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An Unexpected Christmas Miracle

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Written by Danielle 

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A/N: OMG GUYS ONLY ONE WEEK UNTIL CHRISTMAS?!?! Happy Holidays to everyone! If you don’t celebrate, I hope you enjoy your holiday! :) I also just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU for over 400 followers?!?!?! It’s been two months now since Christina and I started this blog and I’m just so happy you guys like what we write and post enough to follow us 😭❤️ Thank you!! If you have any requests let us know!! 😊 

New York City is extremely famous for Christmas because of all of the lights, huge Christmas trees, bright lights, ice skating, and cozy snowy weather. The streets are always busy, but during this time of year, everyone has more of a festive cheer in their step. You’ve always loved the holidays and are grateful to spend them in New York City, but this year was different. Due to the crazy snowstorm, your family wouldn’t be able to come this year and that’s what makes Christmas complete in your eyes- spending it with the ones you love. But this year it would just be you and your mom, like any other day. It was a week until Christmas and you still didn’t have a tree yet due to mom’s busy schedule with work. Things started to get overwhelming. It was your favorite time of year and everything was just going wrong. You decided to put your favorite Christmas film on to try and cheer you up. As you got to your favorite part of the movie everything went black. The power went out from the bad weather and you didn’t know when it would be back on. Sadness engulfed you and you ran to your room to get tucked up in bed. Your emotions were already overwhelming you and this had just been the last straw. Picking up your phone, you called the one person you knew who could cheer you up; Peter. He answers after the first ring.

“Hey (Y/N)! Did you lose your power over there too? I was just in the middle of using a microwave and an old VHS player to build- Wait (Y/N)? Are you okay?” You can’t help but smirk a little from already hearing how enthusiastic Peter is, but that doesn’t stop him from hearing your sad sniffles. 

“No..” you let out in a shaky breath. 

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For everyone who is considering self harm

You can do so many other things than self harming that will help you.

Drawing on yourself with markers (pens can be sharp)
Coloring a coloring book
Organize your stuff
Write a poem
Write a story
Write a novel
Look up fun silly diys
Read fanfic
Write fanfic
Watch anime
Watch positive YouTube
Watch let’s plays
Go to a book shop
Go to a library
Surround yourself with stuff/people you like
Hug a pillow
Hug a stuffed animal
Learn a new language
Learn sign language
Organize a bookshelf
Try different colors of makeup or nail polish
Try on fancy clothes
Wear ridiculous outfits
Design a cosplay
Go to a thrift shop
Draw your favorite character (even if it’s a stick figure)
Make a lil comic
Make up characters and imagine them in everyday life
Imagine you have a pet dragon
Imagine you are 2 inches tall
Imagine you are 20 ft tall
Lie on the floor and imagine what it would be like if the house/room was upside down
Pretend you are an elegant ballet dancer
Try different ways to wear scarves or ties
Practice tying a bow tie
Make a smoothie
Eat fruit
Eat vegetables
Wear an oversized sweatshirt
Drink a hot cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate
Chew mint gum then drink ice water
Brush your teeth then drink orange juice
Play with water
Play with water balloons
Feel things around you and think about how they feel
Think about why the sky is blue
Make up ridiculous stories explaining the magic behind everyday things
Practice origami
Make stuff out of construction paper
Stick post it notes with happy notes and cute drawings everywhere
Encourage someone else
Color on yourself with highlighters
Make a pillow fort
Make a tent using a blanket
Make stuff out of toilet paper rolls
Practice sword fighting with wrapping paper rolls
Sit in a big box and pretend it’s a rocket or a train or anything you want
Pretend you are a general and inspire your troops
Pretend your life is being narrated by Morgan Freeman
Watch Disney movies
Watch kid shows/movies
Read your favorite children’s books
Read out loud with funny voices
Narrate everything you do
Make a paper hat
Brush your hair
Try different hairstyles
Try silly walks
Skip around
Smell a book
Paint a mug
Walk in a field
Walk in a park
Walk in the woods
Hug a tree
Collect acorns
Collect leaves
Collect rocks
Skip rocks in a lake or pond
Bounce a bouncy ball
Bounce an acorn
Draw on the sidewalk with chalk
Paint an old T-shirt with fabric paints
Do a puzzle
Play solitaire
Make stuff out of cardboard boxes
Paint rocks
Stick googlie eyes on everything
Wear every hat you own at once
Balance a book on your head
Make a baking soda volcano
Watch butterflies
Listen to birds
Plant flowers
Water plants
Imagine what voices animals and inanimate objects would have if they could talk
Talk into a fan and pretend you are a robot

And above all, know that you have a future. You have the potential to achieve great things. Life is worth living, and you don’t need to hurt to feel alive. You may feel empty at times, but you don’t need to fill that emptiness with pain. You have the power to help yourself. It will be difficult, but you are strong enough to do it. You are strong enough to fill that emptiness with happiness, to seek out things that bring you joy. Never forget that you deserve happiness.