favorite les miserables movie


Monsieur le Maire, I have a crime to declare.
I have disgraced the uniform that I wear.
I’ve done you wrong, let no forgiveness be shown.
I’ve been as hard on every rogue I have known.
I mistook you for a convict. I have made a false report.
Now, I learn they’ve caught the culprit. He’s about to face the court.

He must pay, and so must I.
Press charges against me, sir.

You have only done your duty.
It’s a minor sin at most.
All of us have made misjudgments.
You’ll return, sir, to your post.

anonymous asked:

16, 44, 47, 50, 96 and 97?

16. Favorite movie?

Les Miserables! ((my laptop is glitching the fuck out, I’ll add the accent later)) I love the book, movie, and stage play, honestly. It’s one of my main fandoms, although I don’t talk about it much on this blog. 

44. Do you have a strong accent?

Not particularly.. I wouldn’t say my accent is American, but at the same time it isn’t Korean or French..

47. What is your most expensive piece of clothing?

A dress. It’s something my mom bought for a fundraiser for me. It’s sitting in my closet right now, although I doubt I’ll wear it again..

50. Left or right handed?

I’m actually ambidextrous ! 

96. How did you get your name?

My parents thought I was going to be a boy. So they just shortened what they had planned on naming me. 

97. Were your ancestors royalty?

My father is French, and yes, his side of the family is from French royalty. I don’t know about my mother, though..

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i actually shrieked because i saw that Les Miserables is your favorite movie, me too pal how do you feel about bugs and crawlie things?

I love enjolras sm.
Also i care abt bugs a lot! im the designated spider catcher in the house & today I saved lots of bugs frown drowning at the waterpark

Ishikawa Kaito Fun☆Facts

> Someone once told him that he looks like Tobio when he thinks

>During afureco, to reduce his nervousness, he punch his own chest and makes everybody surprised. That is when he realize how stupid that act was.

>When asked what kind of boy he was as he kid, he answered “ I’m the kind of kid who will jump into the lake in winter.” *www*

>His favorite movies are Pirates of the Caribbean, Les Miserables *this surprised me*, and Captain America

>His favorite singer is Hirai Ken

> He plays baseball, swimming, tennis, gymnastic, winter sports, and boxing 

>He always go to electric shops and the expensive thing the recently bought is paper shredder

>He has driving licence and MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) for Excel

>His type of girl is a girl with short hair, active and upbeat

>The first things he saw on a girl are her legs and eyes

>If he stuck at a secluded   island and can only bring one thing with him, he would bring a ‘strong heart’

>He has a habit of putting the pen that he got during his birthday inside his pocket everytime he leaves the house

>He likes chocolate, natto *whaat??*,  cooked vegetables and meat


Infinite List of Favorite Movies - Les Miserables, dir. Tom Hooper

“This is the land I fought for liberty, now when we fight, we fight for bread… here is the thing about equality, everyone’s equal when they’re dead.”


GET TO KNOW ME MEME: [2/5] Favorite Movies » Les Miserables

Do you hear the people sing, lost in the valley of the night? It is the music of a people who are climbing to the light. For the wretched of the earth there is a flame that never dies. Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.”