favorite outfit of his

3 of our favorite things in one picture. Sk8-Hi’s, skateboards, & pizza.

Photo via dreaming_outloud


“But the real question is- why the cargo pants AND the fanny pack….”


Timmy Olyphant on Conan [4.27.16]

bonus: for reasons

FFXV chocobro stickers!! Or at least I hope so, I still haven’t quite figured out my new printer and I need to print stuff today. Anyway, mostly to-scale chibis, Gladios is a giant compared to Prompto, poor guy.

also look they can do the arm thing (sorry iggy)

I wanted to do an Adryn too, but I was not up to drawing three wardrobes on one guy. 


I got ahead of myself in figuring out what kind of fashion style Mirio might wear.

I’m just calling this entire set “Good Wholesome Senpai models”

(Click each one for better quality and captions)


With the bottle of massage oil you’re sitting on the couch in Negan’s bedroom. Even when it’s not necessary you’re wearing his favorite outfit.
From the main room of the penthouse you’re hearing how his wives bitching around that you’re here. Sherry is the loudest of them like always. It makes them mad that you’re here, because you’re a lieutenant. And not one of his wives.
“… what-fucking-ever Christ.” Negan grumbles as he comes in, slamming the door shut.
Instantly his face soften as he spots you, the black hair and bare chest still wet from the shower. You just chuckle amused and stand up to lead him to the bed.

“Come, relax. You deserve it.”

“Fuck yeah, I do.”

He falls on the bed and buries his face in the pillow before you straddle him. Fascinated you look at the structure of his back muscles and drip some oil on it. A deep groan is leaving Negan’s mouth as your hands slide over his back and you know that he’s only doing it to annoy his wives.
“Stop that.” Playfully you slap him on the shoulder before massaging him there.
Sometimes it hurts that he never asked you to be one of his wives. Maybe he’s not attracted to you.
A little nasty voice in your head tells you that he’s just using you.
“That feels a hundred fucking times better than the cocksucking bitches out there.” He sighs and you send him a half smile. “Ever thought about massaging other parts of my body?”
You know that he’s just bullshitting, that’s why you snort amused and get off him.
“He, did I say you were done?”
A shake of your head is given before you rush out of his bedroom, leaving a confused Negan behind.


Robotboy’s disguises are so friggen cute, I’m gonna cry. ;3;


SuperheRobotboy!! <3 <3

Hiddlesweek: Day Two

Favorite Outfit!

Now, I could easily give a list of every color that Tom looks absolutely stunning in, but I find that my favorite outfit- or perhaps costume -of his is his Prince Hal ensemble. The trousers. The boots. The chain mail. The armor. It’s too much, and in this particular picture, the lighting, and that incredibly gorgeous horse he’s riding (and the barding!) make this particular costume my favorite! It causes Bonnie Tyler’s ‘Holding out for a Hero’ to enter my head every time I see it.

Isn’t there a white knight upon a fiery steed?

And may I take a moment to obsess over the horse’s bridle as well? And it’s mane? And Tom’s hair?