favorite moment tbh

my sister @yassmines tagged me to do this so here we go

relationship status: im trying to find something witty to say but i truly do not care at all about relationships and anything else at the very moment tbh

favorite color(s): red black and generally just dark shades 

pets: tengo une gatita que se llama titi (just like TT) and NO it doesn’t stand for titty u english speaking heathens… je ne parle pas anglais avec mon chat

stay in bed or wake up: literally why would i ever wake up

cats or dogs: take a wild guess

coke or pepsi: i was about to say neither i don’t treat my body like a chemical waste landfill but i had coke after lunch so i guess im full of shit!

day or night: nights are sexier but no shops are open and i can only experience a pretense of happiness when i spend money on stuff i do not need… tfw ur empty inside so ur trying to empty ur pockets too

text or call: honestly neither phonecalls are stressful and typing takes so much time… audio messages are the future

chapstick or lipstick: lip balm im not about that chapped lip lifestyle tbh

city or country: im a city gorl

last book i read: excellent question! i do not remember

last song i listened to: uuuuuh runaway by del shannon i think

five facts about me:

im obsessed with the idea of buying my own house… i feel like renting is a waste of money that u could use to pay off ur mortgage but that being said being a home owner comes with its financial burdens as well so like idk i just wanna decorate it tbh

ok i said i wanted to be a home owner but i literally cannot save money for the life of me like having a budget? idk about all that!

but when i do have my own bersonal house i want to have a big yard and i literally wanna adopt as many animals as i can like im gonna be on my own with no one to bitch about my 17 cats and 3 dogs and a ferret and my donkey marisol and my two goats sheila and daisy so whom tf cares

also i wanna be the owner of my house bc what if i get married but my husband cheats on me or smt? it’s literally gonna be to the left to the left everything u own in a box to the left get the fuck out of my property and next time u wanna talk to me go through my lawyer…. *goes to take a bath in MY bathroom*

and lastly i do not have a car and i do not have a license but i know how to drive a car and it’s stressful as fuck which is why i’m stalling… im literally a virgin who can’t drive™

ok those were five facts all i wanna talk about rn is houses and house decoration so im gonna head out to pinterest! adios

and i tag @fendikatz and @unpicasso

  • What he says: Well, you ARE my president.
  • What he means: Being the product of a society that places no premium whatsoever on emotional attachments, I can only express or comprehend friendship by couching it in professional terms, however wildly out of context they may be in this case. But yeah you're p cool, 10/10 would follow into Hell

percy blowing his action surge to run out of the mansion, grab vex, and try pulling her into safety during the pit fiend battle (which, although he didn’t get her all the way through, did allow vax and keyleth to get to her in time to heal her of poison and unconsciousness) is always going to be one of my favorite underrated perc'ahlia moments tbh

day 7

“I told you I was a human being with rights and freedom, but I was wrong,” Sakura says, holding his eye as he watches her. “I’ve become more than that, haven’t I?”

His breathing is shallow, like hers had once been. “They told us a god would come for it. They said it needed a champion, so we went into the desert, where there were savages closer to their chakras, ones far stronger than ours. We wanted that honor, the honor of winning, but we also wanted to live. We wanted to survive the darkness of the end times. You will bring our world to a close, will you not?”

Sakura thought about gates and what happened to them after the dreamer moved on to a new kingdom. What became of the TeaLion Express, of The Monarch Woods, or the Marble Gardens? Did she care?

“I move from world to world. When I leave one behind, there is no purpose in its existence anymore. Maybe your world will fall apart once I leave. I can not say.”

“You will damn us all.”

“You’ve been dead for centuries already. It’s just your turn to move on.”

He struggles, but there is real anger weighing his words down. “You devil! We deserve better than this destruction, you can’t do this to us!”

Sakura reaches for the crown shaped wreath, feeling the dream around her shiver. “I am no devil, but this is my dream and I will be its god.”

She crowns herself and her destruction is undone in darkness as the world falls away.

@vesperlionheart, Obelisk: Kingdom of Gods


bgm: can’t take my eyes off of you by frankie valli