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In Memory of Your Wings

  • Pairings: Jung Hoseok x Reader
  • Genre: Dancer!Hoseok, Dancer!Reader, Angst
  • Words: 3K
  • Description: As requested by anon: “A Hoseok scenario where he meets a girl who’s passionate about dancing and ends up getting some tips from her. They eventually fall in luv but when she faints one day he rushes her to the hospital and finds out that she has an illness she’s been hiding from him and doesn’t have much time to live.”
  • A/N: I cried so hard. It’s only a short scenario but daaaamn. Thank you for sending in the request! I hope you like it :) 

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“Your moves lack emotion.”

Hoseok’s head jerks around at the sound of a girl’s voice reverberating through the empty dance studio. The lights weren’t even on and the only source of brightness making anything visible was the subtle glow of daylight flowing in from the glass windows.

“Well, I’m not exactly a dancer.” He continues to look at you, titling his head to the side and pursing his lips. “I was just waiting for a friend.” Referring to Park Jimin, his actual dancer friend, who ought to be here by now. Where the hell is he anyways?

“But you’re here and you’re dancing” You point out the obvious, albeit what he was doing wasn’t technically what you considered to be dancing, but he had potential, that’s for sure.

“You’re point is?”

You chuckle lightly. “You won’t know how good you are until you try. Are you interested in becoming a dancer?”

Hoseok ponders over your question. He had never seriously considered it, although he has been amazed at Jimin’s skill every time he watches the younger male dance, he’s never categorized it as something he could actually pick up, let alone excel in the way his super talented friend was able to.  

He shrugs. “I guess.” Can’t hurt to try, right?

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