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In terms of lovelife, that’s definitely a tricky one for him. For him to even open up to other people is pretty hard. And he struggles to do that with his sister and I think that the relationship with Clarke is one of the ones where he can open up and be vulnerable, which doesn’t… there’s not many people he’s like that with at all and people might gravitate towards that because there’s a side of Bellamy that she brings out that doesn’t really come out with anyone else.

Well guess Noel’s favorite role:) | An interview was filmed in 2014. #throwback #noelfisher #shameless #gallavich

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I fucking love head canons about Jack and his magazine interviews. Here are a few of mine.

He’s been in publications like Sports Illustrated and ESPN and Rolling Stone and stuff but he was featured in Vogue too. He may not know shit about fashion but he IS Alicia Zimmermann’s son and BEAUTIFUL. So he does a beautiful shoot where he’s wearing powder blue head to toe on a minimalist set. So dreamy. They interview him specifically about how his mom has influenced him. It’s lovely.

Every time he’s interviewed for a magazine he goes out of his way to invite the journalist to his apartment. He sits in his same arm chair every time to build a routine and try and get comfortable in a situation that can be really anxiety ridden for him.

A lot of times Jack is asked questions about The Draft Incident but he purposefully makes his responses too boring or bare to print to many fans and reporters frustration.

His favorite interview he ever did was one where he just got to explain his diet and fitness plan as well as his time as a coach during his break. It’s clear that he loves kids as much as he loves the game, and when asked about one of his players who had just been drafted into the NHL he said he couldn’t have been prouder and that he always knew his kids were capable. The kid’s mom has it framed in her kitchen, and when Jack visited for dinner and saw it one night he teared up.

When he was ready, he came out on The Players’ Tribune instead of through a journalist’s words. It was important to him to express his experiences and his love for Bitty himself. The response was positive, and he even did a shoot with You Can Play to accompany the article.

He did a cover for Men’s Health unbeknownst to Bitty, and when Bitty saw a sweaty, shirtless, Jack Zimmermann looking back at the camera all he could do was text a pic with the caption “?!???!!!?!?! 😭🙌🏻🔥”. The response: “ha. Thanks. I forgot about that.”


favorite megan fox interviews (1/?) —  this is hands down on of my favorites ones thus far. It’s so rare to see actors speak to these people like they are actual human beings rather than just robots asking them questions. There’s always been a big misconception about Megan being ‘cocky’ and ‘bitchy’ and even ‘hard to work with’ since the Transformers crew decided to back up with Michael Bay when she decided to step away from the franchise, but I think you can clearly tell just by watching this interview the whole way through how truly humble and kind-hearted she is. What warms my heart the most is how sweet she always is to the ‘nerdy’, insecure type of guys; she has such a soft spot for them deep down. And even at the peak of her career, when she was being called ‘the new Angelina Jolie’ and people went as far as comparing her to Marilyn Monroe, she laughed at herself, joked about her insecurities and flaws and talked about how she didn’t feel like a good actress at all and that she hadn’t done anything special to get to where she was. She’s so missunderstood and underrated in this industry.


At the end of last year, U.S. WNT goalkeeper Ashlyn Harris and head coach Jill Ellis traveled to Liberia in association with the U.S. State Department to work with the Monrovia Football Academy. Harris was profoundly impacted by the humanitarian mission that focused on women’s empowerment.

Oh, Giles is wonderful — a great actor and a lovely guy. He’s been awesome to work with. But it’s funny, because [Bobby and I] are like, “Oh, that’s what our son would look like!” But we had some tall relatives, apparently. “Grandpa Joe” must have been 6-foot-5!
—  Emilie de Ravin (x)

Billie Lourd discusses her late love for Star Wars and the opportunity to work with her mother, Carrie Fisher.