favorite holiday movies


  • First of all, it’s starring Stephanie Styles. L-I-T-E-R-A-L GOALS.
  • Second of all, it’s starring Andrew FREAKING Kober in the ensemble. LITERAL GOALS.
  • Third of all, They’re including Cole Porter songs to it. As if the original movie isn’t already perfect, they’re adding music to it.
  • Fourth of all: BROADWAY. I. NEED. TO. SEE. THIS. I’d sell all earthly possessions to see this.
  • Lastly, if you’ve never seen the original movie with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck, stop whatever you’re doing and make plans to watch it. It is definitely one of my ALL TIME favorite movies. Like, literally. I’m not one to “choose a favorite” when it comes to movies, but this is totally a top 5-er for me.


The ‘Cowch’ by Hans Zimmer (from The Holiday BSO)

(yes, I listen to very random music)

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Spelling Pt. 1.5 (Lin x Reader)


Warnings: Swears

Authors Note: HELLO HELLO. This is kinda late but better late then never. THIS WAS SO HARD TO WRITE IDK WHY BUT IM SO HAPPY WITH HOW IT TURNED OUT SO IT’S OK. It’s labeled 1.5 because Spelling was supposed to be a stand alone but because you wanted to have a second part I decide to write one! BE SURE TO LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THOUGHT, AND KEEP IN MIND THAT MY ASK IS ALWAYS OPEN FOR YOUR FEEDBACK AND REQUESTS! 






You walked into your favorite small book shop. With the holidays just around the corner the thick white snow blanketed the New York streets. Brushing snow from your shoulders, you walked through the aisles of books upon books. You weren’t able to go home for the holidays so you decided you would curl into yourself with a good book. You delicately traced your finger on the spine of a book when you heard a loud crash from the aisle over. You wandered over to the noise quickly to see someone who had dropped a couple books and records as they scattered the floors. You bent down to help the stranger when your fingers met his on top of a heavy book.

“Are you alright?”

You ask standing up and meeting his face. You tucked a strand of hair behind your ear and glanced up at him. He looked familiar. But you weren’t able to put your finger on it. He stared back at you but with a spark in his dark eyes.

“I um, yeah. I’m fine.”

He managed out, still a bit disheveled. You gave him a smile and he flashed you one in return.

Your heart stopped.

It was him. You recognized that smile. And you knew exactly where from.

“I-I. Here.” You stammered as you handed him the book you had picked up from the floor filling the awkward silence.

“Thanks.” He said as he took the book from your hands.

You turned around to walk away, and you got as far as two steps when-


Your breath caught in your throat and you turned around.

A small smile graced your face and you were slowly nodding.

He extended his hand to you.


“Lin. I know.”



He offered to take you over to his apartment that day, the least he could do for your kindness he promised. You found yourself reliving every high school daydream you had about him as you walked along the busy streets to the nearest subway station. He joked with you, talking about your favorite holiday movies as he even held your bag. He offered you his seat in the packed subway, and he offered you a cup of hot chocolate when you arrived at his apartment.

“The last packet.” he said. You shook your head.

“No way, It’s all yours.” you urged.

He shoved the red mug into your hands. You sighed in defeat as you gave him your best pout. He replied by letting out a chuckle and handing you a can of whipped cream. You sprayed a mountain on your hot chocolate and took a careful sip.

“Mmmm” you said as you felt the rich drink slide down your throat.

Lin just looked at you with his dark eyes that sparkled in his kitchen lighting.
You blinked and he was closer than he was a second ago, so close that you felt his breath on your nose. It felt like you were dreaming.

Was he going to kiss you?
God yes, please.
He leaned in, hesitated, then brought his hand up to wipe at some whipped cream on your nose.
You felt your face heat up, embarrassed.
You wanted him.
You should’ve kissed him first.



You’d never been to Broadway.
What Lin called a Theatre Virgin. Not only did he give you tickets to In The Heights, he ushered you backstage to meet the cast before the show.
You told him you couldn’t ask him to do such a thing. You told him that you could just buy tickets yourself but he didn’t have it.
He told you it was the least you deserved.
You were too afraid to ask him what that meant.
You sat on the stairway as he and Karen were joking around.
She was nice
And pretty, and gorgeous, and kind, and funny, and witty, and perfect.
For Lin.
You had no right to be jealous.
But you were.
Lin walked away to talk to Chris and she sat next to you on the step.

“He’s quite the guy.” she said, moving her long hair to one side.

“Yeah.” you breathed.

“He likes you.” she said

“What?” you said barely in a whisper, but she was gone before you could ask further questions.



When the show ended you rushed backstage.
You needed answers. You were tired of waiting for him, waiting for him to show signs, waiting for him to give you the attention you craved.
You flung the door of his dressing room open.
He stood there half dressed, sweaty, tired.
Your brain stopped and everything you had planned to tell him slipped your mind.


“I- I” you tried.


“Listen I need to tell you-” he began.

You grabbed him by his white tank top and pulled him close.
You saw his eyes flicker down to your lips and back up to meet your eyes.

“Kiss me.” you commanded.
“Can I kiss you?” he said at the exact same time.

Nothing was slow. His lips met yours, eager like they’d wanted to do this years ago. Hands finding their way around your waist, yours moving up to wrap around his neck.
You never could have imagined what it felt like to feel his lips against yours.
The way he made your heart beat so fast.
It was the end.
The end of waiting for him, and the beginning of having him.
The end of dreaming
And the beginning of reality.



He had quite a load in his hands and he knew he shouldn’t have turned left so fast into the aisle, but he saw you.
He saw you admiring a book and in a quick panic he turned into the nearest aisle, running into a book cart.

“Fuck.” he whispered as his books were scattered on the floor.

He bent down to grab them when his hands were touching someone else’s. He retreated quickly and looked up to see you. You looked different, aged. Shorter hair and softer eyes.
Just as beautiful.

“Are you alright?” you asked

He realized what was happening and forced out a response before the silence between you two became too long.
You smiled at him.
That smile.
It was the same, just as bright, just as youthful.
He couldn’t help but smile back at you, it was like some secret language between you two.
You turned to leave, ‘shit.’ he thought. He chanced it. He knew he would regret it if he let you go.

You stopped dead in your tracks.
Fuck, had he messed up?
When you turned around with that smile he felt like he was floating.
You nodded and Lin wanted nothing more than to tell you every single thought he had had about you in high school.


“Lin. I know.” you said.
He felt like he was dreaming.



He invited you over, for gods sake he’d wanted to do so since senior year.
He did everything he’d planned in his head.
He held your bag, like he’d planned if he ever had gotten the chance to walk home with you from school.
He offered you his seat on the subway, like he’d planned if he ever went on a first date with you.
He offered you hot chocolate, like he’d planned if he ever got to spend a holiday with you as a couple.

“Last packet.” he said as he stirred the mixture in warm milk.

You refused it, making Lin want you to have it even more.
He shoved the mug to you and you accepted it but not with an adorable pout plastered on your face.
He handed you a can of whipped cream and watched as you piled it on top of the drink. That’s when he knew you were the one.
He watched carefully as you took a long sip, an adorable dab of whipped cream on your nose.
Unconsciously, he moved closer. His eyes were on your lips as his breathing got heavy.
Was he going to do it?

Were you going to kiss him back?
God yes, please.
He leaned in, hesitated, you didn’t lean in to meet him halfway. In a last minute attempt to save his grace he brought his hand up to wipe away the whipped cream on your nose.
Regret spread all over his thoughts.
He wanted you.
He should’ve kissed you.



Karen, actually who played Vanessa, was like a sister to Lin. He’d gone to her about you. He didn’t know what to do about you. Ever since you two reconnected he wasn’t able to get you out of his head. Not a single second passed where you weren’t on his mind.

“She’s coming to today’s show.” he said into his phone as he got ready.

“Is this the girl you’ve been talking about since high school?”

“…Maybe.” he replied

“You really like her don’t you.”

“She’s nice…
And pretty, and gorgeous, and kind, and funny, and witty, and perfect.
For me.” he said into the phone.

He gave you the ticket because you deserved it. It was the least he could give you for being such a sissy. For not being man enough to just let you know of his feelings, for beating around the bush.
That was when he made the oath to himself.
He was going to tell you tonight.
Whether you were going to accept or decline was no longer part of the picture.
He just needed to tell you.

“What?” Karen asked, surprised that he had his heart set on you.



He locked himself in his dressing room.

“Y/N. I need to tell you something.” he said into his mirror after the show.

“I like you and I have for a long time, and I don’t know if you like me too, but I-”

He slammed his fist on his dressing table.
He couldn’t get the words right.
He needed answers. He were tired of waiting for you to catch on to his barely-there flirts, waiting for you to return signs, waiting to give you the attention you deserved.
He turned back to the mirror to practice once more when the door flung open.
You stood there determined, as if on a mission.

“Y/N?” he tried to say with force but it came out more so as a question
His brain stopped and everything he had planned to tell you slipped his mind.

“I- I” you said.

‘Fuck this.’ He thought. ‘It’s now or never.’

“Listen I need to tell you-” he began when you made wide strides over to him, grabbing him by his shirt and pulling him close so that his lips were millimeters from yours.
He couldn’t help his eyes that looked down at your lips. He wanted you.
He was going to kiss you.

“Can I kiss you?” he said
“Kiss me.” you commanded at the same time.

He instantly pressed his lips against yours feeling electricity run through his veins. He pulled you flesh to his body wanting to memorize how your body felt against his. Your lips kissed back with just as much passion, eager like they’d wanted to do this years ago.
The way your lips felt against his was indescribable.
The way you made his head spin.
It was the end.
The end of waiting for you, and the beginning of having you.
The end of dreaming
And the beginning of reality.


AN: this doesn’t have a title because I suck at titles but also because I made it for Megan as a little something for Christmas. I hope she enjoys and I hope the rest of you enjoy as well. Merry Christmas 💕


Originally posted by alexander-hamiltunes

It had been a long but enjoyable day of shopping. You had run from store to store to finish your holiday shopping, and you came home looking a bit fried. To your pleasant surprise, Thomas was there to greet you as soon as you walked in the door, trading you your bags for a glass of wine, smiling.

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Thor’s Cape

Summary: Imagine using Thor’s cape as a blanket.

Warnings: None

Word Count: 586

Notes: hey guys Its Anahi im not really sure how I feel about this one but I thought about it before going off to bed so yeah this is what my mind created before going to bed. The other admins will be officially announced tomorrow in the afternoon so yeah. The pregnancy is going swell I decided to really put effort in that one and research a little about pregnancy so it could be as accurate as possible im not sure when that will be out though so sorry. Anyway here this little one shot hope you enjoy.

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A Not-so-White Christmas (Tony Stark Holiday One-shot)

Hi, lovelies!! I just love the Holiday season and I am so freaking excited about all the Christmas fics floating around! You are all amazing and I can’t wait to read all of them! I’m still working on finding balance after hiatus so bear with me. 

This fic was written in honor of the birth of the lovely Amberly, aka @marvelingatthewonder . Happy Birthday, my darling!! I hope you have a wonderful day!! I love you! :)

This was also written in tandem with Create Your Own Adventure stories by the other Avengers Trash Tower ladies. You can see the beginning and their fics HERE


A Not-so-White Christmas

Characters: reader x Tony Stark (platonic), Steve (mentioned)

Summary: Reader is stuck at the tower with a cold and is feeling down about the lack of snow, so Tony decides to cheer her up only as he knows how.

Warnings: none. Fluff!!

Word Count: 1810

Tags are at the bottom (TAG LIST IS CLOSED I’M SO SORRY)


Originally posted by iwantcupcakes

The two months preceding Christmas flew by entirely too quickly. You busied yourself, caught up in the holiday spirit as you were shopping, movie watching, and enjoying Pumpkin Spice-flavored everything which then was followed by Peppermint-flavored everything. This was your favorite time of year and you just had a feeling that this was going to be the best Holiday season yet.

But here you found yourself on Christmas Eve in the mostly-empty tower with a gloomy expression upon your face. Not exactly how you had planned it.

The entire city sprawled before you, a spectacular view visible through the floor to ceiling windows of Stark Tower in the heart of New York City. Slumped in a comfy chair in the common room, you propped your head up with a hand under your cheek, a mournful sigh escaping your lips. It was a beautiful view, for certain, but not the one you wanted. Well…not quite.

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Hello!~ What would Christmas Day be like with, Takao, Murasakibara, Kagami, and Imaoyshi? For example, opening presents, baking and cuddling with their s/o, lots of fluff please! Thank you!!~

Takao: Takao woke you up with his excited face peering from the covers. He pulled the blankets off you, and whispered like a young child, proclaiming, “It’s Christmas Day, ______-chan!” He swept you up, bridesmaid style, and carried you to the Christmas tree within his apartment, where both of your packaged gifts lay. “You’re acting like a little kid!” you scolded him, and he only laughed, saying that he was simply excited for you to open your present. You rolled your eyes and said that you needed to brush your teeth first, but Takao had already forced a cup of water and hot chocolate into your lap. “You can brush your teeth LATER,” he whined, but his eyes twinkled in mischief. 

You tugged at the neatly bowed present (which was probably wrapped by Midorima). It took several attempts, since Midorima was so damn meticulous in his wrapping, and the entire time Takao was sitting next to you, looking like an excited puppy. You finally tored through the wrapping paper to see a Polaroid camera — the exact model you had wanted for so long. “KAZU,” you shrieked, throwing your arms around him and kissing his face in excitement. “Gross,” he joked, “you have morning breath.” You backed off, slightly embarrassed, but he cupped your face in his hands, kissing you full force. “I love you either way,” he whispered, nudging the camera into your hands. “I put film in it so we can take a picture right now!” You pulled Takao close to you, his chin leaning against your shoulder, and snapped a selfie. “Cheese!” you said, and in that instance, Takao plopped a kiss on your cheek for the Polaroid to capture it. You sighed, he always did that in your photos, but Takao ecstatically held up the printed film, proclaiming that you both should take more. 

Murasakibara: It was Christmas evening, and after all the festivities, you and Mura were lounging on your couch, eating a box of Milano cookies. “Atsushi, we need to do something,” you pouted, and Mura only waved you off with a lazy hand. He cupped his crumb-crusted fingertips around your chin, and leaned in to press a soft kiss on your lips. “Shh, it’s Christmas.” You rolled your eyes. “If you’re not going to do something, then I will!” You stormed off to his kitchen and began taking out ingredients to bake brownies with. Here’s a little secret, though. You were terrible at baking, and Mura knew that — so he immediately hopped from the couch to prevent you from wreaking any potential havoc in his prized kitchen.

“Stop right there, lady,” he said, still chewing on the last Milano cookie. “I’ll get the ingredients. Just…get me some bowls and a mixer.” You crossed your arms in front of his oversized apron. “Is that any way to talk to your lover?” He rolled his eyes at your pettiness and immediately pulled you close by the string of your apron. “Well, I’m sorry, my love — but I never let anyone, even you, mess with my baking equipment.” He gently kissed your forehead, before his large hand mussed up your hair, ruffling it out of love. “Now do what I told you!” You dutifully listened to his directions, and an hour later, after minutes of random making out against the countertops, your brownie batch was ready to be baked. “Wait!” you said, before Mura placed the tray inside the oven. “Let’s add some peppermint sprinkles,” your eyes lit up, as you rummaged through the drawers to find some leftover sprinkles. To your surprise, Mura hugged you from behind as you rummaged, proclaiming, “That’s the best idea I’ve heard all day, ____-chan!” 

He was just really hungry for peppermint, since you finished his peppermint bark the other day. 

Kagami: “Oi, Kagami, stop bouncing that annoying ball!” you screeched. The family gathering was over, and your boyfriend still couldn’t put down the ball he was playing with his younger cousins earlier. Kagami came into the room, shirtless despite the cold weather, hand holding the ball — looking like his typical basketball player self. “Ball is life, babe,” he smirked, rolling the ball into the corner. He knew it bothered you sometimes, his obsessive basketball self, but deep down, you loved it. “Why don’t we put on a movie then?” he suggested, knowing that he needed something to distract him — or else, he would go back to mindlessly dribbling in the house. 

“Let’s watch Home Alone!” you decided, flipping through Netflix to find the movie. The movie began, but Kagami was still sitting on the edge of your bed, shirtless and slouching. “BAKAGAMI, I’m cold,” you said, wrapping yourself deeper inside his blankets. “Tch,” he said, portraying an annoyed front, but came closer to you and wrapped his warm body around your shoulders. You leaned into him, squishing him against the fluffy pillows. Home Alone was one of your favorite holiday movies, but Kagami had never watched it (which was very uncultured of him, you thought), and your heart leapt with joy every time you both laughed together at something funny on-screen. You kissed his chin, which had hints of stubble, and it amused you that he would still blush slightly every time. “Oh, you big baby,” you murmured, wrapping your arms around his chest. “Well, look who’s talking,” he muttered back, playing your hair fondly as the movie continued to play. His eyes lingered on you longer than the TV screen, and remained that way the entire night, as he admired the way the dim light shone on your hair, your eyes, and your smile. 

Imayoshi: “Hey beautiful,” Imayoshi whispered, sliding into your covers as you groggily awoke from your post-Christmas party nap. “Not beautiful, just hung over,” you groaned, stretching your arms and accidentally hitting Imayoshi’s glasses off his face. “Sorry Shoichi,” you giggled. “I just made something you need to try,” Imayoshi said, his face unusually bare without his glasses. There was an air of mischief around of him, and his messed up hair suggested that he was up to something new. “What is it?” you asked, as he directed you by the wrist into the kitchen. He pulled out a chair for you to sit, and set a steaming cup of cocoa filled to the brim with marshmallows in front of you.

“This is just cocoa, Shoichi,” you said, lifting the mug up to your lips. “Wait for it,” he smiled mischievously, as you rapidly put the cup back down, wiping your lips with your hands. “Is that alcohol?” you yelped. “Shoichi, I HAVE A MIGRAINE.” Imayoshi took a sip from the mug and released a content sigh. “It’s red wine hot chocolate, and it’s damn good. Now if you don’t mind, I’ll be having my fourth cup of this with you in my lap.” You rolled your eyes, noticing the slight tinge of red on his cheeks. He was a bit buzzed, which explained his mischief. Three cups later — you didn’t stop the man — he was giddily cuddling you, his cheeks pink as the alcohol reached his system. “You’re soooo soft,” he sighed into your ear, his lips nibbling your lope. “Stop,” you smacked him, but he kept kissing you, giving the strangest declarations of love. You cackled at his antics, and took out your phone to Snapchat the Touou boys Imayoshi’s transformed, drunken self. “You’re going to regret this, Shoichi,” you sing-songed, but he cut you off by placing a gentle kiss on your lips. “Shhhhhhh,” he said loudly, before pulling you back into his arms. 

Send Me A Killer

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Jeff: Star Sign?

BEN: Personality?

Sally: Height?

Eyeless Jack: Birthday?

Laughing Jack: Chocolate or Candy?

Toby: Favorite Colour?

Masky: Race?

Hoodie: Favorite Food?

The Rake: Favorite Holiday?

Zelgo: Favorite Movie?

Liu: Birth Country?

Cherry Peru: Personality?

Puppeteer: Eye Colour?

Jason The Toy Maker: Hair Colour?

Bloody Painter: Favorite Creepypasta?

Jane The Killer: Favorite Beverage?

Clockworks: Introverted or Extroverted?

Slenderman: Stereotype?

Offenderman: Sexuality?

Trenderman: Languages I speak?

Splenderman: S/O?

Kate The Chaser: Person I miss?

Glitchy Red: Random Habit?

Laughing Jill: Weapon of Choice? 

Smiley Dog: Pets?

Dr. Smiley: Random Fact?

The Pianist: Play An Instruments?

The Doll Maker: Backstory of OC?

Suicide Saide: Why Tumblr?

Blood Ripper: Dream Job?

Chatroom 98: On a Scale of 1-10 Question. (Custom)

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All’s Fair in Love and War- A Klaus Mikaelson Imagine, Part Two

Author: @samanthaofanarchy

Summary: You are Stiles Stilinski’s older sister, who was previously dating Derek, but you and Derek fought and broke up. You move to New Orleans, where you meet and fall in love with Klaus Mikaelson, and he turns you into a hybrid. Derek ends up in New Orleans to try and get you back, but is shocked to find you’ve been turned into a hybrid, and Klaus gets defensive and he and Derek fight and it all ends in Klaus fluff…

Author’s Note: Here’s Part 2 guys! Hope you enjoy!

There was a brief, awkward silence that fell between us, and then Stiles engulfed me in one of his amazing hugs.


When we finally separated a few minutes later, I leaned up and kissed his temple, before getting into the cab of the truck.


As I was backing out of our driveway, I rolled down my window and Stiles stepped closer.


“Be careful not to put yourself in too much life-threatening danger; I don’t wanna hear that you ended up in the hospital all mauled and mangled by some crazy chimera-kitsune-kanima hybrid thing, got it?” I said, trying to sound stern, but failing miserably.


Stiles laughed and nodded. “You be careful too. I don’t want to have to drag Scott to New Orleans on a rescue mission…”


“I will, but no promises…” I said with a smile as we waved our goodbyes and I drove off into the sunrise towards my new home.


New Orleans, here I come…



I had been driving for 17 hours now and decided it was finally time to find a place to rest. I was in El Paso, Texas now, so I was about halfway to New Orleans.

I pulled into the Travelodge El Paso West, got myself a room, and texted Stiles, my dad, and Cami to let them know where I was. It was about 11:00, and I was ready to catch a few hours of sleep before I got back on the road.


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Do you wanna build a snowman?

Request: @kissofvenom922 If you are still doing the request for the holiday stories could you do one with little sister Winchester and it’s the first time you see snow so the boys take you to play in it and help you build your first snow man than maybe you go back to your motel and watch frosty   

A/N: Reader is young (like 5), Sam is a preteen, Dean is a teen. I switched it up a bit to make it work more for my writing mood. Sorry the ending is kinda rushed. I gotta go to bed in like…2 minutes ago so I had to think fast. Not edited. Nobody got time for that tonight.

25 Days of Holiday Tales

Dean x Sister!Reader    Sam x Sister!Reader

Originally posted by christmas-winter

“Deeeeeeeeeeeee” You shouted as you jumped on the bed you shared with your oldest brother.

“Y/N. Go. Away.” He replied as he put his pillow over his head.

“Fine.” You huffed before jumping onto the bed Sam had been sharing with your dad before he left for the current hunt. “Saaaaaaaaam” You said as you began to jump again.

“What do you want?” Sam groaned out. You fell to your knees and got up in Sam’s face.

“Sammy. It’s snowing.” You screeched.

“Good to know Y/N. Now. Go to bed. It’s holiday break.” Sam told you.


“Y/N, leave us alone and be quiet.” Dean said from his bed.

“Okay.” You replied dejectedly before crawling off the bed.

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What are your top favorite holiday movies??

Christmas vacation
The ref
White Christmas
Shop around the corner
The Santa Claus
Nightmare before Christmas
Home alone
Christmas with the kranks
It’s the most wonderful time of the year