favorite human tho


Happy 37th Birthday to my Favorite Amazing Tiny Canadians, Tegan and Sara Quin!!!

They were singing The Con there, and I was almost in tears singing in unison with the crowd. I hope I will fulfill my current calendar of seeing them live every nine months and attend a Con X Tour show. In the meantime, I’m ordering The Con X: Covers, and I’m fucking thrilled about that!


Went on an adventure with my best friend/actual blessing @fayerogers last week- she’s a super talented illustrator and you should all go fall in love with her and her art also !

anonymous asked:

What do you think of the other GoM members?

Hmm… I might have to run and hide after answering this one. Yip!

Kise-kun: he’s like my dad/master #2, so I kinda like him. He just gets pretty scary when I go near his make up kit and tbh I don’t like when master Tetsuya forgets about me because of him. Yip~ Overall, he’s nice and fun. So I’d rate him 9/10.

Uncle Daiki: he’s awesome! He plays with me and gives me treats. If I don’t mess with Kagami-woof’s tennis shoes, he’s just the coolest! He doesn’t beat master Tetsuya at being my #1 favorite human, tho. Woof!

Midorima-kun: he’s a threat to all pets in the world. Yiiip!

Murasakibara-kun: he’s niiice! He also plays with me and he’s fun! Woof!! Sometimes he’s mean, tho. He keeps the treats up in the air and doesn’t give them to me until I beg and tail goes craaazy. Sometimes he even eats the treats. But he’s cool.

Akashi-kun: he’s a cat person. That’s all I have to say about that man. Grr.