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every westallen scene ever (122/?)

She was so absorbed by you,
by your thoughts and your ideas,
so full of you, full of your habits,
that she totally forgot about herself,
you were covering her soul with those clouds of yours,
all gloomy and heavy,
she did not know who she was anymore,
but when you left,
you took back all your clouds,
and then the sun came to her,
everything inside of her flourished,
her thoughts sang her favorite songs,
her mind laughed at her father’s jokes,
her heart danced and danced and danced,
her soul smiled, because she knew,
even the moon has clouds,
but it doesn’t stop her from lighting up the sky every night.


you go girl, you light up this world




Are you sick of my ocs yet? Well, here’s a ref sheet for another one!

Ria Claywood, the 13 year old only daughter of an apple farmer/ex-monster hunter who is dragged along on adventures to slay monsters because she needs the “experience”


Luna The Grizzly Loud

Hotline Royal Woods

A violent orchestra of bloodshed. Luna brings death with her knowledge of all things loud which includes everything from Pistols to chainsaws. With SMGs and Assualt  Rifles being her favorites. Luna gains increased range and ammo efficacy while using firearms but Luna loves bringing the ruckus even in the worse of situations. She will never stay silent so stealth is nearly impossible for her and enemies will always know when she’s nearby. 

I know what it’s like to be near her. I know what her voice sounds like; in the morning, when she’s upset, or when she’s half asleep. I know that her favorite show is rocket power. I know that when she wakes up in the morning the first thing she does is watch an episode of law and order: svu. I know that she’s the most ticklish on the back of her neck and just under her left hip bone. I know that the song Always & Forever by Parachute makes her cry..

My point is, I know this woman. I know her better than I know myself. I couldn’t forget her, I can’t. I know, I’ve tried. But she’s always there, in my chest. Like a deep, tightening ache reminding me that I love her and that I’ll always love her.

There’s no one else. She’s the first person I’ve been in love with, she’s the first person to actually give a fuck about me.

—  Oko Ninjah (I know her)

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real fckn q: are we literally ever gonna get any more clarification on what lion is, or. was that scene that was like "woah rose had pink lions" all we're getting? no explanation about why he was her favorite, or why he's still alive, or? nothing? okay. that's fine.

lion is rose’s fursona

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Hi! Sorry to bother you, but if headcanons are still open, do you think you could do something with the batfam where batsis is type one diabetic? Love your blog, btw!

- She’s been diagnosed with type one diabetes since she was a small little thing.

- All the boys stay on top of her from a very young age to get her in the habit of regularly checking her blood sugar and regulating her insulin levels. 

- When she was younger she used to resist getting her blood sugar tested, she hated getting her finger pricked, rightfully so. The boys would bribe her with toys or promise to play her favorite games if she cooperated. 

- She eventually got used to the blood sugar testing but some of her favorite childhood toys came out of blood sugar check bribes. 

- She gets an insulin pump eventually so that she doesn’t have to have daily shots anymore but the boys always carry around a spare insulin shot in their utility belts just in case. 

- The boys are very mindful of her condition, almost to the point of hovering. 

Smartass (Isaac Lahey Imagine)

Summary: Reader is sick but denies it but ends up being taken care of by Isaac.

Pairing: Isaac x Reader

Warnings: That it sucks and it’s really short (sorry)

Requested: YESS

Senior year was already stressful enough, but finals knocked out the whole year and won the worst week of high school.

Y/N had studied so hard and gave all of her strength to pass her classes for the past few weeks that she forgot to take care of herself through it all. She walked in carelessly to the first day of finals without caring what she looked like for the rest of her day.

She had pulled on Isaac’s lacrosse jersey over her tired body and pulled her favorite comfortable leggings over her tired legs earlier that morning only with fifteen minutes before she needed to leave for school. Everyone stared at her out of disgust while she entered her math class sniffling her nose as she took her usual seat next to Isaac.

He had watched her walk in class like a hypnotized zombie and fall to her seat without even noticing his presence next to her. “Babe? Are you sick?” He asked while rubbing her back to soothe her down a bit.

“I’m not.” She mumbled, lifting her head up to face her chuckling boyfriend that found her amusing when she lied of being sick.

“When we take this exam I’m taking you home and you’re going go lay down and eat some soup with me.” Isaac pressed his lips on to her forehead when the teacher started handing out the exams without her protesting. She simply nodded and started her exam calmly.

Y/N could feel the cold sweat dripping down her warm forehead as she handed in the full exam with Isaac right behind her. “Let’s go home baby girl.” Isaac wrapped his arms around her waist carefully to walk her towards her own car.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were sick?” Isaac asked, handing her the bowl of warm soup to her palms. Isaac took her to her bedroom and made her change into warmer clothes while he was downstairs making her some chicken soup for her to eat.

“I didn’t want to worry you, you already have your stress about exams as do I.” Y/N admitted as she took the first spoonful of soup between her lips. “Also, I was trying to deny being sick so I couldn’t actually feel sick but that clearly didn’t work out.”

“No it didn’t you smartass.” Isaac chuckled, sitting besides her in her bed while pulling out his latin class notes. “Now eat your soup so we can study a bit and then we can have a warm bath together.”

“Oh God, what did I do to deserve such a wonderful guy like you?” Y/N grabbed Isaac’s chin carefully and pecked his lips before continuing on eating her soup.

Isaac rolled his eyes playfully as he continued to study his notes from his class quietly. Maybe finals week wasn’t as bad if they were going to be like this every day.

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Do you think that Greg is treated poorly by the show's writers?

At this point, no, not especially. There’s been a few stumbles–House Guest comes to mind–but overall I think Greg’s been getting treated well lately. Old relationships have started to heal, he’s no longer poor and subtly desperate to get by, and most importantly there have now been several episodes, in tight succession, emphasizing how important he is to the rest of the cast. Not just Steven, but to the rest of the Crystal Gems, and even to other Beach City residents to a lesser degree. When he’s gone, EVERYONE wants him back.

I get where frustration comes from; there was a stretch where it felt like his newfound wealth was just an excuse to break more of his stuff. If someone needs to make a comedic pratfall, it’s gonna be Greg. And boy howdy was his relationship with the Gems painful before they started to reconcile.

But Rebecca Sugar has stated Greg is her favorite character, and as far as I can tell the show wants us all to agree. He’s the best of humanity, he’s kind and empathetic and understanding. It took a long time for the narrative to start rewarding him instead of leaving him by the sidelines, but there’s never been any doubt to who Steven learned all his best traits from, and the show is taking its time to emphasize it now.

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How tall is Izzy? And could you give us some random facts about her?

she’s 5′10, 17, football fanatic. her birthday is may 8th. she’s in love with an artsy cheerleader named Arabella. her favorite animal is a rottweiler, bc they remind her of Damien. her favorite flower is a Sunflower. she likes painting in her free time with Arabella. she has not experienced her shadows yet like her older brother has. She is very Italian 

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Team Marink. Question 12 c:

12. Favorite food?

Chelsea in her natural habitat

chelsea loves pigging out on junk food like chips, hamburgers and milkshakes. 

olive is a bit of a mystery but she probably likes greasy and sweet foods too, not her favorite but she likes em

philip rlly loves baking and stuff so sweets and cakes are his favorite delicacy

orcus will eat whatever u give him but he really likes pizza! (he works at a pizza shop though so probably not as much anymore)

Shameful - Mercymaker Prompt

Well I am a sucker for this kind of shit so…

You win @tahthetrickster

“You’re stretching them, you know.”

Angela stared up, vision blurry from combination of a nap and a lack of glasses. She couldn’t quite make out the face of the person standing above her, but she didn’t need to. The purple tint of her skin gave Amelie away.


Angela looked down at herself to confirm that she should be swearing. Yup. She was still wearing Amelie’s favorite sweatshirt. And sleeping on her side of the bed. She was looking pretty pathetic, actually.

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Lots of Malide requests tonight so this will cover them all.

-Manon ALWAYS undresses Elide. Elide does not undress herself okay, that is Manon’s job and Manon sometimes has to gently grab Elide’s chin and force her to look at her to remind her.
-The first time Elide got on her knees for Manon, Manon tried to lift her up. But Elide assured her she WANTED this so get used to it.
-Manon LIVES to have her hair pulled when she’s going down on Elide
-Speaking of which, she does that a LOT. The taste of Elide is her favorite thing to get drunk on.
-Possessive sex!!! Some douchebag male looked too long at Elide and Manon drags them back to their rooms and makes her scream in pleasure just as a reminder to them both who they belong to

Your first date with Bucky Barnes:

Request: Nope, it’s just something that I saved in my laptop a while ago.
Headcanons: SFW

High school have been eating us alive, but we are going to survive!! I thought you would like this. :3

First date with Bucky Barnes:

● The first time you two meet was in a local store, poor Bucky, he wanted to buy some milk, but the variety made him so confused. You, being a kindhearted person, offered him your help.

● Your first date was 100% planned by Natasha, he wanted at first to take you on a walk in park. “Hell, no, Barnes. You aren’t taking that girl there. Ask (Y/N) about her favorite coffe.” Bucky listened to her and took you to a nice café. The russian redhead chose his outfit too. 

● He was scared while you waited for your drinks. What if she thinks that I’m horrible? Maybe I shouldn’t look right in her eyes? Your soft voice erased these thoughts quickly. 

● “Are you really drinking black coffe? I usually like to add some sugar.” Your conversation was casual and nice, talking about your lifes. “What do you like to do in your free time?” You asked him while looking at your cup.

● “I spend most of it with my best friend, Steve. He is pretty reckless… Without me, he will get in a lot of trouble.” Bucky chuckled and looked right into your eyes. “What about you?”

● “Well, I…” You blushed a bit, remarking the way he stared at you, but still handled your discussion well.

● You talked for hours. Like a gentleman, he paid for your coffe and offered to walk you home. 

● “The sky looks peaceful tonight… Covered with stars…” You said, looking up and grinning like a child. Having his hands in the pockets, Bucky’s lips curved in a gentle smile. (Y/N), you remind me of an angel… My sweet, innocent angel.

● After that date, he knew you were the girl who will make his life easier, just with that spark you had in your eyes.

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What is the cutest, funniest, thing your dog does? Does he have any adorable habit? He is often featured in many of your photos, but we don't get much of a sense of his personality.

I’m not sure what gender my dog identifies with, but Lou has biological lady parts and has given birth to (apparently) adorable puppies that were all adopted away when we met. :) Lou does a lot of amazing, hilarious things - least of which is looking pissed as FUCK when I put her in a shark costume - but my favorite involves her making tiny circles closer and closer to me until she’s snuggled against my chest to sleep.