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Holes (2003)

You, your children, and your children’s children will dig for the next 100 years,

                                                                                                                and you will never find it.

  • you: I want a love like Johnny and June
  • me, a piece of anime trash: I want a love like Roy and Riza

I love that we’re to the point in the Stydia relationship now that it’s not a matter of IF Stiles will kiss Lydia, it’s a question of WHERE and HOW MANY TIMES?

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ok but leo and gaung hong would totally have like a six hour skype conversation

They would totally skype like every free second they have even tho it’s so hard with time differences and stuff they would skype at practice and stuff too you don’t understand I love their relationship way too much

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What is your favorite ship OF ALL TIME?!

The favourite ship? The ultimate OTP of me?

That’s clearly

⁎⁺˳✧༚ INK X ERROR ⁎⁺˳✧༚

You got to know - I’m no person that ships. At all. Up to 2016 canon ships were my boat (if any) and I didn’t even ship them or draw them, I just thought they were cute together.

You know, until Undertale flipped my whole life.

Started drawing humans, started RPing, started cosplaying and most important, met @unu-nunu-art in her Error Sans cosplay.

She got me into the best ship ever~~~ 💕 💕

Ink and Error have so much diversity, it’s always fascinating to RP as them, to draw them, to cosplay them. They’re similar yet different and both have their own set of problems (like Unu and I… we even give ourselves their nicknames for fun since we cosplay as them X”3 ).

I’ve experienced so much love and fun over the ship, no other ship can be better than that for me. Undertale is one of the fandoms I’m going to remember for the rest of my life, that’s for sure. 🖤

They make the same mistakes
  • Stiles: (to a crying Lydia) you can stay here and just keep crying...
  • Lydia: *gives Stiles an 'are you kidding me?' look*
  • Stiles: ...or not crying
  • Lydia: (to Stiles while he's having a panic attack because his dad was taken) try to think about good things- happy things- friends, family....
  • Stiles: *gives Lydia an 'are you kidding me?' look*
  • Lydia: ...I mean, not family.
“This isn’t where I thought I’d be.” Nessian one-shot

           Here is me trying out one of my favorite OTPs of all time. Forgive me if it isn’t the best as I am still trying to find my angle and do justice to these amazing characters. A mix of fluff and a bit of angst.

           He didn’t expect to be here. He was supposed to be laying in a shoddy tent he won from a fight, burrowing within himself for warmth, and falling into a fitful sleep listening to the shouts and roars of the Illyrian camp ground. He was supposed to be still a lowly foot soldier, a nothing, just another Illyrian bastard. He was supposed to be alone because Mor didn’t love him like that and a mate just did not seem to be a thing for a hot-headed bastard like him. He was probably supposed to be dead on a battlefield by now.

            Instead, he is laying in a comfortable bed he did not have to fight and bleed for, nestled against his beautiful mate for warmth, and now fell asleep to the sleeping sounds and gurgles of their newborn child in a bassinet within arms reach from him. Instead, he was in a position that mattered and he could make an actual difference.  Instead, he finally believed and proved to himself that he was someone, not just a bastard, especially when he had two people in this very room to live and fight for. Instead, he met the most fiery, astounding, awe-inspiring, gorgeous creature with a sharp mouth who now laid next him with her hand wrapped around him bicep in a possessive gesture that was his mate. His. Instead, his mate and he had made the most treasured and precious thing in his whole world who he knew would make the mountains move and even bow when she arose into her own. He could see it. He could picture himself, Nesta, and their daughter as a formidable force in the world for the better. No, he didn’t expect to be here.


            Nesta never pictured her life this way. She never would have imagined any possibility even close to this…but here she was. She no longer laid against her sisters in an old bed nor did she sleep alone with nothing but her own tormented lonely thoughts to exhaust her into sleep. She no longer had to be wrought with so much emotion she could barely contain in order to give herself and her sisters some, albeit unorthodox, stability and picture of strength. She no longer had to discard any sense of hope and settle for anything less than what she deserved. She no longer had to contain herself but instead give in to herself fully and unleash the full immensity of her heart and everything it carried.

             Nesta opened her eyes to look at the beautiful male next to her whose beauty really was both inside and even someone without sight could see on the outside as well. She realized he was awake and holding their newborn child in his large hands so delicately. Cassian looked at the tiny baby as if she was the most treasured and fragile thing in the universe. Her chest hurt with so much love for these two beings in her life as she took in the quiet scene and the best part was that she could say it now.

              “I love you.” Cassian looked at her in surprise as she revealed she wasn’t awake as he had thought. His eyes, one of her most favorite things to look at, softened and even began to glisten with unshed tears. “I love you too. I love you both so much.”

       Nesta lifted herself into a sitting position, carefully as she could without waking the baby. She folded her hands over his large shoulder, resting her chin on her fingers to look at their precious daughter.

This isn’t where I thought I’d be.” He whispered quietly.

       Nesta leaned over to kiss him ever so softly on his cheek, “Me neither but I wouldn’t want to be anyway else.”