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I love my dead gay sons.

♡ OC ask meme ♡
  • --answer these however you like! some parts have multiple questions, you don't have to answer them all. you can answer for one OC or many, or askers can ask about a specific OC. approach them however you like. you can use these for character development exercises too. just have fun with it!--
  • #squad: who's friends with who? what are the squad dynamics like?
  • microscope: zoom in -- describe the little, insignificant details about an OC.
  • fragrance: what do your OCs smell like?
  • photo album: describe one of your OCs' favorite memories.
  • mixtape: 5 songs that describe your OC(s) or songs they themselves would like.
  • wardrobe: what's your OC(s) style like?
  • lightning: who's the most impulsive character? and who is their impulse control?
  • ufo: identity! what are some key identifying qualities or traits of your OC(s)? how to they identify in regards to gender/sexuality?
  • love note: who likes who? crushes? relationships? are they mutual or unrequited?
  • poison: vices/bad habits? what are they? how do they affect your OC?
  • compass: who's the moral compass? in general: what are your OCs' morality like? do they have high morals, or not? are their morals self imposed, or do they base their morals on religion/family/influence of others?
  • track & field: which (if any) of your OCs are athletic? what sports to they play? which of your OCs would go HARD in P.E.?
  • parachute: who does your OC(s) trust the most? who makes them feel safe? who would they do absolutely anything for?
  • conspiracy theory: what are your OC's beliefs? are they skeptics or do they believe easily? who acts on blind faith? who needs to see to believe?
  • zodiac: what's their sign? does it influence their personality? do they care about astrology?
  • spellbook: are any of your OC(s) supernatural? if so, what are they/what are their abilities?
  • contact: how does your OC(s) feel about touch/physical contact? are they affectionate? if so, how do they display affection to others?
  • interiors: describe your OC(s) bedroom/home/or a place they consider "theirs". what's in it? do certain items have a special significance to your OC?
  • hobby: what do they love? what captivates them? what are their passions?
  • psyche: what's their head space like? do they have any mental illnesses? how do they process difficult or emotional situations? what are their coping mechanisms?
  • chess board: who is the most logical? or the schemer/planner?
  • shooting star: if your OC(s) could have one wish what would it be?
  • wild card: talk about any OC! anything you want!
12x19 Picspam Review (LOUD NOISES)

Paper bag to breathe into? Check.

Espresso? Check.

Gently worn trench in my floor suitable for my inevitable pacing? Check.

I am so ready to start this review.

*presses play*


*immediately jumps up from chair to pace, breathe heavily, and chug espresso*

Yep, this is gonna go just swimmingly

(Trigger warning for the beginning of this review. I was going originally going to skip it as to avoid the triggery content, but then I realized I had shit to say about it. Also a spoiler warning for Dexter in the beginning. If you want to skip that stuff, just… scroll really fast.)

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🔺bastille emojis🔺

🎵When did you hear your first song by them? What was it?

⛺️Have you seen them live?

🎧What do you like about them and their music?

💿Favorite album?

🌎Favorite song from Wild World

🗣Favorite song to sing along to?

📼Favorite song off the mixtapes?

📀Favorite cover?

👤If you could only meet one member who’d you choose and why?

👀Craziest or weirdest thing you’ve done as a fan? 

💔Most underrated song?

🚫Most overrated song?

🛒How much of their merch do you own?

📸Post your favorite photo of each member. (or your fav of them all together)

🎸Favorite song to hear live?

🎻Favorite acoustic song?

📝Favorite interview?

💕Which member do you relate to the most?

📽Favorite music video?

🎡If you got to spend the day with the band what would you want to do?

🎶Favorite song from Bad Blood?

🥊Which member do you want to punch you in the face?

💘Which member do you want to punch in the face with love and kindness?

💞Would you rather smother them with affection and hugs or them smother you dead?

🤝Would you hold dan so he can stop asking about it in his songs? 

🖕🏻If dan gave you the middle finger how much better would that make your day on a scale from incredibly better to blessed?

favorite forms of intimacy:

- lying in bed together and reading

- sharing favorite songs

- making mixtapes for one another

- handmade cards

- handwritten letters

- sharing books that you’ve highlighted and written all over

- back massages

- foot massages

- hand massages

- all the massages

- forehead kisses

- drunk facetiming and laughing til you cry

- falling asleep on the phone

- sending each other selfies

- playing with someone’s hair

- someone holding you while you cry

- speaking back and forth in nothing but tv show quotes

- someone coming over just to nap

- borrowing clothes and sleeping in them because it makes you feel like they’re there with you

- playing connect the dots with freckles

- voicemails that begin with “hey, it’s me”

naomi and ely’s no kiss list sentence meme

feel free to change the pronouns and things to fit your muse!

  • “18 years of apartment living and you still believe pressing the down button speeds up the elevator’s arrival.”
  • “i lie all the time.”
  • “i think we should get married here!”
  • “______ may be new but he’s hotter than everyone else.”
  • “you know why i love you? when i feel like sticking my head in an oven, you pull it out and you put cookies in there instead.”
  • “let’s eat cookie dough!”
  • “you’re giving me that same look you gave me when i told you whole foods stopped carrying chocolate chip bagels.”
  • “snuggle me?”
  • “since when do you actually go around kissing boys?”
  • “i’ve always been totally gay.”
  • “i know! i shouldn’t love a girl who toys so carelessly with other people’s emotions, especially mine.”
  • “is that your girlfriend? she must be really pretty.”
  • “god, you’re beautiful.”
  • “this is fun, you and me doing girl talk. i’ve never done it.”
  • “you’re a virgin? no way!”
  • “your beauty, do you use it for good or for evil?”
  • “people make the mistake of letting beauty guide attraction.”
  • “wait a sec. you make out with my boyfriend and i’m not being fair?”
  • “you’re my top priority.”
  • “let me buy you breakfast!”
  • “i’m twice your size. leave. now.”
  • “what was your favorite song on the mixtape? did you like it?”
  • “you’re not a bad face to see first thing.”
  • “you’re exactly like my dad.”
  • “you hate it! you’re washing it down!”
  • “that sight of your smile and that laugh gave me the smallest glimmer of hope. and that’s all i needed.”
  • “______ was just being who he is. and i love him for who he is.”


Joey Purp is carving a name for himself in Chicago as being one of the most fluid rappers on the scene, and for good reason. His effortless rhymes seep out of each song like syrup, while his beats draw you straight to the dance floor. It’s no surprise we’ve had his recent hit “Girls @” on repeat since we first saw him play at SXSW, and we couldn’t wait to jam with him again at House Of Vans Brooklyn. We caught up with Joey after his set to chat about the birth of “Girls @,” and Pharrell William’s influence on his music.

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3 years ago today my favorite mixtape of all time was released. The first of a Trilogy. The first of an era. I’m so proud to say I’ve been here since the beginning, just continuously watching as Abel’s success grows larger and larger, all thanks to House of Balloons. His talent alone was enough to capture Drake’s attention, and now look at the boy, the boy is the man. Just after finishing his own Fall Tour, he’s touring Europe with Drake, sold out arenas every day in countries that he doesn’t even speak the language. The success of this one mixtape alone drove the next 2 equally unique and incredible mixtapes, which later sparked Trilogy. We’re so proud of you Abel. XOTWOD.