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What do you think living with Harry would be like? ( gonna come back for more like this :))). )

Oh, gosh. It would be bliss, wouldn’t it?

It would be early mornings spent whispering to one another in bed, even though there’s no fear of disturbing anyone with how loudly you talk. It would be lazy afternoons with classic vinyl records on repeat as you meandered through novels you’d meant to finish months ago. It would be evenings on the couch, watching movies with your feet in his lap, brushing a hand through his hair when you get up to refill your drinks. It would be nights settling into the covers, going over your schedules for the next day.

It would be frustrating, too. Telling him to pick up the socks he’s tossed towards the hamper, yet hadn’t actually made sure they’d landed in the hamper. Grumbling when he forgot to tell you that the milk had run out, so you’re left with a bowl of dry cereal. Finding out that he’d pocketed your favorite lip balm after he tried it and liked it. Coming home to find that he’d left the bathroom fan on after getting out of the shower. Your t-shirts would be wrinkled - right along with his - after he’d forgotten to take the clothes out of the dryer when it had buzzed.

But, even through those moments of frustration, you know the good outweighs the bad. The good is listening for his footsteps stomp through the kitchen when he’s back from a long trip. The good is being able to catch his eye in the mirror as the two of you are brushing your teeth before bed. The good is not having to decide whose place you’d be staying at that night. The good is seeing your collection of movies, books, and music coexist with his on the same shelves. The good is picking out paint colors together, trying out couches, deciding on the proper thread-count of your sheets.

The best part of living with Harry, though? The best part is saying “home” and knowing that it means the same for both of you.

- Any minute now I’ll cease having any actual skin at all and will instead abruptly transform into one big malleable cartilaginous mass of cuticle oil, because my journey toward no longer having Meth Fingers is relentless and I WILL NOT YIELD (seriously this shit is incredible, I haven’t broken/chipped/peeled a single nail in 3 weeks, even following clumsy incidents which would certainly have fucked some shit up prior to this new regimen, why haven’t I been doing this for 30 years)

- Amazing that even when people think they’re whispering they’re still somehow too loud, hissing out that low-pitched “SPSPSPSPSPSP” noise that’s more grating than if they’d just speak at a normal volume, like I almost don’t even appreciate the effort at that point

- I did however just watch a dudebro in a jersey walk crotch-first into a parking meter while looking at his phone so I guess that’s today’s lil wink and nod from the universe because it certainly improved my mood

- Any real interest I had in makeup was summarily bullied out of me as a child but few things are more soothing than ASMR makeup show-and-tells on your lunch hour, yes you beautiful glowing bitch, gently show me how you store your lipsticks so I don’t have to white-knuckle it through three meetings with this stressy canker sore of a project manager, softly unburden yourself of the shortcomings of various CC creams, swatch me the forbidden pigments, tap the acrylic box, kabuki the microphone, I love you

- I’ve reached a new low (high?) in my profligate capitalism-as-therapy jag and for the first time in my life, I spent real american money on next-day shipping and I feel DANGEROUS

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A/N: I’m back to no one’s surprise with more Nessian. I just can’t get enough of this couple man.. I can write about them all day or more like all night.. So here is another drabble that I throughly enjoyed writing. Who knew writing fighting scenes could be fun?? On top of that Nessian fighting scenes! But without further ado I hope you guys enjoy and I just wanted to thank everyone for all the support. You all motivated me to continue writing again and I can’t thank you guys enough. As always the characters and series do not belong to me.

Summary: Adrenaline flowed through her veins as she dodged and weaved through his series of punches. She’s been getting better at her defense but more importantly she’s been kicking ass when it comes to her offense. Now more than ever was a perfect time to show him what she was made of. So as they continued to train and spar Nesta became determined to kick Cassian’s ass.


Nesta carefully circled along the outskirts of the arena eyeing her victim like a predator that was about to pounce. Her heart was racing within her ears to the point where she could even feel it pounding against her chest and ribs. To calm her heart she gradually inhaled and exhaled hoping to slow her breathing and rapid heartbeat.

When content with her rhythm’s progress as it began to quiet she steadied her body making sure it was balanced. Nesta continued to keep shifting her weight from foot to foot in case she was ready to ambush. The thought excited her and became eager to make a move. The craving for another match became painfully apparent as the time ticked by.

Across the arena stood a male. Nesta kept her gaze steady as she ran her eyes up and down his body. She could clearly see how impressive his frame was even from afar but she secretly preferred to view it up close. He was built sturdy and pleasantly muscular. Her view began shifting up the sharp lines of his abdomen and chest to the sweat building along his forehead which he started to wipe clean.

Once their eyes locked she swore her heart stalled. His hazel eyes were tempting and one of the features she felt attracted to the most. They always told a story and were the only pair that could display such an arrange of emotions. In one moment they could exhibit passion and desire lighting them ablaze. Other moments it could be sorrow and concern that would break the walls of even the most shielded individual. Either way she was powerless to resist their charm every time. Just like the moments where she was powerless to resist him too sometimes.

“Tired?” He called out to her with a confident grin. In this moment his eyes said it all. How he wanted to lure her out and keep blowing off some steam. He as well craved it just as much as she did.

Nesta smirked to herself, “Not in the slightest. I’m ready for another round if you can keep up.”

“Oh I can keep up. But you already know that don’t you?” He replied with a wink.

Nesta felt her cheeks heat and swore to herself. His words always nailed its mark. She hated how much they affected her but hated even more how the memories attached always caused a warmth to simmer inside her.

“How about you stop stalling and talk with your fists Cassian,” Nesta challenged trying to get the energy rolling again.

“With pleasure.”

Cassian didn’t waste a second getting into a defensive stance. His hands were held high one beside the other covering his face. Without hesitation he darted towards Nesta with full intention of going all out. He would always give Nesta his one hundred percent because she was more than qualified to hold her own against him.

Nesta in return settled into a defensive position as well and took a step to meet Cassian half way. One moment they were face to face, the next she dodged his right uppercut. While shifting her head out of the way she felt a gust of air skim her face from the mere force of the swing. His power was always impressive.

But before he could reel his arm back in for another punch she hit him under the ribs with her left hand casually testing out its own power. A grunt escaped him at the slight ache which became music to her ears.

Another whirl of air brushed her hair to the side as Cassian pivoted around Nesta trying to focus on sheltering his weak spots. Both hands were up again and Cassian kept assessing where he would strike next. Her right side was open for the taking so thats exactly what he did. Cassian threw a punch towards his target only to be blocked. But as she blocked his first attempt he immediately crashed his left foot into her other unguarded side. Surprisingly Nesta maneuvered with such accuracy causing her to block his kick with ease.

To counter Nesta attempted to deliver her signature hook but was only met with the back of his hand. Their eyes locked again for the second time. The both of them drank each other up until Nesta felt his foot hook around hers. The next thing she knew she was buckling back falling hard onto the floor.

The air was knocked out of her lungs. Nesta’s mind became fuzzy and tried to focus her blurry vision. After a moment she saw Cassian pursue towards her and rolled off to the side before he could bestow a killing blow. Quickly Nesta shuffled to her feet lunging towards his foot and accomplishing the exact move he happened to succeed on her.

Again her heartbeat started racing underneath her chest. As always she ignored it focusing more on the feeling of blood rushing through her veins and the sudden energy which erupted throughout her.

Nesta’s body lunged for Cassian who currently growled on the mat. Her body quickly straddled his ready to attack. A smirk spread across her features but was completely wiped away as he flipped her over onto her back. Now Cassian was straddling her.

His eyebrows rose quickly up and down as his signature grin became more apparent. He knew damn well that this moment was too good to pass up. Unfortunately that moment didn’t last long and felt Nesta deliver a blow into his side. His body was thrown off of hers then yet again covered with her own. She made to grasp both wrists pinning them in place and made sure he had no mobility.

A bead of sweat rolled off her brow falling right beside him. A wave of fatigue finally settled into Nesta. She could start to feel the bruises to form knowing full well how much they would ache later.

“That’s a win for me,” her voice came out smoothly.

“That was evil,” he managed to get out wanting to rub his swollen side.

Nesta rolled her eyes, “More like fair.” She released her sturdy grip upon his wrists and became more comfortable seated on top him. As she got cozy he propped himself onto his elbows to get a better look at her.

Nesta’s golden brown hair had been braided back, it managed to slide over the curve of her back as she wiggled into him. His nose could easily pick up the scent which radiated off of her. Their scents mingled heavily. It was a combination of sweat on sweat mixed with her intoxicating pine smell. He loved it above anything else and happily welcomed it.

“Please do continue to pin me,” Cassian chuckled while smoothing the hair from her sweat slicked cheek.

“Did I hear sarcasm?” Nesta raised an eyebrow and started to lift herself from Cassian until he pulled her to him in one swift motion.

“No I mean’t it. It’s quite seductive,” he managed with a heated glance.

“Oh?” She let out silently dipping her head to his. Playfully Nesta teased Cassian until fully succumbing to his lips. The two could feel each other smile during the exchange further causing Nesta’s core to curl.

As they parted for breath she leaned her forehead against his savoring the moment. Their breathing evened out together.

“You reek,” she finally managed to get out with a laugh.

“Well, we have been at this for two hours so I would assume so.”

As Nesta rolled her eyes she briefly gave Cassian another taste of her favorite lip balm which always left him asking for more and unwrapped her leg from around his body. Cassian followed along with her grunting from the slight pain.

He lifted himself up and extended a hand to her. Nesta stared up at him deep in thought before finally sliding her small hand into his rough and calloused one. Their fingers melted into each others, it almost felt too perfect how hers fit into his. Several scars were peppered along his skin revealing the long years of sparring.

“How about you take a shower Cas.”

“How about you join me?”

Nesta shoved Cassian playfully to the side trying to escape the clutches of that coaxing expression.

“Come on Nes you know how this place runs out of hot water fast. Either we shower together,” he paused a chuckle rumbling from deep within his chest. “Or you shower alone and in the cold.”

“I have a better idea,” she replied a wicked smile becoming clear as day. “How about I take the first shower,” Nesta quieted for a moment glancing towards the washing rooms and readied her body for another brief moment of action. “And you enjoy the arctic.”

With that Nesta darted for the showers. It took Cassian a whopping three seconds to register what had just happened, he even blinked a couple times in the process. “Oh no you don’t,” he called out trailing after her.

A shriek filled the air as Cassian lifted Nesta off the ground and spun her around as slight pay back. Not a moment later they disappeared into the showers laughter and tension thick in the air.


No doubt a hot shower was what they both needed. The soothing warmth from the water slid down both their bodies relaxing their muscles. A sigh escaped them both as each rinsed off the soap from their hair and sweat covered skin.

While cleaning themselves they enjoyed a fair amount of other activities to relieve some tension until time escaped them completely.

Cassian graciously stepped aside to let Nesta rinse herself off for the second time. She step into the water slowly giving herself to it. This moment here and now was one of the best today. To have an amazing training session and kick Cassia’s ass was something she was sure damn proud of. Honestly nothing could ruin this mome—

“Cassian!” Nesta shrieked as freezing cold water poured onto her. That brood was in control of the temperature and decided to toy with her. But little does he know how horrible of a decision that was for him to make. She would surely kill him.

“Who’s the real winner now?” He managed to choke out through his laughter.

“I’m going to show you,” Nesta grinned grabbing the shower head and pointing it straight towards his most sensitive region.

The expression was completely wiped off his face while he yelped.

“Don’t play with fire,” Cassian cackled as they continued to drench each other in frigid water.


A/N: lmao i wrote something bc school has started and im inactive af and i dont want to lose my audience enjoy. also idk what to title this it’s so ??? drabblish 

Summary: dan sees a picture of phil he had no intention of seeing and it ruins his life in a positive way. also punk/pastel trope bc im dead inside. this isn’t meant to be a true testimony to my writing capabilities in case you realize how sloppy it is 

Words:  1722

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Welcome to my blog  LEARNTOMAKEUP

I’m Valeria and I’m happy that it’s finally Sunday☺

This time I’m posting a new DIY and it’s HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN LIP SCRUB!

Have you ever heard about this popular brand LUSH? Well they sell handmade cosmetics like scrubs, soaps, creams and such. They have nice things but let’s be honest we all not have tons of money to spend on that we wish we had!

Maybe it’s not the money but not all the stores have international shipping and we can’t have those amazing scrubs.  

Well here is a DIY on how to make your lip scrub and it’s easier than ever. You need a few ingredients that you can find in your own place. 

I will show you 5 types of lips scrubs you can start doing! You can add them your own color, flavor and smell too.

You can keep the scrub up to 5 minutes in your lips and to see the results you must do it 2-3 days a week minimum.


This DIY lip scrub helps to exfoliate dry lips and bring moisture back in. This easy homemade lemon lip scrub smells amazing and helps lips feel silky smooth.

This lip scrub is made with honey, jojoba oil, sugar and lemon essential oil. I recently started using jojoba oil in my skin and hair beauty routine and it’s made an amazing difference. Jojoba oil is one of the best oils out there. The fatty acids in the oil help lock in moisture and revitalize dry skin and hair. 

The rough texture of the sugar will exfoliate your lips while the jojoba oil and honey help bring back moisture. The lemon essential oil provides a refreshing scent, one that I use in the majority of my scrubs and hair masks.


Exfoliates and moisturizes dry lips with this refreshing lemon lip scrub.


• 1 teaspoon Jojoba oil

• 1 teaspoon raw honey

• 2 tablespoons sugar

• lemon essential oil


• In a small bowl combine jojoba oil, honey, and a few drops of lemon essential oil.

• Stir in sugar; mix until fully combined with honey.

• Apply to lips and gently rub to exfoliate. Leave on lips for four or five minutes to help the jojoba oil moisturize.

• Use a wet washcloth to remove scrub.

You are done!


The sugar acts as an exfoliant to smooth chapped, dry lips, while also tasting great. The olive oil, is a super moisturizer that helps the sugar work. Your homemade lip scrub can be flavored. This recipe is for vanilla flavor but you can also buy other flavors of extract in the baking section of the grocery to make flavors like bubblegum, peppermint and chocolate.


Makes your lips soft and silky feeling, make sure to put on a good moisturizing balm on your lips afterwards, too.


• 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

• 1 teaspoon of any food coloring shade you want

• 1 tablespoon granulated sugar

• 2 teaspoon Olive oil


• Mix ½ teaspoon of olive oil and ½ teaspoon of granulated sugar in a bowl.

• Add in a drop of vanilla extract and mix it with the sugar and the oil.

• If you want you can add 1-2 drops of food coloring into the mixture. It is recommended to stay light on the food coloring since it might temporarily stain your lips and pick a practical color.

Put the mixture into the container.

And here is your vanilla lip scrub!


The only things you’ll need to make your own DIY Chocolate Lip Scrub are sugar, cocoa powder, vanilla extract, honey and olive oil. What I really love about this scrub is how customizable it is. 

Want it to have a more caramel flavor? Use brown sugar instead of white sugar. Want a different flavor than vanilla? Substitute in almond extract. Not a big fan of olive oil? Use coconut oil instead. It’s easy to make this completely your own.


Your lips will love you for using this flavorful DIY Chocolate Lip Scrub that’s easy to make with ingredients you already have on hand and your lips will be softer than ever.


• 3 tablespoons Sugar

• 1 tablespoon Cocoa Powder

• 2 teaspoons olive oil

• 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

• 1 teaspoon honey


• Mix ingredients in a bowl.

• Apply a small amount of lip scrub to lips, rubbing in small gentle circles.

• Allow to sit for about a minute.

• Wipe off with a soft wet cloth.

• Store the rest of the scrub in the fridge.


Since you need such a small amount of this sugar scrub for lips, you are measuring out your ingredients in tablespoons rather than cups.  I found that the raspberries were ripe enough that I could smash them with a spoon and the sugar, coconut oil and raspberries were very easy to mix together in a small bowl. 

Don’t be too rough, lips are tender!  Afterwards, just wash off with a washcloth soaked in some warm water, pat dry, and apply your favorite lip balm. 


A gentle and sweet sugar scrub for soft, kissable lips!
Goodbye dry and flaky lips!


• 6 tablespoon white sugar

• 2 tablespoon coconut oil

• 3 ripe raspberries


• Place ingredients in a small bowl and smash together with the back of a metal spoon

• If the mixture is too wet, add more sugar, too dry, add another berry!

• Place into a small container with a lid and store in a cool, dry place for up to 2 to 3 weeks.

• Gently massage a small amount onto your lips. Rinse with warm water, pat dry and use your favorite lip balm.


Like most good natural scrubs this one uses sugar as the exfoliant and carrier oil to moisturize and repair. A dash of cinnamon to stimulate blood flow. This mixture has a delicious smell while moisturising your lips.


Trust me, you do not want to miss out on french toast flavored lip scrub. Do those winter lips a favor and scrub your way to smoother smile with this easy DIY french toast lip scrub.

Enjoy new freshly polished lips!


• 1 teaspoon organic white granulated sugar

• ⅛ teaspoon ground cinnamon

• pinch ground nutmeg

• ¼ teaspoon pure maple syrup or honey*

• ¼ teaspoon coconut oil 

• 2 drops pure vanilla extract 


• Stir the sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg together in a small dish.

• Add the maple syrup/honey, coconut oil, and vanilla extract, and mash everything together. At first it’ll seem like there’s not enough moisture to get everything to combine, but keep mashing until you’ll end up with a thick, fragrant, sugary paste.

• Take a small amount of the scrub onto your finger.

•Massage the sugary mixture into your lips, buffing off any dry skin.

• Once your lips feel sufficiently scrubbed, simply rinse away the remnants of the scrub with some warm water. 

*As always I’m open to suggestions and opinions so if you need information about an specific topic don’t forget to tell us! *

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Thanks for reading my posts and love you all, Valeria.

It’s rainy, and cold, and utterly lovely. And I took an hour and a half to myself today when I got home from work to give myself a home spa day with stuff I had in my pantry and vanity already, and I feel utterly wonderful.

  1. Homemade deep conditioner
  2. Homemade facial scrub
  3. Last little bit of my clay mask
  4. A soapless face wash
  5. Homemade lip scrub
  6. Homemade lip mask
  7. Homemade body scrub
  8. An apple cider vinegar rinse for my hair
  9. Moisturizer
  10. Body lotion 

Feeling much better than I did earlier. 

Edit: I added my recipes below a cut.

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Name:  Rosie
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Ethnicity: cracker with salsa sauce
Favorite fruit: apple and melon
Favorite season: Autumn!
Favorite book series: Varjack paw…some obscure furry shit smh

Favorite flower: rose lmao

Favorite smell: wet grass and book pages and cherry lip balm
Favorite color: turquoise, yellow, orange, magenta
Favorite animals: sphynx cats!!!!
Coffee, tea, or cocoa: cocoa 100%
Average sleep hours: not enough
Favorite fictional characters: shigeo kageyama, reigen arataka, meowth and garfield ;)
Number of blankets you sleep with: a blanket and a duvet
Dream trip: shopping in harajuku or a tropical resort
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Do me a favor?
Remember me.
Remember me and all that I once meant to you.
Remember the feeling of my lips against yours.
Remember what it felt like to hold me in your arms.
Remember the sound of my laughter and the color of my eyes.
Remember the feeling of my hand in yours.
Remember what it felt like to fall asleep on my chest and wake up next to me.
Remember the smell of my perfume and the taste of my favorite lip-balm.
Remember what it felt like the listen to my heart beat and know that it belonged to you.
Remember what it felt like when I was your world and you were mine.
Remember what it was like to feel complete and safe and loved.
And I understand if you don’t want to,
But please,
Remember me.
—  f.a.w
Bad Boy- Jaebum part 3

part one  , part two

Originally posted by defsouljb

You were happier now then you were in a while. Maybe because of the fact that it was Friday or the fact that you’d get a chance to see mark later on today. You weren’t too sure but you were betting on the second choice. 

Nothing could steal your thunder as you prayed the hours left in school would pass sooner. Not the looks you got in the hallway, not the whispering you heard when you walked passed, or the pre-calculus test you had on Monday. 

The bell went off which meant the day was over and you practically ran out almost tripping over your two left feet from your own excitement. You walk out the school doors and just in time see Jb sitting on a pretty impressing motorcycle with an extra helmet on the back.  Curiosity began to kick in as you wondered if he was waiting for someone. But who? You must have been staring too long, but more so at the bike than him. He turned around catching you watching as a smiled crept up on his face as he picked up the helmet in an inviting manner. 

As if you would take him on that offer. You look at him almost offended that he would think you’d ride on the back of a bike, let alone anything with him.  You weren’t in the mood for his games today. You had bigger things to worry about. You began walking once more, leaving the school as well as JB to watch. 

As you arrived home you ran to you room raiding through you closet for what to wear. You weren’t much of the girly type but you wanted to look cute. This was a once in a life time opportunity. It wasn’t every day that a hot guy like Mark comes and hit on you. 

You came across a pair of cut up jeans which complimented you nicely as well as a tight fitting plain white shirt that had a grey pocket on one side with “hug me” written on it. Simple but cute. You began curling your hair. Makeup was never much of your thing, but you decided to apply one of you favorite lip balms that smelt of cherries which left a light pink tent to your lips naturally. 

The plan was to meet Mark at the same place you had in the park a few days before. You took your time walking as you took in the autumn breeze and the beauty it held that you ignored from your last visit. As you grew closer to meeting area, you caught a glimpse of Mark sitting on the bench as he has before. But this time you noticed him as well as his nervous face as he fidgeted with the buttons on his white button up shirt. It made you smile to know you weren’t the only one nervous. 

He’s looked up for a sec as you were just about to call him name. 

“Hey beautiful” he said as he stands up and hugs you. 

“H-hi” you say, frozen in place. You weren’t sure if you should hug him back but you do so anyways. He pulls away as he looks at your flustered face. 

“I like your shirt.” You were still stuck on Mars but thanks him anyways as you looked to see what was so special about it. That’s when you remembered your pocket on it actually saying “Hug Me" 

You laughed quietly to yourself, now understanding the reason behind the random hug as you see him began to blush. 

"So what do you want to do today?" 

“Well doesn’t matter to me I’m fine just right here" 

"Hmmm” he begins tapping his chin thinking for a moment. He then smiles mischievously, grabbing your hand in his as he begins jogging to the unknown place. 

This boy was full of surprises you noted to yourself. It excited you as well as made you nervous. 

“Where are we going?" 

You weren’t sure if he didn’t hear you or just didn’t answer. You guys came to a stop in front of what looks like an old game room that is now out of business. 

"I used to come here a lot with some of my friends. It used to be the place to be on Fridays.  Well until it went out of business six months ago" 

You weren’t exactly sure where he was going with this but you remained patient waiting on what was next. Well you didn’t have to wait long because sooner or later you inside the building. 

Although it was abandon, the owner left all the arcade supplies behind. You looked at your surrounding in awe as you could see the potential it had. You had to admit this was cooler than some movie date. Nothing good was out anyways.  

Mark searched around for what you figured was the main switch in the power box. You doubt that would do anything but help him look anyways. Sooner or later you found it and pulled it and it actually worked surprisingly. Note self: stop doubting things. 

The date was perfect. You guys played about 3 rounds of the race car games because who doesn’t like them? When playing the zombie shooting game, Mark stood behind you , hands rapped around yours as he helped you hold as well as get a good angle.  You were surprised with yourself that you were able to keep yourself under control with passing out in his arms. 

Around 7:30 it began to get late as the sun was nearly invisible. 

"It’s probably a good idea if we leave now. Would you mind if I walk you home-”

“YES! I-I mean no as in you can walk me home”. As in I should probably stop talking you thought to yourself 

The walk was soothing. You kept stealing small glances at Marks face as the moon complimented his perfectly. As you were just about a block away you let out a long sigh. You didn’t want it to end and you were scared that Mark wouldn’t want to see you again. 

“Y/N I really had fun with you today”  

“So did I”

“Really?!” he was almost screaming which made you laugh. 

“Yea it was.. Interesting. I mean if there were to ever be a zombie apocalypse, they wouldn’t stand a chance with me now thanks to you” you both laughed at your corny joke which made you both blush remembering the skin ship from earlier. 

“I really hope to see you again Y/N”

Your eyes lit up. He actually want to go on another date with you! Before you could answer he leant in, kissing you on the cheek. Your eyes widen, there was no doubt that you were as red as a plump tomato and no doubt that he could see it, thanks to your porch light. He smiled, only looking down. 

“I’ll see you again hopefully soon” and with that he walked away. Every few steps looking back at you smiling.

It wasn’t until he was gone did it dawn on you what happened. He kissed you!! You also didn’t notice the laughing and talking from inside your house coming from your parents as well as a few unfamiliar voices from inside. That’s when you saw the car parked in front of your house as well as a cool motorcycle behind it that looked oddly familiar. That’s when you remember the dinner party you parents were having with the neighbors next door. Crap!! 

You walk in taking off your shoes. You scan you self over in the hallway mirror real quick. You were still a little redder than usual thanks to Mark but decided to blame it on the cold if anybody asked. You follow the noise down the hall that seemed to be coming from the dining room. The one place your mom used only for new visitors or special occasions. 

“Sorry I was late.  I was catching up with some new friends and-" 

There he was. Sitting right across from you. Jaebum. 

Christmas with Seungkwan
  • the reason he looks forward to Christmas every year? food. and being with his loved ones, as well as seeing everyone’s delighted faces when they open up their presents
  • the PRETTIEST fairy lights in your bedroom (tbh they’d probably be there all year, but still)
  • at first he might not put it to words himself, but to you it’s clear that he wants to go back home for the holidays
  • so when you’re having dinner and he finally speaks up and asks you how you’d feel about spending Christmas in Jeju, you wink at him and caress his hand on the table
  • “I’ve already got us tickets.”
  • his face would light up so much that you’d almost melt there and then
  • Seungkwan squeezes your hand with the happiest smile on his face
  • “It’s going to be an amazing Christmas, I promise.”
  • “I know.”
  • you prepare for the trip well beforehand, buying presents and wrapping them and writing some cards, too
  • when you’re picking the presents, though, you get to help him more than you had thought you would
  • whenever Seungkwan had found something he thought for example his eldest sister would like, he’d put it down, squint a little and sigh
  • “What if there’s something she’ll like even more?”
  • or
  • “What if this isn’t good enough?”
  • the amount of times you got to pat his back and assure him that a certain present was more than okay was immense
  • but whenever he found what you considered to be a first candidate for a present, you agreed to keep looking and go back to it if you didn’t find anything better
  • so in other news Seungkwan takes giving presents pretty seriously - at least when it’s his family (and you)
  • candy canes are everywhere, both as decorations and you two to grab and enjoy
  • one day you’d find one in the drawer you have your underwear in, and turn to Seungkwan with the candy cane in your hand
  • “Seungkwan, I’ve got a few questions.”
  • he’d just laugh, and the questions wouldn’t be answered (which is okay because you’ve already got the candy cane in your mouth)
  • it’s winter, so it’s even more often than usual that Seungkwan asks you if you’re warm enough whenever you’re out and you seem like you might not be
  • you’d assure him you’re fine every time, but not once does he not wrap his arm around you and stroke your arm in an attempt to make you at least a little warmer
  • you might not have agreed to it, but the morning you’re leaving to Jeju and you’ve gotten out of the shower, you spot Seungkwan in black jeans and a red sweater, saying “Santa Claus” in green sequins, and when you look at the bed…
  • “…Seungkwan, we are not wearing matching outfits.”
  • …you see a pair of your black jeans and a red sweater saying “His little helper ♥” in similar green sequins
  • he laughs brightly and kisses you on the cheek while you continue staring at the clothes, appalled
  • “Come on, it’ll be fun!”
  • and it actually is fun, especially with the amount of pictures you take together and laugh at them
  • your way to Jeju goes nicely, with Seungkwan humming Christmas songs here and there and you joining in every once in a while
  • now, well before Christmas, you had asked him what he wanted as a present
  • you had already prepared yourself for “Oh, you don’t need to get me anything, just being there is enough” or something similar, but what did you get?
  • a long ass list
  • it included but was not limited to certain pieces of clothing, phone accessories, game consoles, CDs, books, skin care products and so on and so on
  • he had listed his wishes for almost five full minutes
  • you’d known he listed all that mostly as a joke, but from the small glint in his eyes you could tell that there was at least half a truth to it
  • so you had bought him a thing or two off the list - a cute pastel yellow, soft cardigan and a skin care set
  • but you also get him some really soft bunny slippers because his feet are always cold and it bothers you because what if he gets sick
  • which he often does
  • either way, you get to his parents’ house and settle down, and help them make the food
  • his sisters join you closer to the evening, and it feels so much like home to you that you fall happily asleep that night, well cuddled into Seungkwan
  • the next day, Christmas Day, the six of you spend inside, talking and watching some TV together, and later in the evening you enjoy dinner and open presents
  • Seungkwan’s happy to see his family liking the presents he had gotten them, and you’re almost shocked and definitely touched when you get a present from his family
  • ok but Seungkwan’s like twice as happy to see just how happy you are about that
  • “You’ve been such a great addition to the family, and we just really wanted to give you something nice. It’s nothing much, but…”
  • their “nothing much” would still be more than you had dared to wish for
  • hugs from everyone!
  • by the time you and Seungkwan move to each other’s presents, the rest of his family is focusing on each other
  • Seungkwan’s present to you is, while real, a box in a box in a box in a box
  • he finds it hilarious
  • you, after the 6th box, not so much
  • finally you reach the actual present, though, and are met with the piece of jewelry you’d had your eyes on for the longest time, but hadn’t dared to buy, accompanied by your favorite lip balm and a Thomas the Tank Engine key ring
  • “Why’d you get me this?”
  • you’d be so surprised and confused and shocked that Seungkwan almost gets nervous about it
  • “D-do you not like it? I just thought that since you’ve wanted it for so long, you’d be happy to get it, I’m so sor–”
  • he quiets down when you shake your head, pouting a little as you lean closer to him
  • “You shouldn’t have, it was so expensive…” 
  • Seungkwan wraps an arm around you and smiles at you
  • his voice is quiet when he whispers
  • “It was on sale.”
  • you quirk an eyebrow but place no further questions, and just squeeze his hand while thanking him
  • when he gets his present from you, he immediately gasps teasingly
  • “Oh my, it’s so poorly wrapped. Y/N, what is this~”
  • the package is quite likely the neatest one you’ve ever wrapped, so you just stare at him before giggling, because it’s so obvious that he’s incredibly excited
  • he’s really happy about the cardigan and skin care set, and turns to look at you with a wide grin when he finds the slippers
  • “What are these?”
  • “They’re slippers. You know, nice warm things to put on your feet to keep them warm…”
  • he rolls his eyes and nudges you 
  • “You care about my feet.”
  • this time it’s you rolling your eyes
  • “Of course I care about your feet, they’re a part of you and I love you.”
  • it’s not the first time you’ve said it, but it is the first time you’ve said it with his family in hearing distance
  • Seungkwan goes red and purses his lips, and his voice is incredibly soft when he says that he loves you too
  • his mother has a small smile on her lips, while his sisters are looking at him in amusement, clearly holding back from teasing him
  • bottom line is that he loves the presents he got from you and will not stop kissing you that night
  • his excuse is that there’s a mistletoe above his old bed, which is where you’re sleeping

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This is just everything that’s in my pencil case! I got my pencil case from a store called Morning Glory. I normally take out one pack of mildliners to put in my pencil case. I also make sure to put in travel sized Advil just in case, and I always bring my favorite lip balm. If you want to know where I got anything, please feel free to send me a message!

anonymous asked:

Hiii!! How would be the "cute, lazy, playful and sexy make out session" with Jb, Jackson & Mark?? Thank u so muchh^^

Jaebum: A cute session would mean soft kisses and warm hands holding you close. The lazy session would would be early in the morning when he’s just come back from practice to lay down with you at night, you’re awake and he sleepily kisses you because he missed you. A playful session would be when you’re in the midst of a tickle fight and he manages to get under you, he’ll kiss you and tickle you while laughing. A sexy session would be slow, sensual and definite as his hands frame your jaw and your waist, pulling you closer.

Jackson: A cute session would be when you’re watching a movie late at night and he’d make you look at him and he’ll kiss you over and over again while intertwining his fingers with yours. A lazy session would consist of a Jackson that has had 13 hours of sleep and is full of jet lag, he’ll walk towards you and hug you tight before kissing you softly. A playful session would be when he chases you around the apartment as you’re wearing one of his snapbacks, he’ll catch you and hold you tight and kiss wherever he has access before making you laugh and kissing you again. A sexy session is what you’re imagining right now. It’s dark and he’s got his hands on your hips, his back to the wall, and everything else is all lips.

Mark: A cute session with Mark would be easy to have access to, he’ll come home and once he sees you he’ll lean in for a soft and warm kiss before lingering the kiss and simply saying, “I’m back.” A lazy session would definitely be when he’s playing a game or finishing studying Korean and he makes you walk over to help him when really, he turns his head and kisses you. A playful session would be when he pokes you consistently to playfully annoy you, he’ll then turn you around and surprise you with a warm kiss. The sexy session would be when you’ve just washed your face and he comes up from behind, kissing your neck and then wandering up just after you’ve applied your favorite lip balm.