favorite kiss ever


” You must know that such love is impossible.”
“ Impossible loves, I’m very much afraid they can become an addiction. “

I love that we’re to the point in the Stydia relationship now that it’s not a matter of IF Stiles will kiss Lydia, it’s a question of WHERE and HOW MANY TIMES?

Kiss Art Challenge
MikaYuu 2  (kiss on the nose)
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Hope you like it♡ thanks for requesting! uvu

being as in love with you as i am | noah foster ;; an unrequited noah/audrey playlist that noah totally listens to at night while laying on his bed with his hands behind his head (tracklist under the cut)

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( yall I just had a life changing revelation
For the amount of time I’ve had Miss Champ over here, I have yet to ship her
I have ships I enjoy but no real like- canon ships.
She hasn’t done anything with anyone

Yall I’m shook.
I need ships with Cynthia omfg. )