favorite homestuck things

my favorite homestuck thing™ is when something you bump into is so vague and casual that like anybody could see it and enjoy it… but your homestuck sense………. that filthy fuckin homestuck radar you’ve got there….. that thing you earned from homeshit stuckademy after thousands of pages of asinine yet captivating circlejerk web content……. it just starts beeping.

and you know

you just fucking know

I gotta say my favorite thing from homestuck ever has gotta be Jane going “fiddlesticks!!” Or something innocent like that and Dirk responding “hey look I’m upset too but let’s watch the fucking language”

my favorite thing is watching HS liveblogs pick out every retcon panel and obsess over them, until they actually get to the retcon and realize how fucking stupid it was like “what the FUCK do you mean that’s where all those arms came from”