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what movie has the best costume design (regardless historical or not)? Who is your favourite costume designer?

I’ve sat on this question for a while because it’s so CRUEL. I can easily answer the second question though: Edith Head forever and always. 

I have so many favorite costume design movies and shows. I was going to do a top five, but after a lot of deliberation, I’ve narrowed it down to one:

Marie Antoinette (costumes by Milena Canonero, dir. Sofia Coppola).

Truly successful designers can tell you everything you need to know about a character in their costumes. Milena Canonero does an AMAZING job in Marie Antoinette. It’s a perfect mixture of eye candy (as to be expected) and character development. Some of my favorites include:

(Sidenote: Milena Canonero is really underappreciated? She gave us such gems as A Clockwork Orange, Barry Lyndon, Out of Africa, The Affair of the Necklace, and Grand Budapest Hotel).

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Snape Appreciation Month Day 19: Costume Appreciation

My absolute favorite part of Snape’s movie costume is his coat, with its many buttons and tight sleeves and the peek of white shirt underneath. It’s incredibly formal and elegant in taste, which is perfect for the overdramatic bat that likes to stare pensively out tower windows. 

I love that he doesn’t need his cloak to create those dramatic whirls of fabric he secretly loves. Honestly, Snape’s such a drama queen. 

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i’m watching hocus pocus

i haven’t seen this since i was a kid and i’m freaking out that thackery binx grew up to be mcgee on ncis cause omfg i love mcgee + abby forever idgaf

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One of my favorite bits of movie costuming ever is Mad Max’s outfit throughout the three original movies. 

Not only does Max end up fitting himself with a leg brace made out of a truck’s tailgate after that leg is run over by bikers in the first film, but then in Thunderdome you can see that he’s stitched the left shoulder of his jacket back together after it was torn up by a clawed bandit during the truck chase at the end of the second film.

“You can’t tell me it’s Halloween and not to expect me to dress up as a character from my favorite horror movie. The costume would be easier to recognize if I had a Sidney Prescott with me, but my friend Darlene told me she’d rather throw up nails than come to this Halloween party.”

David Healy as Billy Loomis (Scream)

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Oh any advice for a first-timer with Inktober?

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Don’t go for something crazy complex every day.  Try for simple pics during the week and then go a little fancier on the weekend when you have more time.

Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t finish!  I’ve never actually completed a full inktober, but I made it all the way to day 26 last year!!! 

It is for fun, it is to grow! Pick things to draw you love! This year I’m doing portraits of my favorite movie jewlery/costume/hair examples.

💕 ASK that special someone to _____! 💕

Do you need to ASK your favorite fraternity guy to formal? Ask a special sister to be your “adopted” little? Or offer an informal bid to a PNM? Sometimes the occasion calls for creativity! There are many events in greek life which need some extra flair in the “asking.”

💕  TOP 18 Creative Ways to “ASK” With Pizzazz: 💕 

  • Say it with cupcakes. Everyone loves cupcakes and they are so easy to work with. Spell out your Ask by putting one word on each cupcake. “Will-You-Go-To-Formal-With-Me?” or “Will-You-Be-My-Little?” will look extra sugary on multiple cupcakes. Donuts also work well.
  • Cover it in post-its. Cover your Ask’s dorm door or car with post it notes all asking your important question. Go overboard in covering the entire surface with the post-its for a big impact. 
  • Ask with a banner. Paint a large banner/poster asking your question and hang it in a surprise location on campus. When your favorite person walks to class he/she will suddenly see it hanging off the campus bridge or in front of their greek house. The more surprising the location the better. Stand nearby to receive the answer!
  • Make magic with music. Have the school a cappella group or a favorite local musician arrive at the fraternity or sorority house and sing your special request. Just like a singing telegram, only classier. Enlisting the help of the school choir, the marching band, or a frat/sorority are also great musical options. 
  • Gather a big group together. Group ALL of your sorority sisters, or ALL of your volleyball team, or ALL of your cheerleading squad in one spot and have them each hold a sign saying “Will you go to formal with me?” The impact of so many people and so many signs will be a huge hit. 
  • Spell it out on the lawn. You will need a group of friends to help you with this Ask. Have a large group spell out “FORMAL?” or “LITTLE?” on a large grassy area. (Just like spelling out your greek letters for a chapter portrait.) Then take your unsuspecting favorite person to higher ground for a surprise look down on the spelled out word. 
  • Balloon blast. Fill a dorm room or a car with balloons all labeled your question. Balloons are an adorable way to Ask your someone special. Attach extra balloon bouquets to the car door or dorm door for more fun. An alternative balloon plan is to have the question inside some of the balloons and they must be popped to find the Ask.
  • Create a Facebook or Instagram Ask page. Launch a private Ask page for your special someone with lots of photos and comments from all your mutual friends supporting your big question. Once the page is designed, then request that your target person like it. 
  • Dress in costume. Favorite movie characters and inside jokes are both fun costumes to wear for asking someone a big question. Have two friends dress in coordinating costumes with you for more impact. Theme your question to the costumes. For example, ask in “Disney” style lingo if you are dressing as a Disney princess. 
  • One by one signs. Make a sign for each word in your Ask. Then have a friend take a picture of you holding the sign in different locations. The crazier the locations the better. Then email or text the photos to your invitee one at a time. The first message will just be a photo of “WILL.” The second photo says “YOU” and on down the line. 
  • Custom tee shirt design. Create a one of a kind tee shirt online asking your question and show up wearing it as a surprise. Carry a big basket of the person’s favorite treats to go along with your Ask. 
  • Make a video. Shoot a short video asking your question in a creative way. Dance, sing, recite poetry, interview people on campus, or any other fun & crazy way to stage your Ask. Post the video online and ask your sisters to like it. Send a link to your future formal date and ask him to check it out. 
  • Candles shine bright. After dark, line the walkway to your Ask’s greek house with dozens of small votives. The candles will lead to a creative poster at the front door with your question on it. 
  • Say it with boxes. Decorate five extra large boxes (like the ones used for big/little reveal) and spell out this mathematical equation: “You + Me = Formal” or “You + Me = Big/Little” Put one word or symbol on each box. Line the formula up on the front lawn and invite your Ask outside.
  • Chalk art is smart. Ask an artist to create a stunning sidewalk art “mural”, or do it yourself if you have the talent. The more professional looking the better. You don’t want your chalk art to look like a six year old did it. 
  • Kidnap & ransom. Steal a favorite item of your Ask and leave a ransom demand. Do this by borrowing a favorite shirt, sports gear, or plush toy and leaving a note that says “If you ever want to see your favorite hat/monkey/hockey stick again, you have two choices - go to formal with me - or - be my little!”
  • Drink up. Take the favorite drink of your crush and include your Ask on the bottle or can. For example, tape your question inside the lid of a Snapple bottle, under a Starbuck’s lid, or inside a Coke or Beer bottle cap. You will need to present your drink in a way that the person doesn’t miss your hidden message, but finding your small Ask with their favorite beverage should be fun. 
  • Fake documents. With your computer graphic skills counterfeit some fake documents for your Ask. Recreate a certificate, announcement, or document that looks like it’s from your national greek organization or your university administration. Your special person will think the mail/delivery is from an official source until he/she reads the details. Make it look totally authentic by using a crest, logo and high quality paper. 

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