favorite moose

  • far better at textual conversation than face-to-face. save for with a select few people, he’s extraordinarily more talkative online. actually sort of awkward in person, more verbally unsure/hesitant
  • his favorite sport is golf. hockey is a close second though
  • He Loves Carly Rae Jepsen
  • his favorite animals are moose, and his favorite flowers are dandelions
  • his first time was in high school, in the school pool with another boy he was head over heels for. that was the last time he ever spoke to adam
  • ocd, anxiety, depression, potentially bdd
  • uncomfortable with being uncomfortable, godawful at discussing this particular feeling, more than anyone else. stews in silence while others make jokes at his expense unless a third party attempts to dispel the situation in which case he might have a moment of clarity, a moment of “oh, that’s right, that’s bad, i can say that that’s bad”/needs to have his feelings validated before he has the audacity to feel them
  • he doesn’t wear colors very often aside from monochrome sorts, natural kinds, he would love to wear more blue, but his anxiousness keeps him from even considering it
  • always has this sort of sleepy, dreamy look to him, eyes half-lidded, hooded, clear blue
  • knows all the lyrics to salt-n-pepa’s shoop
ice cream asks
  • chocolate: when was your first kiss?
  • french vanilla: how old are you?
  • cotton candy: three places you want to travel to?
  • strawberry: a language you wish you could speak?
  • coffee: favorite cosmetic brands?
  • mint chocolate chip: indoors or outdoors?
  • cookie dough: do you play any instruments?
  • rocky road: favorite songs at the moment?
  • butter pecan: favorite songs for life?
  • cheesecake: what's your zodiac sign?
  • toasted coconut: the beach or the pool?
  • chocolate chip: what's your most popular post?
  • bubblegum: books or movies?
  • pistachio: manga or anime?
  • salted caramel: favorite movies?
  • birthday cake: favorite books?
  • moose tracks: favorites for manga?
  • orange sherbet: favorites for anime?
  • peanut butter: favorite academic subject?
  • black raspberry: do you have any pets?
  • mango: when and why did you start your blog?
  • mocha: ideal weather conditions?
  • black cherry: four words that describe you?
  • neapolitan: things that stress you out?
  • raspberry truffle: favorite kind of music?
  • chocolate marshmallow: favorite brands of candy?
  • toffee: a card game that you're good at?
  • lemon custard: do you eat breakfast?
  • dark chocolate: turn ons?
  • fudge: turn offs?
  • peach: how do you relax?
  • praline: a popular book you haven't read yet?
  • superman: do you like sweaters?
  • cherry: do you drink tea or coffee?
  • dulce de leche: an instrument you wish you could play?
  • blackberry: have you ever laughed so hard you cried?
  • ginger: a new feature you wish tumblr could have?
  • blueberry lemon: favorite blogs?
  • almond: favorite mean girls quote?
  • butterscotch: what color are your nails right now?
  • cinnamon: have you ever been confessed to?
  • blue moon: have you ever had a crush on someone?
  • cappuccino crunch: do you take naps?
  • mint: the most embarrassing thing you've ever done?
  • brownie batter: do you like sushi?
  • key lime: where do you want to be right now?
  • red velvet: do you wear prescription glasses?
  • green tea: favorite flavors of ice cream?
Imagine TFW Finding You Broken Hearted

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 “Y/n? Honey, are you ok? Sweetheart, what’s wrong?” Sam asks, voice full of concern as slowly opens up my door. He tries to find the light, but I stop him before he can reach it.

   “Please, don’t turn on the light” I croak, Sam made his way over to me and sat beside me on the bed. His fingers carded through my long hair, as he waited for me to respond.

“Sammy.” Was all I could let out before my walls came crashing down and the tears started pouring down my checks. Sam kicked off his boots, threw his jacket on my chair, and got under the covers with me. His big, strong arms wrapped around me like a fortress. Cradling me from the outside world.

“It’s ok, Y/n. I’m here. Sammy’s here.” He cooed to me soothingly. He tried comforting me by shushing me and rubbing my back. I about told him everything until I saw a figure pass by in the dim lighted hallway. I raised up to see who was there, and Dean’s piercing green eyes met mine. He saw the broken on my face and it caught his attention. He strolled into my room and laid on the other side of my bed beside me.

“You ok, Baby girl?” Worry crept upon his face. I squeezed his hand tightly, almost as if I was afraid he was going to leave. The tears still weren’t letting up.

“Ayden broke up with me today.” I choked back a sob and hid my face in Sam’s chest. The boys sighed sadly and try to comfort me.

“I know that we haven’t dated for too long, but I really liked him. He was like my best friend outside of you guys and Cas. He was always there for me when I needed someone to talk to, someone who I could be myself with, someone who I felt like actually cared about me, and my feelings.” I explained, as I tried to wipe away the tears.

“I can’t believe he cheated on me with other girls. I thought he loved me, De. Why would he do this to me? I thought he was happy. Am I not enough? He lied to me about everything! He said he loved me, but he didn’t! Not like the way I loved him” I bawled, letting all my emotions out.

“Hey, you look at me.” Dean said sternly.

“You don’t ever, and I mean EVER think that you’re not enough! You got it?” I glanced at Dean and nodded. Trying to be strong. Sam took my face into his hands and met my eyes.

“You’re are enough, Y/n. He was a jerk, and one day you will find the right guy. I promise. Ayden, doesn’t realize how special you are. Don’t let his actions make you feel less. That’s a reflection of him, not you. I know it seems awful right now, but in a couple years you will have forgotten all about him. You’re beautiful, funny, smart, caring, lovable, a kick ass hunter, and you’re Y/n Fucking Winchester! Things will get better, they always do. If they don’t, you know Dean and I always have your back. We will always be here to pick you up when you feel like you can’t go on.” Sam said giving me a small, endearing smile.

“Thanks you guys. I don’t know what I would do without you. I love you, both. The same goes for you guys, too. I’m always here for you boys. We’re family.” I took both of their hands in mine, and at the same time they kissed the top of my forehead. Before I knew it, Cas appeared in my room with a big bag of gummi bears, and a solemn look on his face.

“Hello Y/n, I heard that you were upset and I know gummi bears are your favorite. I thought this might cheer you up.” He trudge over to the bed and handed it to me. I gave him a smile and thanked him.

“I will get through this breakup, because I already have the best guys I could ask for.”

After awhile, we all went out to the living room to watch the movie called “Why Him?”. I’ve saw it already, but the boys haven’t so I offered to rewatch it. About halfway through it I fell asleep, and when I woke up the boys were nowhere in sight.

“Sam? Dean? Cas?” I looked around the bunker to see if there was any sign of them, but I had no luck. On my way back to the living room, I went through the library and saw a note lying on the table from Sam.

Dean, Cas, and I will be back later. We had  to pay someone a visit. Love, Sam.

I rolled my eyes and went back to lie down on the couch. Waiting to hear about how much fun the boys had kicking my ex boyfriend’s ass. I fell back asleep with a grin on my face.

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Good night to everyone, but especially Jamie Oleksiak. I don’t know where you are or what you’re doing, but I hope you’re out surfing or watching baseball or sitting on your couch playing Xbox and downing Bud Lite (or all of the above) and living your best life. Proud of u bud.


So I started writing for my blog back in January and never imagined getting back this big of a response. Thank all of you guys for being so supportive of me, it means a lot! I love you all so much! You guys make writing even more fun to do! I’m happy I get to share my stories with you all! Also to my amazing Tag List! I love you all so much! I consider you all fam @sisterwinchesterwriter@chrisevansthedoritobastard @mousehybrid @winchesters-favorite-girl @not-moose-one-shots @nothin-after-79 @crazynerdandproud @watermelonfruitsalad @vvinch3st3r @hawkeyethenerd @emwinchester1 @sassyspngeek @fanboyswhereare-you @deevvoon @straightasdeanwinchester

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RIVERDALE: Reggie, Chuck, & Moose.

I have already gotten in a small argument with my friends over RIVERDALE and seen some posts about certain characters that I love (I love all tho 💁🏽). There’s this stigma on 3 characters of the beloved Archie Comics that are portrayed differently in the show.

Reggie Mantle:
Comics: Ball of sunshine who can be a jerk at times because he is miserable and misunderstood by all. His parents don’t pay any attention to him. He has a brother, but I haven’t read much about him. He has a huge crush on Midge, but can’t have her because she smitten with Moose. His favorite thing in the world is his dog Vader that he rescues from a shelter to impress Midge and because he was lonely and was inspired by Jughead’s bond with Hot Dog. An All-Star athlete (because all he wants are people to be there for him so this is an outlet so he can get attention). Goes after Veronica only because he thinks she’s pretty and it bothers Archie (Doesn’t see the appeal in Archie, wants people to be there like they’re there for Archie). Although he is a founding member of Archie’s band (he’s a bassist). He is a prankster, but again he does it when people do him wrong and for attention.

Show: Self absorbed athlete, bully. As of now we haven’t met his family. Shows some care for his teammates (cue moment where he cares for Archie and his hand during practice). The actor Ross can play guitar so maybe we’ll get him on Archie band *fingers crossed*

Chuck Clayton:
Comics: He is aspiring comic lover as in he’s great at sketching. Son of football coach. Loves football and drawing. His girlfriend Nancy is a muse to many of his illustrations. Very close to Archie. Hopes to be a Comic book artist.

Show: Womanizer, as$&%#e. Son of the football coach. No girlfriend, and no artist ambitions as of now. Suspended from football team since the play book incident when he slut shamed Veronica and plenty other girls in Riverdale High.

Marmaduke ‘Moose’ Mason:
Comics: He loves his girlfriend Midge to the point of being jealous of any guy coming near or talking to her. Very overprotective about her, WOULD NEVER CHEAT ON HER. Not the smartest guy out there. Very buff and built to be a great athlete. Very quick to defend his friends and hopes to be a pro athlete one day. The walking stereotype of “All muscle, no brains.” Very likable and very unlike able at times.

Show: Football player, has a girlfriend (I think it’s Midge I don’t remember). Had a fling with Kevin. Not much about him for now.

The Birthday Blues

A/N: So I thought I would start a new series! This series will be a Supernatural/Arrow Crossover. I know, my title sucks lol. Let me know if you guys like it! If you do, I will write more! Please leave comments! Love you, guys!

My Masterlist

   It’s finally here! The best time of the year! My Birthday! I know that I may sound a little conceited, but I don’t even care! This is the first Birthday I get to spend with brothers, and Cas. I’m ecstatic. The pip in my step can’t be contained. I’m honestly just excited to see what they have planned for me. We have no cases going on today, so the sky’s the limit. I hopped out of bed and ran to the shower to get my day started.

After getting my hair and makeup done, I walked over to my closet to pick out an outfit. I decided on white jeans, a black cami, and a dressy plum long sleeved shirt. I grabbed my riding boots that Sam got for me last Christmas, and headed out of my bedroom door to the kitchen. I stopped at the doorway to see if I could listen in to their conversation, but just heard them discussing which celebrity would win in fist fight. I rolled my eyes and made my way in.

“Hey guys!” I greeted them, as I took a seat next to Dean. His mouth was full of bacon and it was a sight to see.

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Let’s take a moment to dwell on Sam Winchester. Let’s take a moment to think about this beautiful man.

All his life he’s been protected by Dean, and eventually he would rebel… it just so happened to be in the form of demon blood oh so many years ago.

But after realizing his mistake he threw himself into fixing everything. He tried his damned hardest. He died trying to fix things and then came back without a soul.

And even though people dislike him, and blame him for the Apocalypse but say Dean is the better brother, I don’t think we appreciate this beautiful man enough.

He’s the one who comforts the people who lost loved ones to monsters and he’s the one who had to watch his big brother go into a coma when they were just starting to be brothers again and then he lost his father too.

Sam Winchester has been through so much but he’s still strong. He’s lost so many people but yet he’s still strong.

So this is just a minor Sam Winchester Appreciation post.

Lots of love to my favorite Moose!!

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 001.     there  is  no  one  that  can  boost  dilton’s  confidence  like  midge.      while  dilton  has  everything  academic  wise  under  perfect  wraps  he’s  quite  shy  &  nervous  about  most  everything  else  in  life.    he’s  a  touch  awkward  socially  &  can  be  insecure  about  his  small ,  dorky  appearance.    it’s  safe  to  say  that  dilton  doiley  doesn’t  reek  cool  by  any  means.    but  midge ?    dilton  thinks  midge  is  the  coolest  person  he  knows !    she’s  stylish ,  can  talk  to  anyone  with  ease ,  &  honestly ?    everyone  likes  her.    if  midge  even  off  handedly  says  that  she  likes  his  hair  one  day  or  that  his  glasses  look  nice  or  even  just  laughs  at  a  joke  he  tells  it  puts  a  spring  in  his  step.    now ,  he’s  sure  the  only  reason  she  ever  started  spending  time  around  him  in  any  way  was  because  he’s  moose’s  best  friend  ( because  surely ,  he  thinks ,  someone  as  dazzling  as  her  wouldn’t  be  looking  at  him  twice  in  a  normal  situation ! )   but  he  doesn’t  even  mind ,  he’s  just  happy  she  decided  to  keep  spending  time  around  him.    the  fact  that  midge  likes  him  is  the  only  thing  he  needs  to  know.

 002.     dilton  &  midge  can  tear  up  a  dance  floor.      by  himself ,  dilton  is  the  best  dancer  at  riverdale  high  which  usually  makes  up  for  the  fact  that  he’s  often  dateless  at  dances  the  school  holds.    when  he’s  not  dateless ,  however ,  is  when  moose  can’t  make  it  &  he  gets  to  be  midge’s  date.    a  perk  of  being  one  of  the  only  two  people  moose  deems  safe  to  take  midge  to  a  dance.    when  he  gets  to  escort  midge  he  still  shows  off  what  he  can  do ,  of  course ,  though  now  he  has  a  partner  &  midge  has  proved  time  &  time  again  to  be  able  to  keep  in  perfect  step  with  him.    if  there  are  ‘best  dancer’  awards  given  at  the  dance  &  dilton  &  midge  are  there  together  then  you  can  put  the hopes  of  winning  that  out  of  your  head.

 003.     midge  was  dilton’s  first  kiss  from  a  girl  other  than  his  mother.      not  a  real  kiss ,  not  on  the  lips !    when  it  comes  to  a  real  kiss  dilton’s  never  had  a  first  kiss ,  in  all  honesty.    but  midge  was  the  first  girl  to  just  kiss  him  on  the  cheek ,  &  he  counts  that  as  something !    it  had  been  one  of  the  first ,  if  not  the  first ,  large  fight  that  midge  &  moose  had  ever  gotten  into.    dilton ,  who  was  upset  at  just  the  very  idea  of  them  fighting ,  had  set  to  trying  to  gently  mend  things  between  them.    he ,  truthfully ,  was  on  midge’s  side  so  he  summoned  up  his  courage  &  tested  the  more  dangerous  waters  of  he  &  moose’s  friendship  by  trying  to  make  moose  see  sense  in  the  situation.    dilton  thinks ,  if  he  was  anyone  else ,  moose  wouldn’t  have  listened  so  well  but  being  that  dilton  was  moose’s  little  buddy  he  managed  to  get  his  message  through  &  remained  completely  unscratched.    moose  agreed  to  apologize  to  midge  the  following  day  &  after  he  did  &  informed  midge  it  was  dilton  who  got  him  thinking  straight  again  she  was  quick  to  reward  dil  with  a  lipstick  stain  on  his  cheek.    his  cheeks  were  bright  pink  the  rest  of  the  day.

 004.     if  he  has  to  dress  for  an  occasion ,  then  he’ll  sometimes  invite  midge  to  help  him  shop.    if  just  his  trusty  old  suit  won’t  do  then  she’s  the  first  person  he  calls.    he  trusts  her  advice  on  how  he  looks  more  than  anyone.    if  midge  says  he  looks  good  then  he  must  look  good !    now ,  there  are  times  where  she  tries  to  help  him  put  an  edge  of  cool  about  him  too ,  telling  him  to  maybe  cut  back  on  buttoning  to  the  top  or  rustling  his  hair  to  try  &  give  it  something  …  usually  he’ll  somehow  always  fall  back  to  the  dorky  look  he  started  with ,  though.    she  may  get  him  dressing  better  than  what  seems  to  be  his  wardrobe  of  10  pairs  of  the  same  three  pants  &  shirts  but  getting  him  to  add  in  some  cool  slack  to  his  look  just  seems  to  be  impossible.


Crowley appreciation post :

Favorite line #1 : Hello boys

Favorite line #2 : No one in the history of torture has been tortured with torture like the torture you’ll be tortured with

Favorite line #3 : Maybe you should try plan D for Dumbass

Favorite line #3 : All nicknames so far

Favorire Episode: King of the Damned 9X21


I love Crowley’s character so much , they better not kill him off cause the show needs him .

He is so damn hilarious and i find him very underappreciated .

It’s clear he likes the boys , he’s always there when they need help , and yet they hate him and it hurts me

He’s one of my favorite characters ever !