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Nightwish ruined my life » Favorite Lead Singer [1/1]: Tarja Turunen

Choosing between two of my favorite vocalists, both whom I have been listening to since my teenage years, was really difficult. But then, this is a Nightwish meme. And I feel that in this context I could have made no other choice. Back in 2004, when I listened to Nightwish’s music for the first time, I was really impressed by Tarja’s beautiful and powerful vocals, which at times gives their songs an energetic and bombastic feel, or a deep and intense atmosphere at others. To me it was, and still is, an intrinsic part of the band’s earlier unique allure.


“Not him again” Dean groaned beside you and you rolled your eyes, turning the volume of the TV higher.

“Hush Dean, it’s starting” you adjusted yourself on the couch better, as the interview of your favorite band started and they began talking, one by one - whenever a question was directed to them anyway. 

You giggled as you saw your favorite, Patrick, the lead singer of the band - Fall Out Boy - make a funny face. You all but squealed. He was your favorite, of course, though you could not say that you did not love the other member just as much.

The soft spot you had for Patrick, though, had not gone unnoticed by the other person that you had  bigger soft spot for - Dean Winchester. Not that you were going to admit that to him.

He had found out about your silly crush on the singer and, although you brushed it off as nothing since the man was married and you were nothing but another fan of his, Dean seemed to take none of it and only get more… exasperated? 

No, it wasn’t the right word to describe his weird behavior whenever Patrick was mentioned.

He acted like a jealous boyfriend which was completely unnatural because neither was he your boyfriend nor had he shown you ever any signs that could justify his jealousy. He had never shown any signs of being interested in you.

Not to mention that it was Patrick freaking Stump. Why be jealous of him?!

…Well you had a couple good answers to that but that was a whole different issue.

“It’s just- I don’t see the point” he murmured.

“In what?” you asked, not taking your eyes off the screen for even a split second.

“For having a crush on him and all that” he motioned to the TV.

“Hey you love your car as if it were real but I’m not complaining. So shut it and let me listen” you turned the volume higher.

“What? So you love him?” he asked, his voice raising slightly.

“Crush, love. What’s the difference” you shrugged.

“Uh yeah, yeah there is a difference in that. A big one!” he insisted.

“Just let me watch the interview, Dean! Patrick’s going to talk, hush!” you said, focused even more on the TV. Not looking at him for even a second.

“I just don’t understand. I mean he- he’s not anything special anyway. Why do you like him so much?” he asked again.

“Oh you know I could go on forever on that, Winchester” you mumbled with a smile, looking on the TV.

“Yeah, but I mean he- there are other men in the world better than him and, you know, they might be closer than you think. Just like- I don’t know, maybe if you tried to think about it then- you would realize that-” he cleared his throat “You could definitely find someone better, anyone really, even that dude-” he motioned to the TV “-But I mean you could really think about it and-”

“Oh my Castiel, Dean just shut the freaking hell up! Yes I like Patrick which is why I really want to listen to what he’s saying right now but with you rambling on stupid things because of your stupid jealousy over him I can’t! So please, just please - shut it!” you said and let out a breath, directing your eyes from Dean back to the TV.

“I-I ‘m not jealous. Why would I be?” he said crossing his arms over his chest and laughing nervously.

“Yeah, whatever”

[A/N: Don’t even ask why. I’m just gonna go listen to FOB now.]

I am undertaking a new project! 

Objective: to draw as many of my favorite male lead singers as possible in the colors their voices remind me of.

Actual Objective: to revert to one of the areas of art I feel most confident in to boost my self-esteem. And draw hot guys.

Anyway, here’s Brendon Urie from Panic! at the Disco. I like when he wears glasses (tbh, I like him all the time, but the glasses especially resonate with me :3)

Might delete and repost later when I figure out what photography even is.

Gather around me kids and imagine UNDERBAND.

Our friends have a band and everyone has a different taste in music but they have the band just for all the fun they have together

( personal headcanons ) favorite genre & favorite artist
Frisk - lead singer ( 80′s music & ABBA )
Undyne - lead guitar ( Heavy Metal & Black Sabbath )
Sans - bass guitar ( Indie/Alternative & Gorillaz )
Papyrus - drums ( Pop/Rock & Avril Lavigne )
Alphys - recording engineer ( Elektro Swing & Various artists )
Mettaton - Diva/Fabulous ( K-Pop & Various artists )