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YA Books With Queer Girls

This maaay be stemming from anger, as all my best ideas are, but I figured it might help someone find a really awesome book, and so I shall be your unofficial librarian for a sec. 

I can vouch for all of these books; yes, some are better than others (I mean, yes, Of Fire and Stars has an overly simple plot), but they are all very much enjoyable, especially if you’re not in constantly book-reviewer mode like I am whenever I read. 

Also, I’m focusing this specially on books with queer girls, because I feel like YA has a bit of a problem with wlw. They tend to fly majorly under the radar, while books like Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda and Carry On get majorly hyped. Don’t get me wrong, I love both those books to bits, but still. I want to read all the books about girls who love girls. 


Radio Silence by Alice Oseman: I need to put on of my all-time fav books here, first, don’t I? But, seriously, this book is fucking fantastic, and I love it to bits. It’s got all the amazing things: podcasts, nerdy people being nerdy, geeking out over sci-fi, it’s fantastic. Bisexual female MC/narrator + demisexual male MC + gay male side character + gay female minor character. 

When The Moon Was Ours by Anna-Marie McLemore: Guys. GUYS. This book is gorgeous. One of the most beautiful books I’ve read in a long time. Anna-Marie McLemore is already one of my top ten favorite writers and she’s only written two books, and this…I love this book and I want everyone to read this amazing book SO JUST GO READ IT, OKAY? AND it’s about QPOC, AND it very much respects and embraces true magical realism, AND the author is literally the sweetest person ever. Queer female MC + trans male MC.

Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Cordova: This book is like a mix of Alice in Wonderland and a crazy fever dream. BUT IN A GOOD WAY. And can I mention the worldbuilding??? I’m in love with it. Bisexual female MC + queer female MC

Everything Leads to You by Nina Lacour: THIS BOOK IS FREAKIN’ ADORABLE. I mean, it’s about romance and movies and mysteries and it has a beautifully built slowburn romance and everyone is adorable and the romance is adorable and just ALL THE YES. Gay female MC + Gay female MC

Tash Hearts Tolstoy by Kathryn Ormsbee: This book is all about the internet! I mean, if you exist on a creative plain of the internet, you’ll see yourself in this book. PLUS all the amazing and totally important conversations about asexuality. Asexual romantic female MC.

Little & Lion by Brandy Colbert: I am SO ANGRY about how much this book has flown under the radar, because it’s amazing and so important and it addresses so many amazing things, and I just…Brandy Colbert writes the most fantastically realistic, flawed characters and I love it. Bisexual female MC + queer female side character.

Of Fire and Stars by Audrey Coulthurst: I need to mention the cover of this book, first, because OH THE GORGEOUSNESS. Also, can I say NON-HOMOPHOBIC FANTASY WORLD??? Gay female MC + gay female MC

Lumberjanes by Noelle Stevenson, Grace Ellis, Shannon Watters, and Brooke A. Allen: I shriek about this graphic novel/s every single time someone asks for a comic recommendation. It’s ridiculous in the best way and lighthearted and has the most lovable characters and can I mention the cast is ENTIRELY FEMALE? Gay female MC + Gay female MC + Trans female MC

As I Descended by Robin Talley: Gay modern day Macbeth retelling with ghosts. Want to hear that again? LESBIAN MACBETH. WHY HAVEN’T YOU READ THIS ALREADY? Gay female MC + Gay female MC

10 Things I Can See From Here by Carrie Mac: Okay, yes, this book has an awful cover but don’t let that sway you because I love this book to pieces. For one, it’s set in Vancouver, and I love Vancouver, and also it has probably one of the most realistic portrayals of anxiety I’ve ever read, AND THAT ANXIETY DOESN’T GET CURED WITH ROMANCE. Gay female MC + Gay female side character

The Cursed Queen by Sarah Fine: Okay, yes, this is a sequel, but I had to add it to the list because I’m in love with this series and this world and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. It’s gloriously stabby. Bisexual female MC + queer female MC

Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde: This book is a love letter to fandom and nerd culture and everything, AND I LOVE IT TO PIECES. I’m so, so happy this book is getting so much hype because it stands up to the hype and crushes it and I just love it, okay?? Also, I love all the characters. ALL OF THEM. They’re so fantastically written and adorable and I REALLY, REALLY LOVE THEM. Bisexual female MC + Queer female side character.

Get It Together, Delilah/The Flywheel by Erin Gough: It’s set in a bakery/cafe, which is enough to get my heart beating, but this book is just straight-up adorable. Also, if you don’t think I’m making panna cotta gelato the first chance I get YOU ARE SADLY MISTAKEN. Gay female MC + Gay female MC.

BONUS: These books don’t have queer girls as MCs, but they do have queer girls and are just overall fantastic. The Upside of Unrequited has a sideplot about the MC’s gay sister and her pansexual girlfriend, plus the most adorable moms in YA, The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue has a female character whom I’m like 99% sure is asexual, A Tyranny of Petticoats has a couple of stories that are about queer girls, as does Meet Cute

Also, did I miss any important books??? Tell me if I did because I want to know about ALL THE BOOKS with queer girls. 

voltron + aesthetics // favorite minor character - matt holt

 "Anyway, the point is, you’re a nerd.“

FIC REC’S OF 2017 part 7 (june-july-august)

Here it comes! The 25 fic long list of fics (yes, I’m measuring length with fics now!) I’ve read this summer. Hope you’ve all had a great time and read amazing fics during the last months! I’ve separated the chaptered and one shots in this fic rec, so hopefully it’ll make this a little less messy. Happy reading everyone! 


Fool’s Gold by tvshows_addict (55k)

Leaflet for Over Again Inc.

“In relationships, there are three types of people: those who are happy, those who are unhappy but accept it and deal, those who are unhappy and in denial.

Handling this last category is our job: we are professional couple breakers.

To reach our goal, we use all means necessary.”

Or the Arnacoeur AU in which Harry is scheduled to be married to Liam in 10 days and Harry’s mother hires Louis and his team to break them up. THE ROMANTIC COMEDY FIC OF THIS SUMMER!

Mutability by haloeverlasting (108k)

Harry and Louis meet in a book club. Life and fiction have their parallels. SLOW BURN, (read the notes before each chapter for tw)

Come Away With Me by suspendrs (80k) 

Louis had such big plans. He wanted so much out of life, and so did Amy. Now Bridget is going to grow up without a mother, and she’s always going to wonder what it would be like if this hadn’t happened. He wonders if she’ll blame him for her mother’s death as she gets older, or if she’ll understand that this is just as painful for Louis as it is for her. Louis doesn’t know how he’s going to raise her on his own, because he’s a fantastic father, yes, but he’s always been the fun parent, and Amy was in charge of the rules. He doesn’t know how to make sure Bridget has everything she needs all the time, doesn’t know how to make her favorite meal or how to do that one braid she loves to have in her hair or how to teach her to be the best person she can be. He doesn’t know how to live without Amy, he doesn’t know what he’s going to do. SINGLE PARENT! LOUIS, MINOR CHARACTER DEATH, FRIENDS TO LOVERS

The Wonderlands by stylinsoncity (150k)

“Somewhere between chaos and control — these are the wonderlands.”

Harry’s daughter, Andy, is signed to Louis’ girl band. Her path to success is marked by competition, chaos, and for Harry, a love affair. FAMOUS/NOT FAMOUS, SINGLE PARENT! HARRY

Just Ask Me To by TellMeThisIsNotLove (120k)

“You’re telling the truth,” Louis whispers.

“Of course I’m telling the truth!” Harry doesn’t even care that he sounds exasperated.

“Oh my god.” Louis grabs the wall behind him as if looking for support. His body slides down against it until he’s sitting crouched on the floor.

He mumbles something but Harry can’t really figure out what it is. He crouches down, and looks desperately at the breaking boy in front of him.

“You’re telling the truth,” Louis whispers. “You were not supposed to–”

“I was not supposed to do what? Tell me please,” Harry urges, taking Louis’ hands gently in his. CANON COMPLIANT, X-FACTOR ERA, FRIENDS TO LOVERS, ANGST

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Sebastian Stan

   CAN WE JUST TALK ABOUT HOW TALENTED SEBASTIAN STAN IS?!?!  I mean seriously, Sebastian Stan is a phenomenal actor, that is literally the only word I can use to describe his acting; phenomenal.

   I’m not just saying that because he’s good looking and I live in this delusional word where I want him to be talented as well as attractive.  He genuinely has raw, unadulterated talent. He is good at what he does and he is extremely passionate about acting.

   Now I haven’t seen all his work, but I have seen GIFs, clips, and a few of his movies and tv shows, and he is very into his roles.

Originally posted by whohehellisbucky

(GIF not mine)

   Look at him playing The Winter Soldier.  There’s this one scene in CATWS, it’s right before they wipe his memory of seeing Steve.  In those few second before they wipe him, you can see Seb acting in his DAMN BREATHING.  You can see pain, forced obedience, anxiety, crippling fear, agony, all in the simple rise and fall of his chest!  You can almost feel Bucky’s heart race.  Not to mention, the role of Bucky requires Sebastian to switch personalities quickly, clearly, and smoothly, and Sebastian does that near flawlessly, which only further proves my point.

Originally posted by starseb

(GIF not mine)

   Or what about Tj Hammond?  This is one of Sebastian’s works that I have not seen the entirety of, but I have seen clips and what not, and I am in awe at how much emotion I am able to see him put into these 90-second clips!  We see Sebastian express depression, hopelessness, addiction, rage, and doubt into this character in ONLY HIS FACIAL EXPRESSIONS.  We don’t even need to see his whole body or hear his voice to know what and how his character is feeling!  I mean, look at this!  You can see a human being in the character he’s playing, just by looking at his facial expression.

Originally posted by buckynsebimagines

(GIF not mine)

   And we can’t forget Lance Tucker.  Lance has a personality that is the exact opposite of Seb’s.  Yet, Sebastian is still able to fully put himself into this character’s mindset and pull off this asshole-ish, prideful, sarcastic fuckboy’s character exceedingly well. Sebastian really brings out Lance’s character with his tone of voice, again with facial expression, and even in the way he walks!  Seb puts his whole body into this role using body language and gestures.  It’s simply incredible.

Originally posted by jefferson-sebastian-carter-bucky

(GIF not mine)

   I’m also going to quickly mention this scene where Sebastian plays Jack Benjamin (I thought it was Carter Braizen, but I was wrong). I think this is one of the most powerful scenes Sebastian has done.  I have no idea where this is from or what the context of this scene is, but can see and feel how Jack is hurting.  There is so much expressed in this one little GIF; pain, hurt, betrayal.  You can even see that his character is hesitating to cry, even though he is clearly in a lot of emotional turmoil!

Originally posted by mikhailbakunins

(GIF not mine)

   And my all-time favorite; Jefferson.  Sebastian, even in this relatively minor role, is able to put so much character and likeability into Jefferson!  He puts protectiveness, doubt, grief, love and affection, betrayal, insanity, regret, fear, and so much more into Jefferson!  And Jefferson was in, what, 4? 5 episodes?  Despite Sebastian having very little air time on OUAT, he was still able to make his character memorable!

   His fans even ask him questions on Twitter and Instagram about his characters and he’ll reply with two-paragraph answers!  He is so into his characters that he is able to answer deep and psychological questions about them clearly, logically, and accurately!  It’s almost terrifying how fully immersed he is in the characters he plays!   He puts emotion, personality, genuine character, and backstory into every minute he’s seen on screen!

   As an aspiring actor, myself, I can greatly appreciate Sebastian and how fucking amazing he is, both as an actor and as a person.  Sebastian has been a major inspiration to me and my acting.  His role as Jefferson was even the reason I started taking writing seriously way back in 2011.  It will be a damn miracle if I can even struggle to be a fraction as talented as Sebastian Stan!  Him being as talented and wonderful as he is has inspired me to push myself in my passion for the arts, especially acting, and for me to be a better person.

   Thank you, Sebastian Stan, for your amazing talent, beautiful personality, and perseverance in life!  You have been a huge fucking inspiration to me and so many others as an actor and as a kind, genuine human being.  Thank you for teaching us to never give up, thank you for teaching us to embrace who we are, thank you for teaching us to love ourselves and other, thank you, Sebastian Stan!  Keep being the marvelous (no pun intended) person you are!

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New Villains?!  - Miraculous Tales of Ladybug & Chat Noir - SPOILER ALERT

A new powerpoint of Miraculous Tales of Ladybug & Chat Noir season two has been released. Considering I am not fluent in French (yet) here are the most interesting observations I’ve noticed in the pamphlet.

1. Juleka and Kim are singled out.

Out of all of the side characters (who attend school with our MCs), Juleka and Kim are a focal point. 


Perhaps Kagami is Kim’s sister much like Luka is Juleka’s older brother? Or even better, maybe they will play a bigger role in future seasons? There is a rumor going around that someone the audience already knows and loves will become a superhero. Personally, Juleka is one of my favorite side characters (though I admit, I’m hoping Nathaniel will be getting a miraculous of some sort.) I also thought Alix would be a good candidate considering she is the character who introduced us to time travel with her special watch - but that’s a theory for another time.


It’s a bit strange to me that Lila, Kagami, and Luka are all coming in as new students at the same time. What if they are apart of a foreign exchange program?

2. Gabriel Agreste is labeled as a minor character? Hmm…

It seems strange that an official pamphlet for Miraculous would label the main villain as a minor character. Perhaps this red herring is to preserve secrecy over Hawkmoth’s identity for a bit longer. Or maybe Hawkmoth/Gabriel is a minor character in season two. The former seems a bit more logical considering Hawkmoth has his own panel.

3. Villains galore! The new villains are made up of all the influential ADULTS of Paris!

Unless I just can’t tell what she looks like anymore, I STILL don’t see Lila anywhere. Maybe she’s not a big part of season two like we all thought? OR, much like Hawkmoth, she’s being saved as a surprise? Guess we’ll find out soon, but in the meantime here are my best guesses of who the new villains are:

3a. Mrs. Agreste, Mrs. Bourgeois, and Nathalie

Nathalie is (potentially) my favorite side character (along with Juleka and Nathaniel). It’ll be interesting to see what she can do as a villain.

3b. Mr. Damocles, Gabriel Agreste, Ms. Mendeleiev

I’m not actually sure if Ms. Mendeleiev is the villain with the speaker, but this villain’s face is quite reminiscent of Ms. Mendeleiev.

3c. Characters we haven’t seen yet?

The knight may/may not be Kagami. Manon is the only little girl I 100% remember, but I’m not sure if that’s her or not (also if you’ve ever seen Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, she looks like Mist). Pirate Lady looks like she’s straight out of Zak Storm, and you know what confirmed character she reminds me of? Anansi.

This is a long shot, but who knows? As for the mermaid and the alien/animal cutie, I’m drawing a blank. Maybe Mireille Caquet? 

4. The villains don’t all seem to come from akumas. So where are they from? We know the newer villains are going to be more sinister than Hawkmoth, but if they aren’t akumatized, what are they? Are they faeries? Kwamis? Miraculous holders? Mages?

5. I’m assuming the BIG villains are Mrs. Agreste, Mr. Agreste (maybe), Mrs. Bourgeois, and Mr. Bourgeois (maybe). Which makes me concerned; Adrien and Chloe are heroes and their parents are villains. While we know that Chloe is going to be a villain at first, she won’t stay that way. What is going to happen to Adrien and Chloe? Especially if their identities are revealed (which I’m positive will happen somehow).

6. Which villains are recurring? Because if all the influential adults are all in a power struggle for these miraculouses (and other things we don’t know about yet) who is going to be in control of Paris when they are (hopefully) defeated? How is Paris going to be affected by all of these powerful people having ill intentions? How is the world going to react?


What if the villains are always working in the background?


What if ALL the miraculous holders’ identities are revealed to the public?

Let me know what you think: who are the recurring villains? What do you think is goinf to happen?

anonymous asked:

Who are your favorite minor characters from all the four nations?

Good question!


Hama. What a powerful character this was for someone we only got to see in one episode! We get to see her rise and fall, from a powerful and dignified waterbending master, to a corrupted and hateful old crone who tortures her own tribeswoman in order to “teach” her. She invented her own technique and is a deadly force to be reckoned with. Hama also gave more depth to the Southern Water Tribe, presenting a dark side to waterbending that had been hitherto unknown, as well as harkening back to a time when the tribe was strong and waterbenders were numerous. Both her strength and her hatred left a permanent mark on Katara—and a reminder for us that water is everywhere.


Avatar Kyoshi. This Avatar literally left some big shoes to fill, as she is the longest-lived of any known Avatar and cemented a legacy that is still carried on in her island and her warriors. She saved her people by breaking off a piece of the mainland Earth Kingdom, a tectonic (and titanic) feat that was as awe-inspiring as it was deadly.

One of the things that I like about how she is remembered and presented is that she is a tough lady who does not deride femininity. Her technique, for example, is about using an opponent’s force against them, a skill tailored for female use. Toph, while a tremendous earthbender, prefers her part being played by a big, strong man, teases Aang about his delicate footsteps and “feminine side”, and takes a long time to appreciate the value of doing chores and being a team mom. Kyoshi has big feet AND wears makeup, fights in a dress with fans AND stops tyranny in its tracks, and doesn’t disparage traditionally female attributes while showing off her strength.

Like most earthbenders, Kyoshi doesn’t beat around the bush with regards to her business; when Aang tries to tell her that she didn’t really kill Chin the Conqueror, Kyoshi replies:

Personally, I don’t really see the difference. But I assure you, I would have done whatever it took to stop Chin.

I would have taken that advice to heart, Aang. Just sayin’.


Piandao. Just because you’re a nonbender doesn’t mean you are any less a member of your nation, and Master Piandao exemplifies this at a time when firebending is the most prized ability in the Fire Nation. Piandao is coveted as a teacher and easily could have gotten filthy rich on war profits, considering how highly militarized the Fire Nation becomes during the war. Instead, he will only accept students that can be taught, not only how to fight, but how to achieve their potential as human beings. He prizes humility in an era of arrogance and combines the artistry of the sword with the strokes of calligraphy. He encourages creativity and bravery, as we can see in Sokka’s training. As a White Lotus member, he is instrumental in freeing Ba Sing Se from the Fire Nation’s yoke, and is a role model for personal as well as professional achievement.


Guru Pathik. Yes, technically he is not an airbender, but this guru embodies all of the best qualities of the Air Nomads: friendliness toward living things, a carefree nature, sense of humor, and a high level of spirituality. Monk Gyatso would have been a more conventional choice, but I’m putting Guru Pathik first, not only because we see more of him, but because through him we learn about the tenets of interconnectedness and enlightenment that underpin the Avatar world. He teaches Aang, but doesn’t coddle him, and lets him know in no uncertain terms what will happen if Aang interrupts his training. Aang has had masters of air, water, earth, and fire, but Guru Pathik is the only one who helps Aang master the Avatar State—the most powerful technique he has apart from energybending.

It’s been a few months now since the Black Sails finale aired, and our favourite badass ladies deserve all the attention they can get. That means it’s time for the Black Sails Ladies Meme! Take your pick from the prompts below:

  • Favorite dynamic(s) 
  • Favorite scene/moment(s) 
  • Favorite character trait(s) 
  • Favorite episode(s) 
  • Favorite costume(s) 
  • Favorite minor character(s) 
  • Favorite quote(s)

This isn’t tied to a particular week or order; you can contribute whenever and however you feel like it. All kinds of content are welcome: fic, art, gifsets, edits, videos, etc. Please post them in the #bsladies tag.

(Thanks to @silversflint for the header and the prompts.) 

FFXV Week Aug 13th-19th

8/15 | Day 3: Favorite Quote // Minor Character // Cindy Aurum

oh no… (oO ~~~~Oo) why’d i do Talcott??? now i’m thinking about Talcott!?! uggg… *getting weepy* the thing i hate most about FFXV is how the time-jump and all the info it dumps on you was handled - but the one thing i love in that part, is that we saw Talcott again! i loved the sweet little kid who clearly idolized Noctis and tried his best to be brave, and sweet, and happy despite losing his home, his family, and everything he loved to war at such a young age. I loved his enthusiasm for cactuars and i loved seeing his figurines in his truck after the time jump! he is precious and tragic and i think about his character a lot. everyone in FFXV is part of a sad story, but when i think about what it must have been like for him, to be so young, and spend half his life in a world of darkness and daemons with nothing but the hope that one day his magical prince, who he believed in with all of his heart, would come back and save the world???? yeah… i get a little bit emotional!!! (oO    v Oo)

[day 1] [day 2]

Racism in Fandom: My Experience with The 100

So with the 100 about to start again (NOT going to watch it though), I thought it would be a good time to talk about how racism in fandom and television and my experience with the 100, as well as why I, along with many others should have realized it was problematic from the beginning, not only when a lesbian was killed (this is also the reason I deleted most of the 100 posts off my blog, even the ones after Lexa’s death).

In February, the majority of the blogs I followed were freaking the fuck out over Clexa. So I thought, why not? I’ll binge watch it. Everyone I followed was going on and on about its great representation. But while watching, I kept having the nagging feeling something was seriously wrong with this show.

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(Part One)  (Epilogue)

Ok let’s break it down. Reasons I love this scene:

  • Since it’s not in the musical this part in the book was almost entirely new to me, and I was seriously on the edge of my seat the whole time (mostly going Marius nooooo!)  I think I actually cheered when Javert walked in.  You should be getting a sense by now of who the contender for my favorite character is…
  • SPEAKING OF Javert does nothing but walk in the door, doesn’t even draw a weapon, and this room full of hardened criminals who are armed to the teeth (we’ve already spent a number of paragraphs describing how dangerous and well-armed they are) take one look look at him and are like- Welp, it’s Javert. Whaddya gonna do? and give up immediately.
  • It’s one of the first times we really get to see Javert in his element, which is TAKIN’ DOWN THE BADDIES.  Up until this point we’ve mostly just seen him being frustrated by merciful bread thieves, but here he’s very comfortable interacting with criminals, knows all their names and how to reason with them, and even has a witty cop banter thing going.  He even- did I read that right?- smiles when he delivers that hat zinger?
  • The Patron-Minette gang are 100% my favorite minor characters.  The jack-of-all-trades, the thug, the impoverished teen fop who murders for fashion, and the cloaked masked night-dwelling ventriloquist (ask me about my headcanon that Claquesous is actually the Phantom of the Opera because he really really is.)
  • Also featuring some epic moments for everyone’s favorite torture-resistant wall-scaling pacifist, Jean Valjean; the only person who is possibly as badass as Javert.

Possible inaccuracies:

  • Montparnasse wasn’t in the room, but in my head he was.
  • Pretty sure everything else is exactly how it went down…

“I’ve been on the station when it was under attack plenty of times. But somehow the danger never seemed as real as it does here. Maybe it’s because I spent all day seeing first hand what the Klingons are capable of. Or maybe it’s because for the first time in my life my father’s not here to protect me.”

Jake Sisko - in my series of Star Trek art.

This will be my last Star Trek character art for a little while. I feel bad I couldn’t get to a lot of important minor characters, particularly from DS9. Thank you all for enjoy/tolerating my self-indulgence to one of my favorite franchises! I got plans for a video using my art and the actual audio for each quote I used. And I feel obligated to crank out a few more important characters to do it justice, like Rom, Martok, Barclay etc. Stay tuned!

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Noooooo, I love this blog!! ^^ Silly ask: Do you have any songs you associate with each character (RFA + minor trio)? ^^

God Bless



  • Genuinely he listens to mostly video game tracks?
  • And tracks from movies
  • He listens to Nickelback unironically, like he genuinely enjoys Nickelback
  • After that he listens to Alternative rock, and occasionally pop
  • Basically everything suits his fancy but oh mY GOD IF YOU TURN COUNTRY MUSIC ON AROUND HIM HE WILL DECK YOU
  • You ask Jaehee, she got wrecked


  • Yoosung’s favorite song of all time is Cyan’s theme from FFVI
  • A song he always skips on his playlist is Far Away by Nickelback
  • Songs he is currently obsessed with are Move Along by the All-American Rejects and Into the Fire by Thirteen Senses



  • As everyone would guess, Zen loves listening to various musicals
  • He also absolutely ADORES rap music
  • When he was in his gang that’s almost all they would listen to
  • So he actually raps like hell
  • Zen can’t have an all time favorite because depending on what he’d playing in it changes


  • Zen’s favorite song currently is Never Getting Rid of Me from Waitress, it’s just got a fun tune and he loves singing along with it
  • He absolutely HATES the song To Break in a Glove from Dear Evan Hansen because it brings up bad memories for him
  • Although he will never admit this to anyone, he loves Nicki Minaj



  • Although she doesn’t listen to music often, she does tend to turn the radio over to a country station
  • She’s also that person that listens to Christmas music all year long because she doesn’t give a damn
  • And of course we know she’s bought all of the CD’s for Zen’s musicals to listen to


  • Jaehee’s favorite song is White Christmas and she can listen to it on repeat
  • Because she doesn’t listen to music often she doesn’t have too many preferences but she fucking hates the song Red Solo Cup
  • That song can burn in hell in her opinion



  • Jumin really enjoys instrumental pieces, not necessarily classical, but he isn’t the biggest fan of lyrical
  • He’s had his fair share of nights where he listens to OSTs of TV shows, video games, etc
  • He does enjoy a few lyrical songs every now and then
  • But these songs have to have gentler voices, where it almost lulls you to sleep


  • Jumin all-time faovrite is Gold by Spandau Ballet-but only the version with the extended intro, which he finds absolutely beautiful
  • He’s also fond of Inferno and Le Parfum De Fleurs from the YOI OST
  • Once V tried to introduce him to music box versions of songs and Jumin liked them at first, but the high notes hurt Elizabeth’s ears so he doesn’t listen to them anymore
  • Over everything, he prefers violin and piano pieces
  • Follows BigRicePiano on YouTube religiously



  • Seven is like Yoosung in most regards
  • He loves video game tracks and all
  • But he only listens to Photograph by Nickelback ironically
  • I also head cannon Seven composed all of the music for the messenger


  • Seven’s favorite song is actually Zen’s theme aka Narcissistic Jazz
  • He loves anything hat has insane trombone parts, and even random vibraslap parts
  • Seven also hates Christmas musci for obvious reasons
  • It’s his life goal though, to make an entire Halloween music album



  • V doesn’t quite listen to music, he finds it somewhat tedious because he gets really bad headaches fairly easily
  • He can only stand Jumin’s music because it’s much softer than everyone else’s
  • He absolutely hates practically everything Yoosung and Seven listen to


  • The only songs V can listen to without getting a migraine are really light piano songs
  • Even then it’s iffy
  • He’s just not a huge fan in general



  • Saeran listens to anything and everything, whatever sounds good to him he’ll go with
  • He tends to lean towards rock and alternative rock but he does hit up slower lighter songs
  • The few pieces of music he hates include everything Seven listens to
  • Kiddo absolutely loves everything with a good beat or bass line. He’s practically in Nirvana when a song has both


  • Saeran listens to a lot of various musicians off YouTube because he doesn’t quite know where else to look
  • With instrumental pieces he prefers the cello or saxophone
  • His most listened to track on his phone is Young and Beautiful be Lana Del Ray but a close second is Here Comes Revenge by Metallica
The Sims: DEH Edition: Part One

As any self-respecting person will do, the time eventually comes when making your favorite characters in The Sims is something that simply can’t be avoided. 

All characters were made, and sent off to live in their respective houses, but I played mostly as Evan and Heidi yesterday, so that is where the story will start. 

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  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>You:</b> No one cares about minor characters that just been in a one episode or season<p/><b>Me, who's favorite characters have all been in one episode or one season then never mentioned again:</b> l i e s<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
13 Days of Outlander - Day 12  The Hail Mary

This is one of those episodes that I enjoy thoroughly but have trouble picking out too many favorite bits; they all seem to be concentrated in one or two areas. 

Favorite Location: the camp and Culloden House. So I ended up spending way too much time trying to look up which house this was (Touch House in Stirling Scotland) and where else I might have seen it before but could not for the life of me figure it out (I feel like it was used in some other period drama as a major filming location, some Jane Austen adaptation maybe?). Whether I ever find out where it is I’ve seen the house before or not, it’s exterior catches in my mind every time. 

Favorite Jamie and Claire Moment: Jamie refuses to let Claire give up. The desolation on Claire’s face at the beginning of the episode as they arrive in camp days away from the battle of Culloden is heartbreaking but Jamie refuses to give up and does everything he can to reassure Claire that hope is not lost; giving up when there is still time left for them is simply not an option. 

Honorable Mention: There’s a brief bit of silent communication between Jamie and Claire when they’re helping to settle Colum in that seems to be the inspiration behind Colum’s remarks to Claire about how good their marriage seems to be; I think he knows that while he objected to the match because of Claire’s English blood, he can see that being married to her has made Jamie more JAMMF than he would otherwise be (and therefore an even more appropriate/desirable successor and clan chief).

Favorite “That’s not in the book” Part: Murtagh offers to marry Mary. It’s such a sweet little moment from Murtagh and shows that while he was able to lay vengeance at Mary’s feet in the last episode, nothing can undo what was done to her. The guilt he feels is something he will live with the rest of his life but perhaps doing right by her on a day-to-day basis would help. And we get another call out to how good Claire and Jamie’s marriage is and how that one started. 

Favorite Minor Character: Black Jack Randall, civilian. Every time we’ve seen Black Jack Randall before it has been in the guise of his profession as soldier, officer––even when he was in France to make his appeal to the Duke he wore his military garb. But here he is on leave, he is a civilian, and he is in civilian dress. It’s still him in all his horror, but it’s also a different side to him and I find it fascinating (and uncomfortable as hell).

Favorite Line, Honorable Mention for Favorite Scene: Colum announces a guardian and Dougal’s popularity. It’s been far too long since we’ve seen Colum, Dougal, and Jamie in a room together; the tension is always so deliciously thick when these three share the screen. The shock on Jamie’s face when Colum declares that he wants him to be Hamish’s guardian is nothing compared to the barbs thrown by Dougal’s tongue. But as always, Colum knows precisely what to say to put Dougal in his place: “I am skeptical that my support would be enough to convince the clan to choose you as their chief […] Brother if you were half as popular as you believe yourself to be, then there would be more men here today in this army of yours.”

Favorite Performance, Favorite Scene, Favorite Music Moment, Favorite Costume: Gary Lewis as Colum MacKenzie and Graham McTavish as Dougal MacKenzie as Dougal confronts Colum one last time. There isn’t a single thing about this scene that I don’t love from Colum’s clear exhaustion over the fact his brother won’t let his final moments be peaceful one to Dougal’s interpretations of how Colum’s misfortunes and poor health impacted his own life––a performance that is so nuanced, it’s paradoxically both insightful and blindly selfish.  The swell of music as Dougal realizes Colum has passed––and processes from the sight of the bottle in his hand that it was a suicide––in one of the most effective (however cliché it might also be) uses of music in the episode. As has happened before, I can’t pick just one performance because the performance is ultimately all in the dynamic between the two actors themselves. Lewis doesn’t do as much in the final scene between Colum and Dougal, but he carries his weight in all the rest of his scenes in the episode from the moment he steps into the house and offers condolences to Rupert for the loss of Angus to the favor he begs of Claire. And I can’t help choosing Colum’s fur coat/wrap thing as my favorite costume of the episode; it seems worn, matted, and ill-fitting in such a way as to convey just how ragged Colum himself is having reached the final days of his life. 

Favorite Book to Screen Adaptation: Mary and Black Jack’s wedding. What I love about how all of this was adapted for the screen is the decision to keep Jamie and Black Jack apart, to use Murtagh as a substitute for Jamie as witness. It means we don’t get the “Damn all Randalls” from the book (though we still get something pretty close when Claire tells Jamie about the marriage having taken place), but I think keeping the two of them apart here will make their confrontation on Culloden Moor in Season 3 that much better (this change means they haven’t met since the duel in France). 

The Quagmire Triplets are on the case!

ASOUE Week: Favorite Minor Character(s)

Oh my goodness I spent all day trying to decide which Quagmire to pick for today’s theme but I just couldn’t pick… So I decided to do all three! Isadora, Duncan and Quigley Quagmire are my favorite minor characters!

In the constant torrent of terror in the Baudelaire’s lives, all three of the Quagmires are game changing. Their first real dear friends, closest allies, and biggest clues in unraveling the mystery of VFD! My only wish is that we got to see more of them! That they could spend more time with the Baudelaires, and that Olaf never comes within 200 ft of these amazing kids! 

SIU is such a fucking troll

Yeah let’s draw one of the best Manhwa’s ever with terrific world building and storytelling and one of the most interesting/original villains of all time. But do you know what else a Manhwa needs?

  • Talking reptilian warrior who calls everyone turtles and doubles as a pet crocodile/team leader
  • Cute and fluffy chicken ninja warrior who walks around with a shuriken on his back and who just really wants to meet the princess. He’s a minor character who talks like twice but his death will make you cry. 
  • Mage who is literally perpetually napping in his favorite blanket. He sleeps so much that he literally moves around by being tied in his favorite blanket and carried on his teammates’ back. Oh yeah, he is also really powerful and part of his powers are derived from sleeping. He senses magic/life force better in his sleep
  • Angry talking bee warrior. (or is it a moth?) 
  • A main character with a design based off of pikachu. He’s blonde, got 2 round dots on his cheeks, is exceptionally strong for someone of his status/background, is a really chill and smart dude, uses lightning as his primary source of attack. 
  • A deceptively powerful character who uses blue pokeballs as a method of attack. They are “mana bombs”. No, he hasn’t tried catching the Pikachu
  • A small angry violent blue pikachu
  • The small angry blue pikachu’s rival is a repitilian princess who is trying to kill the king. 


I’m so weak for the family bonding episodes, is it obvious? ;u;


Rarity realizes that it’s been quite a while since she’s spent quality time with her baby sister, and so decides to spend the entire day doing Sweetie Belle’s favorite things. At first, Sweetie jumps at the chance to hang out with Rarity… until she realizes that a lot of the activities planned are ones she’s outgrown. Sweetie hopes that her big sister will see that her interests have changed, but accepting that her little sister may not be so little anymore may be a bit too difficult a fact for Rarity to confront.

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The Ninjago Movie(Major Spoiler Free) Review

(Might contain minor spoilers)

If you didn’t see my last post, i rated the movie 7.5/10. Before i start, let me just preface this by saying i LOVED this movie. I only watched it once, but i feel like it is the type of movie you have to watch a few times to enjoy it.

The movie was great. Garmadon made all the scenes 10x better with anything he said, and he is no doubt my favorite character in the movie (besides Lloyd of course)

The animation was phenomenal. I’ve never seen such good lighting in a animated movie.

I was really emotional whenever Lloyd and Garmadon bonded. And when he taught Lloyd to throw? DONT GET ME STARTED 🤧

I enjoyed this movie a lot. Even more than Batman (but maybe thats cause i dont know much abt batman? XD) but i think the original Lego movie was better.

Now the pacing in the beginning of the movie was a little…off? Towards the middle-ish/end the pacing changed a little, and i felt like that one was perfect.

The scenes after whenever they first mention the Ultimate weapons and the Ultimate Ultimate weapon kinda pulled me out of the movie.
You know when you are watching a movie, you don’t think of anything else but the movie and its characters? Yeah, well when those scenes (the non animated ones after the first mention the weapons) pulled me out of that feeling. I just felt they didn’t fit in the movie.

The other ninja hardly played much part in this movie. I know Lloyd is the main character, but i wish we could’ve gotten to know the other ninja more.

That’s all the major things i had to say. When this comes out out on DvD i plan to watch it as much as i watched the Original Lego Movie (Fun fact: I watched the Lego Movie so many times i memorized everything they said in it)
I feel like i will enjoy it more on later viewings, the same as what happened with the original.

I would recommend this movie to any fan of Ninjago, but people who have never watched it before might have a hard time understanding certain things.

Thats all!