favorite olympians


3X Olympic Soccer Champion Tobin Heath Speaks About Competitive Edge

Aphrodite would be the most annoying mom to the Olympians. Like, Artemis or Hades or whoever would be visiting and just jump five feet in the air, whirling around, ready to attack–

“OW! Aphrodite! Your shitty kid just fucking shot me in the ass!”

“Baby!” Aphrodite coos, leaning over, practically spilling out of her maxi-dress, making kissy faces. “You finally shot straight!”

Eros smiles a drooly smile while the visitor mutters “This is the last time I visit you…”

my philosophy on reading:

need a funny book? read Percy Jackson & the Olympians

need an action-packed book?  read Percy Jackson & the Olympians

need a new book otp?  read Percy Jackson & the Olympians

want something light-hearted?  read Percy Jackson & the Olympians

how about a book that will make you cry?  read Percy Jackson & the Olympians

an easy re-read?  read Percy Jackson & the Olympians

i think you get my point.


Get to know me: [2/5] Favorite Books → Percy Jackson and the Olympians

“If my life is going to mean anything, I have to live it myself.”


prologue: yeah the gods are real. and they have kids. and those kids have ISSUES

the day i got expelled: really? that’s dedicated for a substitute…

strong: to make it boring orange or green. why be blah when there’s aquamarine?

the minotaur/the weirdest dream: oh look, a strange man in a hawaiian shirt

another terrible day: (what 👏 is 👏 hap👏en👏ing?!) you can hate it here BUT I HATED IT FIRST

their sign: together we’ll search for your/my sign (legit just for that harmony i mean DAMN)

put you in your place: she can capture your heart im gunna C-C-C-C-CAPTURE THE FLAG

the campfire song: when your dad’s a god life can be tough. i met the guy once and once was enough

the oracle: and you shall fail to save what matters most in the end

good kid: but it ends up all the same with ‘pack your bags, percy. you’re always to blame’

killer quest: so what if no ones come back from the underworld? i’ll be the first! AND I’LL BE THE SECOND FIRST

lost!: so what are we gunna do? wait for another bus? what if we blow up that one too?!

my grand plan: my grand plan is that i will be remembered. my grand plan just you wait and see. you better wise up 'cause i’ll rise up. bring on any challenge!

drive: the road it offers freedom. as for rules hell we don’t need 'em. so pedal to the metal and drive

the weirdest dream (reprise): remember thalia?

the tree on the hill: and maybe if i’d be a little bit braver, maybe if i’d stayed behind to fight. but 'maybe’ doesn’t let me go back and save her. 'maybe’ doesn’t make it alright

d.o.a: no hope of survival. you’re dead on arrival!

son of poseidon: im… the… son of poseidon! i never asked to be, but i’m the son of poseidon. now face the tide inside me!

the last day of summer: so i’ll do anything. i don’t care if i hurt anyone. it doesn’t pay to be a good kid, a good kid, a good son (i love a twisted call back)

bring on the monsters: and if you’re looking for trouble then count me in!

nico will forever be my favorite, tbh.

Hermes: Messenger of the gods who moves freely between the worlds of the mortal and divine. He is also the god of travelers, shepherds, thieves, wit, written language, literature, commerce, cunning, and luck. He is often depicted with his winged helmet and sandals, the Caduceus (a herald’s wand), and is associated with tortoises. His Roman equivalent is Mercury.