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Pairings: Tom Hiddleston x Reader

Style: One-Shot

Warnings: Language and implications of sex. Otherwise it’s just pure, fun fluff.

Word Count: 1,364

Summary: Tom asks you a few Marvel questions, which leads to an interesting revelation about his coworkers.

A/N: Soft!Tom destroys me in this piece. I hope you enjoy this fic as much as I enjoyed writing it. ;) Also please don’t come @ me for the thoughts on Hulk/Banner. It’s all in good fun. As usual, gif isn’t mine!

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Though it had been a few hours, the smell of sex still lingered in the warm air of your bedroom. Tom lay shirtless on his back, book in hand, while you sat next to him - one leg bent underneath you, the other sprawled across his stomach, hunched over your phone. Tom’s free hand rested on your thigh, absentmindedly rubbing your soft skin in circles. You were lounging in panties and one of Tom’s old shirts, just the way he liked you to be. Spotify’s Relax playlist played softly on your Amazon Echo, filling the comfortable silence.

“Babe?” You ask, as your thumb swipes up your Instagram feed lazily. 

“Hmm?” He replied, eyes never leaving his book as he turned the page. 

“If you couldn’t play Loki, who would you want to be?” You double tapped a picture of Seb in sunglasses. 

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15 Amazing Asian Superheroes
Join CBR in celebrating 15 of the coolest Asian heroes in comics!


The daughter of two notorious assassins and adopted by Bruce Wayne himself, Cassandra Cain is both a hero and a total badass. Her father David Cain, long-time member of the League of Assassins, conceived her with the purpose of creating the perfect assassin partner for himself, after forcing her mother, Sandra Wu-San, to bear his child. Sandra went on to become Lady Shiva, also one of the world’s deadliest assassins, renowned for killing victims with her bare hands.

Cassandra entered the DC universe in the “No Man’s Land” crossover story line in 1999, where she saves Commissioner Gordon’s life and is given the Batgirl costume with the approval of both Barbara Gordon and Batman. Cassandra also represents an important racial group in that she is of mixed heritage, having both European and Asian blood. Another interesting fact about her is that she’s a martial arts expert despite spending a large portion of her life mute and illiterate. Cassandra has recently taken up a new superhero moniker as Orphan in the pages of “Detective Comics,” by James Tynion IV, Christian Duce and Fernando Blanco, where she recently came into conflict with her estranged mother.

Dr. Strange TV Animated Series Reboot

Hey all! So I’ve been working on a lil’ project where I make a fake “pitch” for an animated series about my least favorite Marvel superhero, Dr. Strange, called…


For the main cast, I stuck with the main power players of the Strange-iverse. But also thought it would be fun to throw in some secondary heroes for funsies, like Kate Bishop and Iron Fist!


My reboot starts with world-renowned surgeon, Dr. Stephanie Zhang who is nicknamed “Dr. Strange” by her colleagues, who works in NYC. Years into her practice, she gets into a terrible car crash which renders her hands useless and she begins looking for a cure. After years of searching, she receives a mysterious message telling her of a temple in the Kunlun mountains in Tibet that hold the answer to her problems.

After making her journey there, she is introduced to Yao, the head of a small school of sorcery. She also finds two other students who have been called to the temple: Wong, a mercenary and expert martial artist from Taiwan, and Baroness Karla Ma, a noblewoman from Latveria. Yao informs the trio that they all possess the potential to become amazing sorceresses and all agree to train under Yao.

The trio develop friendships as they are pushed to their limits by Yao who trains them in both magic and combat. With the help of Wong and Baroness Ma, Strange is able to regain the use of her hands. Yao also reveals she is their dimension’s Sorceress Supreme, a title she intends on passing down to one of her students.

However, as years pass, Baroness Ma grows impatient and is determined to obtain the mantle of Sorceress Supreme. She succumbs to the influence of a powerful entity known as Dormammu, and succeeds in killing Yao

However, instead of dying, Yao becomes a mystical entity called “The Ancient One”, and bestows the title of Sorceress Supreme to Dr. Strange. After a battle with Baroness Ma, Dr. Strange and Wong move to the United States to continue their work. Now, Wong and Dr. Strange battle the paranormal evil out of the Sanctum Sanctorum in Greenwich Village, NYC.

During their adventures, Wong and Dr. Strange meet up with a variety of characters. Two of which, Danny Ran aka Iron Fist and Kate Bishop aka Hawkeye, join their cause after they get caught up in some paranormal trouble and need the help of the Sorceress Supreme! 

In addition, they run into Dormammu’s neice and Sorceress Supreme of the Dark Dimension, Clea, who winds up being Dr. Strange’s love interest! Together, Clea, Wong, Hawkeye, Iron Fist and Dr. Strange form the new Defenders team!

What crazy adventures will they run into next?

Also bonus! Alternate costumes or like… season 2 costumes (maybe?)!


So this is basically a little drabble/potential mini-series based off of @destiny-islanders Spidey-Prom AU. I highly recommend checking it out if you haven’t. Spiderman has always been my favorite Marvel superhero since I am a comic nerd so naturally I am obsessed with Spidey-Prom. Sorry guys, couldn’t help it. *shrugs*

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Words: 2,855

Being bitten by a spider exposed to the OZ Compound wasn’t something on Prompto Argentum’s bucket list, but here he was, staring at the back of his right hand. The bite looked like any other spider bite, but this one seemed more red and itchy than the average. A quick tour around the labs of Insomnia Industries gave Prompto the perfect photo opportunity for some pictures with the machinery and serums. But that tour led him to where he was right now after said spider crawled onto his hand from his camera after descending from the ceiling above. 

He thought it would go away after a few days. But after realizing his once not-so-perfect vision was now perfect (he put his glasses on and it was like static invaded his eyesight) and nearly hurling his lamp out his bedroom window when his hand was suddenly stuck like glue to the switch, he figured that it was more than just a normal spider bite. He soon put his theory to the test and tried out every quality he knew a spider possessed. Crawling on walls? Check. Superhuman agility and senses? Double check. Needless to say, Prompto was quite freaked out.

“What are you?” He murmured, his attention never leaving the bite.

“Hey Prompto!” Noctis Lucis Caelum–son of Regis Lucis Caelum and nephew to Ardyn Izunia, owners of Insomnia Industries–called out to his blond best friend, who was currently putting stuff in his locker.

Prompto closed the locker just as Noctis rose his hand to clap his best friend on the back. Right as Noctis started to swing his hand down, Prompto felt a tingling sensation at the base of his skull. Time seemed to slow and his mind was sent racing. His body moved before he could even process it and before he knew it, Noctis slammed his hand into Prompto’s locker. He pulled his hand back with a pained expression and fought back a scream.

“Ow! Have you been taking lessons on how to improve your reflexes, dude?”

Prompto chuckled and scratched the back of his neck. “Something like that.”

Noctis shook his injured hand a bit before composing himself as best as he could. “So, ignoring that weird mishap… wait, where are your glasses?”

Prompto mentally slapped himself as he rummaged through his backpack and put his glasses on, his vision immediately becoming clouded to the point where he could barely see Noctis’ face. “Thanks dude! I thought I was forgetting something!”

Noctis stared at him for a bit before shrugging. “Anyway, are you up for hanging out at the arcade later?”

“S-Sorry dude, I’ve got a load of work to get done for the Lucian Journal. You know how Dino is,” Prompto lied. In actuality, he wanted to hang out with Noctis, he really did, but he had to learn more about what’s been going with himself lately.

“Aw man. Oh well, just go into some weird coma and get it done using speed like Barry Allen.”

Prompto chuckled at Noctis’ joke and clapped him on the shoulder, only for his hand to get stuck to his shoulder. Noctis stared with one eyebrow raised as Prompto tried to pull it off without looking suspicious. When he finally did manage to detach his hand from his best friend, Prompto simply chuckled nervously.

“I think you spilt something on your coat, buddy,” He spoke. “Anyway, I should get going! Photography awaits!”

After making a mental note to change his prescription lenses to regular lenses, Prompto took his leave and left behind a very confused Noctis. He was passing by the trees in the courtyard when he ran into his other best friend, Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, daughter of Sylvia Nox Fleuret, President and CEO of Noxchem, and younger sister of Ravus Nox Fleuret. 

Noxchem was a multinational chemical corporation from Tenebrae that’s been run by the Nox Fleuret family for years. They’ve just recently combined with Insomnia Industries to band together to recreate the Super Soldier serum that was used for the Lucian Military back in the War of M.E. 674. So that meant that the Nox Fleuret family had to move to Insomnia if they wanted to recreate the serum easier.

“Hey Prompto!” Lunafreya beamed. “I just got you the coolest photo op ever!”

“I really wish I could take it, Luna,” Prompto rushed out, stepping around his friend. “But I’ve got tons of work to do for the paper.”

Luna groaned. “Oh come on! All Dino does is work you day and night! And when you finally show him an amazing photo, he marks it off as garbage!”

“Look,” Prompto sighed. “Dino Ghiranze isn’t the best boss in the world, I know, but I need this job if I plan on moving out after school is over.”

“Fine, but if you need any cool opportunities you know who to call.”


“Ha ha very funny,” Luna spoke, lightly punching his shoulder.

Prompto bid his friend farewell and left the school grounds. It became a routine for the past few weeks really. Going to school, praying to the Six that no one saw anything weird–well, weirder–going on with him, going home, and researching spiders and whatever Insomnia Industries revealed about the OZ Compound. He soon landed an interview with the Lead Chemist of Insomnia Industries, Ignis Scientia. Prompto told him that he was a scientist with a blog and wanted to share more of the compound with his readers, which was a flat-out lie. He merely wanted to learn more about the compound and figure out if he should be even more worried than he was.

The day of the interview came quicker than Prompto anticipated. He walked through the rotating glass doors of Insomnia Industries and tried his best not to gawk at the high ceiling, polished tile floor, light gray walls, and the glass chandeliers that hung high above everyone’s heads. He made his way over to the elevator and pushed the button that took him to the fifteenth floor of the twenty story building. The elevator dinged and he walked out, quickly making his way over to room 234 and pushing the door open. Sitting at the desk was a bespectacled man who was typing away at his computer. Prompto awkwardly knocked on the door frame and the man finally noticed him.

“You must be Prompto,” the man spoke with a diligent tone. “I’m Ignis Scientia, Lead Chemist of Insomnia Industries. I understand that you have some questions about the OZ Compound.”

Prompto nodded and sat down in the chair in front of Ignis’ desk after shutting the door. “I do. Are there any side effects for it? Like what does it do?”

“Jumping straight into it aren’t we? Well, the OZ Compound is supposed to give humans enhanced abilities, turning them into a super soldier of some sort, but so far there has been no success. There has only been one person to test out the compound, and that person is Mister Izunia himself. Poor man. He tried to make a point to Sylvia but, she nearly cancelled the partnership between our companies when she saw that there was no progress in the development.”

Prompto’s eyes widened. This could be the source behind his powers.

“Have you tested this compound out on animals?” He asked. “More specifically, spiders?”

Ignis’ eyes widened before he stood up and walked over to the door, locking it. He turned back to Prompto with stern eyes. “Were you bitten?”

“W-What?” Prompto stammered.

“We infused the OZ Compound with a spider a few weeks back, but it escaped. Were you bitten by it?”

Prompto didn’t know what to do. He didn’t want to lie to the man who A) has answers and B) could potentially help him through this. So he nodded.

“Incredible,” Ignis gasped. “What traits have you been showing?”

“So far? Enhanced senses and Wall-Crawling, along with this weird sense that I get when someone goes to touch me.”

“Wall-Crawling? Well, it seems as if the compound has passed along some traits of the arachnid class on to you.”

“Yea, I noticed.”

“I must inform Mister Izunia and Mister Caelum right away.”

“NO!” Prompto shouted. “I-I mean, no.”

“Why not?” Ignis asked with an incredulous look.

“I don’t want anyone finding out. Anyone else I mean. If people knew, I’d be used as some sort of test subject and seen as a freak at school. Please, don’t tell them.”

Ignis stared at him with a calculating look in his eyes before sighing. “Fine. But, I will have to tell my personal security guard. I have an idea for you in mind.”

Insomnia had a high crime rate, there was no doubt about that. The crime rate seemed to reach its peak at night though, always around midnight. The criminals in this city always preyed on the rich and defenseless, those who were both were considered to be a huge bonus. Unfortunately for Noctis, he was the next victim of a mugging.

The time was 1:15 A.M., it was a long day at Insomnia Industries and Noctis told his dad that he was going to walk home since he was getting tired. So he did, taking some alleyways as shortcuts. He was nearly home when a man clad in all black (including the cliche ski mask) stepped out from the shadows, pointing a pistol at Noctis’ forehead.

“I know who you are, Lucis Caelum,” the man spoke. “So let’s make this quick and give me all of your money.”

Noctis gasped in fear and backed away, his hands up to show that he was defenseless. “Listen! I have nothing!”

“Bullshit! You’re a rich daddy’s boy, you’re loaded! Now give me what you have!”

“I’m telling the truth I have nothing!”

The man turned the safety of his gun off right before the two boys heard a distant “YYYYAAAHHHHOOOOOO” ring out and proceed to get closer. The two boys turned their attention to where the sound came from and saw a man clad in red and blue. He wore a red sleeveless hoodie with a blue long-sleeve shirt underneath and red fingerless cotton gloves with two metal contraptions on both wrists. He also sported blue pants tucked into red calf-high socks and red shoes along with a red mask that covered his entire head. The only things that stuck out were the black and white make-shift eyes and black spider emblem on his chest. The weirdest thing? The guy was swinging into the alleyway. 

He seemed to have been new at his job (if you’d call it that) because his glee soon turned into panic as he flailed his legs around while screaming “BRAKES!” He crashed into the nearby brick building and fell to the pavement. He then stood up, a bit unbalanced.

“Okay!” He shouted. “Now THAT was a rush!”

Noctis and the mugger both shared the same incredulous expression before the weirdly dressed man tossed the lid of a metal garbage can at the mugger like it was a game of frisbee. It hit the mugger right on the head and the man laughed.

“Fore!” He yelled.

The man walked up to Noctis, ignoring the groans of the mugger as he held his future-swollen head. The man almost told Noctis his name but decided against that. 

‘What would he say?’ he thought. ‘You can’t just tell him your name. That bit is quite obvious, Prompto.’

“Who are you?” Noctis asked.

“I’m… uhh,” Prompto spoke from behind the mask, silently thanking the fact that Noctis didn’t know it was him. “Spider… Man…”

“Spider-Man?” Noctis asked with a raised eyebrow.


“Isn’t that pretty generic considering your… um, outfit…?”

Prompto looked down at what he was wearing and sighed. “I’m working on the costume…”

Noctis sighed and pulled a wad of cash out of his pocket. “Here, you’re probably expecting a reward.”

“No!” Prompto shrieked. “Keep your money! I don’t want it!”

“You don’t?”

“I saved you from someone trying to take it from you. You don’t have to pay me.”

Noctis stuffed the wad of cash back into his pocket and nudged his head in the mugger’s direction. “What are you going to do about him?”

Prompto waved him off. “The cops can come and get him. I’m new to this.”

“As if that wasn’t obvious,” Noctis thought.

“Well! I should be going! Nice meeting you, citizen!” Prompto shouted ecstatically and with a mock salute.

He shot his right hand out (his wrist bent and index and pinky finger extended) towards the top of one of the buildings around them and a string resembling a spider web shot out from the metal contraption on his wrist. He then tugged on the web and he shot up into the air, landing on the edge of the roof not-so-gracefully. 

“Spider what?” The gruff voice of Gladiolus Amicitia rang through Prompto’s phone as he walked through the halls of the school.

“Spider-Man,” Prompto sighed, a bit exasperated that Ignis’ security guard and his new combat trainer couldn’t get a simple name right.

“I would’ve went with something cooler, Web-Man.”

“It’s Spi-”

“HEY, ARGENTUM!” A booming voice sneered.

Prompto groaned and turned his attention down the hall, where he spotted the quarterback of the football team and his bully, Loqi Tummelt. Prompto quickly muttered a quick “I’ll call you back” to Gladio and hung up. He watched as Loqi walked over and towered above him with a smirk on his face.

“Who were you talking to, Loser? Your mother? Are you trying to get her to take you home?” He snickered.

Prompto did nothing but let him throw his insults at him. Loqi then raised his fist, ready to punch the living daylight out of Prompto. But just like with what happened with Noctis, the tingling at the base of his skull returned, time slowed down, and Prompto dodged Loqi’s punch before he could even process it. Loqi’s fist slammed into the locker with a loud bang and all noise in the hallway ceased to exist as all eyes were now on them.

“OW!” Loqi screamed, proceeding to turn to Prompto with anger in his eyes. “YOU’RE DEAD, FREAK!”

He threw another punch and Prompto dodged with ease. He threw another, Prompto dodged again. Every punch he threw Prompto would dodge like it was nothing. Soon he was backed against a wall and Loqi chuckled, hurling his fist back to throw the next punch as a crowd of chanting teenagers formed around them. But right as he threw it, Prompto jumped off from the wall and did a front flip over Loqi, landing perfectly on his feet behind him as he punched the wall and broke his hand. Prompto turned just as he felt the tingling sensation grow stronger. He caught Loqi’s other fist just inches of it colliding with his face. Loqi tried to move it but Prompto seemed to have superhuman strength, as Loqi’s fist was trapped in his grasp. The chanting turned into gasps as Prompto threw Loqi over his shoulder, slamming him onto the hallway tile.

Prompto took this as his chance to run. So he did. He ran out of the hallway and stopped once he reached the middle of the courtyard. He noticed that he wasn’t out of breath, so that confirmed his superhuman stamina. And that little stunt that happened back there confirmed his superhuman strength and superhuman reflexes. But what was that tingling sensation at the base of his skull that he got every time someone went to lay a hand on him? If it was a newfound power, then he better name it. ‘Spider-Sense’ will do the trick.

“CURSE THE SIX!” Ardyn screamed as he knocked over numerous vials of chemicals on his lab table.

He looked into a mirror on his wall and growled once he gazed into his own amber eyes. He hurled his fist back and punched the mirror, shattering it into pieces.

“You couldn’t even impress Sylvia Nox Fleuret with your chemical invention. No. Instead it had to BLOW UP IN YOUR FACE!” He continued. 

A ding coming from a nearby machine was heard. He walked over to it and open the small hatch, smoke pouring out from it. He smirked and chuckled to himself as he pulled out a small device shaped like a pumpkin with a standard Jack O’ Lantern carving.

“They’ll see. They’ll all see. No one will be able to surpass my beloved inventions. Especially my Pumpkin Bombs,” he spoke.

He turned to a glass case and gazed at the suit inside. It was purple and green with the purple consisting of a tunic, gloves, and boots as the green consisted of metal sleeves and pants. The most notable portion of the suit was the mask. It too was green and purple, but the green resembled that of a hideous mythical goblin while the purple was a standard elf hat. Below was metal glider colored a dark silver and a brown satchel just waiting to be filled with evil inventions.

Ardyn laughed once more. “Green Goblin will be unstoppable.”

*BTS REACTION: They Tease You for Being Scared of Spiders*

S E O K J I N:

You’ve been scared of spiders ever since middle school, when you woke up to a spider dangling straight above your face. That experience started this habit of yours to broom the edges of your walls once a week. He doesn’t have such a habit and you don’t think much of it since you are used to your apartment being spider free.

You’re sitting on the corner section of the couch in his dorm, waiting for him to come back with the movies snacks. He comes with bowls of popcorn, candy, and a large cup of soda in his hand. “You might want to move,” he says while taking a sip of Coke.


He points above you and you see a spider sitting calmly in its web. In one powerful leap, you jump to the side of the couch farthest from the spider.

He starts choking on the soda in laughter, “That was…Wow, Y/N, you should have been a vaulter.”

He tells this story every chance he gets. To the other boys, during interviews, even to the fans on a Vlive.

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Y O O N G I:

Spiders weren’t something you were afraid of. Until one day, a large one crawled up your leg. It wouldn’t have been such a big deal if somebody didn’t point out that the spider was dangerous. They told you not move or else you’d scare it, which would cause it to attack. That wasn’t the best thing to tell a six year old, as you immediately started having a panic attack. If it wasn’t for your father’s quick hands the spider would have bit you.

You don’t cry and scream at the sight of a harmless Daddy Long Leg anymore, but you definitely don’t want one anywhere near you.

“Do you want to go look?” He asks you, as you two come across the bug exhibit at the zoo.

“…Are there spiders?”

He looks at you with a raised eyebrow, “I mean, it’s an exhibit of creepy crawlies. So yeah, I’d assume there’d be spiders.”

You grimace and try to walk away, “No thanks.”

He grabs you by the arm, when you turn to look at him he’s grinning, and it isn’t a nice one. “Are you that scared of spiders? Y/N, they are trapped behind glass. The most they can do is jump at you and rebound off the glass.”

He doesn’t shut up for the rest of the trip and you’re tempted to lock him in an empty exhibit.

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H O S E O K:

“HOOOOOSEEEEEOOOOOK” You scream from the bathroom.

He runs to you, the fear in your voice causing him to worry. He practically crashes into the doorway before catching himself and sees you standing on the toilet.

Once you see him, you point to a harmless Daddy Long Leg that is just chilling in the bathroom sink. There’s tears in your eyes when you yell, “Kill it!”

“Y/N, really? I thought it was something serious,” he tries to scold you but can’t help the chuckles bubbling in his chest. Nevertheless, he grabs a small bundle of toilet paper and crushes it. He’s still laughing at you when he brings you into his chest. “I didn’t know you were scared of spider…So, why?”

“I saw a video on Facebook of someone hitting a big spider with a broom and then a lot of tiny spiders came out of the big spider,” you say in between sniffles.

He looks at you in confusion, so you drag him into the bedroom where your phone is to show him the video. From then on, you have arguments over who has to kill the spider while sitting and hanging onto odd places.

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N A M J O O N:

When you were younger, your mom would often have you do small chores around the house. Like dusting the photos or vacuuming the floors. One day, you were dusting the photos on the wall and a spider ran behind one. You grabbed a rag to kill the spider and took off the photo from the wall. Instead of there being one, there was four of them. Each one varying in sizes and crawling from the photo frame onto your hand. You screamed while shaking off your hand and scrambled to get as far from the scene as you could. The sensation of being crawled on by four spiders has never been forgotten by you.

You are now hyper aware when things touch your skin, always in fear of it being a spider. He notices that you seem to slap yourself a lot, like if there is something crawling on you. He finds it hilarious in that “why are you hitting yourself” way, and is usually the one responsible for you’re goosebumps.

“What’s wrong Y/N?” He says, successfully hiding his grin.

“Nothing,” you sigh in relief.

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J I M I N:

When you were younger, you climbed trees a lot. As you were climbing onto another branch you squished a spider with your foot. The spider was carrying their children on its back and several of them ran all over you as they tried to escape. You ended up falling off the tree, your parents found you on the ground crying in pain and fear.

So when you see the same species of spider, crawling on a tree nearby where you and him are having a picnic, you understandably refuse to sit back down.

“Y/N, sit down. The spider won’t do anything if we don’t bother it,” he tries to reason with you, but the smile on his face just tells you he isn’t taking you seriously.

“Nope! I’m not going anywhere near that thing! And if you’re not going to take me seriously, then I’m not going anywhere near you!” You walk away with a pout.

He’s still laughing at you and when he looks up, you’re gone. “Y/N? Y/N?! Hey, don’t leave me here alone!” He looks around but you are nowhere in sight. He notices that the spider has moved closer to where he was sitting and drags the blanket with the food on it in the opposite direction.

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T A E H Y U N G:

Going out doors was never really your thing, even as a child. But for some reason your parents just loved going camping and you’d get stuck going along. One time, you were actually enjoying yourself. You parents had let you invite one of you friends along. In the middle of the night, you felt something run across your face and started flailing to get it off. You ended up killing it and had its dead body on your palm. Just thinking about spiders now gives you the chills.

Tarantulas especially, they are just so big and fuzzy. It’s impossible for you to not imagine one of those crawling across your face in the middle of the night when you see one. So when you and him go to the pet store to potentially adopt a dog together and you see that the store also sells tarantulas you tell him that there’s no way you are going in there.

“But, Y/N, the puppies! You’re going to give up the chance to adopt a puppy because of a harmless, fuzzy spider?” You shake your head in refusal. He sighs in exasperation but the smile on his face says he actually really amused, “If you don’t come in with me, I’m going to adopt a tarantula instead.”

“I will end you,” you tell him with a straight face.

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J U N G K O O K:

You have always been wary of spiders. Their unnecessary amount of legs and weirdly shaped bodies just freaked you out. When you were twelve your mom threw a giant fake spider on your back at a Halloween store, and ever since you became deathly afraid of them. You screeched horribly and fell to your knees in a panic attack, it took your mom and sister ages to calm you down.

The whole thing is ironic because your favorite Marvel superhero is actually Spider-man.

Which you and him are actually watching together, cuddling on the couch. So he notices the goosebumps you get during the scene when the spider is crawling on Peter Parker immediately. He smiles evilly when an idea pops in his mind. You don’t think much of him adjusting his arm. He places his fingertips on the back of your neck and imitates the motion of a spider crawling up your neck. You jump off the coach quickly with scream

“Oh my god, I’ve never seen you move so fast in my life,” he says while clapping his hands in laughter. If he had taken a good look at your expression, he would have noticed that you definitely did not find his prank funny at all.

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“Inhumans, they can take any form, gender, orientation, ethnicity and there’s a lot of people in the world that want to eradicate them. That hits Coulson on a deep level of being wrong and antithetical to what it means to be human. To have someone who’s probably the closest person in the world to him be an Inhuman, is a deep reason why he is up for the idea of having Daisy, who’s more than up to the challenge, who’s an Inhuman, who has so much humanity in her, be the one who’s leading S.H.I.E.L.D.”

Clark Gregg NYCC 2017 AOS Presentation

some kenji + mc/kenji hcs
  • kenji’s favorite show is daredevil, but his favorite marvel superhero is she-hulk (he likes superheroes who are lawyers okay let me live)
  • u can’t tell me that he and mc don’t watch superhero shows on the couch for “research” (hint: it’s because theyre dorks lol)
  • at one point dax joins them to geek out and poppy sighs in the background
  • kenji likes to cook and mc has burnt water before so really, thank based kenji for saving mc’s hopeless ass
  • mc falls in love with kenji’s cooking the first time they try it in mc’s apartment
  • “oh my god these are so gOOD !! can i please hire you as a personal chef instead” 
  • kenji grins. “i don’t think grayson will allow it, but i wouldnt mind coming here to cook for you everyday”
  • cue mc choking on their food beause holy thats so cute and domestic i cry
  • kenji makes killer yakisoba so it’s what he gives people when he cooks for them for the first time
  • …but he also likes making it because it reminds him of simpler times with his mom (she had a secret ingredient)
  • it’s one of mc’s favorite dishes, but when they see kenji cooking it out of nowhere, they go and give him a comforting hug him from behind 
  • oh going back to the superheroes thing, they watch and consume a lot of superhero media but almost always end up on ‘opposite sides’ (i.e. kenji stans superman while mc is batman all the way, kenji is #TeamTony while mc is firmly on steve rogers’ side)
  • they do a lot of team-building exercises (;D) in their spare time
  • by that i mean, they do actually train together you know both kenji and mc both wanna save people + have other reasons for being superheroes *(will link mc’s reason when i write it because it’s p angsty lmao)
  • their first training session sucked though because now instead of getting in each other’s way, they try to put each other out of harm’s way
  • fuckin dorks
  • but yo once they get over that, u get a kickass superhero power battle couple !!!
  • (i personally hc that their general strategy is for talos to keep the villain busy why mc sneaks up on them)
  • i already mentioned this before but kenji recognizing mc in their superhero costume because he committed the way mc says his name to memory <3 just <3 gets me <3
  • kenji loves to fly while being held by mc tbh and they totally kiss (and do other stuff) in the air
  • he also?? loves the fact that mc is stronger than him?? holy hell he gets hearteyes the first time he sees mc casually lift something huge like the sofa or something
  • similarly i hc that mc gets the dokis when kenji o b l i t e r a t e s someone in an argument 
  • (maybe because someone is talking shit about mc & kenji fites them and wins because he’s his mother’s son + debate club wtf!!)
  • pls imagine mc absentmindedly picking up and wearing kenji’s jacket after a team-building session and kenji just staring because shit. mc in his clothes is just - kenji.exe has crashed
  • aw man imagine them having to sneak out for a hero emergency during work and grayon eyes them like “and where are you two going” 
  • mc and kenji exchange a look before giving simultaneous excuses and dashing off
  • this happens several times until eventually grayson is like “look i know what’s happening with you guys”
  • mc freezes. “you… do?”
  • kenji steps forward. “listen grayson–”
  • “no its fine kenji. i… completely understand. i’d do the same thing if i were in your positon.” grayson flashes a smile that doesnt reach his eyes. “don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me. i won’t tell anyone that you’re dating.”
  • mc lets out a breath they didnt know theyve been holding and kenjis kind of stares at grayson before smoothly recovering and thanking him and i got kinda sad rip
  • so talos has a fanbase right so some people are jealous of mc (to which mc rolls their eyes lol), some ship mc and talos (they get a thumbs up from mc) while some have the hots for mc themself?? (mc is #Shookt)
  • kenji agrees that mc’s hot when mc tells him about the fans (and lbr he defs stans mc online)
  • when they become popular, mc buys talos merch and kenji buys mc merch