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Hello! May I have some HCs on your headcanon Rebecca? Like, the way YOU picture her? My sis was so thrilled to have a GLADIATOR sharing her name (and age!) yet got... all that bullshit. Please and thank you! (If this request isn't too weird nhfhhfff)


  • where do we even start?
  • how bout some body hcs? soooo hcs!Rebecca is tiny, like really small for starters, she’s just about 5'4"
  • and girl is build, beefy everywhere, arms, legs and glorious abs
  • she also has many, many scars, most prominant are on the right side of her jaw and right across her belly, like the Zoro scar
  • she’s dark skinned, in my modern au she’s Colombian like Viola and the other Dressrosan people
  • her attire is still skimpy but it’s not some bikini nonsense, think a leather skirt and some sort of crop top in leather again, and they’re both in shit condition (bloody and tettered) same with her cape and her helmet and her boots
  • she actually wouldn’t have harmed Luffy with her sword but punched him right in da face
  • yes she has armarment haki
  • She kicks Diamante’s ass herself
  • many, many, many times
  • she actually kicks a lot of ass and never ever needs to be saved
  • she protects her dad heyooo
  • And she’s not about that complete pacifistic thing, she wants to respect her mothers wishes, but dang Scarlett would understand that in Rebecca’s current situation violence is sometimes necessary
  • Rebecca is still a sweetpea but a lil’ sassy
  • Oh and when Mr blonde dragon saved her and told Bartolomeo to man up, she told Sabo that he can go fuck himself

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This quote... "If you look at cannibalism throughout history there is something extreme about consuming somebody else. If you love someone fully the most extreme you can go with that is to digest them and make them be part of you." - (Mads Mikkelsen. I'm sorry, is Mads implying that Hannibal would eventually eat Will? [internally screaming].

Heh, kind of. This is the whole relevant section:

…it’s this central relationship which bestows the show its guts, its romance and intimacy. Hannibal no doubt cares deeply for Will but does some truly heinous things to him. He seems to be trying to inextricably link Will to himself, making it increasingly difficult to separate the psychologies of the two characters.

“There’s many reasons, definitely that, but if you look at cannibalism throughout history there is something extreme about consuming somebody else. If you love someone fully the most extreme you can go with that is to digest them and make them be part of you. It’s a super selfish thing, but it’s a big part of cannibalism. For that reason he wants to possess Will. Not necessarily by eating [him], but just the step before eating would be interesting and they could be one, in tune. It’s a very complex relationship they have. (x)

This quote always makes me laugh. I think it might be my favorite thing that Mads has ever said. I always want to ask–in your mind, Mads, what exactly IS the “step before eating”???

I’m not certain Mads knows, or that Hannibal does, even. Mads seems to be trying to express something inexplicable. Because, really, what Hannibal wants is to have his Will cake and to eat him it too. 

I’ve said on numerous occasions that it seems to me that Hannibal wants to know Will in and be tied to Will in every way possible: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. I think that’s what Mads is trying to say–the important part is that “they could be one, in tune.”

The eating part is Hobbs-ish, which is not really aligned with Hannibal’s character, but I think in Will’s case, Hannibal might be willing to make an exception. Hannibal is enamored of people on the brink of death, and this is no less true of his relationship with Will–in fact, Will’s indomitable spirit while on the brink of death is perhaps the most beautiful thing about him, as far as Hannibal’s concerned. We saw it throughout season one, as Hannibal let Will inch closer to death with his encephalitis, and how that never got in the way of Will’s drive and spirit. Will showed tremendous courage when faced with the unknown of his madness and the fact that even through that cloud–or even because of that cloud–he was able to find Hannibal and see Hannibal for what he was. We saw it in both seasons as Hannibal set Will in the path of any number of killers. We saw it in “Mizumono,” when Will, cut open and bleeding possibly to death, he looked Hannibal in the eye and said, “I already did,” which turned the switch in Hannibal from accusation to forgiveness. Hannibal is seduced by Will in many ways, and Will being close to dying is not the least of these. It’s only a step further from there to cannibalism, if Hannibal were to finally push Will over the edge of death.

But while there’s a certain logic to it, I don’t think Mads means that Hannibal wants that specifically. He said as much, that Hannibal would stop short of eating him. He wants to possess Will, and within the drives of a cannibal, this is a very selfish desire, to completely subsume the other person into your being. Hannibal cannot be satisfied with any separation between them. They must be one, wholly and completely. Not two joined individuals, but one body, one mind, one heart, one spirit.

I don’t think, if this is what’s worrying you, that Mads is predicting that Hannibal is destined to eat Will at some point. It sounds like he’s just trying to express Hannibal’s utter obsession with and love of Will…in cannibal terms.


Now I want you to imagine, a 10 year old version of yourself sitting right there on this couch. Now this is the little girl that first believe that she was fat and ugly and an embarrassment. I want you to imagine her sitting there right now.