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tae is lucky to have him

Post-it Q. Taehyungie what is Jimin’s charming point? ©
Taehyung: 1) Eyes 2) Abs 3) Voice 4) Park Jimin’s very existence 


I wasn’t unwanted. My mom really did lose me. She hid me to run away and then ended up in a car accident. And days later, she woke up in a hospital. She couldn’t move so she couldn’t look for me.

nyanyalie  asked:

I don't remember if I asked you this already buuuut favorite Parks and Rec moments? And/or episode(s)? 😊

This is a very difficult question because I love the show so much. I’ve watched almost all the episodes like… more than 5 times so they’re all kind of blurring together, BUT let’s say my favorite episode is Flu Season 2, with CHIP MCCAPP aka Bo Burnham. Extremely funny.
Some of my favorite moments…
-When Ann suggests, “Why don’t you ask him about his penis?” as a safe,  non-sexy conversation topic for Leslie to ask Ben.
-Andy telling April, “You’re so good at reminding me where pizza is.”
-When Chris has the flu and says silly things like, “The floor is my friend.”
-Ron getting emotional when April makes marshmallow Ron.
-When Tom tells Leslie about her possible interview pants, “It says ‘Nympho’ on the butt, in silver sparkly letters. Nympho means you’re addicted to sex, and since it’s on the butt there are other implications as well… So that’s a maybe.”
-Also anytime Ben looks into the camera. Those are usually the best.

I meant to draw a bunch of my favorite moments from Parks before the show ends later this month. But due to a lot of stuff happening, I only got to finish this one. So here you go, one of the funniest scenes of all time.