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Set It Off questions 2.0 Reblog and send a question! 

1. What’s your absolute favorite song and why? 
2. What’s your least favorite song and why? 
3. What’s your absolute favorite album and why? 
4. What’s your least favorite album and why? 
5. What’s your absolute favorite tour and why? 
6. What’s your least favorite tour and why? 
7. Who’s your favorite member and why? 
8. Who’s your least favorite member and why? 
9. Do you have a Set It Off tattoo? If yes, picture. 
10. What’s your favorite cover video? 
 11. What’s your favorite piece of merch? 
12. When was the first time you met them? 
13. Tell us your favorite Set It Off memory? 
14. What’s the best show you’ve been to? 
15. Who/what got you into listening to Set It Off? 
16. Favorite Set It Off music video? 
17. Farthest you’ve traveled to see the boys? 
18. Post a picture of you and one of the boys. 
19. Favorite live photo of the boys (credit if its not yours) 
20. Do you have anything signed by the boys? Pictures. 
21. Favorite interview? 
22. Favorite thing about Cody Carson? 
23. Favorite thing about Zach Dewall? 
24. Favorite thing about Dan Clermont? 
25. Favorite thing about Maxx Danziger? 
26. Favorite song off Horrible Kids? 
27. Favorite song off of Cinematics? 
 28. Favorite song off Duality? 
 29. What’s your favorite lyric? 
30. What do you expect from the new album? 
31. What’s your favorite SIO related blog? (not including the boys or the bands blog) 
32. Name a friend you’ve made through listening to Set It Off. 
33. Post your favorite live performance. 
34. Post your favorite music video. 
35. Fuck, marry, kill (name members) 
36. Favorite gif of Cody. 
37. Favorite gif of Maxx. 
38. Favorite gif of Dan. 
39. Favorite gif of Zach. 
40. Post your favorite interview featuring Set It Off. 
41. Have you ever participated in #siosaturday?