favorite lip balms

3.16 gratitude list

my daily @wewomenbookclub gratitude list :-D

  • i saw a bald eagle today flying above my house!
  • i found my favorite lip balm i thought my kids stole 
  • that I got to walk my girls to and from school
  • I got to walk into town & ran into a bunch of different people I know and got to talk to them and catch up face to face without kids underfoot 
  • that i had extra money to buy some amazing food from the local Italian deli for lunch 
  • that I laughed  A lot. In fact I think I laugh a lot at myself… heck I laugh by myself 
  • that we got the recycle-ables out in time just as the truck was coming down the street… FOR.THE.WIN
  • that i was able to talk to a friend who is gong thru a hard time right now and make her smile
  • that it was really cold but it was really sunny today and the sky was so so so blue 
  • that i was able to take my girls sledding after school
Do me a favor?
Remember me.
Remember me and all that I once meant to you.
Remember the feeling of my lips against yours.
Remember what it felt like to hold me in your arms.
Remember the sound of my laughter and the color of my eyes.
Remember the feeling of my hand in yours.
Remember what it felt like to fall asleep on my chest and wake up next to me.
Remember the smell of my perfume and the taste of my favorite lip-balm.
Remember what it felt like the listen to my heart beat and know that it belonged to you.
Remember what it felt like when I was your world and you were mine.
Remember what it was like to feel complete and safe and loved.
And I understand if you don’t want to,
But please,
Remember me.
—  f.a.w

Here are my studying essentials. I use just one color for one subject for highlighting just important terms, one color pen for underlining definitions. Sticky notes for reminders, so as a sticky flags. I am not color coding person, it distracts me, my brain simply doesn’t work like that. But , what I do is: I use different pencil for each subject. I don’t know why, but it helps me to remember certain thing about certain subject.

  • I am not using Post-it sticky notes or flags.Post-it brand is to expensive where I live. I useGlobalNotes and it is really good. It is much, much more durable and sticks great.
  • Highlighters: Staedtler
  • Color pens: Stabilo, Point 88, fine 0,4
  • There is, also, always around bunch of paper to write down things I find it hard to remember with my black (always) Uni-Ball pens
  • Pencils: there are different kinds, but I use the most Faber Castell and Pelikan
  • My favorite lip balm Rosal milk and honey
  • Bottle of water

What are yours essentials? Do you use any of these?