favorite klaus moments


Klamille Appreciation Week

Day 1: The Moment You Knew  ↳ Season 1; Episode 4

I wouldn’t say there was a specific moment that had me ready to sell my soul for this ship, but I will say that after this episode I was at that point. There were so many good developments and amazing scenes to come out of this episode. This particular scene though, is one of my low key favorite moments. Klaus is so smitten with Camille. Only 4 episodes in, FOUR. The way his face lights up when she’s basically calling him out for being shitty. Then he slips up and lets out his “Because I like you” and it was so sincere to the point that it caught Cami off guard and he immediately tried to reel it back in and play it off as only Klaus can. I saw right through you though. Two seasons later he’s still running from his feelings. Oh, Klaus.