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YOU KNOW PANDORA HEARTS OMG IM LIKE DEAD NOW, its so hard to find other ppl in this fandom, I love you even more somehow wowie <3

((YES OF COURSE!! I own all 24 volumes and I have the art book too it’s my favorite manga the art style is gorgeous Jun Mochizuki is a genius and also I? I love Gil I would do anything for him, my handsome Raven man who’s terrified of cats and would sacrifice his whole life for Oz end meeee))


My first screencap redraw~ albeit in different lighting than the original b/c I wanted to draw something more bright!! And it’s of the adorable and relatable Serinuma Kae~(^3<)/ This was pretty much my reaction to “Kiss Him, Not Me” chapter 46, I’m so happy you guys!! I had a lot of fun making this redraw, I hope to do more in the future~ 

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Favorite Anime Creators: Osamu Tezuka [ 手塚 治虫 ]
Known as “The God of Manga”, Osamu Tezuka’s manga career is infamous. While he’s most noted for his manga work, Tezuka’s work in animation had just as much impact on anime as his work in manga did, giving him the alternative nickname as “The Godfather of Anime” and often compared to creator Walt Disney (who was one of Tezuka’s biggest inspirations). Tezuka is one of the few manga creators that was able to write, direct, and design for many of the anime adaptations of his own characters, including Princess Knight, Unico, Marvelous Melmo, Jungle Emperor Leo, and of course, Mighty Atom (which aired overseas as Astro Boy). Astro Boy was Japan’s first popular TV anime & forever changed the concept of animation there. And while he’s most famous for his children’s stories that have been translated worldwide, he didn’t limit himself to working on kid’s stuff. As he did with his manga, he also worked on more adult and experimental films before passing away in 1989 at the age of 60 due to stomach cancer.
Tezuka was an inspiration to many creators, and personally gave guidance to creators such as Shotaro Ishinomori (creator of Cyborg 009) and Go Nagai (creator of Devilman and Cutey Honey). He even got to meet Walt Disney, and was offered the job as art director on the film 2001: A Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick himself (though he sadly couldn’t do it.) Osamu Tezuka was not only an exceptional artist, but a graduate of med school, a lover of entomology, an activist, a business man, and a goodwill ambassador.

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