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Don’t ask me to describe the currents of emotions storming up inside these walls. I haven’t learned the complete human language to be able to identify all electrical shocks running through my body. But ask me what your eyes spell out & I’ll be lucky to tell you I’ve learned this word- it’s the nickname you gave me living & breathing with each blink of your eyes. Ask me what your lips are screaming & the word I throw your way I’ve learned its definition the first time I heard your voice. So ask me what my favorite words are so I can tell you they write out your name.

Every time Jimin smiles sparks ignite at the corners of his mouth, star dust spills out of the corners of his eyes whenever they crinkle up into an eye smile, and land on the apples of his cheeks where it has them beaming so brightly 

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The dads favourite sport to watch/practice. And can I ask for Softball not to be Craig's pick? It kinda is obvious...

I agree- softball is far too obvious. Daddy Thomas here with some favorite sports!! (You can tell I’m from the US)

Joseph🛳- Golf

Robert🥃- Beer Pong

Brian🎣- Fly Fishing


Mat🎶- Skateboarding

Damien🦇- Gymnastics

Hugo📚- Ballet

Yours, Daddy Thomas. Who does not follow sports.

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I wanted to come tell you about my favorite bumblby pic you've drawn (thanks so much for those), but I couldn't pick just one because they're all so fantastic. Seriously, thanks so much for putting so much effort and time into doing them, I love them all so much.


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Braug has hands down been my fave monster BF since you posted your orc story. But now Knight has come along and threatens his title of Best Momo Monster. How dare you write such interesting monster bf's! But honestly all of your monsters are amazing and a joy to read <33

I love when people tell me their favorite monsters! I’m so glad you love Braug. I’m also happy Knight has caught your attention. You can love all monsters equally.


Remember that one time Morgoth showed up with his hair full of jewels and then corrupted the newly-awakened race of Men by simply telling them “this could be you.”

(from “The Tale of Adanel,” Morgoth’s Ring - J.R.R. Tolkien)

cupcakes are totally a breakfast food


He was a boy, he was a boy, can I make it any more obvious? 

AU where Derek and Stiles have the classic, cheesy high school romance and are boyfriends forever and ever the end (。≖‿≖。✿)

Once interlinked, fates go around and return once more
All in accordance with the wishes of humans