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yoi fans who don't know tessa and scott should know that they're literally the cutest and most-shipped couple-but-not-couple ever, so the fact that they chose their FD to use is ahhhh

YASSSS it was the first thing that i noticed during the victuuri stay close to me duet and i’m honestly so happy that yoi staff chose to use their FD segments because it’s perfect for them (i wanted to see more animated twizzles tho!!!)

Figure Skating Ask

1. Are you a figure skater?
2. What’s your favorite thing about figure skating?
3. What’s your favorite jump.
4. What’s your favorite spin.
5. Do you watch synchro?
6. What’s your favorite discipline?
7. Whose your all time favorite skater?
8. Which Up and coming skater you’re most excited for?
9. Whose a skater that you love that no one else likes?
10. Who in your opinion is the most underrated skater?
11. Do you prefer words or no words in the music?
12. What program can you watch 100 times and never get sick of?
13. Who is a skater that you feel has great potential, but just hasn’t gotten there yet?
14. What is the saddest moment in figure skating history?
15. How did you get into figure skating?
16. Have you ever been to a show or competition?
17. Have you meet any famous figure skaters?
18. Moment that shocked you the most?
19. What music do you feel is way over used?
20. Do you prefer simple costumes, or extravagant ones?
21. Favorite choreographer?
22. Favorite male skater currently competing
23. Favorite male skater who is retired
23. Favorite female skater currently skating
24. Current female skater who is retired
25. Favorite pairs team currently competing
26. Favorite pairs team who is retired
27. Favorite ice dance team currently competing
28. Favorite ice dance team who is retired.

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Here's my 2 cents (if anyone cares)...

Ok, all this talk about V/M vs D/W (specifically in regards to their chemistry), is so ridiculous I don’t even know where to start.

First, I will preface this by saying I’m American, and an ice dancer (don’t get excited, nobody famous, lol).
While, it’s obvious I’m a V/M fan, I also want to make it a point that I do not hate, or even dislike D/W as people. (Although, I will say I haven’t been a fan of Meryl as much the last few years… love Charlie though).

In regards to their technical skating alone, the reason I’m such an admirer of V/M is because they represent EVERYTHING that is ice dance. They float. They are so pure in their technique, with deeper than should be possible edges and soft knees. If you are a skater (particularly ice dancer), you should know, and your coach should harp on you over and over, about your knees and getting into the ice and lilt and edges and all that “stuff” they have. Tessa and Scott just have it. The it, that seemingly comes so easy to them… that many others in the skating community (including Charlie) comment and rave about. The it, that while continuing to advance the sport every year with their lifts and other technical aspects, doesn’t feel like they’re working to improve from the previous year. It just looks like they have a new program that happens to have even better content than last year/program, as well as further push the boundaries of the sport.

In Sochi, V/M should have won the individual gold. I knew the results going in (if they both skated clean), the judges knew the results going in… I think anyone paying attention the last few years knew. Not that I didn’t hope, but I knew. That’s how this sport goes. Tessa and Scott know. They’ve said it. Doesn’t make it right, but it is what it is, and if you’re a part of it, you agree that it’s going to happen sometimes. All you can do is skate your best and hope for the best.

Now for the chemistry…
I have been watching (and skating) for a very long time. And I have never seen a couple so in sync with each other as V/M. There have been other exceptional (and favorite) World and Olympic ice dance teams…Torvill/Dean, The Duchesnays, Usova/Zulin, Bourne/Kraatz, Belbin/Agosto, etc., that have had great chemistry and/or advanced the sport with creativity, but it’s not the same. The closest I can come are Klimova/Ponomarenko and Dubreuil/Lauzon-and they’re both married, so just gonna let that one lie… ;)

Every movement, every touch has a purpose and meaning for V/M. And not just meaning for the sake of the program and the show. It’s for them and everything they believe in and the trust they have for each other. I’m not even saying this is necessarily from a romantic place either-although I don’t begin to pretend to believe they are platonic. Some of that can be taught or enhanced, but sometimes it’s just innate.
The difference I see/hear is this: In regards to Tessa and Scott, the question over and over is, “Wait, they’re not together?” Or the statement, “How long have they been together (romantically)?” And this is not solely based on their performances, or warm-ups, or even what they say in interviews… it’s the behind the scenes moments-when they don’t know or think about the camera being on them, the touches/caresses, the way they look at each other and unspoken communication. In regards to Charlie and Meryl, from friends and fans (mostly non-skating, Americans, all within the past few years, and mostly since the Olympics), is “Oh, they’re so cute! They should date/hook up”.

I do see an improvement in D/W’s chemistry recently, as it’s clear they’ve been working on it. But that’s precisely the point. They’ve been WORKING on it. Tessa and Scott don’t need to work on it. It’s just there. (Don’t even get me started on the stupid, scripted reality show that implied they did and goes against so many real life examples stating otherwise-rolls eyes).
In addition, I also happen to like Tanith very much, and while they try to keep their relationship quiet, it’s clear how much she and Charlie care about each other. D/W have as much history (in years) as V/M, and I believe they are very close and always will be. You can’t erase that much time and memories. They share something no one else ever will between them… however, the way they interact with each other is very clearly different than V/M both on and off the ice, as evidenced in those aforementioned quotes.

I know this debate will continue no matter what I say… and I know there will always be fans on both sides who can be rude and disrespectful and insistent on what they say is in the right, and this won’t change their minds. Am I gonna get hate for this? Probably. But, I wanted to get this off my chest and at least give my opinion. That’s what social media is for, right? :p