favorite leverage moments

Favorite Leverage moments from rewatch 1,867 (or something like that) end of season 2:

-Eliot “I don’t do that anymore” Spencer being willing to kill the fake psychic who made Parker cry.

-Eliot trying so hard not to smile while Hardison does his over-the-top cop routine with the officer at Bonnano’s house.

-Tara laughing at Eliot and Hardison doing their special handshake over Eliot getting a sandwich named after him.  She’s always exasperated with Nate, but she kind of loves the rest of the team.


- Super Defensive Nate softening instantly when an upset Parker tells him to “Be Nathan Ford!”

The Bank Shot Job

One of my favorite moments of Leverage to this day is when Nate gets shot and Sophie screams out his name and then whispers ‘talk to me’ over and over as she cradles his head and basically folds herself around his upper body.

We know that Sophie cares for Nate even though we’re only five episodes in. We know that Nate is head over heels for Sophie, you can see it every time he looks at her - but this is the first real sign we’ve got besides Sophie’s speech during The Miracle Job (S1E04) that what’s between them is very much alive and real and growing with every current interaction.

Nate’s been shot before. Hell, we see Sophie shoot him in a flashback during The Nigerian Job (S1E01), but I think this is probably the first time Nate’s been shot in front of her and she hasn’t been the assailant. When she shot Nate she knew he was going to be fine. It was just a flesh wound.

This is the first time Nate’s been possibly seriously, life-threateningly injured in front of her and she loses it for a hot minute and blows their cover because it’s Nate

My favorite moments on Leverage are when they do something too fucking well.

Like, oops, Parker, you gotta be on jury, sorry, Hardison, you played the diamond specialist too well, now you’re kidnaped, you guys are obviously the real cops, so here’s the task for you.

Ooops, they’re too good, here come the consequents!


Just a few of my favorite Hardison-geek-out moments.

There were just so many to choose from tbh, but I enjoy how he’s not afraid to show how much of a geek he is.
His introduction to everyone else, is just a blatant ‘hey I’m a geek, get used to it.’
He’s all about the tech.
And his reactions to all things geek is visceral, he rarely holds anything back.

honestly, one of my favorite underrated Leverage moments is in “The Boiler Room Job” when Sherman asks who all the people are, and Nate responds “These people? They are your victims. Meet Mr and Mrs Wang. You stole $68,000 from Mr Wang’s father. It was all the money he had. You stole from every single person in this room. Every single person is a victim.” Like idk why but I just love how serious it gets.