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When your whole life is hectic pretty much 90% of the time, it’s important to really relax in the quieter moments


Sally and Cinnamon Cake relaxing out in the fields of Jorvik, while there’s peace for once. While Sally enjoys her usual story books, Cinnamon gets a soothing lil belly rub.

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What is your favorite horse breed?

I don’t really know any of the breeds, but when I was like 5 or 6 I saw a grey horse with a white mane and some white spots on it’s neck, and it was literally the most beautiful animal I’ve ever seen, and I’ve literally never seen another horse that looks remotely like it, so…mysterious horse entity is my fav breed, I guess

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Favorite season for riding? Favorite horse breed? Favorite horse color? Favorite discipline?

Fave season for anything is Autumn! I don’t have a favourite horse breed, I like too many. Fav horse colour is a rich dark bay with no markings :) Fav discipline is dressage just because it makes everything else better

7 Deadly sins; Equestrian style
  • Lust: What's your favorite breed of horse? Favorite coloring and/or markings?
  • Greed: What is the most expensive thing you own?
  • Wrath: What is one thing about riding that you do not really enjoy doing?
  • Gluttony: What is your favorite horse related item you own, or use?
  • Envy: One thing you are jealous of in other riders and wish you could learn or be better at?
  • Sloth: What is one thing you put off/neglect doing at the barn?
  • Pride: What is your biggest strength in your riding?
50 Equestrian Questions
  • 1: Do you consider yourself a good rider?
  • 2: Favorite color of horse?
  • 3: Biggest riding strength?
  • 4: Biggest riding weakness?
  • 5: What discipline do you ride?
  • 6: If you could switch disciplines, what would you do?
  • 7: Favorite breed of horse?
  • 8: How high have you jumped?
  • 9: Ponies or horses?
  • 10: Ever ridden western?
  • 11: Ever ridden english?
  • 12: Do you like riding bareback?
  • 13: Worst fall?
  • 14: How long have you been riding?
  • 15: What bit does the horse you ride go in?
  • 16: Black or brown tack?
  • 17: Ever ridden on the beach?
  • 18: Ideal horse height?
  • 19: Describe your barn
  • 20: Small, quiet barn, or large boarding barn?
  • 21: How many people have you trained with?
  • 22: How long were you with the trainer you were with for the longest?
  • 23: What's your trainer's name?
  • 24: Do you know how to body clip?
  • 25: Do you know how to braid manes? Tails?
  • 26: Opinions on modern day Hunter Under Saddle?
  • 27: Opinions on AQHA Halter breeding?
  • 28: Short term goals?
  • 29: Long term goals?
  • 30: Favorite pro equestrian?
  • 31: Favorite discipline in the olympics?
  • 32: Ever ridden bareback?
  • 33: Ever ridden bridleless?
  • 34: Ever ridden completely tackless?
  • 35: If you dress up for Halloween with your horse, what will you be?
  • 36: How tall is the horse that you ride most?
  • 37: Favorite tumblr equestrian? Second favorite?
  • 38: Favorite tumblr horse? Second favorite?
  • 39: If you could ride anywhere, where would you ride?
  • 40: What is the name of your barn?
  • 41: Is your barn predominantly english or western?
  • 42: Are you against spurs, draw reins, bits, etc?
  • 43: Does your horse go in spurs?
  • 44: Do you compete?
  • 45: Biggest show you've ever competed in?
  • 46: Highest level you've ever competed at?
  • 47: If you could train with anyone dead or alive, who would it be?
  • 48: Favorite horse movie?
  • 49: Least favorite pro equestrian?
  • 50: Barefoot or shod?
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