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Being an Avenger means continuing to be Captain America and smiling and being honorable for the public and Harry does his best. But it doesn’t give him time to figure out who he is supposed to be once he takes off his uniform and puts the shield to the side. Just being Harry had always involved Louis, and Harry fears he doesn’t know how to exist without him.

or: Harry is Captain America, and Louis’ been dead for 70 years.

Family - Part 1

Based on this fill by @feynites

Eda bolts upward in bed, heart slamming against her rib cage as cold sweat pours down her face. 

Something is wrong. 

Something is very very wrong. 

Beside her Fendel stirs, quickly sitting up as soon as he sees her distressed state. “Vhenan, what is it? What happened?” He asks. 

“I…I don’t know.” Eda stammers, stumbling out of bed to pace around the bedroom. She is trembling. “I don’t know but something is wrong.” 

Templars up to something.
Clan may be compromised.
Stay with Fendel.  

The words. A warning from Nanae. 

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look at this net, that i just spawned ; when i say /go/, use it on BOND !!

a fall mix full of songs with creepy-ish sounds to put you in the mood for halloween 👻🎃

001. son et lumière // the mars volta 002. carousel // melanie martinez 003. fever // family force 5 004. staying up // the neighbourhood 005. car radio // twenty one pilots 006. witchcraft // robert smith 007. always something // cage the elephant 008. love me dead // ludo 009. my body’s a zombie for you // dead man’s bones 010. bring me to life // evanescence 011. teen idle // marina and the diamonds 012. only you // the pretty reckless 013. keep your hands off my girl // good charlotte 014. once upon a dream // lana del rey 015. breath of life // florence + the machine 016. decode // paramore 017. sally’s song // fiona apple 018. in the air tonight // kelly sweet 019. welcome to the jungle // neon jungle 020. american horror story remix // key lo 021. glory and gore // lorde 022. the jetset life is gonna kill you // my chemical romance 023. immortal // kerli 024. forever halloween // the maine + a bonus track ////////// listen

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holy heck some of your hate really is painful to read... I feel really bad for you honestly. this blog is special and should be protected at all costs.

tbh we just block most of the hate when we see it (you guys don’t even see the worst). every once in a while, tho, we get really funny anon hate and just have to save it. my favorite message we’ve ever gotten just says “YIFF IN HELL”

- mod e

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I almost cried when you posted how happy you were that Moana had your nose and your hair. I know representation matters, but I got to see through your eyes today exactly how it can effect poc. I have seen white people on tv and in movies my whole life so I am greatly privileged. But finally, you will have someone who looks like you and you can relate to and you and I just can't tell you how happy I am for you and other woc who can see themselves in this new disney princess.

This is my favorite message EVER. Really. 

I’m never one to cry because a cartoon made me so happy, but when I saw Moana’s face for the first time, I’ll admit that I cried a bit. A lot, actually. I was happy with Lilo and Nani, and I am so happy with Moana. I was so happy to see her designers give her the very traits that I was teased for growing up.

I’m pretty sure everyone who knows me by now is well aware of how proud I am to be Polynesian. It’s everything to me, and because there aren’t any Polynesians where I live, I have to make more noise about my culture so that my peers aren’t totally unaware lol. Representation has always been important to me, but man, when you hit as close as my culture and even my physical characteristics, that’s pretty much when I feel affected by it enough to cry about it.

It’s really great.

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okay, instead of getting ready for work, I just hung out and went through all 18 pages of your blog. I have a couple of questions tho. 1) what are the titles ClintNat episodes of avengers assemble? gonna binge watch that. 2) do you have anything planned? 3) do you write fic? 4) are there any fics that are based on your gifs (that you know of)? ahhhh I have to get ready, but your blog is the bomb :)

Thank you! This is one of my favorite messages ever, partly because I probably would’ve done the same thing. (Who am I kidding? We’ve all procrastinated on Tumblr!)

1. The Avengers Assemble episodes that immediately come to mind are:

  • Season 1, Episode 5: Blood Feud, where Nat almost turns into a vampire
  • Season 1, Episode 8: Molecule Kid, where Nat and Clint work together (the opening scene involves a green teddy bear, a rope and Sam finding Nat and Clint in a compromising position)
  • Season 1, Episode 26: The Final Showdown, where the world needs saving, and Clint is all, “but where is Naaaaat?”
  • Season 2, Episode 4: Ghosts of the Past, where Clint wants a jetpack but Nat gets him something better
  • Season 2, Episode 5: Beneath the Surface (aka the best thing to ever happen in Avengers Assemble), where Nat and Clint go undercover in a cruise and seriously, everyone should know better than to kidnap/kill Black Widow’s Hawkeye
  • Season 2, Episode 7: The Age of Tony Stark, where Nat and Clint fist bumps and it’s great
  • Season 2, Episode 8: Head to Head, where the Avengers swap bodies and Nat (in Hulk’s body) punches Clint (in Thor’s body)
  • Season 2, Episode 13: Widow’s Run, where the gems corrupt Nat and guess who’s there to catch her?

2. Do I have anything planned? I currently have a notepad with the word ‘BUCKY’ on it.

3. No, I don’t.

4. Fics based on the shuffles would be amazing, but there aren’t any that I know of! I do know of this drabble for this shuffle and this gem about paperclip fights.

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I know I've commented before, but I think you are just lovely. Open mind, open heart, bright soul. People like you keep my (sometimes shaky) faith in humanity

This is probably the most heartfelt message I’ve ever received on tumblr. Thank you SO MUCH, beautiful! This is absolutely what I needed to hear right now and I could give you this biggest huggggg, oh maaaaaah goodnessss! <3333

To this day I think my favorite anon message I’ve ever gotten on Tumblr was one I got years ago that was like “I love you and your sister’s blogs, but can you stop reblogging each other so much? I hate seeing so many duplicate posts on my dash”