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1, 3, 4, and 20! :)

1. What’s my favorite Girl Group song as of now? Bolbbalgan4 - Galaxy

3. What’s my favorite MV as of now? BgA - Who’s It Gonna Be

4. What’s my favorite dance to a Kpop song as of now? K.A.R.D - Don’t recall

20. Did I ever regret getting into Kpop/Korea? Why? No regrets


happy birthday froot! → march 13, 2015

I think of the album as being very positive, but I know that people have been saying the album is quite dark. I’ve always toyed with that, and I’ve always been interested in subject matters that aren’t necessarily dark for me, but truthful—things we don’t normally talk about in person. In Electra Heart, I dealt with similar themes, but with FROOT it’s a lot more direct.


astro & 10 favorite lyrics (insp.)


170208 | #Happy27thWoohyunDay

100 EXO Questions: send me an ask.
  1. Favorite EXO album?
  2. Favorite title song?
  3. Best Era?
  4. Favorite b-side song?
  5. Who’s your bias?
  6. Who’s your bias wrecker?
  7. Favorite choreography?
  8. Favorite MV?
  9. Favorite EXO Showtime episode?
  10. EXO K or EXO M?
  11. OT12 or OT9?
  12. Dance-line or Vocal-line?
  13. Vocal-line or Rap-line?
  14. Favorite Vocalist?
  15. Favorite Dancer?
  16. Favorite Rapper?
  17. EXO First Box or Second Box?
  18. Miracles in December or Sing For You?
  19. Wolf or Growl?
  20. Is EXO your bias group?
  21. MAMA superpowers or WOLF werewolves?
  22. Favorite Friendship?
  23. Favorite Ship?
  24. Favorite China-line member?
  25. Aegyo Xiumin or Abs Xiumin?
  26. Do you own the EXO Lightsick?
  27. Lucky One or Monster?
  28. XOXO or EXODUS?
  29. EXODUS or EX’ACT?
  30. Favorite OT12 moment?
  31. Call Me Baby or Love Me Right?
  32. Favorite EXODUS song?
  33. Favorite Beagle-line member?
  34. Favorite EXO superpower?
  35. As vocalists, Luhan or Chen?
  36. Drop That or Lightsaber?
  37. EXOLU’XION or The Lost Planet?
  38. How long did it take you to learn all their names?
  39. Favorite ballad?
  40. El Dorado or Black Pearl?
  41. Least favorite ship?
  42. Kai or Jongin?
  43. Favorite EXOMENTARY video?
  44. Favorite EXO K member?
  45. Favorite EXO M member?
  46. As vocalists, D.O. or Baekhyun?
  47. As rappers, Sehun or Tao?
  48. Do you actually like Wolf?
  49. Favorite OTP moment?
  50. Have you ever seen EXO live?
  51. Moment that made you cry?
  52. Most handsome member?
  53. Do you still watch EXO Showtime occasionally?
  54. Cutest member?
  55. First bias?
  56. Favorite XOXO song?
  57. Favorite Baekhyun era?
  58. SatanSoo or SquishySoo?
  59. Xiuhan or Hunhan?
  60. Favorite EXO photocard?
  61. Sehun’s eyebrows or Sehun’s legs?
  62. Favorite EXO pet?
  63. Hyung-line or Maknae-line?
  64. Favorite EXODUS song?
  65. Favorite movie with an EXO member in it?
  66. How did you get into EXO?
  67. Mom!Suho or Sexy!Suho?
  68. Promise or Heaven?
  69. Tao’s Z.TAO or Luhan’s Reloaded?
  70. Favorite EX’ACT song?
  71. Xiumin bun or Luhan bun?
  72. Have you ever not liked a member?
  73. Favorite Chen solo song?
  74. Baekyeol or Baekyeon?
  75. Cold city guy Kris or Dorky Kris?
  76. Favorite EXO Cover song?
  77. Did you cry when listening to Promise?
  78. EXO song that you do not like?
  79. Favorite Couple Talk (from EXO first box)?
  80. Favorite Kai era?
  81. As dancers, Kai, Sehun, or Lay?
  82. Baekhyun’s (ft. Suzy) Dream or Baekhyun’s (ft. K. Will) The Day?
  83. Favorite EXO member IG account?
  84. Favorite award performance?
  85. If you could get any of the MID gifts, what would you get?
  86. Kaisoo or TaeKai?
  87. Favorite Chanyeol gif?
  88. MAMA or History?
  89. Favorite lyrics?
  90. Favorite Suho era?
  91. Red haired D.O., yes or no?
  92. Favorite Chanyeol Rap?
  93. Favorite fanfiction?
  94. Lay’s Go, Fighting! Or Luhan’s Running Man?
  95. Pathcodes or Wolf Drama?
  96. Taohun or Taoris?
  97. EXO Showtime or EXO Next Door?
  98. Most significant song for you?
  99. Who are your top 3 members?
  100. Why do you like EXO?