favorite manga boys


Recently I told about my favorite female characters. I decided to post my favorite manga boys.

1. Gintoki (Gintama)

No doubt he is the most unusual protagonist of shounen manga. From the temper to the appearance. He is my ideal. And his seiyuu (Tomokazu Sugita) is peerless. I also like samurais. HEY! HEY! SAMURAI HEART!

2. Ace (One Piece) 

Forever in my heart. I’m not crying, I’m not crying… (╥﹏╥)

Okey, I’m crying. Ace is the best aniki.

3. Gaara (Naruto)

Of course He was my first boyfriend (Yeah, that’s right *dreamer*). I sobbed on his “death” isn’t less than the Ace’s death.. And I was really happy when he became the Kazekage. I always believed in my childhood hero.

4. Squalo (Katekyo Hitman Reborn)

I really like swordsmen. VERY MUCH. And this wonderful shark is no exception. I love his devotion to Xanxus. And his seiyuu, voooooooooi!

5. Yuu (D.Gray-man)

He is swordsman. I fully like Kanda. Especially for ‘moyashi’. xDD

6. Kiri (Sket Dance)

Katou Kiri is great ninja. He is a good person and a perfect assistant.

7. Yumichika (Bleach)

I used to adore Hirako-taichou, but now I have decided that I like Yumichika. Though he is narcissist, but he understnd his friend Ikkaku very well. Ah, how i like it.

8. Jean (Shingeki no Kyojin)

I just like Jean. Though he is irascible, but he is a good leader.

9. Makoto (Kuroko no Basuke)

Сrafty and clever, incredibly clever. I don’t know why, but I adore him. And his eyebrows are funny.

10. Gunji (Togainu no Chi)

“Kitty, kitty, kitty…”. I don’t even know how to describe Gunji-kun. Huh… His seyuu…Taniyama Kishou is awesome /By the way, he is GRANRODEO soloist. This is the group that performed opening themes in KNB/

Thanks you for reading my post, dear! I am very glad if there is your favorite hero.