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Saudade: Ch1

Dating Josh was honestly everything you could ever want it to be. Two years of the greatest moments of your entire life. You couldn’t even imagine being with anyone else. All your other boyfriends and girlfriends, small flings, stupid one night stands, it meant nothing. Josh was like your modern day Prince Charming. While he might not be the typical fancy haired, twinkling eyed, sharp dressed, perfectly postured gentleman, he was just as special. He had hair that changed color almost as frequently as the weather, mocha eyes that squinted and widened in just the right ways, a rather edgy and modern punk fashion sense, a cheesy humor, and a kind heart. You still remembered the moment you met as if it was just yesterday.

“What the fuck?” you cursed, tripping over your own feet and spilling the coffee cup in your hand to the floor, toppling onto the sidewalk, your palms skidding with the pavement.

“Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry!” a voice cried behind you. Before you knew it, two hands were helping you to your feet, sputtering out apologies. “I didn’t look where I was going, oh my goodness, I am so sorry.”

“It’s fine,” you muttered, brushing yourself off before looking up, staring into the most beautiful eyes you had ever seen. You were face to face with a guy who looked about your age, blue semi-curly hair, nose ring, gages, a snapback, NASA t-shirt, ripped jeans, and sneakers. He stared at you for a moment before reaching down to grab his cellphone, which you assumed had fallen out of his hand when he had bumped into you, as well as his skateboard.

“Texting and skateboarding,” he explained, turning red with embarrassment and letting out a nervous laugh. “Probably not the best decision.”

“Yeah,” you nodded slowly.

“I’m super sorry about that coffee,” he cringed. “You okay? You took quite the fall.”

“I’m fine,” you reassured. “Don’t worry about me.” You glanced at the spilled coffee on the ground.

“You sure?” he inquired.

“I’m good, I don’t know about my coffee,” you chuckled.

“I’m really sorry about that,” he sighed. “Um, how about I make it up to you? There’s a coffee shop down the street. If you’re not in a rush to get anywhere, maybe we could get you another one? It’s on me.”

“Sounds great,” you gave a light smile. “I was just heading to my apartment anyways.”

“I’m super sorry,” he repeated.

“It’s fine, stop apologizing,” you rolled your eyes. “It was just an accident. I’m quite the klutz myself, so I can relate.”

“Got it,” he relaxed his shoulders. “I’m Josh by the way.”

“Y/n,” you introduced, shaking his hand. You both exchanged a grin before walking towards the coffee shop, spilling out your life stories piece by piece, not knowing what great future destiny had planned for the two of you.

A small accident on the sidewalk transformed into an exchange of numbers in a coffee shop, which transitioned into regularly grabbing breakfast together each week, eventually evolving into attending a couple of his shows, and after a bunch of teasing from Tyler and several of your own friends, an official first date.

“A carnival,” you smirked when he led you towards the Ferris Wheel. “Leave it to someone like Josh Dun to take me someplace strange for a first date.”

“Why? You don’t like cotton candy and popcorn?” he raised an eyebrow teasingly, squeezing your hand he had been holding as you traveled down the boardwalk.

“I don’t know, it’s just unusual,” you shrugged. “I was expecting the whole fancy restaurant dinner or adorable little park picnic or something like that.”

“That’s so cliché,” he rolled his eyes. “Come on, we already exchanged numbers in a café. Isn’t that textbook enough for you?”

“Don’t get me wrong,” you giggled. “I love unusual.” You kissed him on the cheek and watched as he blushed, glancing at you and giving a small smile before you stepped in line to ride the wheel.

Josh spent the entire evening with you, winning you small plush animals, buying you funnel cake, traveling with you through a mirror maze, taking pictures of you riding the carousel, painting your faces, and even getting some animal balloons from a clown. You both ended up straying away from the boardwalk and sitting down by the beach, taking off your shoes and going for a late night walk by the shoreline, holding hands and talking about your favorite things in the world.

“I really like sunsets,” you explained. “The streaks of color and how they settle in the sky, the way the sunlight filters through the clouds, the entire peacefulness of it, it’s beautiful.”

“I like cats,” Josh added. “They’re so fluffy and they make adorable purring sounds and I think they have super cool eyes. They’re neat.”

“Finding money in the pockets of your jeans,” you laughed. “Like when you’re doing laundry or putting on an old pair of pants and you reach into your pockets and find money you forgot was there. That’s a great feeling.”

“You know what else is a great feeling?” Josh asked. “Spending an evening with a lovely lady like you, being able to hold her hand and look into her eyes, walk with her alongside the ocean, and know that you truly love her.”

“Yeah?” you wondered, pausing your walking and looking at him for a moment.

“Definitely,” he nodded. There was a pause. “I love you, y/n.”

“Well that’s lucky for you,” you grinned. “Because I’m pretty sure I love you too, Josh. And that’s one of my favorite things in the entire world.”

“What?” he raised an eyebrow.

“Loving you,” you rolled your eyes. You stared at each other, as if searching for something, before he cupped your face with his hands, studying your face for a second before kissing you, placing his lips to yours and letting the rest of the world fade away.

Since then, your small bud of feelings for Josh blossomed into a passionate flower of love. You started to spend all your time together, going to almost all of his shows, watching entire television series together, falling asleep cuddling on the couch, accompanying him to interviews and award shows, and even dying his hair red and pink. You spent hours drinking iced coffee, singing Blink-182, shopping for beanies and snapbacks, watching Stranger Things episodes, going to the pet store just to play with the cats, making occasional trips to the tattoo parlor, and eating countless amounts of burritos. It was the smell of bubblegum and having sweet sex and wearing his sweatshirts and silly texts and late night city walks and open mouthed kisses and trying to learn to skateboard and penny fountain wishes. Loving Josh was everything you had hoped it to be and more.

“Good morning,” he greeted in a sing song voice, kissing your forehead that morning. “Wake up sleepy head.”

“Ugh,” you groaned, fluttering open your eyelids. “It’s way too early. It’s like seven in the morning.”

“You know it’s our two year anniversary,” he smiled. “Big day.”

“I know,” you chuckled, pressing your lips to his. “How could I forget?”

“I was thinking, I don’t know, maybe we could go to Disney World?” he raised an eyebrow.

“What?” you widened your eyes.

“I sort of already got tickets,” he grinned. “Our flight leaves at ten.”

“You’re crazy,” you rolled your eyes, pulling him in for a kiss. “Wait. Are you serious?”

“Definitely,” he nodded. “I scheduled everything. We can stay for three days, go on all the rides, pose with the characters, watch the fireworks, the whole experience. It’s going to be great.”

“I fucking love you,” you beamed. “I also can’t believe you.”

“Surprise,” he laughed.

“You’re the best,” you kissed him again.

“I just wanted to take my very own princess to the magical castle,” he shrugged. “Special occasion.”

It was days like these that reminded you just how much you loved Josh. The adorable plans and surprises, his childlike awe and innocence, his contagious laughter and smile, everything about him. He even bought you matching Mickey Mouse ears to wear and took you to see your favorite Disney princess. A couple weeks after, you were sitting on the couch when the topic came up.

“I think you’re hiding something,” you murmured as you were cuddling on the couch, just having finished a season of X Files. “You’ve been quiet lately.”

“I’m fine,” Josh dismissed, but you turned around to face him, looking him in the eyes.

“You’re not telling me something,” you insisted. “Josh.” There was a moment of silence.

“I didn’t want to tell you until it was official,” he sighed. “I still don’t really know for sure.”

“You’re leaving for tour,” you stated flatly. “Aren’t you?”

“Maybe,” he shrugged. “I mean, Tyler and Mark are still working out dates, but yeah.”

“When are you leaving?” you asked.

“Next month,” he explained. His voice went soft. “Or next week.”

“Next week?” your eyes went wide. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner,” he sighed. “We wanted to surprise the fans with a tour and we’ve been practicing and stuff and we’re releasing dates tomorrow but-”

“But you just didn’t think it was important to tell me,” you muttered, obviously agitated with him.

“Y/n, it’s not like I was keeping a secret or anything,” he argued. “I just didn’t know. Okay? Please don’t be angry at me. I just, well, I was afraid to tell you. I didn’t want you to be mad, but I guess you already are, so, I don’t know. I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine,” you took a deep breath. “I overreacted. I’m just sad to see you go. I’m going to miss you.”

“You know I’d take you along if I could,” he mumbled, pressing a kiss to your lips. “If Ty would let me, I’d wrap you in my arms and carry you everywhere I go. Even on stage. I’d let you sit on my lap as I play the drums, be up there on stage with me, right next to my heart.”

“You’re silly,” you rolled your eyes. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” he gave a small smile.  “You know what else I’m going to miss, though?”

“What?” you raised an eyebrow.

“This body,” he smirked, grazing his hand against your side. “The way your lips feel against mine, how sweet they taste, what miracles they perform when they’re all over my skin…”

“Yeah?” you flickered your eyes up to meet him.

“Yeah,” he nodded. Josh slipped a hand underneath your shirt and up your back slowly, sliding his fingers underneath your bra and beginning to unhook it. “I think we better do a little something special before I leave, right?”

“Definitely,” you whispered.

Everything with Josh was sweet. Being with Josh was a warm cup of café coffee or a sugary tuft of carnival cotton candy. Each touch of his hand was a brushstroke of a painter, every kiss a spoonful of honey, all of his movements as if the light breeze that blows on a sunny spring day. So of course, sex with Josh was always just as sweet. “Lift your arms for me, baby,” he mumbled, slowly inching the fabric of your shirt up your arms, then taking the time to kiss you on the lips again. He trailed his mouth down your jaw, your neck, and towards your breasts, swiftly unclasping your bra and delicately sliding it from your arms as well. Undressing each other was as if performing a graceful waltz, each move just a part of the dance, every thrust of the hips a simple sashay, each roll over a graceful twirl, all movements combined in a beautiful choreography, intertwined with the symphony of your heartbeats and breathing. It was slow and simple and so raw and pure, the most amazing feeling in the world simply compacted into one human being, and he was in your arms, against your body, within you, overwhelming you and taking over, and you savored every second of it.

“I want you,” you mumbled against his neck as you bunched up his shirt and slowly slid it upwards, over his head, tossing it to the side before traveling your lips down his chest. You tugged down his shorts and he lifted you up for a moment to kiss you again, his hands finding your hips and gently sliding his thumbs underneath the waistband of your leggings, hooking his fingers around your panties and inching them both down your thighs, his hand traveling towards your core and making you hum with delight. He brushed past your folds for a second to slide his fingers through your wetness before tugging down your leggings and panties to your ankles, helping you kick them off and then climbing on top of you, slowly grinding down on you through the fabric of his boxers. Both of you let out a slight moan and you reached for the fabric, tugging it down and letting his erection spring free, sliding them down his legs.

“Condom,” he reminded and you sighed, chewing on your lower lip as he reached towards the drawer of the nightstand and pulled one out, your eyes fixed on his movements and the pool of wetness between your legs growing as he ripped the foil open with his teeth and rolled it on over his length, repositioning himself above you and kissing you softly. “So. Fucking. Beautiful.”

“Please,” you murmured and he nodded, lining up with your entrance and slowly sinking in, making you inhale sharply, wrapping your arms around him as he went deeper inch by inch, finally filling you up to the hilt and letting out a soft moan.

Both of you began to rock back and forth, small slow thrusts making you close your eyes and tilt back your head, giving Josh access to your neck, his lips carefully placing kisses on your skin and down to your breasts, each movement so sweet and graceful. He held you in his arms as if you were fragile glass, a porcelain doll meant to be treated with upmost care, a precious jewel uncovered from the depths of the ocean. It made you feel warm and special and safe and so happy, the way his skin brushed against yours making your body relax against his, both of your movements combining into pure bliss. “Baby, I’m close,” he whispered.

“Me too,” you bit down on your lower lip and nodded, both of you starting to shake and quiver in each other’s arms, each thrust of your hips gaining momentum until you both reached your climax, moaning loudly and riding out the waves of orgasm, your bodies pressed so close together until finally it settled. You were wrapped in each other’s arms for a moment before he pulled out, untangling your sweaty exhausted limbs from each other and letting Josh slide off and tie the condom, tossing it into the trash as you reached for the blankets that had fallen off the bed, covering yourself in them. Josh smirked and wrapped you in his arms, sighing.

He stared at you for a moment before closing his eyes tight. “God I’m going to miss you,” he sighed. You kissed again, pressing your lips to his for a moment before pulling away. “I wish I didn’t have to go.”

“Don’t say that,” you frowned. “I want you to have fun. I want you to play your heart out on stage every single night. I want you to smile. And if not for you, then for me. Promise?”

“Promise,” he agreed, kissing the top of your head. He sighed. “I’m going to miss you so much.”

“I am too,” you mumbled. “I don’t know what I’m going to do without you.”

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Deep friendships with MC and rfa + v + saeran! I crave deep friendships between characters, and I'd love to see this! Thank you!

This is such a sweet request anonny, I love it! Being friends with any of the Mystic Messenger characters would be awesome because they’re all so great! I didn’t add Jaehee since I answered a similar request about having a deep friendship with her yesterday! I really hope that you enjoy!! :)

Side Note: I will not be posting any headcanons tomorrow! I’m taking the day off for my birthday and having a huge birthday party just kidding I’m probably going to stay in bed all day and play Fire Emblem but I’ll periodically check my asks box in case anything major happens! I’ll resume posting headcanons on Sunday. Thank you for understanding and I hope that you all have a wonderful day!! ^^


  • Yoosung has had plenty of friends in the past but none could compare to the deep friendship that he shared with you
  • Your friendship with him blossomed when one day you defended Yoosung when the rest of the members scolded him for always slacking off
  • From that day on, you and Yoosung would spend a lot of time together and go to fun places, especially when either one of you were upset
  • He loved taking you to the arcade to show off his gaming skills, but was shocked when you beat him in a couple of the games
  • Yoosung would often invite you over to his apartment when he needed help studying and even started to steadily improve his grades thanks to your help
  • If anyone ever made you upset or cry, Yoosung would comfort the heck out of you with lots of supportive encouragements and hugs
  • In return, if Yoosung ever felt upset, you give him the biggest hug ever and play some LOLOL with him (you would always let him win so that he’d feel better)
  • Yoosung realized how lucky he was to have you, you never yelled at him for his lifestyle and you supported him in whatever he chose to do, making you the greatest friend he could ever ask for


  • Zen was surrounded by people who were his fans and co-actors, but he would always be grateful to have a best friend like you
  • He had always seen you more as a little sister who needed her big brother to explain to you how dangerous other men could be since they’re wolves
  • Your support during the entire Echo Girl ordeal is really when your friendship with Zen took off, making the rest history
  • One of Zen’s favorite things to to do with you was to go over his script lines with you
  • He would always get a good laugh in when you tired to act out the part, telling you that you should leave the acting to him
  • Of course he’d stop laughing whenever you’d give him a slap across his arm
  • Calling you late at night to talk about a vivid dream that he had was also common when you’d become friends with Zen, he always felt safe around you to tell you his crazy dreams in detail
  • Zen was incredibly thankful to have a best friend like you in his life who’d listen to his issues and help him out when needed so he’d always make sure to be there for you whenever you needed him


  • Jumin never thought that he needed to have friends in his life in order to be happy
  • Sure he had V, but he was usually out on “buisiness trips” and even though he’d never admit it, Jumin felt like he was all alone at times
  • That is until you showed up and began to be more friendly towards Jumin, no judging him about his wealth, car obsession, or personality
  • Jumin loved whenever you came over to his penthouse and discuss business ideas with him, usually with a glass of wine or cup of tea
  • But you also became a pillar of support for Jumin, he’d sometimes end up talking to you until morning about his life and just how overwhelming it could be
  • He also loved to take you out to lunch during his own lunch break and rant to you about how some idiotic a few of his employees are
  • In return, Jumin would always be a phone call away if you needed absolutely anything at all, which ranged from if you needed a driver to pick you up because you have a flat tire to throwing someone in jail for life if they messed with you
  • Jumin could be a little awkward around the edges to have as a friend, but once the two of you did become friends, you both knew that you had each other’s backs, something that in Jumin’s mind qualified you as best friend material


  • Seven really never had a true best friend before until he had met you
  • Of course he’d joke around on the messenger with the other members, but you saw through his 707 mask and only saw the real Saeyoung
  • He was nervous at first to be friends with you, since he didn’t want the hacking agency to harm you, but you assured him that you were fine
  • After that, you and Seven would spend tons of time together doing all kinds of random things
  • The two of you would go to movies but he’d end up getting bored halfway through and left with you, went to the video game store to find some multiplayer games, and even went to the planetarium together
  • But most importantly to Seven, you’d listen to his problems and fears, you’d always be there to envelope him in a big hug whenever he needed to let it all out and cry
  • He’d always have your back and listened to your problems in return, Seven would keep an eye on you when he knew that you were going out at night to ensure your safety
  • Seven would forever be appreciative to have a best friend like you in his life, he really doesn’t know how he functioned without you being there for him and him there for you


  • V, out of everyone in the RFA, needed a friend more than anyone
  • So when you came into the messenger and treated V with respect and a positive attitude, V immediately wanted to be your friend because of your kind-heart and he just really needed someone in his life to be kind and encourage him
  • Having someone like you who would actually listen to the poor boy and give him helpful advice was something that made V so incredibly happy and he would make sure to always return the favor in any way that he could because he wanted to share his happiness
  • When he noticed you getting stressed out or sad, V would take you out to a cafe or show you some of his nature photos to help clear your mind
  • He would genuinely laugh and be happy with you and he would always try his best to do the same with you
  • If anyone tried to hurt or talk down on you, V would hire some security guards to take them down because no one messes with V’s friends
  • V would always be eternally grateful to have you as his best friend, he’d constantly make sure to tell you how much of a positive impact you’ve made on his life


  • Saeran was always apprehensive when it came to having friends
  • Everyone in his life had betrayed or abused him at some point, except you, you were different
  • You accept Saeran, you never based your judgement on him because of his past actions and you sincerely wanted to be his friend
  • It took time by soon enough, you and Saeran had become each other’s best friends
  • The sweets shoppe was basically yours and Saeran’s second home, the two of you went there all of the time to try new kinds of candies
  • If Saeran was having a rough day you’d always be there to gently rub his back and tell him sweet words of comfort and praise
  • He opened up to you since he developed a deep trust with you, telling you everything and anything about his life and his emotions
  • But Saeran would always be there for you in return and even though he wasn’t the best with his words, Saeran definitely became one of the best huggers you’ve ever met
  • Saeran could never thank you enough for being his best friend, but the two of you made a pinky promise to always be there for each other no matter what

timeandspacelord  asked:

Legit anything to do with The Princess Bride. Also Disney movies. Or just like the Rampion crew with popular second era literature and movies. (Can you imagine, everytime they get together, one night is set aside as movie night?)

Oh, I’m sure movie nights do figure in to their get-togethers from time to time. However, I feel like they’d often end up being spontaneous affairs, brought on by the too-tired-to-do-anything-but-too-keyed-up-to-sleep state that follows big events like the Peace Ball or the food comas that come with gigantic holiday dinners.

  • It works best when these movie nights happen at Kai’s palace because it has its own theater with lots of space and comfy seats and a kitchen staff to supply the popcorn and soda.
    • However, they make do at Scarlet’s by crowding up on the couch and the floor surrounding it. And Wolf makes some pretty mean popcorn.
  • Depending on who’s in attendence—since it’s pretty rare for everyone to get together at once—choosing a movie can be an adventure in and of itself. Because even if they do decide to limit themselves to second era movies (Cress’s idea) for a night, there are some strong differences of opinion.
    • Thorne wants swashbuckling adventure films like Indiana Jones or The Mummy, for obvious reasons. Cress can sometimes be swayed into voting with him, but she’s also partial to rom coms and can argue quite fiercely for her own choices.
    • Scarlet and Wolf don’t particularly care, but Wolf is partial to action movies because he likes snorting at how ridiculous they are and how the protagonist “punches wrong.”
    • Kai wants witty comedies, Cinder likes sci-fi like Star Wars/Trek, Jacin is all about documentaries (he rarely wins that one), and Winter loves fantasy and fairy tales like the legendary Princess Bride (though, to be honest, all of them are fond of that one) or Stardust.
    • Iko is a wild card…she’s been known to vote in all of those categories, depending entirely on her mood at the time. But she’s very fond of Disney movies, particularly the animated ones (Tangled and Mulan are great favorites).
  • Iko is one of those people who talks during movies because she just has so many thoughts and she’s gotta voice them! Though, she does quiet down when Cinder starts throwing bits of popcorn at her.
  • Scarlet often spends movie night curled up in Wolf’s lap because “it saves space.” Except she still does that even when they’re at Kai’s and there’s PLENTY of space.
  • Winter memorizes lines she likes almost instantly and weaves them into her conversations for days afterwards. Some are slightly altered to fit with what’s going on in her day (”Have fun storming the press conference, Cinder.”) and some are just plain ‘ole quotes (”Inconceivable!”), but she always says them with a broad, mischievous grin.

I stay rooted in places
I can no more call mine
Your name still echoes here
Behind forgotten smell and familiar void

I wore that shirt
You loved so much
To try and hold you close 
As if our memories were 
Still buried in its pockets. 

I tucked a bit of our memories 
In those old frames of my mind 
A little more of nostalgia 
In your favorite coffee 

I wish it didn’t taste so bitter 
I wish it didn’t burn my throat 
I wish these tears would stop, 
But this wound keeps bleeding. 

And may be that’s how 
this time works 
A journey between closed 
and empty hands 

Like the ticking of a clock 
Every sweep brings me closer 
To letting you go, I only miss 
The way it felt, so much hope 
An entire galaxy in my palms. 

And now the lines on this hand 
Blurry and scarred 
Nothing to bring you here 
Just left it all to let it go 

Scattered like diamonds 
Shimmer in the night sky 
Polaris winking brightly 
He leads me back to hope.

A spontaneous Sunday collaboration between me and my lovely friend @drearydaffodil. The ones in italics are mine and the rest by her. Well this was fun. She somehow managed to turn it into a positive one. 

Memories Remain

Day Five of Adrinette Month is Coffee Shop AU!!  This drabble takes place when our heros are in university. It assumes that Adrien never went to school with Marinette and her friends. While writing this, I listened to Coffee Shop by BAP, which I think fits pretty well. I hope you enjoy!

Also on AO3

Adrien didn’t mind the night shift. It was quiet. Generally only one or two customers came in during the late hours, and Adrien spent his spare time reading behind the counter. 

Tonight was no different. It was about midnight, and the only other person in the shop was one of his daytime shift regulars. She was a very pretty university student who lived nearby. Normally, she came by in the mornings for a caramel macchiato before class. They rarely spoke more than a few words to one another, but he always remembered her. She had long, black hair and big, bright blue eyes that reminded him of another girl that used to make his heart pound. 

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taetaekookie10  asked:

Whoa you're in Korea right now, so nice ^-^ Next year I'm going to go too with some of my friends, super excited!! Do have any suggestions that I definitely need to see when I'm there?

oh my gosh that’s awesome!! i’m wishing you a safe trip and an amazing stay here~ hmm i feel like i’m only qualified to mention favorite places around seoul and my hometown, so i’ll try my best with those ^^;;

<< seoul >>

  • han river - at night with 치맥 or ice cream!!
  • everland/lotte world amusement parks
  • all the cafes - especially coffee chu! they have next level churros
  • line friends/kakao friends stores
  • namsan tower
  • the entire hongdae area - really good nightlife/music/clubs/shops
  • songwol-dong fairy tale village
  • bukchon hanok village
  • bamdokkaebi night market - open march to october only, food truck heaven
  • pp seoul lounge
  • shopping @ dongdaemun (cheap) or myeongdong (tourists sometimes get discounts, so bring your passport)

<< daegu >>

  • 큰맘순대국 (yoongi’s family’s restaurant) - amazing food, i go here so often yoongi’s dad remembers my order ;;
  • apsan park - i like going to the buddhist temples in the mornings
  • seomun market - shops + food stalls
  • daegu arboretum - prettiest during spring or autumn!
  • 중앙떡볶이 (jungang tteokbokki) - listen,,, i live for tteokbokki… and when my favorite street vendor ahjumma isn’t around, this is the place to go. just a warning: daegu varieties are spicier than ones in seoul~
  • the bulgogi & udon tents in bukseongro - serving the best bulgogi you’ll ever have, tastes best on rainy days with friends + soju
  • little italia - my brother made me include this… *eye roll* but it’s really good italian food! probably the only place in daegu where the pizza isn’t overly sweet

also: my friend grace (@dearmyjimin​) visited korea recently and made this special twitter account filled with helpful travel tips/reviews, which i highly encourage you to check out too!

if anyone has any other recommendations, please feel free to add them below! 

X-44 Land.

Reader x J-Hope - BTS (ZombieApocalypse!AU)
Genre: Angst, Eventual Smut, kinda smutty in dis one?
Synopsis: The times and trials of people trying to make it in a world that’s heading for ashes.
Word Count: 12.7k
Part 1 of ?

Playlist: Little Secrets - Passion PitIn Case of Rapture - As Tall As Lions, Circles - Thrice, Last Man Standing - People In Planes, Rose Golden - Kid Cudi ft.Willow

AN: *mentions of death and gore* I’m gonna put a TW up on this as it’s a pretty graphic (I mean obviously it’s a zombie apocalypse AU :/) but just a warning! Let me know how ya like it! <3

Everything I loved, became everything I lost.

        If you remembered back to the time where you felt peace; where you felt a complete calm, no fear running through your veins, no worries running through your mind, nothing but happiness and ease, when would that be?

You could almost taste the memory on the tip of your tongue. The summer before the outbreak. Thankfully, strain X-44 decided to let you enjoy one last family outing, making its infamous appearance only a day after one of your favorite times of the year.  

It was Independence Day. Your family always threw a huge get together, inviting as many family members as your backyard could hold. Aunt, Uncles, Grandmas, Grandpas, Cousins, whether be second, third or fourth, hell, even removed, they’d be there. Cars lined the street late in the night, the entire block setting off fireworks into the stars as lightning bugs danced around the atmosphere and june bugs sang their songs of summer, celebrating national freedom.  

“Kids! The food’s ready! Come eat!” Your mother yelled from the porch. A slur of screams and giggles as the children finished splashing their current opponent added to the cacophony of all the sounds of the evening. A repetitive pop song played from the stereo and numerous people swayed drunkenly to its beat, naturally.  

You sipped from the cold beer bottle in your hand casually even though you weren’t of age. Your mother figured a few on the 4th of July couldn’t be that bad and who was going to deny underage drinking? The sun was setting by now. The blistering heat from the day slowly dissipating into a mild breeze while the mugginess remained. You sighed as you ran your fingers through your damp hair, still drying from the trip to the pool nearly an hour ago. This humidity being your only concern.

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Onto Jungkook, our sweet lil maknae I’m v v excited for this I’m loving this concept (also it’s almost my love’s birthday and I am s o ready for it I have shit planned and ready to go I’m so prepared)

  • Okay but Kook is lowkey the opposite of Jimin when it comes to this
  • Kook is what they call the “sudden strike”
  • Jimin takes his time to get to know everyone, find the best way to do it without causing a scene but Jungkook just cuts straight to the chase
  • Jimin really lures his hits into it, getting them to trust him before he goes for the kill but Kook’s hits never really see him before the night they’re assassinated
  • Okay okay but real quick, picture this
  • Assassin!kook wears the infamous black leather pants and boots

  • Like everyone around him is dressed up in suits and ties but he’s just got a nice shirt on and his favorite leather pants and his worn in boots and no one says anything about it bc he carries himself as if he’s wearing the finest suit ever made

  • He rarely goes to events (he does make sure to come to random ones just so people don't realize that whenever he shows up, someone “disappears”)
  • He normally spends the entire night secretly talking to his hit (he tries his best to make sure not too many people see him talking to them bc less witnesses = less pointed fingers)
  • He always finds a way to get them to leave the event, normally using the line of “let me walk you to your car, you never know what’s out there this late at night”
  • He’s definitely not as social as chim is so when you suddenly appear at one of the dinner parties, he’s not at all surprised bc he sees people come and go all the time
  • He is curious about you though bc you’re talking to one of the richest bank owners in the country so casually and that’s not an easy thing to do so he asks Jimin about you
  • Surprisingly even chim doesn’t really know anything about you, just your name and that you started showing up three weeks ago
  • He had to admit he thought you were pretty cute, you seemed close to his age which was rare in a room full of people who were all 40+
  • He went up to you after the dinner and just started talking to you, trying to use some of chim’s tactics in getting to know you better
  • He may have thrown in a few flirty lines here and there and you may have returned them
  • By the end of the night, he had your number saved and the promise of dinner on Friday
  • He somehow finds himself sneaking out onto date after date after date and the next thing he knows, he’s moving into an apartment with you
  • He does have to eventually tell the boys why he doesn’t stay over at the dorm as often and to his surprise, they’re actually pretty supportive
  • Their only advice is to not get too wrapped up into it bc he is an assassin after all and he has to be able to flee at any sign of someone catching onto their game
  • He can’t do that if he’s too busy being a lovesick puppy but he can’t help it bc you’re just slowly wrapping him around your finger
  • It isn’t until you two have been together for two years that he gets a call from Namjoon at 3 in the morning, your name coming out of the leader’s mouth
  • Kook just honestly feels sick to his stomach and is just like you have to be mistaken like no no n o p e I refuse to accept this
  • Unfortunately the person requested him specifically and they were offering up a lot of money for it  
  • In all the time you two have been together, waking up and falling asleep with each other every single night and day, you don’t know about his secret job and he doesn’t know about yours
  • Little does he know, you’re an assassin from an equally popular group and you’d just gotten a call from your own leader telling you someone was gonna pay a l o t of money to put a hit on Jungkook
  • Neither of you can really decline it without admitting the reason why
  • You’d both broken rule number one of “don’t fall in love” and it was a deadly rule to break
  • You decide it’s best just to leave him, to run, maybe change your hair, definitely change your name and just try to avoid having to assassinate your boyfriend bc not happening
  • Unfortunately, just as you’re packing up your weapons, he comes in to ask something about what movie you’d watch that night and then he just pauses
  • He doesn’t give any type of reaction and you’re just stood there frozen bc not only does he see a knife in your hand, he also sees you packing all of your things
  • He doesn’t make any move before he dives for his drawer (where he keeps his own weapons hidden)
  • You think he’s going for the phone on the nightstand so you immediately just have to grab him and try to hold him down while you’re frantically telling him you can explain
  • He manages to get the drawer open but then you look inside to see his stash of weapons and you’re just like uhm pardon excuse me??
  • You two have to sit down and admit that you’re both assassins and like you’re both lowkey upset the other kept such a huge secret but you also both understand why bc you did it too
  • He gets over it pretty quickly when he sees Namjoon calling him for a status report (kook had been stalling for an entire week and normally he had the job done within 24 hours so joon was h i g h l y suspicious) 
  • He just grabs the spare bag and starts packing bc we gotta go nOW
  • He doesn’t have enough time to actually say goodbye so he just calls Namjoon and gets him to put him on speaker so everyone can hear him explain he’s out
  • Much to lil maknae’s surprise, they all agree to help him and tell him they’ll meet him at the new city they’d call home with different names and hairstyles
  • It honestly warms his heart and he’s just so happy he doesn’t have to choose between you and them anymore and he agrees to send them updates
  • You all move into a different city ready to start a new life

here we go the pain is alr creeping up to my heart IM CREEPING IN UR HEART BABE omg sorry:

  • if you love reading you two would be reading your book before sleeping
  • if you dont, youll just lean on his shoulder and slowly drifting off and he finds it super cute
  • seeing glasses wonwoo everyday
  • quoting cheesy lines from his fav book to make u blush
  • it worked now you cant even look at him in the eyes bc youre just that shy
  • you two would probably say cheesy lines from a book/poems or write it on a sticky note and place it somewhere obvious
  • you once found a note on a glass of milk in the morning, he had gone early that day and left you this: “some of my favorite seconds on earth are the seconds filled with my lips spilled upon your collarbone and my hair nestled in your fist. i enjoy last night, here’s some milk.”
  • AND YOUD BLUSH VERY HARD BC OMG JEON WONWOO he just indirectly said he likes hvaing sex with you
  • and so you drink the milk with a pink tint on your cheeks and a smile plestered on your lips HOW CUTEEE
  • and when you have to go to work and he has a day off, you’d also leave something for him like a breakfast along with the note: “no mountain, nor sea, no thing of this world could keep us apart, because this is not my world…. you are.”
  • he’d wake up and smiling all to himself imagining you probably thinking hard sitting where he is while smiling cheekily to yourself
  • he decided to text you “that was really bad omg i can do better”
  • “blocked”
  • and you really did block him
  • who doesnt love cuddles?????? wonwoo is all about cuddles 98% of the time the rest 2% is just reading book and making music
  • he turns super clingy when he’s tired
  • and start whining every second bUT ITS SO CUTE
  • “bABYYYYYYYY” “come over here” “I JUST WANT A GODDAMN CUDDLE” “im cold” “cough cough someone over here needs some loving from his beloved princess”
  • i feel like wonwoo would sometimes call u princess
  • “why princess though”
  • “hm no reason???? it suits you, the word princess i love calling u that”
  • but his favorite name to call you is probably something weird like shizzlepuff LIKE WHAT THE HECK IS THAT and why did it popped in my head
  • “shizzlepuff” “why are u calling me that” “it sounds fluffy just like you”
  • day off with wonwoo would consist of staying in bed til 12 and getting up only to laze on the couch and watch cartoons
  • and make coffees
  • mingyu is always in your apartment somehow
  • “um mingyu????”
  • “oh hey”
  • “how did u even get in??? wonwoo is not here”
  • “ah! i have the spare key and im really hungry right now tehehehehehe /flashing his signature smile that u couldnt resist/”
  • why did wonwoo even gave him a spare key
  • sometimes u felt like he’s hanging out with mingyu more than u and it made u a bit jealous
  • he will tease u when he found out
  • “youre sleeping on the couch”
  • wonwoo really likes to hold your hand, especially when talking about future things and stuff
  • both of you would lay your head on the kitchen counter facing each other with him holding your hand as u both talk about kids
  • “i want 3″
  • “that sounds perfect”
  • “i know right should we start making them now” OMFG U JUST RUIN THE CUTESY ROMANTIC MOMENT JEON WONWOO
  • moving on the hot and steamy sides of wonwoo
  • he likes marking u on ur collarbone for some reason that you didnt know
  • and he finds it really hot to do it in the kitchen wHY
  • loves it when u bite his lip ;;–;;; FUCUCCK
  • hot and steamy times with wonwoo would probably leave u speechless
  • AND HIM LEAVING U A FOX DOLL (u know exactly which doll i meant) FOR U WHEN HE’S AWAY FOR TOUR
  • “it has a glasses like me and its cute like me, heck it even smells like me you can just hug it or kiss it when u miss me ok bUT REMEMBER IM STILL UR #1″
  • late night talks and sharing favorite poems or lines from books
  • “he makes my body feel like its floating into space, while his eyes keep my soul in front of him. his eyes, like a blue sea, immerses my sould entirely. for the first time im not afraid of drowning”
  • “but my eyes are not blue”
  • “thats the point dumbass, im not talking about u”
  • married life with wonwoo is basically books, glasses, cuddles, making out, coffee, more cuddles, cheesy lines, holding hands, backhug, and many more cutesy things combined into one <33333

FINALLY im continuing this husband!au after 2 millenium for more hsuband!au click here

dineshgilfoyle  asked:

Jarica + Magic

Jared would never admit this to anyone but he started planning his proposal to Monica a day after their first kiss.

As kisses go it was a fairly traditional one - open mouthed, on the lips, some tongue activity, no biting - but for the entire day afterwards Jared felt like he was floating, like every kiss, every relationship before this hadn’t counted. This was it. The one. His soulmate.

Jared didn’t really believe in magic or fate or anything along those lines, but he knew in his gut that something was finally right.

So he planned a perfect proposal over the course of a year. He memorized all of Monica’s favorite things - fairy lights, white peonies, moscato, and creme brulee - and her favorite movies, and every single thing that would make a perfect night, and a year and two months and 3 days after their first date, he set up the perfect evening.

It worked like a charm. Monica came home from work to find the apartment decorated with little twinkly lights, and Jared waiting for her with a vase of white peonies. 

He saved the big question until after dessert. He took a small box out of his pocket and opened it to reveal the ring he’d spent hours picking out - a vintage silver band with a tiny iridescent opal, because Monica had told him once that she found diamonds cliched and tacky.

He cleared his throat. “Monica,” he began, “I know you don’t like emotional romcom proposals, so I’ll get right to it: I love you, more than I’ve ever loved anyone before, and you’ve changed my life. I would be honored if you agreed to marry me.”

Monica picked up the ring. “Oh, Jared,” she said softly. “Yes, yes, of course I will. This is so lovely, this entire evening has been so lovely.” She let Jared slide the ring onto her finger, and then leaned across the table for a kiss just as magical as their first.

Me going to bed: okay but the “duet” at the beginning was jarring and discordant because they weren’t really singing together, just at the same time, and Roland never actually said he couldn’t help falling in love with HER, and the whole song was actually very well done and-

Me in the middle of the night: wait wait Sunny…and Dawn? Are you serious?

Me waking up: about five lines after Marianne meets the Bog King he starts copying her style, and echoing her, and singing WITH her and she with HIM and I just can’t even-

Fire and Ice

I waited on the roof of the townhouse, what the hell was I thinking? When Cassian asked me on a date, I’m not sure which of us was more shocked when I replied yes. It wasn’t the first time he asked. Every other time he had asked me I had replied with some witty comeback, normally involving his balls.

I expected dinner, maybe a show or drinks, not some unknown fancy date that required a formal gown.

Though, I had to admit, Nuala and Cerridwen were phenomenal at what they did. I had never felt or looked so beautiful. The dress, was nothing like the dresses I had worn in the human realm. At first, I almost refused to wear it, I had spent years in corsets and this dress was more in line with the typical night court fashion Mor wore. It was Nuala that suggested I try the dress on, if I hated it, they would find a dress more to my liking. Now I stood in an open backed, ice silver dress, absolutely freezing.

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youremarvelous  asked:

10, 12, 23

(for this meme!)

10: Favorite opening line in a novel?

This one is entirely random, but my family has a rich and storied tradition of regular readings/viewings of A Christmas Carol, and the first thing that popped to mind was “Marley was dead, to begin with.” Like damn, Dickens, we’re wasting zero time here.

Alternatively, “Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again” from Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca, because it’s so amazingly evocative for the book to come.

And this is the end of the opening paragraph and therefore cheating, but the opening of The Haunting of Hill House by the incredible Shirley Jackson? “Within, walls continued upright, bricks met neatly, floors were firm, and doors were sensibly shut; silence lay steadily against the wood and stone of Hill House, and whatever walked there, walked alone.” I mean, guh.

12: What would you like to see more of in literature in the future?

GIVE ME MORE QUEER ROMANCE IN GENRE FICTION OR GIVE ME DEATH. I want all the sweet romcoms and sweeping adventures and fantasy epics and I will never have enough, dammit.

And I got 23 here!

pocketeering  asked:

Happy anniversary you guys! In the spirit of things, how would the hosts celebrate their anniversary with their s/o?

Host Club: Headcanons

Tamaki: Tamaki would spend his anniversary in the sweetest way possible. Most likely, he’d want to take control of the date. He’d buy his significant other flowers (roses, probably) and surprise them with a dinner to their favorite restaurant. Afterwards, he’d play piano for his S/O to fall asleep to.

Kyoya: Like Tamaki, Kyoya would want to plan his anniversary date with his S/O. He’d take his lover to a fancy dinner followed by a rose maze or greenhouse, and they’d chat as they strolled down the rows of flowers.

Honey: Mitsukuni would spend his anniversary with his lover visiting all of the candy shops and bakeries in the area. They’d drive to one after the other after the other and pick up all sorts of sweet treats. Afterwards, they’d enjoy them together under a comfy blanket, having a Disney movie marathon.

Mori: Takashi would leave the planning to his significant other when it came to their anniversary. However, he would absolutely give his S/O a wonderful gift fitted to their taste. Depending on the person, he might give them a gorgeous watch, a delicious cake, etc.

Kaoru: Kaoru would spend his anniversary reenacting the first time he and his significant other met or their first date. This special day would be filled with nostalgia for the both of them; they’d likely sit at the bench they met at together and speak excitedly about their plans, and then go to the site of their first outing together (most likely a theme park of some kind). The night would end in the sweetest way possible: cuddling on the sofa. 

Hikaru: Hikaru would surprise his lover with a rooftop picnic. He’d spend the entire day making sandwiches and shopping for his S/O’s favorite snacks. Not only that, he’d line the rooftop with stunning fairy lights and put together a playlist of his significant other’s favorite songs. All in all, an amazing anniversary date.

- Admin Sarah <3
Thank you so much!!

Letters From the Hosts: One Year Anniversary Event!
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sometimes i forget that some people don’t find the NW storyline interesting

So I have this fic in one of my fandoms that I fucking LOVE. It’s my go-to, I-need-a-pick-me-up read. It’s long and only slightly AU and basically the best of all my favorite tropes. It’s the fic I wish I’d written.

But there is a line I ALWAYS forget about in the second or third chapter that fucking infuriates me and I actually had to rage!quit out of the fic last night because it seems to get more and more frustrating every time I am reminded of it.

The line is insulting on several levels, one because it’s obviously the writer imposing their personal feelings onto the character, two because it’s insulting to an entire demographic who actually ENJOYS the series the line slams, and three because the main character in this story is a woman who is very grrrlpower and it’s very hard for someone who may like or even just have no negative opinion about the other series to imagine that Felicity Fucking Smoak would be fucking confused why people would enjoy a show that has a woman in a traditionally (and canonically) male role. Yes. I’m talking about Elementary. Basically, I rage!quit out of one of my favorite fics last night because I got fed up at a line that basically shows the writer’s bias against Elementary based on the fact that Watson is female and - dude. I don’t watch it. I watched the first season and I liked it but not enough to actually marathon it or anything. But how DARE you? How DARE you impose your personal feelings about another TV show on a character? Especially one that seems so utterly, ridiculously biased? You’re telling me a superhero’s sidekick (and future superhero herself) who, IN YOUR STORY, fangirls like WHOA over Canary when she shows up, has an issue with a female Watson?

I totally try not to judge writers on what other series they are into. I’ve never abandoned a writer because they also write for say Twilight or something. And Felicity is unique in some ways in that she is clearly a part of fandom culture herself, which makes it super tempting to self-insert. Cool. Other fans reading your story will love to see that the badass amazing Felicity Fucking Smoak is a fan of the same things they are (I get such a kick out of picturing her in Dalek pjs, for example). But don’t use her as a platform for dis some other series. Dude. Just don’t.

What dating Kyungsoo (D.O) would be like:

– “Let that boy test me one more time.”

– “Kyungsoo no

– Kyungsoo’s always singing Musiq Soulchild to you and you just love it.

– He’s so full of comforting hugs and gentle words that no one expect it from him and they’re just like ??? but you’re just like (-:

– He’s oddly always got sweets baked up and you’re not sure where he got the time but every time you’re like, “I’m hungry,” Kyungsoo’s there with a bowl of cookies. 

– Helping him dress himself in the mornings that he’s home because he trusts your sense of fashion judgement over his own and Baekhyun’s whos always trying to actively dress Kyungsoo up. 

– Saving Baekhyun every time Kyungsoo’s like an inch from swinging. 

– Comparing hand sizes. 

– Horror movies where you’re scared completely cold and Kyungsoo’s just there with this tiny little smile. 

–  Dealing with his victory screech every time they win an award.

– Secretly a proud mom but he always tells you not to embarrass him but it’s like ??YoU DO thaT Ur sELf??

– Squeezing his cheeks at inappropriate times.

– Tell me what is love is your anthem.

– On vacations you’re like “Hey can I get that?” n he’s like, “Hyung?” and Suho just hands over his credit card.

– Encouraging his rap career.

– Spending all of the hours of the days draped on the couch in the vocal room and he spends the entire time trying to fix his voice and it’s sorta depressing. 

– Encouraging pep talks when his voice cracks and he gets this distressed look on his face. 

– Trying to cook a surprise dinner for him but when he gets home it’s a big mess and he just looks you dead in the eye like, “Why were you in my kitchen?”

– It’s Kyungsoo’s kitchen. 

– Also his favorite place for late night sex.

– Also the couch. Apparently the bedroom is too overrated to him.

– Being there the entire time Jongin’s teaching him a dance and he looks so pained and again you’re depressed. 

– Running over his lines for his drama with him all night until it’s perfect.

– Pretty much never sleeping because Kyungsoo’s a whiny child that requires constant encouragement and attention but you don’t really mind. 

– Waking up in the mornings to his slightly reddened skin and puffy lips and waking him up by pressing your lips to his just to feel him. 

– His morning voice.

– Heart aches when you watch his fancams and he gets startled by the confetti cannons because you know the child just almost died.

– Kyungsoo taking the day off on your birthday without you knowing and you come home to just a plain white box in his hands and you’re scared thinking it’s Baekhyun’s head but when he takes the top off, a tiny puppy pokes his head out and you’re in tears.

–  Kyungsoo spending hours learning love songs in different languages so he can surprise you with a song in a language you don’t understand but you’re still in awe at him. 

– Doing anything to make him smile because when he does it’s like sunshine and rainbows.

– Weird art and pottery classes together.

– People always question you how you two get along so well when he never talks and you just shrug with a dumb grin on your face.

– Kyungsoo’s a gentle soul with like no emotion but he really doesn’t need his facial expression to express it because you already know by the way he’ll change his lock screen and home screen to you every time you post a new selfie. Or they way you just kind of look at something in a shop window and it’ll be on the dresser the next day. You never really can figure out how he has the time to go back and get it between all of his activities but you don’t question it because he just looks so humbled by the happy expression on your face.

If there’s one thing I know, it’s that our souls have been star-crossed since the beginning of time, always separated by some breadth of space, never allowed to touch or to have.

But still I know that you are my reason to exist.

There is no greater love story than ours, the one that could take up more pages than the world has ink, and even then we would scribe who we are into those sheets of white with the dry nib, entrenching ourselves into those invisible lines.

We’re the only ones who deserve to read it anyway.

I would think it a sin, that being bound by the very same blood and bones would be enough to shatter the place in my chest where my heart belongs every time I look at you (but it’s not there, you see; it has always been yours).

And yet.

And yet the slip of your fingers between mine is my favorite prose, sweet words lifting from an ever-sweeter mouth that curls up at the sides and carves a dimple into your cheek.
I tried to hold back, to resign myself to my fate as brother (protector, caretaker, your entire life) and not ask for anything more, but that night the fireworks looked like stars and I could have sworn they spelled out our names.

So when your hand brushed my cheek and pulled me down to find you tracing love in cursive lines against the seam of my lips, I was already gone.

I resent every moment that existed before then, cursing the sand-filled hourglasses for stealing time that should have been spent with you being mine, me being yours.

I curse my past self for turning away from touches out of selfishness, out of a need to protect your fragile heart that deserves to be paired with someone, anyone, better than me, knowing how little I trusted my own hands that I was sure were tainted in putrid black.

But then you kissed me.

You kissed me and you took my hands in yours and you showed me how to turn those black fears into ink.
Together, we began to write ourselves into the sky, and there we will remain.

Ours is a book that will never burn.


You’re what I’ve been living for

For @samdeanpoetrychallenge
prompt: turning page by sleeping at last
partner: @metallicadean

Day 4 favorite scene

This list is nowhere near all of my favorite scenes, but these are memorable in my book.

Stripping for Smiles by @babycakesbriauna   the entire one shot of Rick stripping for Michonne to Gucci Mane and doing a horrible job at it was hilarious and adorable.

Crash into me by @dirtiebirdie17  Rick and Michonne date night complete with dancing together.

Jump on it by @cake-by-thepound  Michonne giving Rick a lap dance in front of all of their friends. My favorite lines were when Rosita says “Is it just me? Or are they basically having sex right now?” and Abraham says “You two are an inspiration”

The end and the beginning by @Rosepddle010   This scene of an old Rick and Michonne dying together surrounded by their children is so beautiful.

Queen of hearts by @mamagrimes6   When Negan sacrifices himself for Michonne, and the end when an adult Judith is talking about her family is full of feels.

I Been Dranking by @severelybabykryptonite   When a drunk Rick trips and falls on the floor and an equally drunk Michonne ‘checks him for injuries’. Also, when Michonne falls asleep right when they’re about to have sex.

Talk Dirty to Me by @pennylane714    The funniest line of all time is when a jealous Rick is watching Michonne and Daryl interact and he thinks “Stupid Daryl with his stupid cross-bow and stupid vest that makes all the women go nuts. Well I’m cool too! I got… a gun… and a hat. Fuck, no I don’t, I gave it to Carl. I got… pigs. Motherfucker, I’m pathetic.”