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A gamer, and a little chef sharing a space!!😊❤️
This should be interesting, more fun than anything because his annoying ways can be cute…….at times🙄. I’m in love with the kitchen!!! SN:This apartment has a vibe that reminds me of one of my favorite movies “Julie & Julia“ but that’s neither here nor there!! Hahaha Guess we’re going to have to double up on the snacks now because when he’s in his gaming world HE EATS UP EVERYTHING!!!! I’m not used to that!!😒😩


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Beast!Adam x Reader

Note: Hi there! So um, this is my first imagine for this blog, but I’m no stranger to the art of x readering. I’ve been writing these for over a year now, I think. Anyway, Beauty and the Beast was always my favorite Disney movie as a kid, and I’ve already seen the new one twice. It’s amazing. So, here we are.

You had stumbled upon the enchanted castle about a month ago. Maybe less. Maybe it had been longer than that. It was so hard to keep track of time here. And though the place was odd and enchanted and sometimes scary, you couldn’t deny the beauty concealed in the darkness.

“Miss, the master is ready for dinner.” Mrs. Potts, one of the castle’s many enchanted caretakers rolled into your room on her cart. She was accompanied by her son, Chip.

“Tell him I’ll be down in a few minutes.” Madame Garderobe was currently in the process of pulling your hair into an intricate braid. “We’re kind of…in the middle of something here.”

“There’s no rushing beauty~” the wardrobe sang. Every time she belted her soprano notes, you feared a window would shatter.

The cart rolled out of the door and down the hall. A few minutes later, you were finally ready, dressed in a gorgeous pink gown. You hurried down the halls, down the stairs to the dining room, where the Beast was waiting for you.

“Sorry I’m late,” you breathed, taking your seat at the end of the table opposite him. “Garderobe decided to try something new with my hair.”

You could have sworn you saw a soft smile on his fur-covered face.

“It looks nice.” He stated and then paused. “You look nice.”

“Well, thank you.” A blush crept onto your cheeks. The two of you began to eat.

“You know, you’ve never seemed homesick in the time you’ve been here.” He pointed out.

“There’s nothing to miss. Not where I’m from.” You shook your head. A certain sadness waited behind your gaze. He raised an eyebrow. “I was kind of…outcast. I suppose that’s the best way to put it.”


“They thought I was too headstrong. They didn’t like a woman that couldn’t be controlled.” You shook your head. “Because I wasn’t married, I didn’t have access to the things men did. They expected me to cook and clean and bear children, but that’s…not what I want to do with my life. I want to be a doctor. They don’t think I’m educated enough.”

“That doesn’t seem right.”

“It’s not.” You shook your head. “It wasn’t. So I left. And I found this place.”

“Well, if it means anything…” He took a somewhat nervous breath. “You’ll never be an outcast so long as you’re here. You’ll always be welcome here.” When he peered into your eyes, you could tell he meant it. Emotion swept over you in a deep, warm wave. Tears filled your eyes and you couldn’t stop them from trickling down your cheeks.

The Beast stood up to come over to you at the same time you did. You practically ran to him, and while he was expecting the sting of a slap or rejection, what he received was something much different. It was a hug.

His eyes widened as he realized what had happened. You were standing there, your arms around his wide frame with tears dripping from your eyes. He looked down at you for a few moments before gingerly embracing you. His touches were tentative, careful. The last thing he wanted was for you to recoil in disgust, in fear of the monstrous creature he had become. Admittedly, it had been a long time since anyone had showed him affection, even something as simple as an embrace.

“I’m sorry if I said something wrong-” he began to apologize, unsure of the cause of your sudden emotional breakdown.

“I wish the people back home were like you.” Your voice was quiet, broken. You gripped him tightly, continuing to sob in relief, or perhaps in realization that you had finally found somewhere that accepted you for who you truly were. “Thank you.”

At your words, the Beast’s jaw dropped. And it was in that moment that he realized, like a whisper in the back of his mind: you had to be the one.

Logan is every bit as good as they said and even better... *spoilers*

Man, Logan destroyed me. I feel so sad and empty, like I’ve lost a huge piece of my geeky childhood. Wolverine has always been one of my favorite fictional characters, my ultimate toughguy-badass-with-a-soft-center of all superheroes. Hugh Jackman *is* Wolverine, the perfect Wolverine, if they try to replace him it just won’t be the same.

I’m not even kidding when I say Hugh deserves an Oscar for this performance. It’s that perfect. It’s phenomenal. I can’t stop thinking about Logan days after the fact, his portrayal and ultimate redemption and tear-jerking death have just overwhelmed me… I’m so sad, it feels like someone I know and loved has just left me forever. What a way to go out, you deserve all the praise Mr. Jackman. Thank you for making one of my favorite superheroes into the real deal and doing it so beautifully for 17 years. You will be missed, sir.

My true loves @butternutstyles and @veryniceandgood tagged me in a Whats Six Movies You Can Watch at Any Time type deal. The facts are these.

- A Knight’s Tale
- When Harry Met Sally
- Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
- Chicago
- Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring
- Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead

I’m afraid my answer to this is lame but TV shows might be more illuminating, I don’t rewatch a lot of movies often?? Is that weird???

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After watching R1, it quickly became my fav SW movie and I fell really deep into the SW fandom for the first time. But recently I've honestly kind of felt bad about myself because I loved the whole squad, including Jyn, and I absolutely love Jyn/Cassian, but the amount of vitriol surrounding both is unlike anything I've ever seen in any fandom. I know I shouldn't let antis get to me, and I don't want to give them the satisfaction. Do you have any advice on how to keep a positive head space?

First of all, nonny, I am so happy you love Rogue One so much! I know so many people have had it skyrocket to their favorite Star Wars movie and are finding themselves in fandom for the first time. It’s great to see and participate in all this Star Wars love. That is what fandom is all about.

Given that, I am so sorry that the antis are getting you down. People can be jerks, and antis feed off the way they upset people. I’ve come across this with many of my favorite characters and it’s really just same old, same old with these people. The structure of Tumblr makes it a little harder to get around them but here is my advice.

1) If you see antis when you go into the tag, go ahead and block them. I block freely and without reserve. People who don’t respect the tag or don’t try to keep their posts out of the search results are trying to rile you up and they don’t deserve the satisfaction.

2) Do not directly engage with a post. What I do and what I’ve seen others do is create a new post that mentions the claim and then debunks it. What you are interested in is not convincing the anti, who is out to destroy happiness, but to generate positive conversation with people who are casually reading things (and your friends). Keep the high ground at all times. Responding to the post directly only feeds the trolls. If by some bizarre unfortunate chance you get anon hate, delete it without publishing. Imagine the anti, refreshing your blog over and over waiting to see your outrage in vain.

3) If you have friends who are posting negative things about Jyn or Jyn/Cassian, ask them if they can use a tag so you can blacklist their posts. Friends don’t want to keep upsetting friends, after all. I use Tumblr Savior but XKit is also a good tool to filter out these posts.

4) Rewatch Rogue One! (Maybe stop right after they go through the shield gate so you don’t cry but up until that point it makes me purely happy.) Watch Jyn learn to trust again and find a home after being abandoned for so many years! Watch Cassian yell for her in concern and go back for her repeatedly, even when the mission does not require it! Watch them have no concept of personal space, even when they’re upset with each other! Watch the entire Rogue One team bond and become a found family! Watch the way Jyn and Cassian light up in the “welcome home” scene with bonus leaning! Watch the elevator scene! The good news is that canon is on our side.

5) Most importantly, focus on the joy in fandom :) There are so many more fans who love this movie and Jyn and Jyn/Cassian than people who hate her and the ship. There are many people who are not on Tumblr who love the whole team, including Jyn and this ship. You can follow positive blogs to stay inundated with positive fandom and I have to give a shout out to @therebelcaptainnetwork​ as a central location for happy Jyn/Cassian content.

(When in doubt, step away from Tumblr. Go for a walk, drink some tea, pet a fluffy animal. Fandom should be fun but it’s also important to take breaks when it’s not, as with anything.)

The antis are loud because they want attention but at the end of the day, these people are spending their time hating something instead of creating positive content about something they love. They are the equivalent of the bullies in the parking lot yelling mean things as you drive off with your friends to do something you love, and they should be treated as such - ignored in general and publicly, calmly, and factually refuted when they become a nuisance (like this weekend). In contrast, we get to spend our time being delighted and happy about these characters.

Above all,

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Weekly Questions (sorry I've been gone for so long :3): 1. Favorite land before time movie? 2. Opinions on Tate Logan (American horror story) 3. How are you this week? 4. How are the cats? 5. Do you ever drink straight syrup from the bottle? 6. Did you know that you are amazing in every way possible? 7. Have you ever gone to anime conventions?

No worries, lol; these are always fun! X3

  1. The first one. I cried for a whole day when I saw it as a kid. T-T
  2. I totally can’t remember who that is, haha. Never really got into the show. I saw the first season, but it didn’t hook me.
  3. I’m pretty good. The NITW soundtrack has me all peaceful~
  4. They’re also good. Although Nitten got a bird this morning while he was out on his leash, and I’m a little traumatized by that. 
  5. Nope!
  6. Aw, heck, am not, but thank you for always being so niiiiice.
  7. Totally! I started going to anime cons back in 2007, and I was a convention organizer when I was in college. :3 Super fun times. I haven’t been to one in over a year, though; I’m fairly broke right now, lol.

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Oh my god...I'm rethinking my entire childhood. PPP was one of my favorite movies ever, and now that I think about it more, it was so gay...You know in most movies, the non-"girly girl" character goes to hoco or prom with the outcast boy/star football dude, and as a kid I could never quite reconcile that sort of story with myself, and then PPP happened and BAM, the gay seedling emerged. Omg. Lemme just re-evaluate the rest of my childhood lmao, thanks girl :)

You have no idea how shocked I was that neither girls actually ended up with a dude.  Truly a great and cute gay friendship movie with no boys or romances involved.  Like it actually focussed on Rosie and Carter’s growing relationship.  AND with princesses in involved??  No wonder this was the 4th watched DICOM (well also the fact Demi and Selena’s friendship really was the selling point).  I never get tired of watching it.

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Hi Love! I was talking to a friend and are looking for views on a few topics and I would love if you could elaborate your thoughts on some: Can males and females be friends with no sexual tension in their interactions? Can you justify making your significant other drop (all) friends of the opposite sex? Do you think it's all right to compromise on significant life choices? What is your opinion on feminism (now/then/in general)?

Oh my, these are like half the biggest questions in life haha.

1. Can males and females be friends with no sexual tension in their interactions?

So, as @shorty-cake knows, When Harry Met Sally… is like just about my favorite movie of all time. As a young person, it heavily influenced me. The movie revolves around the premise of whether or not men and women could be friends. I don’t know if it actually ever answers except to may infer that if you are best friends, that should say something about what you really mean to one another, and I’m a big proponent of letting friendship be one of your foundations for a relationship.

Yes, I think males and females can be friends with no sexual tensions, but I think that’s probably an exception rather than the rule and that it depends largely on the level of friendship. I try my best even now (especially now) to keep female friends at arm’s length because I personally am a bad combination - I’m a romantic who pretends to be a realist and, well, I’m a male. Because of our makeup and because of the culture, men are so driven by sexual urges (and of course not of all of, and of course many women are, too) that we too often throw good sense out the window. And we also too often throw friendships about the window, too, for a chance at something otherwise, and, maybe this is closer to an answer to your question, we often become close with women because there’s a chance (in our minds) at something more. This isn’t always happening on a conscious level, but upon introspection, it hold true. We treat women as meat. So I think a lot of “friendships” between men and women are not really as loving as one side might think.

2. Can you justify making your significant other drop (all) friends of the opposite sex?

Yes, I think you can, but it depends on the spectrum of friendships and the specific people in the relationship. I’ll start with the second idea first - again, if you’re someone like me, I think you need to put other women at arm’s length, and being asked to do so specifically might help with that. When I was dating years ago, my then-girlfriend forcefully requested that I give up some friendships with girls that she knew had been interested in me or seemed like they might be, and I acquiesced, and I think it was a good idea (though I didn’t do it in a good way).

Also, some relationships have more challenges than others, and they might need that protection to succeed. I think it’s fairy tale to say that “if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be”; if you really want a relationship to work, sometimes and for some people, it takes really difficult, and sometimes painful steps to move in that direction. For some people and relationships, though, all this might not be a problem, though even then, I think there’s something to be said about reserving that intimacy for the person you’ll spend the rest of your life with (if the relationship goes that direction) and not sharing it with someone else.

3. Do you think it’s all right to compromise on significant life choices?

Well, we compromise every day on little things. And we if do that, we all too often will compromise on more significant things. I do both, and to be honest, sometimes I don’t even fight it. But I’m trying to have more integrity and more character - it’s an uphill battle, I’ll tell you.

I think there are things we hold sacred, things that we believe are absolutely right. For us, these things are without compromise. But perhaps, those things aren’t as many as we might think. If we take the time to analyze and think on our choices, we might find that our hearts are not as firmly set upon them as we might think. Compromise might be okay; it might be good, in fact. And further, sometimes there are multiple choices that we can make, because situations are complex. I find that for many of our more significant forks in life, the routes are multiple and run into and around and through each other, and we have to navigate with a quality lanterns, good shoes, and wisdom/know-how, rather than necessarily picking the exact right path (which we often don’t know) the first time.

4. What is your opinion on feminism (now/then/in general)?

The term “feminism” is so loaded with connotation above its meaning. I have no expertise in much of any of it, so I won’t make much specific commentary. But I do believe that we’re made equal, though not treated the same, and so steps need to made toward righting that.

At the same time, I’ll always say that the answer to our problems in this world - and one we’ll never adequately use - is grace. Grace ties in with justice and mercy, and it’s the power to change the world. Unfortunately, our souls are bent toward ungrace, and our culture in the west now more than it has since I’ve been alive is become more and more unforgiving, angry, and bitter, taking the route of forcing change on the outside no matter what happens within a person, rather than trying to change the person and letting that shift how we love each other, how we treat each other with basic respect and freedom, and how we see each other and encourage one another to become more than we are. When any movement becomes that - feminism included - I think its headed down the wrong route.

Thanks for the questions, Sara! They got my brain working on this Monday. :D

Who Framed Roger Rabbit? is such a good movie holy shit

I was watching it with friends the other night and it just continually amazes me how very little the film has aged in terms of special FX quality and cinematography. sometimes the animated characters look a little fuzzy around the edges where they’re cropped into the live-action scenes but other than that it still looks good as hell and it’s still one of my all-time favorite movies that I’m always down to watch.

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Headcannon for dating Craig Cody

  • Spending days at the beach
    • Surfing together
    • Lounging in the sun and tanning
    • Sometimes even just sleeping over on the beach.  Spending the night on a beach towel staring up at the stars
    • Skinny dipping when the sun goes down
  • Being really close to his family
    • Deran crashing your dates more often than not
    • Smurf treating you like another member of her family
    • Crashing at Smurfs house with Craig nine times out of ten
    • Prank wars with Deran and Craig
      • One time Pope accidently walked into a prank that you had set up for Deran and you laughed so hard you almost peed your pants.  Pope, on the other hand, was not happy.
  • Him keeping you in the dark about his work for the longest time
  • Getting matching tattoos
    • Something symbolic to the both of you
    • Something small so it’s not all that noticeable, but you both know that they’re there and that’s the important part.
  • Always having fun together
    • Making funny faces to get the other to laugh
    • Comedy movies are your favorite date night movies to watch
    • Craig playfully nipping at your neck when cuddling, making you giggle
  • Hot sex
    • Sneaking away during pool parties to hook up in Craig’s room
    • Trying out different positions and having sex in a variety of places
      • His apartment
      • Your place
      • Smurfs house
      • The beach
      • The car
    • He likes it rough and fast
    • Sloppy kisses
      • Not to mention the scratch marks you’ve left all down his back
      • So many hickies across your neck the next day