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Question Time! What is your favorite Kaidan moment? The one that you want to point at and say "this, this is why I love him"? :)

Oh my gosh. You’re expecting me to choose. one. favorite. Kaidan. moment? 

I’m honestly not sure if I can do that, lol. There are so many moments I love, so I’ll try to narrow it down to ten!

Here goes:

I love that little smile he gives Shepard in the med bay after Eden Prime.
I love his slip of the tongue on the Citadel in ME1 when he indirectly tells Shepard he thinks she’s beautiful.
I love his dry comments when you take him along groundside in ME1 and his snarky remarks when you talk to him back on the Normandy.
I love how annoyed he looks when Joker interrupts that almost-first kiss in front of the lockers.
I love that tentative smile he gives Shepard at the beginning of ME3.
I love that strut when he comes to Shepard’s aid in the Citadel DLC together with that smirk and the “Looks like you’re having a bad day, Shepard.”, and his smirk after asking the volus to open the gates for them on the Cision Motors skycar lot.
I love the entire Citadel DLC dinner.
I love his “Next time … wake me.”
I love the love and admiration you can see in his eyes when he comes to Shepard’s quarters before the assault on Cerberus headquarters. And his “I lied. I didn’t come here for a quick drink”, and the grin on his face when he carries Shepard toward the bed.
I love how his voice wavers but doesn’t break when you talk to him in London and how he doesn’t care that everybody can see them when he kisses Shepard good-bye.

Damn, that’s ten already. Sorry, but I just really love Kaidan Alenko.

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I really miss streaming JoJo with y’all (the one time it worked lol) soooooo I wanna do it again, but this time I will be using rabb.it.
There’s a limit of 25 people, so it’ll be first come first serve.

The JoJo rabb.it session will be Friday July 29th at 7PM US Central Time.

I’ll post a link to the room about 30 mins before the stream begins.

Be there or be square!

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Favorite moment/scene from the series? (Of season 1 and 2)

I fucking love the bit in The Way Out when Jamie brings Claire back to the surgery and there’s eye secks and he’s like I'ma marry this girl and she’s like fuck, I’m hella attracted to this boy.

And then the thumb secks in Rent. Because he’s like I respect you too much to even sleep on the floor in your room and she’s like fuck I want him to sleep in my room and damn he’s a good enough man to decline the offer.

And then after they’re married in By the Pricking of My Thumbs when they’re saying goodbye and in that kiss he’s like omg I love you and she’s like omg I’m falling for this guy.

Gimme all those small, intimate moments. All of them.

Oftentimes, I find myself bathed in wanderlust.
Consumed by it.
Those are my favorite moments.
When my desire to see the world overshadows my anxiety of being in new places.
It makes me feel normal.
Makes me feel whole.
Makes me feel



Amanda Vegas