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i identify with C-3PO so hard bcuz like….he’s just along for the ride?? has no clue what he’s doing? no special powers…just a bunch of crazy friends and shit just happens and he’s like “O MY SWEET BANTHA” and he somehow, by the sheen of his metal coating, manages to keep himself together while also managing to bitch every single minute he’s on screen..he’s just so real


Endless list of characters I love: 3/? → Leia Organa 

“Someone has to save our skins. Into the garbage chute, fly boy.”


Ok but like this is so sweet. Han is ready to give up his love with Leia because he thinks she wants to be with Luke and not him and he just wants to make his Princess happy even if he’s sad. And Leia’s just like “you stupid nerf, I want to be with YOU! not my brother!” And then the moment when Han realizes that she is his and he is hers is so sweet and cute I can’t handle it. AKA space mom and dad are happy.

Han and Leia Appreciation Week Day 2: Favorite Scene/Moment

Teenage Anakin realizing that he is taller than Obi-Wan

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“Are you sure you’re standing up straight, Master?”

“Why the sudden concern about my posture, Anakin?”

“I thought you might’ve… hurt your back… in that gundark nest…”

“My back is perfectly fine, thank you, and yes you are taller than I am.”

“You don’t say, Master!”

“Just drink your tea, Anakin.”

Youngling Ben Solo and Poe Dameron growing up as “Surrogate Brothers” BB8 often gets babysitting duty, but its okay because he loves Leia’s boys…

//celebrating the new Entertainment Weekly reveal that “Leia views Poe as a surrogate son” and that they are “family” <3. And since Ben didn’t go darkside until he was 23… he and Poe had lots of time to be adopted brothers since their families were always so close! ;D Poe is now canon Skywalker family! -happy ewok trumpets-

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Can Rey Save Luke Skywalker From Himself in 'The Last Jedi'?
Part 1 of EW’s new ‘Star Wars’ cover story features Mark Hamill and Daisy Ridley

Oh my god, they’re making Luke into Obi-wan 2.0

Even Mark Hamill himself can’t stop mentioning Obi-wan. 

His name comes up 5 times in this article. More than Han, Leia, and Kylo Ren.

The Skywalker obsession is strong here.

100% Totally Accurate Facts About Your Favorite Jedi

1. Depa Biliba is the reigning Jedi Temple Beer Pong Champion.

2. It’s well established that Anakin Skywalker eats live bugs.  Less well known is that Ahsoka has moved up the food chain to live small vertebrates.

3. Mace Windu has played Dr. Frankenfurter on stage.  Three times.  He’s got a lovely voice and the legs for the role.

4. 67% of all chupacabra sightings are actually Master Yoda.

5. Obi-wan Kenobi has “lost” a total of twelve robes since the war began,  However, at least three of them are in his Commander’s foot locker.

6. Quinlan Vos has technically only broken one bone in his life, his left radius.  However, he’s broken it on seventeen separate occasions, mostly by doing “Stupid shit” according to his commander.

7. Jocasta Nu can rap like hell, and has been a contributing artist on several underground albums.

8. Plo Koon is considered massively attractive for a Kel-Dor.  He rarely visits his home-world because he doesn’t like the attention.

9.  Kit Fisto cries whenever he sees baby animals.  They’re so small.

10. Aalya Secura is a Certified Tax Accountant, and does a side business on the rare occasion things are slow.

11. Shaak Ti didn’t realize she actually IS venomous until she was well into her thirties.  She didn’t realize she was dyslexic either.  Jedi healthcare is a goddamn mess.