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Y100 Interview - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - 1 July 2012 (5:10-5:30)

On June 23, 2012, we first saw that Harry got “Hi” tattooed on his inner tricep. 

The “hi” tattoo appears to be in Louis’ handwriting. Just days after the tattoo appeared, Louis appeared very interested in a radio host’s tattoo, asking twice if it was in her handwriting. The interview took place in Tampa on June 29.

Harry: “what does this say?”.
Boring stuff about this girl’s tattooed arm.
Louis: “did you write it yourself?”.
Everyone: “…”.

Louis: “is that your handwriting?”.

In Miami, on July 1st, Harry revealed it said “Hi” but was very coy about it. Liam then declared it his favorite tattoo (out of 4 at the time, but it counts god damn it) and looked right at Louis.  

Same, Liam.