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“Our idea of bliss is being alone here together. We each have our book and we read for half an hour, then put our books down and talk about what we have read. And the best times are when we lie in bed in the darkness and touch hands and talk for two or three hours - about everything and nothing.”

- Elizabeth Taylor, about her and Richard Burton.

“She was this slip of a women and I never liked
skinny women. But she had this thing, this air
you might call it, the most totally magnetic
women I’d ever seen, and probably ever seen since.
You had to look at her, you had to listen to her,
there was no escaping her.”

Cary Grant on Katharine Hepburn


Bittersweet. You’re gonna be the death of me. I don’t want you but I need you.

I love you, hate you at the very same time.

Arguments were a main staple in the relationship of Neymar and his girlfriend.

It wasn’t odd to see the two of them in a heated battle. In fact, people that knew them were so used to it they just carried on as if nothing was happening. Even Luis Enrique had to break up an argument one time.

They had this intense passion for each other that was hard to match. Think Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in Mr. And Mrs. Smith minus all of the action and suspense and everything else that movie had to offer aside from the beauty of one of Hollywood’s favorite couples.

Now if you asked one of them if they were willing to separate based on those intense arguments, the immediate reaction would be a harsh no but anyone on the outside would have probably suggested they try and call it quits.

Was it any surprise that they were in an argument now before heading off to one of his teammate’s birthday parties? Not at all.

This wasn’t the sort of argument where Y/N would be seething and Neymar would just chuckle at how red her cheeks were and continue to annoy her until she gave in and eventually went back to being her sexy, loving self.


This was the sort of argument where they were both seething and unwilling to even glance in each other’s direction because one gaze too long would make the other erupt into yells and screams of harsh words I wouldn’t want to dare repeat. They had pretty much crafted their own insults for each other though nothing too harsh. Spewing the word ‘bitch’ in Y/N’s direction would have ended with Neymar hidden in a ditch somewhere.

He wasn’t that disrespectful.

Or stupid.

She hadn’t bothered waiting on him to finish getting dressed because the thought of her having to share a car ride with him to Jordi’s home would have made her puke. Instead she just grabbed her keys, her neon Wang clutch, and headed off to her car outside.

Well, actually, to be spiteful she took his car instead.

It was cleaner.

And newer.

And most importantly it was his.

She wasn’t all that surprised when he showed up nearly 20 minutes after her practically throwing darts from his eyes in her direction. By now she was willing to play the obnoxious role as the amused significant other thanks to the alcohol she had quickly received to her hand from Melissa who couldn’t quite enjoy such a drink thanks to her blossoming, and absolutely adorable, baby bump. She gave off a playful wave to Neymar who reciprocated it as he stood across the room with a high middle finger directed towards her.

“Oh God. How long have you two been at it?” Melissa commented from the seat at her side. She was no stranger to the two’s bickering. In fact she was in the middle once as Neymar decided to take refuge at Marc’s place when he and Y/N just couldn’t quite see eye to eye on something. What that something was no one could quite remember though Melissa would say she didn’t even know what it was in the first place because Neymar and his significant other had crafted two completely different stories to tell.

“All day and I can keep this going for much longer.”

In fact, that sounded pretty enticing.

She got up from her seat, pulling at the long dress that puddled around her feet to make sure she didn’t end up tripping and falling on her way to Neymar’s side. He was currently standing amongst a few of his teammates who she squeezed her way past with a few polite hello’s until she was standing right next to her boyfriend. She slid her arm comfortably around his waist and looked up at him with a smile.

It was obvious he wasn’t too happy to see her. It could have been from the argument or it could have been from the extra anger he felt after having to drive her car, since his was taken, and turning it on only to be immediately hit by the loud blast of a Katy Perry song that nearly made him jump out of the seat completely.

Either way, he gave her a scowl. He wasn’t sure yet if he was willing to play this game of hers.

“I’m glad to see you made it,” she spoke behind her smile. She gave his butt a firm squeeze.

Game on.

“Well I didn’t want to keep you waiting. You look gorgeous.” He gave her a once-over.

That compliment wasn’t some forced lie. She really did look good and the way his eyes lingered on her for a little longer than he wanted showed her that as well. Had he not been in the midst of playing this silly, childish game he may have taken her to a nearby bathroom to enjoy 7 minutes in heaven.

Or hell.

Their sex was more like hell. And it wasn’t because it wasn’t enjoyable or anything. It was just hot.

Really hot. Chalk it up to the indescribable passion the two shared. Lip biting, scratching, tugging of hair, clothing and other body parts that were in reach. That was their idea of love-making.

She gave his back a few taps before she gripped his shirt between her clenched fist and behind that blinding white smile replied with, “Thank you, babe.”

All anyone around them could do was laugh behind their fists. They knew what the two were up to, knew that they were mid-argument but trying to keep up this façade that they didn’t want to take each other’s hair out.

What was new?

“I think I’m going to grab a drink. Excuse me.” Neymar squeezed out of her grip and began to head off to grab a drink to leave her standing there. She didn’t mind. She didn’t bat an eyelash. Just began talking to those around her.

And they continued on like that for the rest of the night. They’d both walk around until one would bump into the other and they’d force conversation through fake smiles while everyone just laughed along at the entertaining act, even poking fun at them but they didn’t dare break character.

Someone had to go down as the loser in this and Y/N refused for it to be her.

After hours of enjoying the party and the company of friends, they both made their way home in their separate vehicles. Neymar somehow arrived first, which wasn’t all that surprising considering his love for speeding, and waited for her at the door.

It seemed as soon as she turned the key into the lock and pushed the door open, she was being pulled inside and the door shut behind her.

“You think you’re so good at this, don’t you?” He smirked behind those pink lips that she loved so much.

“Well, you don’t?” Her tone was laced with sarcasm as she shook from his hold and folded her arms over her chest.

“No. I don’t actually.” Neymar grabbed for the keys in her hand, silently held them up to her eye level and then lowered them to his other hand so he could begin removing the spare key to his vehicle from the key ring.

She just laughed.

And laughed and laughed and laughed. Because if he thought doing that would get her to fold, she would end up continuing on with this act for another two days.

He slipped the key into his pocket anyway with an emotionless expression.

“You may be laughing now but you won’t on Monday morning when you’re forced to drive to work in your beat up car instead of mine.”

Okay so maybe she did like to sneak his car out of the driveway and take it for the day.

“My car is not old or beat up,” she defended. “It’s from 2012.”

“Same thing,” he shrugged.

“And you say that like I don’t know you’re planning to get me a new one for my birthday.” That was only 2 months and 4 days away. She had been counting down until she would walk out on that fateful morning and find her shiny new baby waiting for her in the driveway.

“I’m starting to change my mind on that,” he challenged.

It was Neymar’s turn this time to do the walking away but she only followed close behind like there was some sort of magnetic pull between the two of them that just wouldn’t allow her to let him out of her sight especially considering they were so close to breaking past the barrier of their argument and making up.

It was just kind of how they worked. Hours ignoring each other or making sly comments and then they’d share a little banter back and forth on some random subject until the other gave in and began mumbling apologies for being an idiot.

“Are you really?”

Neymar rolled his eyes to himself before he slowly spoke a, “No.”

A satisfied grin crossed her face since his back was turned to her and he couldn’t see her grin with satisfaction. She was close…

Her arm lay over his shoulder as he still stood with his back turned to her. She began wrestling with the tie around his neck while she spoke. “You know…you looked really good tonight. I always love you in black.”

Or any color really.

“I thought you liked me in green?”

“Only when your hair is blond.”

Ah, God bless the 2014 World Cup Neymar.


He turned to her now with an amused grin. He was caving. He shed the tie around his neck completely now and lay it over his other shoulder that wasn’t occupied by her arm. “You know what the best part of arguments are?” His eyes flowed down her body until he let one of his hands slide down her side.

“What’s that?”

“The making up.”

Credit the image of blond Neymar for the assist.

Spotted – literally! Hollywood’s favorite stylish couple Harry Styles and Selena Gomez were seen out for dinner in West Hollywood sporting funky patterns, black pants, and boots to match.

“I’d also like to call him my husband. I’m not the biggest fan of the word “partner”: It either means that we run a business together or we’re cowboys.” - Neil Patrick Harris

The Secret Life of Marrieds: Why We Kept Our Marriage Secret for Years

Kumail’s Pakistani parents wanted him to have an arranged marriage, but when his girlfriend, Emily, got a life-threatening illness it changed everything.

Emily and Kumail are both very rad people I admire a lot. Seriously, Emily writes amazing self-help articles, produces the shit out of comedy shows and is a general all around badass. Kumail is easily one of the funniest comedians working today and a great show host and charming to no end.

So ridiculous...

…that they’ve got Tony and Kerry on Access Hollywood, promoting the show as “Hollywood’s favorite couple,” when they’re not even together on the show. Shouldn’t they be sued for false advertising?