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He had been looking for me; his eyes darted around the room before they lighted on me, and a heart-stopping smile lit his face. Thank God, his dark-blue eyes said, and Thank God, my own echoed back.

Star Wars ask meme because I’m bored

Send me a number and I’ll answer.

  1. Favorite movie(s)
  2. Favorite Clone Wars episode(s)
  3. Favorite Rebels episode(s)
  4. Favorite soundtrack(s)
  5. Favorite lightsaber duel(s)
  6. Favorite planet(s)
  7. Favorite light side character(s)
  8. Favorite dark side character(s)
  9. Favorite non-force sensitive character(s)
  10. Favorite side character(s)
  11. Favorite droid(s)
  12. Favorite clone trooper(s)
  13. Favorite bounty hunter(s)
  14. Favorite scene(s)
  15. Favorite line(s)
  16. Funniest moment(s)
  17. Saddest moment(s)
  18. Most badass moment(s)
  19. Favorite lightsaber color(s)
  20. Favorite spaceship(s)
  21. Otp/Brotp/Ot3/Notp(s)
  22. Worst character(s)
  23. Jedi, Sith, or Grey Jedi
  24. Movies or shows
  25. Clone Wars or Rebels
  26. Canon or Legends
  27. Clone troopers or Stormtroopers
  28. Prequel trilogy/Clone Wars era, Rebels/original trilogy era, or sequel trilogy era
  29. Underrated moment(s)
  30. Unpopular opinion(s)
On the first day of Christmas Outlander Gave to Me.....

….An adorable Fergus on a Donkey!

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I love Fergus in all his adorable glory! I wasn’t a huge fan of the Fox’s Lair, however this one scene tore at my heart and has earned a place as one of my all time favorites.

“I belong with you.” -Fergus to Claire & Jamie

Yes you do Fergus, yes you do! This moment showed just how much of a family they are. Fergus loves them so much he doesn’t want to be parted from them even for a few days. I’m all for happy Fraser family moments especially with their lovable son. 


This is the kind of scenes that make a movie that much better!

I am a sucker for dancing/lip-syncing scenes set to 80′s/90′s music.

In honour of reaching 1k followers canaries, we at @theworldneedslaurellance have decided to create a Laurel Lance Week; categories and rules as follows:

    • Favorite Fight Scene - 3rd April
    • Favorite Sass Moment - 4th April
    • Favorite Laurel Related Location - 5th April
    • Favorite Laurel Crossover Ship - 6th April
    • Favorite Song Associated with Laurel - 7th April
    • Favorite AU Version of Laurel - 8th April
    • Favorite Quotes About Laurel - 9th April
  • RULES:
    • Make anything you want (gifset, graphics, art, fic / imagine) that complies with the category description.
    • Post it on the correct corresponding date (shown above).
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