favorite of hers i think

The Foxwolf is Green/White

So it has been long said by my friends that my color identity is Green/White. I feel it’s an accurate representation, honestly. Though color identity is usually best identified by outside sources.

But I noticed just how Green/White I really am.

So I was playing RWBY: Grimm Eclipse today with some Randoms online.

You want to know which are the two characters I prefer when playing multiplayer?

Pyrrha and Jean.


Pyrrha is good at stunning people, allowing the team to do executions on them.

Jean is good at damage boosting his allies for a short time.

Wow. Jean isn’t even close to my favorite character in the show. Pyrrha and Yang are my favorite. But Yang is really independent in her play style in the game. I think about that and I realize that I’m so Green/White that it bleeds into pretty much every aspect of my life.

What do YOUR friends say your color identity is and how do you see that applied in your life?


He gave me 19 caps and then ascended to heaven. 


endless list of favorite relationships |→ sookie and rory

“Okay, I’ve got it from here, Sookie. I love you.


the calendar // panic! at the disco


30 Day Sailor Moon Challenge: Day Twelve - Favorite Inner Senshi and Why 

Since I already talked about Moon (link) and Venus (link), my next favorite inner senshi is Sailor Jupiter. I think her voice actress (link) explains really well why she’s such a cool character.

She’s kind, funny, graceful, kicks butt, and destroys all the stereotypes. I love that she punches Zoisite in the face before even becoming a Sailor Senshi. I love how she defends Usagi at the beginning of Stars. She also always has really interesting episodes (like the one where she trains in the mountains).


I’m here to give you a warning. Leave me and the people around me alone. And what if I don’t? If you don’t, I’ll come and find you, no matter where you may be. I’ll end our first encounter with just this warning but if I ever come to see you a second time, you will die.

Favorite person: sorry I kinda disappeared there for a while, I was busy

Me: haha its okay I only panicked for about twenty minutes before dissociating for the entire four hours you were gone :))


i’ve been trying to post a drawing every day so…here’s some lineless practice with allura holding… molten steel? a star? you decide.


me: *is disassociating*

Endless favorite characters: 1/?

Sansa Stark - A Song of Ice and Fire | INFP | Melancholic | Ravenclaw

“The only way to keep your people loyal is to make certain they fear you more than they do the enemy.”

“I will remember, Your Grace,” said Sansa, though she had always heard that love was a surer route to the people’s loyalty than fear. If I am ever a queen, I’ll make them love me.

Another quick doodle of Mare Barrow. Figured I’d tried her all done up, and stuffs. I think her hair is the favorite of those I’ve done so far. It turned out a lot better than I originally expected. 

Anyway, more to follow when I get some more time! Just got Glass Sword so I’m sure there will be more to follow once I start it. Only a little left till I’m finished with Extinction Machine and then I’ll be able to get started! So excited!