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Today is the day you escaped congrations

this is by far my favorite birthday message I have ever gotten, sorry it took me a while to reply but I was cackling about this since the 16th LOL

how long do you keep saying no to things to keep sitting in the center of comfort? i’m asking because i can’t make your decisions for you. i can’t make you go to the party, send the text message, or realize there’s so much more out there than what’s in your own backyard. and i can’t pretend i know what’s best for you - i know what it’s like to find a home and it’s beautiful and tender, like nothing i’ve ever felt before. but i also know what it’s like to lose it, to rebuild it with your own two hands with hammers and fluorescent lights in the shape of people who actually care if you’re smiling; i know what it’s like to grow. and it’s funny, i’ve spent so much time trying to give away everything to someone instead of letting the world seep into my palms and my favorite text message i ever received was the night i was crying about how nobody’s ever satisfied with what they have anymore and you said my name like it was a prayer. and maybe those are the snapshot moments you’re living in, when everything is pure and great and you don’t know how to stop crying. maybe it’s more comfortable to forget about the pain. and maybe for once, you deserve to be comfortable. i can’t tell you what to do. i can’t tell you because i don’t know what’s best for you, because i haven’t walked a mile in your shoes, but no matter what you choose, i hope you always realize that you’re not stuck. that there’s always gonna be more than what’s in front of you. that this life is yours. that you have to live it for you and no one else.

  • 1. Favorite candy?
  • 2. Favorite song?
  • 3. Favorite food?
  • 4. Favorite drink?
  • 5. Favorite band? Artist?
  • 6. Favorite movie?
  • 7. Favorite book?
  • 8. Favorite restaurant?
  • 9. Favorite person?
  • 10. Favorite hair color? Eye color?
  • 11. Favorite website?
  • 12. Favorite board game? Video game?
  • 13. Favorite sport to play? To watch?
  • 14. Favorite school subject?
  • 15. Favorite state? City?
  • 16. Favorite number? letter?
  • 17. Favorite animal?
  • 18. Favorite TV show?
  • 19. Favorite quote?
  • 20. Favorite nickname?
  • 21. Favorite store?
  • 22. Favorite color?
  • 23. Favorite article of clothing?
  • 24. Favorite type of perfume or cologne?
  • 25. Favorite memory from this year?
  • 26. Favorite age?
  • 27. Favorite trait?
  • 28. Favorite music video?
  • 29. Favorite time of day?
  • 30. Favorite Tumblr?
  • 31. Favorite phone brand?
  • 32. Favorite shoe brand?
  • 33. Favorite fashion style?
  • 34. Favorite pattern?
  • 35. Favorite gift?
  • 36. Favorite humor?
  • 37. Favorite chip brand? Flavor?
  • 38. Favorite band to see live?
  • 39. Favorite teacher
  • 40. Favorite celebrity?
  • 41. Favorite news station?
  • 42. Favorite DIY?
  • 43. Favorite instrument?
  • 44. Favorite genre of music?
  • 45. Favorite season?
  • 46. Favorite experience?
  • 47. Favorite shirt?
  • 48. Favorite bottoms?
  • 49. Favorite interpretation of love?
  • 50. Favorite existential thought?
  • 51. Favorite scent?
  • 52. Favorite human interaction?
  • 53. Favorite music genre?
  • 54. Favorite compliment?
  • 55. Favorite insult?
  • 56. Favorite phone app?
  • 57. Favorite type of phone?
  • 58. Favorite reading position?
  • 59. Favorite sex position?
  • 60. Favorite pair of shoes?
  • 61. Favorite animal?
  • 62. Favorite body feature (on yourself)?
  • 63. Favorite body feature (on others)?
  • 64. Favorite YouTube video?
  • 65. Favorite YouTuber?
  • 66. Favorite meme?
  • 67. Favorite Tumblr post?
  • 68. Favorite typeface?
  • 69. Favorite selfie?
  • 70. Favorite holiday?
  • 71. Favorite computer brand?
  • 72. Favorite lyrics?
  • 73. Favorite moment?
  • 74. Favorite advice?
  • 75. Favorite message you've ever received?
  • 76. Favorite message you've ever sent?
  • 77. Favorite outfit?
  • 78. Favorite aesthetic?
  • 79. Favorite musical instrument?
  • 80. Favorite car brand?
  • 81. Favorite fandom?
  • 82. Favorite emoji?
  • 83. Favorite hobby?
  • 84. Favorite TV show character?
  • 85. Favorite book character?
  • 86. Favorite movie that's coming out?
  • 87. Favorite designer brand?
  • 88. Favorite dessert?
  • 89. Favorite kink?
  • 90. Favorite dance move?
  • 91. Favorite diet?
  • 92. Favorite rap verse?
  • 93. Favorite drug?
  • 94. Favorite country? City?
  • 95. Favorite feeling?
  • 96. Favorite picture on the Internet?
  • 97. Favorite phone and/or computer background?
  • 98. Favorite weather?
  • 99. Favorite mode of transportation?
  • 100. Favorite console?

I just thank God Justin’s alright. And you.

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Do you know when Stevie wrote 'destiny rules'? Has she ever spoken about it?

Hey anon, I would assume anytime from the end of 2001 to early 2002.

“Unsurprising, then, that when “The Dance” was finished Buckingham quickly resumed work on his solo album. But when he delivered it, Warners were nonplussed. Or at least that was what they said: “Russ Thyret, for whatever reason, said he just couldn’t heart it”, Buckingham says. “But I knew AOL were about to buy Time Warner, so rather than put the album out with a lame duck regime I decided to wait for the new one.”

By the time the new regime did come into Warners, however, Buckingham, Fleetwood and co. had decided to use the guitarist’s stockpile of songs on a new Fleetwood Mac album. And that, we can safely assume, made AOL Time Warner’s accountants very happy indeed.

At this point, “Sat You Will” didn’t have a title and was scheduled to be a double album. Christine McVie’s absence meant that all the songs were either Buckingham or Nicks compositions, and his songs far outnumbered hers. However, a look at a finished copy of “Say You Will” shows that the former sweethearts ended up with exactly nine songs apiece on it. But whether or not that was down to the bargaining power of Nicks’s manager (the man Buckingham calls “big, bad Howard Kaufman”) isn’t easy to determine.

Nicks: “What happened was that when I went home to Phoenix for Christmas I realised that I needed to say how I was feeling now; how I was feeling after that horrendous tour of mine. The way things stood, none of the songs on the new album were actually brand new, and as a writer that is not acceptable to me. So I went back to my journals and I wrote ‘Destiny Rules’, then 'Silver Girl’, then 'Illume’, then 'Say You Will’.” -  Classic Rock magazine, June, 2003.


And this is just one of my favorite things ever:

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New York Times (and tumblr used little-jammes) raves that phantom-of-the-keurig is arguably the best person on earth. Her sense of humor coupled with her loving nature create "an endless sea of joy". The feel-good person of the year. Nominated for best face.

I’m so honored, it has always been my dream to be an endless sea of joy ♥

This is one of my favorite messages ever~

a fall mix full of songs with creepy-ish sounds to put you in the mood for halloween 👻🎃

001. son et lumière // the mars volta 002. carousel // melanie martinez 003. fever // family force 5 004. staying up // the neighbourhood 005. car radio // twenty one pilots 006. witchcraft // robert smith 007. always something // cage the elephant 008. love me dead // ludo 009. my body’s a zombie for you // dead man’s bones 010. bring me to life // evanescence 011. teen idle // marina and the diamonds 012. only you // the pretty reckless 013. keep your hands off my girl // good charlotte 014. once upon a dream // lana del rey 015. breath of life // florence + the machine 016. decode // paramore 017. sally’s song // fiona apple 018. in the air tonight // kelly sweet 019. welcome to the jungle // neon jungle 020. american horror story remix // key lo 021. glory and gore // lorde 022. the jetset life is gonna kill you // my chemical romance 023. immortal // kerli 024. forever halloween // the maine + a bonus track ////////// listen

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Sometimes when I remember Black Mist is dead in canon, I look at your blog and feel so much better omg

This is literally my favorite message ever :’D

Always happy to find other Black Mist fans, he’s great!!

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...i don't even stan seventeen or kpop (anymore) tbfh but this mingyu guy you make gifs of is absurdly attractive. one of the best faces+body combos i have ever seen good god

this is probably my favorite message i’ve ever received u kno it!!!!!!!!!!! hes godly hes out of this world!!!!! 

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i am honestly in love with your last fic, what really comes across is that both of them take comfort in each other's company and just being around each other makes them happy, also steve giving Sam a way out was really amazing, cause it shows how much they respect each other's comfort zones and would never risk crossing a line, and steve would be the first person to settle an argument with tickles cause nobody will ever dare go for a round 2,his pointed looks would be enough to even silence sam

This is like my favorite message ever THANK YOU 

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okay, instead of getting ready for work, I just hung out and went through all 18 pages of your blog. I have a couple of questions tho. 1) what are the titles ClintNat episodes of avengers assemble? gonna binge watch that. 2) do you have anything planned? 3) do you write fic? 4) are there any fics that are based on your gifs (that you know of)? ahhhh I have to get ready, but your blog is the bomb :)

Thank you! This is one of my favorite messages ever, partly because I probably would’ve done the same thing. (Who am I kidding? We’ve all procrastinated on Tumblr!)

1. The Avengers Assemble episodes that immediately come to mind are:

  • Season 1, Episode 5: Blood Feud, where Nat almost turns into a vampire
  • Season 1, Episode 8: Molecule Kid, where Nat and Clint work together (the opening scene involves a green teddy bear, a rope and Sam finding Nat and Clint in a compromising position)
  • Season 1, Episode 26: The Final Showdown, where the world needs saving, and Clint is all, “but where is Naaaaat?”
  • Season 2, Episode 4: Ghosts of the Past, where Clint wants a jetpack but Nat gets him something better
  • Season 2, Episode 5: Beneath the Surface (aka the best thing to ever happen in Avengers Assemble), where Nat and Clint go undercover in a cruise and seriously, everyone should know better than to kidnap/kill Black Widow’s Hawkeye
  • Season 2, Episode 7: The Age of Tony Stark, where Nat and Clint fist bumps and it’s great
  • Season 2, Episode 8: Head to Head, where the Avengers swap bodies and Nat (in Hulk’s body) punches Clint (in Thor’s body)
  • Season 2, Episode 13: Widow’s Run, where the gems corrupt Nat and guess who’s there to catch her?

2. Do I have anything planned? I currently have a notepad with the word ‘BUCKY’ on it.

3. No, I don’t.

4. Fics based on the shuffles would be amazing, but there aren’t any that I know of! I do know of this drabble for this shuffle and this gem about paperclip fights.