favorite make outs


I just don’t want him to think I’m not cool.

woke up the girl who looked just like you
i almost said your name.


bada-bing bada-boom


Everyone is entitled to their opinions and everyone is entitled to their beliefs … but if the opinions and feelings are rooted in denying certain people basic human rights, I’ve got a problem with that.


[14/15] Relationships Voted By My Followers

↳ “…I have no right to tell you how to live. So this is just… a wish of mine. Live your life… with pride.”


Mark is happy where he is and enjoys what he likes best: rapping!

cupcakes are totally a breakfast food


fake you out by twenty one pilots lockscreens
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i’ll never be, be what you see inside
you say i’m not alone, but i am petrified
you say that you are close
is close the closest star?
you just feel twice as far
you just feel twice as far


My goal in life is to try to practice being present on a daily basis. I think, as people, our consciousness is spread out. We analyse the past, we worry about the future, and it’s all fueled by fear and pain and all these negative things. Even when it’s good it’s not going to be good in a minute. Then you’re chasing it again. It’s all rooted in time and I think my big ambition is to really practice the ability to quiet my brain a little and just learn how to enjoy the moment.

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