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” You must know that such love is impossible.”
“ Impossible loves, I’m very much afraid they can become an addiction. “


My first screencap redraw~ albeit in different lighting than the original b/c I wanted to draw something more bright!! And it’s of the adorable and relatable Serinuma Kae~(^3<)/ This was pretty much my reaction to “Kiss Him, Not Me” chapter 46, I’m so happy you guys!! I had a lot of fun making this redraw, I hope to do more in the future~ 

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Riverdale Preferences : Where they like to kiss you

✨I finally found time to write, so here’s this, and even though I don’t say this a lot, every single reblog and like I get, makes me so happy.So, reblogs and likes are much appreciated.✨


Your lips; To him, your lips were like irresistibly feather soft pillows that he desperately wanted to sink into. Your lips were often in a pout, and he gazed in wonder as those magnificent pillows of yours parted, he felt as if all the air was ripped out of his lungs. He adored the slope of them as he lazily traced a finger along their edges. He loved how your lips were never a blood red color, but rather a soft pink, like gentle roses. If you bit your lip, whether it be in confusion or on purpose, it took everything in him to keep himself from snatching the lip away with his teeth. The thing that he loved most of all was the way your lips fit together when you kissed. It was like the gods themselves had made them for each other, there were always intense galaxies in your minds. The vibrant stars contrasting against the velvet background. Kisses were what brought you closer, and what binded you together, in a hopeless situation neither of you ever wanted to escape from.


Your Chest; You were ridiculously insecure about your chest. At a young age, your boobs had delevoped majorly, you were a d cup by your freshman year of high school. Those thoughts practically sprinted away form your mind whenever Betty was determined to make you feel better. Most of the time, she would quickly throw you onto her bed, straddling your waist while peppering kisses all over your face. She would then duck her head down a bit and light nibble on your breasts through your clothes. You always had a moan ready for the action, although it never left your mouth when or how you intended it to. The buttons of your blouse were violently torn, the sound of them flying in all directions could be heard in every inch of the room. Betty made sure to drag her coarse tongue completely over the shape of your breast, catching a nipple in between her teeth once in a while.


Your shoulder and hand; The jagged bones of your body shivered, as you hadn’t been able to eat lately. You had episodes like this a lot, you were hungry, yet you had no appetite.You had been to countless doctors visits, but they could never figure out what was wrong. Veronica was always there for you at a moments notice, ready to head to your house and cuddle while you watched a movie but you wouldn’t really watch it. She would be there, lying on the scratchy couch with you as she pressed lazy kisses to your shoulder blades and your hands, slightly shuddering at how skinny you were. It was an action that comforted you greatly, her glossed lips on your hands and shoulders were all you needed to live. You didn’t want to even think about if something were to happen and that small sign of safety, was gone.You sighed in appreciation as you felt another kiss against your right shoulder blade, you would never get tired of that feeling.


Your neck; You were certain that Jughead had some sort of a neck fetish. Every chance that you two had, Jughead would literally attack your neck, hastily biting and sucking at the skin. Your neck was usually warm, so it didn’t help that Jughead made you feel like it was covered in flames. You didn’t mind though, there was truly nothing better than the feel of his lip gliding over the skin. It was his absolute favorite place to kiss you, ever since your fifth date. You had dinner at this really expensive Italian restaurant.You stared into each other’s eyes, neither of you noticing the sauce from your spaghetti splatter your neck. Jughead had later licked it off, leaving you severely hot and bothered. Jughead was quite aware of the effect the action had on you, so he used to his advantage. You were a bit annoyed with him for that, but he heavily ignored it.


Your forehead; Your skin was somehow always ice cold, you were cold natured and you couldn’t exactly say that you liked it. Reggie’s lips were unnaturally large, enough so that it reminded you of Sam Evans from glee. Those pair of lips never failed to soothe you or bring your temperature up. You also suffered from severe nightmares, due to the events that had occurred in town. Usually, you woke up screaming, thrashing around in your bed. Your door had several abrasions from Reggie throwing it open and rushing to help you. All it took to calm you was a simple peck on your forehead


Your Waist; Given that the gesture was a bit suggestive, it certainly doesn’t happen in public. You two would have to be in private, either in Cheryl’s room or Yours. Your pants would be pulled down only so that your hip bones were visible. Cheryl would lazily rest her head on the bones for a few minutes before she began to leave a series of gentle kisses along the edge of your left hip bone. She pressed light pressure against it with her tongue, licking her way back up again. She did the same to your right hip bone, and then she would repeat the process for awhile until she heard the hum of your light snoring. Your were always exhausted, applying for jobs and getting all your homework done was stressful. You usually went to sleep after the second kiss that was placed on your hip. Cheryl never failed to notice how gorgeous, even though you always were, when you slept. She would give a final peck to both hips before cuddling into your side and going to sleep as well.

Karamel Appreciation Week: Day 4.
I can’t do gifsets, but I wanted to show how much I love Karamel’s almost constantly touching. 😍

• The make out is great of course, but I love how their arms and hands are all over each other. Aaaaahhh.
• THE SMILEY KISS THING™!!! How can you not love that? They literally smile on each other’s lips before kissing anytime they’re happy, like really, really happy. (One of my favorite kisses ever.)
• The forehead kiss in 2x14 is probably my favorite Karamel moment ever, I loved that scene so much and that kiss meant a lot, like he was telling her that he would’ve protected her from any harm no matter what.
• A forehead touch; they finally found each other again, Mon-El had lost Kara, but she came back to him and now they’re just staying like that, enjoying that happiness.
• I think I have a Karamel Forehead kink? Lol anyway, it pains Mon-El to leave her but it’s the only way to keep Kara safe, so he lets her know that it’s okay, they stare deeply in their eyes, he caresses her hair and rests his forehead on hers before leaving. They didn’t even kiss, because that was intimate enough.

Kiss Art Challenge
MikaYuu 2  (kiss on the nose)
Requested by butterfliesturndtodust
Hope you like it♡ thanks for requesting! uvu

being as in love with you as i am | noah foster ;; an unrequited noah/audrey playlist that noah totally listens to at night while laying on his bed with his hands behind his head (tracklist under the cut)

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Thoughts on the spinning Endor kiss


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Like, it’s literally my icon.

They are just so relieved to see each other. Han, because they were operating under the assumption that Leia was, at best, lying burned and unconscious amongst the wreckage of a speeder, or at worst, in the hands of the Empire. Leia, because she’s still not exactly sure what’s up with these fuzzbuckets, and then she walks out to find that they’ve tied her man to a spit and are starting to roast him.

So yeah, they’re happy that their last kiss wasn’t a stolen peck as they disembarked, and that their last words to each other weren’t about their mission and that they have managed, but the will of the Force or by dumb luck, to live to breathe another breath and kiss another kiss.

So she runs to him all thrilled, I’m alive, and you’re alive, and we’re both alive, and stars, I want to kiss you so badly right now, and Han gets ready to catch her because, I’m safe, and you’re safe, and everybody’s safe, and I need you in my arms this very damn second. And all that happiness turns into a spin because humans aren’t capable of flight. They’re both laughing and spinning and dancing because it’s okay again.

And that second kiss? That’s a prove to me this is not a dream kiss. Because you can often dream one kiss, but the second one…it just doesn’t measure up. But it does so it’s real and maybe they have a chance at this, as long as they’re together.

he definitely dipped his toes into a parallel universe 

something about this made everything feel ethereal, lovely, light

i feel like this is forever