  😱

Q: If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be
Jade: Seems like a cliché answer but right now I would hang on a hammock in Fiji. I just would. “MAGNUS call me a portal please!”

Q: Is there any superpower you would like to have?
Jade: I would have the superpower of controlling the fabric of reality itself. That way I could fly/teleport/manifest things/change form/create

Q: If Meliorn could lie just for once, what would he lie about? 🤔
Jade: 🙊🙊🙊🙊  I don’t know. Do you?? No but really I DON’T KNOW. We’ll have to see, so will I, and so will the viewers/readers. For real. Dunno

Q: What is your favorite moment that you spent on the set?
Jade: Hard to choose one. But i’d say the funnest moments are when the whole gang is there on the same day. Feels like summer camp. #ShadowFam

Q: what has been your favorite part of the takeover? Love you 💙
Jade: 🤗🍃🙈 Running around the forrest alone like a little chinchilla with my iphone creating my intro video and thinking about you guys seeing it. 

Q: which downworlder would you be in real life?
Jade: I’m already too like the Seelies to not say Seelie.. but it would be cool to be a faerie/warlock hybrid

Q: If you have a chance to ask the entire world a question, what would it be?
Jade: "Hey planet Earth! Humanity! Are you ready to transform in a major way? Like ultimate metamorphosis?“ I think we are & we get to decide. 🌎🌍🌏

GUYS! Q&A has been SO FUN.Thk U 4all ur questions. if we didn’t get to you, tweet at me anytime. Now on to some MORE #JadeTakeover posts!-JH

this is my favorite moment of one of my favorite songs (that last part of 7, after the chorus), this song has a lot of meaning to me and Van made this moment really special. he did the same in my favorite part of twice as well (that last chorus when the guitars got slower). i got goosebumps every time i see the videos on my phone. (not mentioning the fact that the whole country saw me crying on tv, let’s ignore that)


here’s my entry for the volume 5 anthology! i was lucky enough to be able to draw for crystalanthemums! (do yourself a favor and check out everyone else’s AMAZING art and the video pls…)

i owe a HUGE thank you to the organizers, sollay, city, and ally, for inviting me to join and organizing the whole thing in the first place!!! i was so honored to be a part of this project! as a fan since 2012, it’s sort of been one of my dreams to draw art for a song!! i really can’t thank them enough for this amazing opportunity :’)

my thought process is below the cut!

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To be honest, H.I.M is such an accomplished band that I can’t even be mad that they’ve decided to part ways. Of course my heart is hurting a bit because all ends tend to be bittersweet but that’s 26 years of their lives and eight excellent albums we’re talking about. They gave us so much over the course of their career and I don’t know, the timing felt strangely right. In my opinion, they’ve left no unfinished business behind. It feels weird for me to be at peace with the fact that my favorite band has decided to end it all but as Ville said, they really did complete the pattern. I can’t be angry at life taking its course, any H.I.M fan knows deep down that it was doomed to happen for the obvious reason that you can’t be 50% invested in a band of their wingspan and well, moving on with your life is inevitable for all of us, including our favorite musicians. I’m just really grateful for what I’ve been able to witness, for being a part of that journey during years that I will always cherish and look fondly upon because that’s how amazing that whole experience has been for me, I grew up so much through all of it when I think about it. They’re always with me anyway, it’s not going to change, I’ll keep on living my life while crying at 3:00 am every now and then about how good of an album GLSV66 and how iconic the Join Me In Death video are, why pretend otherwise.

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Top 10 times Louis took your breath away please?

What a lovely ask! Ok then, bring out your tissues all right? Here we go!!

(I put them in random order because seriously, how could I ever chose between them…??)

10. Performing at RTL Late Night, Dec 2014: Unreal Tomlinson…. 

9. Story of my life - best part of the whole video if you ask me…..

8. The AMAS 2013 - I just can’t stop looking at this gif….. 

7. Santiago, May 2014: My all time favorite stage gif of him. There is some major light porn going on here and his long hair looks just like a halo. Real life angel… 

6. Sydney, February 2015: Sex on legs….. What else can I say?? 

5. New Jersey, August 2014: Like a moth to a flame…
I can watch this gif all day… 

4. This just fucks me up every time and if there aren’t fics written about this clip alone I am deleting….. Seriously! 

3. TIU pc 2013: The red scoop neck shirt of doom. This is just so… intense.. 

2. Edinburgh, June 2014: So majestic on stage. The way he just watches the audience and seems to love just being there, taking it all in. I feel like this is still a huge deal for him and I love him for that. He is still so grateful to be given the opportunity….

1. Four Hangout, November 2014: Crafted by the Gods is an understatement..


Hey guys! This is just my reaction/summary post of the BTS Concert in Newark (Thursday, 3/23)! I’ll be going into a lot of detail, but bare with me. I’ve linked all the fancams I took throughout the post, so you can check that out :)

[Full Fancam Playlist]


Alright so first things first…I’ve been following BTS since ~May/June 2014, and this was the first time I was actually able to go to a live concert. I WAS LITERALLY BEYOND THE MOON when I got tickets, and I was so excited that I was badgering everyone I knew with my fangirling. BTS means so much to me, they got me through some of the hardest times in my life, and they gave me happiness and hope. So getting to go to one of their concerts, see them and support them in person, was such a blessing.

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Photo Editing

Photos location: Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

I don’t think I’ve ever shared what my process of photo editing looks like and I thought this would be a good example to show the before and after. To start off, as a little disclaimer, I usually don’t do anything extremely drastic to my photos. I don’t ever edit body shapes. I like and use photo editing to enhance lighting and details to better match how I felt or how I saw the moment/landscape with my own eyes. 

When I am on the go I edit a lot of my photos with my phone. My iPhone 7 Plus does a brilliant job with it, considering it’s still a phone. There are several apps I like to use to edit my photos. Sometimes using multiple apps to edit one photo. 

The apps I use

  • Photo Editor - I use this for its blur and sharpening features but it also had a lot of other very good and useful features.
  • VSCO - This is probably the one I use the least but if I am feeling spicy, it has a lot of fun filters. I just think it ruins picture quality sometimes.
  • Adobe Lightroom - This is my favorite app and the one I use most often. Lightroom as in it’s name, in my opinion, is best for lighting even on your phone. 

When I am not so on the go I do use my computer. I often save the images I am most excited about for my computer. On my computer I have Adobe Creative Cloud with access to Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator and After Effects (video editing software). I most often use Photoshop while on my computer, as it is what I am most efficient in. I use it to isolate parts of the image and edit it without editing the whole image. 

In the photo above I used Lightroom and Photoshop on my computer to complete the editing. 


Is it bad that one of my favorite parts of this is Taylor Grey having to repeat his line like five times cause he keeps getting distracted? xD

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In the absence of normal cardioversion resources, would it be possible and/or useful to lower someone's heart rate by ducking their face in cold water (i.e. activating the dive reflex)?

Yes, but only for one specific circumstance (and maybe not exactly how you’re thinking).

May I introduce you to my favorite arrhythmia: Paroxysmal Supraventricular Tachycardia (PSVT). I like it because its not too deadly, can be utterly terrifying, and there’s a lot of cool ways to treat it. One of the more common first line treatments for PSVT is the use of a vagal maneuver, one of which involves dunking one’s head in ice water.

There’s a lot of background I have to go through to explain it though, so bear with me:

Heart Electrical Stuff:

The heart rate and rhythm are controlled by structures in the heart capable of sending electrical signals (pacemaker nodes). When those nodes send out an electrical signal, it travels through the heart muscle across specialized fibers. As the electrical signal passes them, cells that are sensitive to that signal contract in sequence. This results in a coordinated beat.

If this electrical signal is discharged inappropriately or interrupted, the result is an abnormal heart beat, rate, or rhythm. Some of these abnormal heart beats, rates, and rhythms, especially ones that start in the lower part of the heart (the ventricles) can be deadly.

PSVT Especially:

Fortunately, PSVT starts in the upper part of the heart (the atria), and is not deadly on its own. It occurs when one of the pacemaker nodes in the upper part of the heart (the SA or AV node) get “stuck” discharging signals too fast- sometimes as many as 250 times per minute.

Even though this likely won’t kill the person, it’s still a problem because when the heart beats too fast, it does not have time to completely fill with blood in between beats. This means not enough blood gets out to the body and brain, causing dizziness and shortness of breath (because enough oxygenated blood isn’t getting to the brain and body tissues, causing a slight lack of oxygen throughout the body). Some people can feel their heart beating abnormally fast, and some have chest pain with this too.  

Treating PSVT (what you’re actually here for):

One of the first ways to treat PSVT is the use of vagal maneuvers.

Vagal maneuvers are different actions that can stimulate the vagus nerve- a nerve that connects the heart and lungs to the brain. When triggered, the vagus nerve releases neurotransmitters that can slow the heart rate set by the SA and AV nodes. In the case of PSVT, this might be enough to “break” the ultra fast heart rate and reset to a normal one.

Some vagal maneuvers include:

  • Bearing down (as though trying to poop)
  • Coughing forcefully
  • Gagging
  • Carotid massage (massaging the area of the carotid artery just below the jaw- this should only be done by trained professionals, though, as a last resort before moving on to more invasive treatment)
  • Submerging the face/head in ice water

See, told you we’d actually get to this. The dive reflex (which I should really do a whole post about, cause its super cool, uh, literally) is a trait that allows aquatic mammals to conserve oxygen and stay under water longer by significantly decreasing their heart rate and shunting blood into their core. Hitting one of the nerves in the face (the trigeminal nerve) with freezing water mimics this reflex in humans, which in turn triggers the vagus nerve, which is what helps treat the PSVT. Here’s my favorite PSVT home video about vagal maneuvers.

Just for funsies, I’m going to keep going. If vagal maneuvers are ineffective, the next step up is to use a medication called adenosine. Adenosine is given IV, where it is pushed as fast as possible into the vein. When it hits the heart, it briefly stops it. The hope is that it starts back up in a normal rate. Think chemical defibrillation. Here’s another one of my favorite PSVT video about adenosine administration.

If adenosine doesn’t work, the next step up is cardioversion. This is like defibrillating someone, but with a lower dose of electricity. Here’s another one of my favorite PSVT videos about cardioversion. This usually works.

People can have episodes of PSVT frequently or just once or twice in their whole lives. If it becomes a problem, certain parts of the heart can be cauterized to prevent future attacks.

Personal note: I’ve had four runs of SVT in my life, the longest one lasting a little over an hour. All were eventually treated with vagal maneuvers and I never had to be hit with adenosine or cardioversion, but if I ever do, I’ll certainly share my experience with you all.

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i was reading your post on trans!lars and wanted to know what you meant by lars and sadie having sex at least once. I dont recall that ever being implied. Could you explain

I’m glad you asked this, Anon, bc I’ve seen at least one person take issue with this in the tags, too (maybe you even are that person, if so - hi!). Their argument was that they were uncomfortable with that bc su is a kid’s show and implying sex would be… creepy? I actually thought it was 1) pretty clear and 2) not creepy at all. Like, I thought it was heavily implied; I’m sure the same would fly right over the head of any child who is too young for that kind of stuff in their cartoons. That’s why it’s implication and not outright statement.

So this is not an exhaustive list, but just off the top of my head Sadie says a couple of things that I took to mean she and Lars have done… non-platonic things with each other, even while they seem to be not actually in a relationship and more like some kind of a loose on-off thing that also includes long periods of awkwardness and nothing much at all happening between them.

Sadie: “ I didn’t think much of it, but when I got to his house I saw he cleaned up his room a little, and he got a big box of Oyster crackers. They’re my favorite. He let me be his Player Two, and we spent the whole night together.“

This is from Season One’s “Joking Victim”. Sadie tells this to Steven, and when she gets to the “whole night” part you can see from her expression and tone of voice that she’s recalling fond memories. She even gets lost a little in them until Steven snaps her out of it.
Now obviously this can mean “we spent the whole night playing video games and nothing more”, but I definitely took it to mean there was something else going on. When do you ever say “we spent the night together” if you don’t mean, you know, together together? The phrase just carries a romantic/sexual connotation. Add to that the balance of propability – Sadie and Lars are both not children anymore and are well withing their rights to have sex if the want without that being anything scandalous, and they definitely have feelings for each other, even though it’s complicated – and it’s more likely that not. If not outright sex, I’m pretty sure they’ve done at least something.

Sadie: *tearing up* That night we played video games, I don’t know what it meant to you. But ever since then, I can’t get the thought out of my head that you’re a good person. *grabs his hand* That night, I really thought…

I mean, that is almost textbook “we had one night together but now you seem to feel different about it that I do and I don’t know what to do about that”-dialogue.

And this is very recent; from “The New Lars”:

Sadie: Oh, yeah, they’re closing shop to get those gulls out of the vents. Any plans?
Would you… want to come by my place? I know it’s kind of been awhile, but we could get some food, watch some movies.

Same as above: you can read this as totally innocent if you want, but the language is still suggestive. From her hesitation to “it’s been a while” to the tacked-on sort of “you know, we can just eat and watch movies if you… want to keept it at that…” because Sadie seems unsure of where exactly they stand with each other. Lars tells Steven right after: “we aren’t getting married. We’re not even dating”, which is true… but there’s also not nothing going on between them.

The thing that Sadie and Lars keep struggling with throughout the show is intimacy (especially Lars has a lot of issues with this). Theirs is not a will-they-won’t-they scenario. I honestly think they “have” already. But that doesn’t matter much in the long run because what they need to work out is the other part; the How close are we really, how much can we show that to each other, how much are we willing to invest in this relationship, are we better off as friends? It’s a constant drawing back and getting close again. In “Island Adventures”, it’s a big deal when Lars tentatively strokes Sadie’s hand, but when they start to make out right afterwards, it feels not really like a first time. Those are two very different sorts of closeness, and they’re still feeling their way around the first.

That’s my take on it, at least. I don’t mind if it turns out I’m totally wrong on this, but until then i’m going with my gut feeling.

Storytelling Con - Saturday: Group Panel  Part 1

(Bex mostly)



  • Bex likes the song she’s going to sing in the musical episode (x)
  • Bex’s song in the musical episode tells her whole story in 3 and a half minutes (x)
  • Girls didn’t want to ask a question by themselves and bex was like “porque no? (Why not) Girl: "cause I can’t speak english” Bex: me neither (x)
  •   Bex: she (Lana) makes tea like a British lady (x)