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Happy birthday Armin!!  by 茉雪千溪/まつゆき せんき

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I never got around posting this last year and I figured today was as good a day as any.

Snk Read Through - Comparison between Chapter 10 and Chapter 89.

OK, this will be a long donkey one. Let’s begin with something else. I’ll return to that, I promise.

Do you guys remember the flashbacks in chapter 89?

This is the first one.

As Hange speaks in meeting, Eren’s mind gets back to Grisha and Kruger’s last conversation. She, I prefer using ‘she’ when it comes to Hange, tells Zackley and others who the enemy is and other serious knowledge. This is from the diaries of Grisha since everybody knows about it.


These second flashbacks are NOT from diaries. 

These memories belong to Eren. Like Grisha has said before, injection causes some memory damages.

Chapter 10.

Chapter 89.

It took 50+ chapters and some royal blood touch until Eren was able to remember his own translation. But Grisha? He was not able to get that help. Yes, he remembers his life in mainland, he remembers  Fay, Gross Dina, Zeke, his betrayal, also Kruger and his epic revival and %99 of their endless conversation. But how he got injection? I don’t think he remembers that, or even if he remembers, he didn’t wrote it to diaries. This last conversation was both special, Kruger telling him to find a new family, and confusing. But Eren remembers it. And not just the part about form a new family, but also this:

He also remembers how Kruger told him what his father exactly told him right before his own tranformation.

But does Armin and Mikasa knows about this? NO. Does Survey Corps know about this? NO.  That memory only belongs to Eren, only him and he also has no idea what does this means. Could it be?


Why Eren's Reaction in 65 Wasn't OOC

So I just read chapter 65, and….well we’re gonna leave my emotions out of this. But when I read that some people thought Eren’s reaction was OOC, I’ll admit I was a little ticked shocked. 

1. Anyone notice how quiet Eren’s been in these past few chapters? Isayama’s been keeping Eren’s thoughts hidden from us ON PURPOSE. This reaction wasn’t SUDDEN. He’s had plenty of time to mull this over. He’s heard Historia and Rod speaking. He’s thought about his father, his friends. For once, he’s actually thinking something through. He usually doesn’t. But today, HE DID. And I don’t want him to ever think this hard again.
Which brings us to…

2. He’s been harboring a bunch of guilt. Guilt for killing his father. Guilt for people dying for him, his cause, over and over. It’s not like Eren’s some heartless guy who gets off on people dying over him. IT HURTS HIM. Which brings us to…

3. HE’S DEPRESSED. He hates this. He hates that everyone’s been in the dark. He hates how useless he is. He hates that everyone’s been depending on him while he’s been living a lie. Which brings us to…

4. He thinks HIstoria will be better for humanity. He thinks she’ll be better at taking down the Titans for him, and that’s enough for him. Whether it’s the Titans, or bullies hurting Armin, or even Sasha stealing meat from upper soldiers, his first instinct is always to fight for what’s right. To fight for justice. He’s always put humanity before himself. Always.

And let’s be honest…this isn’t the first time he’s had suicidal tendencies. Remember that time when he was sitting with Mikasa after his fight with Annie? And he said that he “wouldn’t have minded dying” at one point? And Mikasa freaked out, and he freaked out a bit, and then he said “don’t worry, I don’t feel like that anymore.” Remember?

So this isn’t OOC for Eren. Which honestly makes it all more painful. Let’s be honest. And this DOESN’T MAKE EREN A WIMP. Just because a character feels realistic emotions, doesn’t make them pathetic or weak. It makes them human. Let’s just all hope that Jean or Levi brings back Eren’s usual majestic fire in the next chapter and that both Eren and Historia live somehow. Because, let’s be real, this isn’t about TEAM EREN or TEAM HISTORIA like some seem to think. Let’s fight for ALL of our SNK babies. Let’s love them for being characters in this series that we love.

Woohoo!! A genderfluid pastel!Eren for @wishingsebastianstanwasmyman… he said the nicest things and made my day yesterday ;__; Please read some of his stuff!! I especially am looking forward to what happens next in Crimson!! Ahh!! One day I will draw punk!Levi to go with this Eren. I hope you like it!!

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What type of vault to you do? Favorite event/skill?

I don’t vault anymore but I want to get back into it after this season and learn a round off half on entry! My favorite event is bars and favorite skill is a jaeger I guess

Armin Tribute Week Day 5-6: Favorite Moment- Childhood

“Both of us were outcasts, not able to get along with the other kids in town. That’s all we were back then. But when I heard you telling me those things… and I saw the look in your eyes. You looked like you were seeing an amazing dream. But I didn’t have anything. That’s when I knew for the first time I wasn’t free.”-Eren, SNK Ch.73

Stop the Hate
  • Okay, so can I just be real for a sec? Thanks. I am so sick and tired of people hating on others ships in this fandom. It's freaking ridiculous. For instance, I ship both Eren x Levi, and Eren x Jean, two ships who get a lot of hate. A LOT. And it's not just these two! Look, I don't like the Erwin x Levi ship, but you don't see me writing hate on it! In fact, seeing someone hate on Eruri just makes me mad, we are all freaking dorks that ship yaoi, why hate? What will that do for you? I know a lot of people write "abuse" all over EreJean fanart, and it's freaking annoying, insulting, and rude. Have some freaking decency. I don't write that on ships I hate. Know why? Cause' I'm not a hypocrite. That's right. If you write hate on someone else's ship and get upset when they don't like your ship you're being a hypocrite, and you need to stop. This isn't just for the SNK/AOT fandom, this is for all fandoms and ships. Now, I want you to read this and reblog it tagging your favorite ships with no shame. Come on guys, fight the hate. Thanks for listening~ Roo