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When you realize the reason Stiles was trying so hard to get the Reese’s in the hospital (eventually breaking the vending machine) was because he knew it was Lydia’s favorite candy

It’s been 6 years and I’m still finding more and more reasons to sail away on this ship

Fushimi Saruhiko + Yata Misaki :: Miyano Mamoru + Fukuyama Jun
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❝Of course I like you.
You’re fun to be around.
You’re smart. You’re funny. You’re (very) cute.
You’re different. You’re crazy. You’re perfect in an imperfect way. You always speak your mind.
You have the best laugh.
Of course I like you.
You’re you.❞

Missing You (Emison Fanfic)

Prompt: If you are still taking prompts, could you do one where all the girls are coming home from their 1st year of college for christmas. Ali and Emily have been together since they found out who A is. All the girls are meeting at Spencer’s and emily is the last one to show up and Ali gets really excited and cute when she walks through the door because they haven’t seen each other in months

“Is she almost here?” Alison asked the other girls, annoyed. They’d all gone off their separate ways for college and of course they planned a sleepover at Spencer’s the first night of Christmas break. Everyone had slowly arrived, Alison first, then Aria, then Hanna, but Emily, who was inconveniently not picking up her phone, was still not there. The girls had seen each other a couple times since the school year had started, but it had been months since the last time, and it was the first time they all got to hang out without freshman work and exams hanging over their heads. Emily and Alison tried to meet up once every couple weeks, since they had started dating during their senior year at Rosewood and couldn’t stay away from each other for very long, but the last month their meetings had been scarce, with them both preparing for midterms and busying themselves with pre vacation work. Alison’s body ached for Emily, she wanted nothing more than to touch her, kiss her, be around her, and she couldn’t stop thinking about her. “I don’t know, you’d know more than any of us,” Spencer said, annoyed that the blonde hadn’t stopped asking about Emily since the minute she walked in and realized, with disappointment written all over her face, that Emily wasn’t there yet. And that was two hours ago. “And I know you guys miss each other and everything, but can you please keep your hands off of each other tonight? I already have enough emotional scarring from last time,” Hanna said, scrunching her face up at the thought. Alison blushed thinking about it, her and Emily getting a little touchy-feely at a sleepover when they thought the other girls were asleep, only to be stopped by an angry and semi grossed out Hanna, who was, well, not asleep. “We thought you were asleep,” Alison said, passively. “That’s not an excuse!” “Guys, can you believe we’re back here? In the same barn, having a sleepover. It’s just like old times. Except we’re so much different now,” Aria said, changing the subject, walking around the barn, taking in every detail. “It’s crazy,” Spencer said, looking at the girls with admiring eyes. Alison heard a car pulling in, and ran out as fast as she could. As soon as Emily saw her she unbuckled herself and fumbled her way out of her car as fast as she could. “You’re late!” Alison shouted, running to the brunette who met her halfway and wrapped her arms tightly around the blonde, pulling her close. “Sorry, traffic,” Emily said, pressing her lips to Alison’s in a sweet kiss. “Hey guys,” the brunette said with a bright smile, noticing the other girls for the first time, but not letting go of Alison, which the blonde couldn’t complain about. Alison laid her head on the brunette’s shoulder, and she held her close. “I missed you,” Alison whispered. “Not nearly as much as I missed you,” Emily whispered back. “I don’t know about that,” Alison said, laughing, the aching of her body finally numbing at the feeling of Emily’s arms wrapped around her. “It’s not possible to miss someone more than I missed you. I haven’t missed someone that much since, well, since I thought you were dead.” The pain in Emily’s voice was still there when she said ‘dead,’ and it hurt Alison to hear it, to know she caused Emily that pain. “Don’t think about that,” Alison whispered, pressing another kiss to Emily’s lips. “I love you,” Em said, a smile playing at the corners of her lips. “I love you too, Em,” the blonde said, a smile curling up the corners of her lips. “Let’s go in,” Emily said, noticing the other girls had disappeared into the barn. “Fine,” Alison said, pressing one last long kiss onto Emily’s mouth before they walked into the barn together, Emily’s arm moving to tightly wrap around the blonde’s waist, and at that moment Alison realized the brunette wouldn’t be letting go of her at all that night, which was fine by her.