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I warn thee, there be a witch in the wood. If ye e’er to come upon it- do not look into it’s eye, young one. Pray. Pray for mercy.

I am that very witch. When I sleep my spirit slips away from my body and dances naked with The Devil. That’s how I signed his book.

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for drunk prompts: yuuri has a secret talent for flirting his way out of traffic tickets.. also happy bday again!!

not quiiiiiiiiiite what you asked for but i love some oblivious heartbreaker katsuki yuuri. thank you!!!

“just lie back and think of england” 

Yuuri loves Victor. Yuuri is also sure that Victor can be a terrible person when he really puts his mind to it.

(And Victor Nikiforov does not do things halfway.)

There are at least three waiters following Yuuri around the Barcelona Grand Prix Final banquet, sliding trays of champagne flutes under his nose at every turn. Victor’s cat-post-canary grin assures Yuuri exactly who’s responsible.

(When had he even found time between the pairs skate and the banquet? It might be a bigger mystery than how the hell Victor’s going to pull two routines out of his (“extremely well formed, Yuuri!) ass before Russian Nationals. )

“Yuuuuuri, the champagne is even better this year,” Victor’s arms are wrapped around Yuuri’s waist, his head hooked over Yuuri’s shoulder.

“I wouldn’t know. I don’t remember last year.”

“So cruel.”

“Yes, honesty is a terrible thing to force on a fiancee.”

“I’m glad we agree.”


Yakov appears out of nowhere, claps Yuuri on the shoulder. Yuuri spills his champagne. Victor lets out a noise somewhere between a yelp and a moan.

(He might have just made Victor cry again.)

“You’re moving to Saint Petersburg.” It’s not a question.


“Do not let Victor drive you anywhere.”


(No one wants Yuuri to finish his sentences tonight. Only his champagne.)

“Yakov! I am an incredible driver. Rude.” Victor’s pouting.

“Incredibly awful. You conveniently left out the second half of that statement.” Where did Yurio come from?

“I’m suing for slander,” Victor presses the second button on his speed dial.

“You won’t have a case once they take a look at your insurance premiums,” Yakov says.

Phichit sidles up alongside Yuuri, entirely too amused. Terror instantly floods Yuuri’s body.

(This is the same look Phichit had when he convinced Yuuri to try LSD in Detroit. Yuuri’s never looked at mops the same again.)

“I wouldn’t worry about it.”

Everyone in the circle turns to look at him. Everyone except Yuuri who’s buried his face in his hands.

“Please don’t.”

Phichit ignores him.

“One of us never paid for a coffee in college. Guess who.” This is also not a question.

Victor raises his hand like he’s in class. Katsuki Yuuri is the only class Victor’s ever tried to ace.

(Yuuri refuses to say this out loud because Victor will make a terrible pun about the “ace of Japan”.)

“One of us,” Phichit points at himself and then at Yuuri, “also never had to pay a library fine. Or cover at a frat party. Or locker rental fees at the DSC.”

Victor is riveted.

(Strangely so is Yurio?)

“Yuuri’s also never paid a parking ticket.”

“I am the luckiest man alive.”

“Oh god my ears,” Victor’s head is still resting on Yuuri’s shoulder and no one’s ever convinced Victor to use his inside voice.

Detroit, three years earlier


It is.

Phichit pulls the car over to the side of the road and hisses, “Yuuri, switch with me.” Phichit has half a learner’s permit. Which means he’s taken three questions in the online DMV course.

(“Yuuri, I know enough about America to know I should never step foot in a DMV.”)

They switch. Phichit kicks Yuuri in the face. Yuuri elbows Phichit right in the balls.

“I’m so glad I’m already sitting down,” Phichit wheezes, “now push your hair back.”

“I don’t—“

Phichit grabs a tube of lube from the glove compartment and slicks Yuuri’s hair back.

“Oh my god.”

(Yuuri is taking six showers when they get back to the apartment.)

(He does not want to know why Phichit keeps that in his ( “our!”) car. They’ve already heard enough of each other’s noises through the entirely too thin walls of their apartment to last twelve lifetimes.)

“Phichit what the hell?”

“Just lie back and think of England, Yuuri.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Just—pretend you’re on the ice. And when we get home I’m prioritizing your cultural education.” He plucks Yuuri’s glasses off his face.

“License and registration,” the officer stands at the side of the car. Yuuri turns around. The officer drops his notepad.

They escape with a warning. The officer—“please call me Liam”—escorts them back to their apartment. Please-call-me-Liam stays at their kitchen table for two hours, slides no less than eleven business cards across the table to Yuuri, and brushes his foot against Yuuri’s ankle five times before Yuuri apologizes again, scoots his chair back from the table,  and retreats to his room. Please-call-me-Liam stays another hour, shooting forlorn looks at Yuuri’s door.

Phichit can practically hear the commentator’s discussing Victor’s latest free skate through the closed door. Yuuri is so predictable.

Please-call-me-Liam leaves with an overzealous petition that Yuuri “call him any time. Day or night. Especially late at night.”


“I hate all of you.”


GOT7 Invited To The Cookout

When they arrived, they were automatically lit just like they said they would be. you were surprised, because you thought they that would be scared to show their true colors in front of all these people.

“y/n!” they hopped out of the truck and ran over to you.

they pulled you in the center and group hugged you in front of everyone. “stop embarrassing me!” you shouted.

you backed away from them and fixed your clothes. then, you checked out each of their outfits. they looked good, so you told them which only gassed them up.

a few minutes later, everyone except yugyeom was spread out talking to your people. he was kind of shy so he decided to stick around with you.

“this is my song.” his eyes widened when a Chris brown song started to play.

“then dance. my cousins would love it if you showed their uncoordinated asses how to dance.” you started to call for your cousins to come over.

“no no no no!” he semi whispered to you and when they started to come over, he froze.

“yeah?” they said in unison.

“take him…and dance. he said this is his song and don’t y'all like this song?” you asked them.

“you know we do cuz!” one of them started dancing…off beat.

yugyeom held in his laughter and looked down at you. “you were right.” he said in korean causing the several young kids in front of you to freak.

“what did he just say?”

“he said that you all look cool.” you lied.

“alright tall asian guy, come show us what you got.” they took him away.

“alright…” you said to yourself. you scanned the huge crowd of people in your backyard until you spotted jackson and mark going into your house. you decided to quietly follow behind them and see what they were up to.

once they got to the kitchen, they stopped. “i’m so hungry. you think y/n’s got any snacks?” jackson asked mark.

“you know her fat ass has snacks!” mark nudged him and looked around until he spotted you.

“pstt.” he signaled for jackson to turn around and once he did, his jaw drooped. “you didn’t hear that did you?”

“i did.” you pretended to cry.

“oh noo…! we’re sorry.” mark ran over to you and pulled you into a hug, jackson quickly following.

“fuck off!” you pushed them off of you and covered your laughing face. “and you’re at a cookout! why the hell are y'all looking for snacks?!”

“we haven’t eaten in hours.” jackson pouted.

you shook your head and told them to follow you to your room where you hid your snacks. “don’t tell the others about this or i’ll kill you both.”

“yeah yeah yeah..” mark said with a mouth full of chips.

“i love you y/n. you keep me fed girl.” jackson bit his honey bun and pretended to wipe a fake tear.

“hey i love her to!” mark scoffed at jackson.

“there’s enough of me to go around.” you stuck out your tongue and stood up. “let’s go…the boys must be looking for us by now.”

the three of you exited the house and went back to doing random things with random people in your backyard. that is until, you saw bambam and left them for him. he was being lit with the elder people.

“what’s that? ain’t that thing the dab?” your half drunk uncle asked him.

“yes! can you do it?!” bam asked him, almost falling out of his seat.

he got up just in time to dab when the beat dropped, earning him an audience. mostly everyone except those who were tending to the grills and the women in the kitchen.

“what the hell.” jaebum said while he and jinyoung stood on each side of you.

“i know, now he’s got my whole family dabbing. shit we’re probably gonna take a family picture where everyone has to be dabbing in it now.” you face palmed yourself since what you said wasn’t a joke and most likely a fact.

you walked away from the crowd looked around for youngjae. he had greeted you when he first got here but that was the last time you saw him. you were getting a little worried until you found him.

he was at the cotton candy machine with one of your aunts that went to church everyday of the week even if it wasn’t open, singing along to a gospel song that you had no idea he knew with her.

“y/n why didn’t you tell me you had friends that could sing? his voice…is soulful.” she placed her hand on his shoulder and complimented him a thousand times on his voice. he damn sure needed them, his self esteem was so damn low.

“hello to you to a/n.” you hugged her and took a cotton candy stick from the cart. “i was just checking on you jae.”

“alright thanks for caring about me y/n, i love you.” he hugged you and kissed the top of your head.

“oohh imma tell your momma! you get down like that?” your aunt put her hand on her hip and smirked at youngjae and you.

“it’s not what it looks like..seriously. it’s always like this…with all of them cause i’m like their little sister.” you defended yourself.

“she’s right.” youngjae said while he put his hand on top of your head.

“mhmm.” she said while squinting her eyes, she wasn’t gonna believe you.

then, she pulled her phone out and turned to another gospel song. “you know this one baby?” she put the phone close to youngjae’s ear.

“yes ma'am.” he said right before he started singing the song.

it was your cue to go.

“yugy yummy!” you shouted over at the ‘tall asian guy’ who seemed to be more comfortable around your cousins than he was earlier.

he high fived every single kid which took about two minutes before coming over to you.

“yeah?” he put his hands on his hips and looked down at you.

“you’re having fun?” you asked him.

“yeah, thanks for pushing me out of my comfort zone.” he lifted one side of your hair up and let it fall which made you giggle.

“your comfort zone? what comfort zone did i push you out of?” you asked.

“you know…i like being under you.” he swayed from side to side, something he always did when he got tired of standing.

“the food is ready!” someone yelled.

you grabbed yugyeom’s hand and rushed past people to the food. “you’re that hungry?” he asked.

“no but you’ll thank me for this later.” with as many cookouts that you’ve been to, you knew that when the food was ready, you had to go. if you weren’t quick enough, something good would be gone.

after you fixed both yugyeom’s and your plate, you headed to your room where you told the others to meet you.

“y/n there was no more soda.” bambam frowned.

“yeah, seriously those people know how to drink.” jaebum shook his head.

“i’m thirsty!” jackson exclaimed.

“alright i’ll be back, and don’t touch my food.”

you went to the kitchen and took out a kool-aid packet and sugar. you grabbed a pitcher from the cabinet and did what you usually did. you were the one who made the kool-aid at dinner time cause yours was the best. hopefully, the boys would like it.

“y/n..” yugyeom’s shy voice replaced the silence.

“ye-” you paused when he wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled himself closer to you. “yugyeom…what are you doing?”

“shh.” he rested his chin on your shoulder and closed his eyes. “just continue doing what you were doing.”

you were froze, still processing what was going on. it took you about a whole minute to realize that you weren’t dreaming and that this was really happening. he wasn’t moving, the only time he moved was when he tightened his grip on you.

“you’re weird yugyeom.” you continued stirring.

“i’m weird for liking you?” he basically confessed.

“what? you like me? is this a joke? are y'all playing truth or dare or something?” you put the cap on the pitcher and wiggled out of his hold.

“no…why would i joke around and say that i like you y/n? i…really like you.” you grabbed eight plastic cups and handed yugyeom the pitcher.

“alright..since when?” you asked.

“i’m not saying all of that until you tell me how you feel about me.” he bit down on his lip, hoping that you would say that you like him too.

you took in a deep breath. now was your turn to confess. it couldn’t be too weird now…since he feels the same way.

“i like you too.” you finally said it.

yugyeom looked down and attempted to hide his broad smile. he must’ve forgotten that you were shorter than him, so you saw all of his blushing when you looked up.

“did you tell her?” you heard jinyoung ‘quietly’ ask yugyeom which made your jaw drop.

“y'all knew?” you pointed between yugyeom and you.

“i mean..y'all are fucking obvious.” mark said.

“yugyeom was literally staring at your ass the other day and you knew it but you didn’t say anything becau-”

“yeah okay anyways i brought something to drink!” you cut jackson off.

you handed everyone a cup and poured them their drinks, including yourself. you sat between yugyeom and youngjae while they chugged their drinks down..well all of them did.

“y/n tell me what this is so i can buy it and drink it for the rest of my life.” jinyoung said while he moaned into his cup.

“this is so sweet and you know i love my sugar y/n what is this?!” bambam added on to jinyoung’s question.

“it’s called kool-aid and i made it.” you said with pride.

“no you didn’t. you can’t even make a sandwich.” jaebum laughed…by himself.

“why are you like this hyung?” yugyeom asked him.

“hmm this’ll be your last time drinking it jaebum. i was gonna bring some to the dorm faithfully but you fucked it up.” you shrugged.

“fuck!” mark cursed and slammed his hand on the floor. everyone else but jaebum followed.

“okay okay im sorry. y/n please bring your sweet juices to dee dorm faithfully.” he apologized and bowed down before you.

“alright peasant.” you giggled.

the eight of you finished up your food and drinks then, headed back outside to enjoy the last hour of the cookout.

in overall the boys had fun and found their new favorite drink thanks to you. you and yugyeom started dating. and bambam is still dabbing.

I frequently feel better about myself when I discover that we’re not alone, but that there are, in fact, a number of other people who ail as we do - there are actually a number of “accomplished” individuals who find it necessary to seek treatment for some otherwise insurmountable inner unpleasantness. I not only feel better about myself because people are also fucked up (and I guess this gives us a sense of extended community), but I feel better because look how much these fellow fuckups managed to accomplish!
—  Carrie Fisher, Wishful Drinking

Day 3 / 100 Days of Productivity
Technically, my late night study session yesterday should count for both days since it transferred over into today, but I still gotta do more work during the day so here I am at Starbucks. Featuring my new favorite drink: maple pecan latte 🍁🍂

Prince! Seongwoo [Pt 2]

i’m back at it again with that prince seongwoo au because we needa pROPER ENDING for it LMAOO also i edited the milkis logo onto the glass bc it was originally beer but YKNOW THERES NO DRINKING ALLOWED FOR PRINCE SEONGWOO AT LEAST 

Here’s Prince! Seongwoo Pt 1 for all yall who need back story dhfjd

  • the next day 
  • you were just kind of chilling at the library sorting books in their places like ya always do 
  • when you hard a bunch of commotion towards the front of the library, rushing to the front you see the librarian at the back of the crowd equally as confused 
  • “what’s going on?”
  • the librarian started laughing and just kind of shrugged 
  • “i’m not too sure myself! would you like to go to the front and find out what all the commotion is about?”
  • you simply nod your head and start pushing your way to the front 
  • while you were making your way to the front you started noticing that the crowd was basically 90% girls and 10% guys who were just very confused as to what was going on and when you could see the front you wree pretty sure you were ready to just turn around and act like nothing was happening
  • “oh my god he’s actually here”

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i just have one simple image to bless y'all with: lil kara discovering a toaster for the first time. Bonus: toaster strudels. and writing goofy things on them for Alex to see

“Danvers,” Maggie chuckles, her voice low and full of barely suppressed bemusement. “What is this?”

She’s on her knees, digging through Alex’s kitchen cabinets, looking for another cookie sheet – Kara and the crew are coming over tonight, and she promised Winn she’d make thumbprints – and she’s tugged out, instead, an old toaster.

A very old toaster.

“Oh, that?” Alex leans over the kitchen cabinet, a lopsided grin spreading over her face, her eyes starting to sparkle.

“That’s the first toaster Kara ever used. My mother wanted to throw it out because we got a little… overenthusiastic about it, but uh… I kept it.”

Alex squats next to Maggie and takes the stained old thing from her hands, turning it over and over in hers. 

Her mind turns back a bit over a decade as Maggie watches, as Maggie beams. As Maggie watches the woman she loves remember the childhood that should have been longer.

She was fourteen years old – she was small, with big eyes – and Kara was smaller, with even bigger eyes.

Even bigger eyes that she somehow managed to keep open, even with her entire planet gone, even with…


It was Alex’s job to make that all better, wasn’t it?

Alex’s job to make her feel like she had family. Like she was one of their own.

She decided on waffles.

She decided on waffles to ease Kara – Kara, who was always, always, always eating – into her first Saturday morning on Earth.

She decided on waffles, and she decided Kara would love them, because she loved them herself, and shouldn’t little sisters love the same things their big sisters do?

But when Kara padded down to the kitchen and poured herself orange juice – her new favorite drink, apparently because it tasted an awful lot like a treat they had on Krypton – and the toaster popped the waffles out, Kara jumped, her head hitting the ceiling, and Kara shrieked, and Kara hid.

Alex didn’t know whether to laugh or apologize.

Both sounds spluttered out of her mouth as she dove down to the kitchen floor – down into the small crater Kara had made when she dove – with her new little sister, arm automatically wrapping around her. 

“It’s okay, Kara! It’s okay! It’s just waffles! Nothing bad, I promise! It’s okay. I got you.”

Kara narrowed her eyes, her breathing calming slowly. 

“What’s a waffle?”

Alex beamed and stood, slipping the waffles onto a paper towel and crawling back down to Kara’s little crater.

“Waffles,” she said, pleased with herself, even as Eliza and Jeremiah rushed down the stairs, alarmed at the noise, at the destruction.

Kara munched down and her eyes flew wide.

“What made these?” she wanted to know, and Alex grinned.

“A toaster! Here,” she grabbed Kara’s hand and stood up, only flinching slightly as her bones cracked under Kara’s grip.

By the time Eliza and Jeremiah reached the kitchen, both breathless, Kara and Alex were both bent over the toaster, giggling almost maniacally as waffles and toast popped out of its grills like a jack-in-the-box.

“Alexandra, how could you let this happen?” Eliza wanted to know, but Alex was too excited to care.

She couldn’t wait to show Kara toaster strudels.

“She would leave me messages with the icing,” she tells Maggie now, all these years later, holding that old toaster, her fingers warmed by her girlfriend’s hands.

“When she first tasted them, she was so excited that there was fruit inside the crust that she said it couldn’t possibly get any better. But when I insisted she try the icing, she never looked back.”

Maggie chuckles and rolls her eyes affectionately. “I bet she didn’t. What kinda messages did she leave you?”

Alex laughs and goes from a squat to sitting on the kitchen floor, still holding that old toaster, still holding Maggie’s hands.

“That she loves me, that she can’t wait to watch the next musical with me. Math equations, sometimes. Secrets in Kryptonian writing, so our parents couldn’t understand – she taught me a lot of Kryptonian.” She laughs again. “Her language looks even more ridiculous in toaster strudel icing than English does.”

Maggie tilts her head at the nostalgia in Alex’s face, in the depth of love for her sister forming her every feature.

“Hey. I have an idea for tonight. For dessert.”

“I thought you were making those cookies for Winn?”

“Oh, I will. But first uh… I wanna make something for Kara. Wanna help me?”

Kara shrieks and cries and rushes into Alex’s arms when she sees what they’ve done a couple of hours later as she, James, and Winn pour into Alex’s apartment.

The counter is littered with plates of warm, crispy toaster strudels, all decorated with messages of love, of affirmation in both English and Kryptonian – all decorated with Supergirl symbols and stick figures in capes – and as Kara crushes Alex in her arms, Alex smiles and shakes her head.

“This was all Maggie, sis,” she grins, and Maggie purses her lips and blushes while Winn leans into her and whispers that she’s a good egg.

Maggie doesn’t have a chance to respond before Kara knocks the wind out of her, hugging her hard and hugging her genuine.

“We did it with your original toaster, Kid Danvers,” she manages, and Kara hugs her even closer.

They only stop hugging when Winn yelps at the little Guardian toaster strudel Alex and Maggie had drawn, with a stick figure with a computer in the background.

Kara and Maggie separate and join in the laughter, Kara heading over to ogle her sisters’ art with James and Winn.

Alex pulls Maggie into her arms and kisses her soundly, slowly, deeply.

“I love you so damn much, Maggie Sawyer.”

Maggie beams and reaches back for a solitary plate next to the sink. She offers it up to Alex, whose brow furrows before she sobs out a laugh.

In icing, Maggie’s meticulously written “our first t. strudel” with an “A + M” adorned heart underneath it.

They kiss and they laugh as they bite into it from opposite sides, all smiles and scrunched noses. 

James snaps a picture on his phone, and Kara prints it for her desk at CatCo.

Along with her little toaster.

quickie in the bar

Character/s: you x seungcheol

Genre: smut SMUTT with a plot

A/N: drabble scoups because I love him so much GOD I LOVE HIM SO MUUCH

Originally posted by scoupstv

“Why does scotch burn so damn good” Seungcheol spoke with a voice so hoarse you can’t barely understand what he’s really saying. The booming music of the club didn’t help either.

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Push and Pull| Four

Originally posted by imjaebumisdaddyasfuck

[song inspiration: Sia - Elastic Heart]

|Chapter One| |Chapter Two| |Chapter Three| |Chapter Four| |Chapter Five|

pairing: Jimin x oc x Jaebum
genre: angst, slight fluff
word count: 2.2k
a/n: Isolde spent three years with Jimin after meeting him by chance in a dance studio. He was perfect and he loved her, she thought he was the one she’d spend the rest of her life with. That all crumbles when he decides he wants to please his parents and leave her so he can be with someone like him. Isolde is plummeted into turmoil and leaves her job as a choreographer to move back home to the states. A mutual friend named Im Jaebum reaches out to console her, lift her back up from her fragile state. It’s a push and pull tug between what she thought she had and what she could have.

“I’m sorry Jackson couldn’t be here to take you to the airport like he said he would, something last minute came up and he had to go. He wanted to bring you, he really did. He felt awful.” Jaebum apologized to me from the drivers seat, his eyes locked on the road as he white knuckled the steering wheel. 

“Jaebum,“ my hand reached out to gently touch his forearm, he glanced over at me as he chewed on his cheek. “it’s okay. I know Jackson is busy and his career is much more important than helping me run away from my problems. I’m perfectly content with you taking me.” he visibly relaxed at my words, his back slouching down comfortably, a slight smile pulling at his lips. 

“Don’t ever think our careers are more important than our friendship with you, Is. You’re important to us, which is why I’m here and ignoring my manger’s calls.” my head spun to look at him in shock, mouth open in astonishment. 

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Three Cheers for Five Years

This is my fic for @winchester-writes Drinking Writing Challenge! I had number 17. Blue Chair Bay Rum!

Warnings: Angst. Just the usual.

A/N: Stole the song title from Mayday Parade, but it’s not really based off the song. Guess you could spin it a little if you tried. And I know I promised Wayside Inn today but I needed to get this posted! Chapter 2 is queued for Saturday afternoon!

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I applied to a lot of jobs yesterday.  I’m on the hunt.  One of the jobs was a barista job so to commemorate this stupid pointless event, I drew Brewster.  Animal crossing new leaf was such a wonderful and relaxing game, I really loved it and once I’m finished with Fire Emblem I should go back and play.  I also drew Blathers because I’m obsessed with owls and he’s cute.  My family thinks my owl love is a curse and they are against it, well, everyone but my mom. 

My stupid signature is so stupid, haha, they are my initials, I’m trying to be artsy, but it just looks dumb.



anonymous asked:

What was your favorite new food/drink to try since coming to the surface? ~<3

“i usually just stick to eating at grillbz.  you just can’t beat his burgers.  but, the coffee up here’s something i like a latte.”

“the donuts are pretty tasty and satisfy my sweet-tooth.  there ain’t any spiders in ‘em, so i can actually eat ‘em without owing that bitch muffet an arm and a leg.”

“…. there’s a disgusting amount of food up here, and it’s all goin’ to waste.  but eh.  i like sushi.”  He grin widens, turning slightly manic.


“MY NEW FAVORITE FOOD IS FUN DIP!!!!!  WOWZERS, THIS IS SO TASTY!!  I CAN’T STOP EATING IT!!”  Blueberry is vibrating with energy so hard that his bones are rattling.

“……wait, where did you get that?  how many have you had?”   Stretch is looking rather haggard suddenly.


Blueberry sprints off, leaving an exasperated Stretch to run his hand along his face.