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Hey there! I really loved ur posts they r just amazing ! I was wondering if u could do like RFA guys find out MCs an otaku like a sweet beauty queen in day and a total geek or anime lover at night lol BTW keep up the good work!^v^

Hey sorry it took me so long to answer I’ve been really busy with school (high-key exhausted) but anyways let’s get started 💖

- when you guys first met, he seen you in this beautiful elegant dress
- he was awestruck
-your polite,charming, beautiful, elegant,kind and soft spoken including your smart
°but after dating for awhile and he moves into your house (cause you had another room available and he’s a broke college student so you decided to help out)
He sees your game posters and he sees some
- questions them
Then see anime posters
-ask more questions
-you make him watch NANA
He cries (I cried to that shit was fucked but I recommend it)

-your good looking ass almost killed him
- because he’s like how?? There’s a person more beautiful than me
-your looks almost killed him
-damn if looks can kill I’ll be dead
He screamed being his dramatic ass
Which he faked died and you were
Like boii get that ass up were in public stop
°after dating for awhile
You invite him over his house 😉(get some mc)
I’m sorry
He enters your house
he knew he heard you talking about it with your friend and plus you lent him your Netflix account
You both binged watch fairytale and you accidentally said gray is hot as hell and now zen is shirtless everywhere
*Man if nosebleeds were real
You’d be dead RN

Let’s be honest she watches anime
She was stunned to find out you watch anime too
Cause your so elegant and beautiful she taught you would watch pretty little liars or something
She’s ready
Binge watch anime and drink hot coco
Honestly a little concerned about that body pillow you have of Erza Scarlet in a bikini
(Cause you gay af😘)

Your is queen and your elegant, beautiful and smart
He went on your shared Netflix account and
He asked what anime is
(Your one of them jumin)
I’m sorry
You facepalm
You make him watch black butler
He relates with Sebastian and his love with cats
Buys you every shirt,poster pillow of your favorite anime
High-key jealous that you have a body pillow of Sebastian Michelle in a cat uniform half naked
(He walks in trying to impressed you wearing cat ears—- IS THIS ENOUGH FOR YOU MC LOVE ME)
Wtf jumin

God 707
He already knew
This bitch knows everything
He went threw your history
He seen the stuff you bought (including that body pillow of half naked Levi)
He seen your Netflix account
And he seen that app you use for manga
(Incase you have an Android mangazone is the shit man)
He found his soul mate
Someone to binge watch anime with nonstop
He’s so happy that he can relate to someone
Anime couple goals ™

Yu-Gi-Oh! At San Diego Comic-Con 2015

This year the staff of False Memories made the trek to San Diego to see sensei, Mr. Kazuki Takahashi, the creator of Yu-Gi-Oh! to promote the new movie for 2016.

Many lucky fans woke up super early in the morning to claim their ticket for a rare autograph session at the convention center.

This is closest information I was able to transcribe in terms of getting them answered in first person.

At the panel guests included:

Konami Digital Entertainment Corporation Officer: Soji Dewa
V-Junp Editor: Takahiko Aikawa
4K Media Inc. Producer: Arthur “Sam” Murakami
NAS Yu-Gi-Oh! Movie Producer: Teruki Jitsumatsu
4K Media Inc. Producer: Shane Guenego
Yu-Gi-Oh! Creator: Kazuki Takahashi

Recently, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX was announced that Japanese audio and English subtitles are available online streaming on yugioh.com, Hulu, crunchyroll , and others starting on August 1, 2015.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Will be streamed online with Japanese audio and English subtitles available on yugioh.com. The first five episodes are available now, and new episodes will be uploaded at the beginning of each month.

More merchandise will be available including Heroclix and Dice Monsters.

Social media Q&A:

What is his inspiration for creating manga?
Loves American comics like fighting comics.

I was fired from working part time at a game store, so l tried again to work on a manga again because I didn’t think I could beat Dragonball. At first, I wanted to do fighting manga, but wanted to create something different, fighting but with games. I wanted to create a new genre.

What do you have to consider when creating manga?
I must create 20 new pieces every week. It’s important to have good ideas, lively characters , and have cool monsters scenes.

How did he feel when Yu-Gi-Oh! it turned into an anime?
Very excited, what I created on paper is now moving on screen, hearing voices, sound, and color. I am always seeing black and white [working on the manga], when the anime aired, “oh so that’s what he looks like in color”.

What’s next for ygo?
Of course the movie. (Mr. Takahashi is the executive producer for the movie.

[The screen shows new art for the movie.]

Thoughts when he created the image: I created the next story after the manga ended. Story takes place 6 months after the original manga ended. Kaiba is the center of the story. I wrote what I couldn’t write, I wrote now.

The sponsors asked him to evolve Blue-Eyes White Dragon, and he said “I can’t, I can’t,” with the new movie, things became like “this”. (No one knows, no art shown)

More about the movie:  Mr. Takahashi wrote the script, did the character design and monsters, checked all story boards.

New designs for Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Dark Magician will appear in the Trading Card Game.

[Shows top secret drawings from the movie: Yuugi Motou, Seto Kaiba,  Anzu (Tea), and Jounouchi (Joey)]

Comments in the character designs:
Yuugi: a more mature character.
Kaiba: he has more of a villainous look.
Anzu: she’s mature and “powered” up.
Jou: not much has changed, but his hair is slightly different to make it animate better on screen.

A trailer of the movie reveals the title of the film. “Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Darkside Of Dimensions”.

Kaiba and Yuugi have scoters!!! New Duel Disks!

[Story boards from movie, teaser of movie the new movie. There are disortions in dimensions… A new enemy appears!]

The movie is slated to show spring of 2016 in Japan. Show date will vary for other countries.

Last message to fans about the movie? Yugi and kaiba, are coming to screen.

How is your work progress, how has it changed from then to now? What does your desk look like now? (FM submitted question)
My desk is not clean. When I worked with staff, in the past, I used pens but I have gone digital and work mostly by myself now.

How do you draw Yuugi? (He begins to show the audience how he draws Yami Yuugi)
I start with the eyes. If I mess up the eyes, I start over. I have to be careful otherwise his hair runs off the page.

Why is Yuugi’s his hair like that?
I wanted and impactful character.  And you can tell with the character by silhouette.

Favorite characters to draw?
Yami Yuugi.

What do you prefer to draw the most? The Blue-Eyes White Dragon or the Dark Magician?

Favourite manga story arc?
DEATH-T. The reason why it’s my favorite because it is when Yuugi and Kaiba duel. The use Exodia for the first time sets everything in motion.

Which characters do you relate the most?
I really love Yuugi, but wishes to be like Jounouchi (Joey). As he’s older, he is like Grandpa.

How long did it take you to create the manga?
It took a year and story editor to come up with YGO. Through of allot of work, manga first then card game.

How he had to research on Egypt before writing?
History of gaming surfaced in Egypt 5,000 years ago. I went to Egypt twice, but once before the manga.

(The Ink Pot is awarded to Kazuki Takahashi from SDCC)

A special YGO movie poster is given to all panel attendee!

Thanks for reading!

GAINING PERSPECTIVE ON GRAPHIC NARRATIVE: essential/ worthwhile/ personal favorite books regarding comics as an art, technique, style, or serve other significance

in short, i work at a book store and take great advantage of the ability to order whatever i want for the store without bearing the responsibility of paying for anything. i read a lot of books and texts about comics because i’m driven to make a graphic novel i’m proud of, these are just some of many i find noteworthy- b/c no one actually needs a bunch of courses or an art degree to obtain a broader upstanding of the illustrated narrative and subsequently grow as a comic artist.

  1. binky brown meets the holy virgin mary - justin green (duh. essential for contextualizing early crumb/ spiegelman/ a lot of work in the comix scene & era as well as serving as the ultimate ideal model for the autobiographical comic narrative.)
  2. graphic women: life narrative and contemporary comics - hilary l. chute (adore this one- its subjects and contents are the bible for women producing autobiographic comic content)
  3. panel discussions: design in sequential art storytelling - durwin s. talon (an essential and personal favorite and all around perfect book)
  4. comics versus art: comics in the art world - bart beaty
  5. the power of comics: history, form and culture - randy duncan
  6. cartooning: philosophy and practice - ivan brunetti
  7. german expressionist woodcuts - shane weller
  8. the art of the woodcut: masterworks from the 1920s - malcolm c. salaman
  9. wordless books: the original graphic novels - david a. berona
  10. graphic witness: four wordless graphic novels - masereel, ward, patri, and hyde (this and the former three are the best introduction to textless graphic novels/ expressionist woodcuts that i’ve come across. woodcut narratives have been so huge for me.)
  11. critical approaches to comics: theories and methods - randy duncan 
  12. underground classics: the transformation of comics into comix - james philip danky
  13. from staple guns to thumb tacks: flyer art from the 1982-1995 new orleans hardcore scene / punk is dead punk is everything (not a universal necessity but punk flyer art has always been a big inspiration and love of mine. it had visual command that lends well to comic structure)
  14. the visual language of comics: introduction to the structure and cognition of sequential images - neil cohn
  15. the art of possible! comics mainly without pictures - kenneth koch
  16. a hummet: a treated victorian novel - tom phillips 
  17. une semaine de bonte: a surrealistic novel in collage - max ernst (this and the former are some personal favorites and incredibly useful/ inspiring for incorporating collage elements into comic narrative)
  18. comics and sequential art: principles and practices - will eisner (any of eisner’s books are applicable here)
  19. the system of comics / comics and narration - thierry groensteen (all groensteen’s pieces on comics are so great.)
  20. how to draw noir comics: the art and technique of visual storytelling - shawn martinbrough
  21. comics and language: reimagining critical discourse on the form - hannah miodrag (a touch bloated and precociously academic but an insightful read nonetheless)
  22. best of comix book: when marvel comics went underground - stan lee
  23. panel one: comic book scripts by top writers - dwayne mcduffie
  24. AX volume 1: a collection of alternative manga - various authors (another personal favorite. but i think any comic artist can benefit from AX- it’s an amazing and diverse collection of highly stylized shorts that take really interesting and surreal narrative directions)
  25. vanishing point: perspective for comics from the ground up - jason cheeseman
  26. rebel visions: underground comix - patrick rosenkranz
  27. drawing words and writing pictures/ mastering comics - jessica abel & matt madden (yeah anything jessica abel touches is perfect)
  28. the graphic canon vol 1-3 - russ kick
  29. graphic subjects: critical essays on autobiography and graphic novels - michael a. chaney
  30. projections: comics and the history of twenty-first century storytelling - jared gardener
  31. lynd ward: six novels in woodcuts - lynd ward (..,,there’s nothing i can say about ward that would do him justice really. he was the master of the craft and i just consider his work so intrinsically important.)
  32. the language of comics: word and image - n.c. christopher couch
  33. the daniel clowes reader: a critical edition of ghost world and other stories, with essays, interviews, and annotations - daniel clowes 
  34. comics, comix, & graphic novels: a history of comic art -roger sabin (one of my favorites)
  35. a comics studies reader - jeet heer (an on point essay collective, way really impressed with the diversity of topics addressed)
  36. making comics: storytelling secrets of comics, manga, and graphic novels - scott mccloud
  37. love and rockets: the covers - los bros hernandez (the entire series is more ideal of course but l&r’s covers are engaging even in a secular context from their narrative)
  38. writing and illustrating the graphic novel: everything you need to know to create great work and get it published - daniel cooney
  39. 99 ways to tell a story: exercises in style - matt madden
  40. framed ink: drawing and composition for visual storytellers - marco mateu-mestre
  41. perspective! for comic book artists - david chelsea
  42. TO END ON A FUN NOTE ::: wampus, vol. 1 - franco frescura & luciano bernasconi ((the stupidly fun dated as hell french comic book that’s supposedly a cult classic but i’ve never encountered anyone else who’s actually read it so like, help me out here)


art tips for improving art

so i’m talking to a friend about art and i feel like I should make this post of what my art teachers have told me and things that I an art major in her third year of college think are great  ways to improve your art.

  • Draw Everyday. Like I know everyone says but for real draw everyday otherwise you will get rusty and it’s okay if drawing for that day is just bunch of doodles, sketches or studies it doesn’t have to be a full blown colored drawing 
  • draw anything and everything. like I get some of you suck at drawing people or animals or plants but the only to get better at something is to do it. so draw anything and everything from your pet, to your sibling, to the cup you are drinking out of to the tree outside your window 
  • Do Master Studies. like holy shit I can’t stress this enough its okay take a picture of an artist you look up to and redraw their picture as a way of practice and studying. In fact thats how I taught myself how to draw. I redrew my favorite manga panels. and Yes master studies don’t have to just be studies of Art History Pieces (while it is still good to do those) 
  • Try any form of art you can!! Super important okay if you have the option to try a form of art you normally don’t do. DO IT even it’s in a drawing style of medium you normally don’t do because you will learn something from it and then you can take what have learned and apply it to your own art.
  • Challenge yourself!! don’t always stick to drawing the simplest and easiest things. that super complicated nick nack at your grandmothers house that looks super hard and intimidating to draw. DRAW IT. always try to step out of your comfort zone even if it’s just little baby step at a time 
  • Real Artist don’t wait for inspiration. I’m not saying that artist who use inspiration in their art are bad or are fake artists. I’m saying you are less likely to get art done by sitting around all day waiting to be inspired. Instead start drawing something and get inspired while you are making the art.
  • YOU CAN MAKE ANYTHING INTERESTING EVEN THAT HALF FULL WATER BOTTLE NEXT TO YOU!!! how you say? it’s all about composition and mark making.
  • Improvement doesn’t happen overnight it happens through dedication 

if anyone else has more tips to add feel free to do so because I kind of feel like I left out some things I can’t think of right now