favorite historical figures

space asks i guess 💫
  • nebula: put your itunes on shuffle, give me the first 5 songs that pop up
  • cosmos: what are you like when you’re angry at someone?
  • shooting star: what are you like when you're sad?
  • eclipse: what are you like when you're happy?
  • luna: favorite names?
  • space dust: are you happy?
  • constellation: have you ever read a book that is worse than the movie?
  • black hole: do you have any diagnoses?
  • comet: do you like the person that you've become?
  • galaxy: are you a sun, moon or star person?
  • milky way: do you prefer math or humanities?
  • satellite: when was your first kiss?
  • betelguise: what's something that calms you down when you're upset?
  • solar system: if you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
  • sunspot: are you a sensitive person?
  • andromeda: describe your first best friend
  • saturn: what do you think about before falling asleep?
  • pulsar: what kind of person do you want to be?
  • cassiopeia: what do you like most about yourself?
  • orion: what do you dislike most about yourself?
  • meteor: do you have a favorite historical figure?

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favorite historical figures || grace o’malley 

Grace O'Malley was Queen of Umaill, chieftain of the O Maille clan, rebel, seafarer, and fearless leader, who challenged the turbulent politics of 16 th century England and Ireland. While Irish legends have immortalised Grace as a courageous woman who overcame boundaries of gender imbalance and bias to fight for the independence of Ireland and protect it against the English crown, to the English, she was considered a brutal and thieving pirate, who controlled the coastlines through intimidation and plunder.

​Sometimes I wonder if our favorite historical figures look at us from the afterlife and say “that’s my person. That’s my person and I will guide them thru the next seventy-five years” and then there’s others that are more “you read my wife and I’s letters one more time and I will end you.”

History Asks:

1. Historical role model?
2. Favorite underrated historical figure?
3. Funniest historical kerfuffle?
4. Favorite conspiracy theory revolving around history?
5. Favorite political scandal to examine?
6. Opinion on the presidential assassinations and their impact on America?
7. Which time period would you like to live in?
6. Favorite historical fiction book?
8. Favorite tv show based on historical events, but not really faithful to real life?
9. Favorite musical based on history?
10. Favorite movie based on history?
11. Favorite biography?
12. If you could prevent one tragedy, which would you choose?
13. Fun fact?
14. Favorite female monarch?
15. Favorite war leader?
16. Favorite controversial leader?
17. Favorite feminist pioneer?
18. Which president, in your opinion, was the best speaker?
19. If you could travel back in time and kill anyone, who would it be?
20. Opinion on each of the founding fathers?
21. Which leader do you think would make the best spouse?
22. Most pointless war in your opinion?
23. John Wilkes Booth: crazy or crazy with a cause?
24. Why do you think Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK(and did he act alone)?
25. Opinion on assassins of leaders in general?
26. Do you think we’re going to repeat history because we haven’t learned from it?
27. Have you ever been teased for being a history nerd?
28. Which historical figure do you think has been the most fictionalization and elevated to a godlike status nowadays?
29. Rant about your favorite topic.
30. Favorite kids/teens history books.
31. How was your interest in history started?
32. Do you know a history professor?
33. How did you favorite history teacher structure his class?
34. Can you see yourself pursuing a career in history, or have you done so already?
35. Are you especially interested in the morbid bits of history?
36. Do you focus on the history of a single country?
37. Have you ever been known as the history person?
38. Least favorite president?
39. Favorite president?
40. Favorite history song?
41. Best history project you’ve ever done.
42. What do you think of countries erasing the worse aspects of their past(like America and Japanese Internment and pretty much everything to do with Native Americans)?
43. Opinion on the Watergate Scandal?
44. Why do you love history?
45. Candidate that you think should’ve been president(or leader of the country of your choice)?
46. What do you think of the Mongols?
47. Favorite queen/king of England?
48. Fuck, marry, kill: Elizabeth the First, Bonnie Parker, and Teddy Roosevelt?
49. Were they really the good old days?
50. Favorite army story from a relative or friend?
51. WWI: Necessary?
52. Capitalism, communism, or socialism?
53. Favorite old political film?
54. Favorite peacekeeper?
55. Is monarchy outdated?
56. Opinion on Richard III?
57. What was the real cause of the Civil War of your country(if it had one)?
58. Favorite Chinese Dynasty?
59. Genocide that should be known about but isn’t?
60. Are you interested in cults and sects?
61. Favorite ancient civilization?
62. Favorite leader of said ancient civilization?
63. Opinion on marriage as a political move?
64. Best history joke you’ve ever heard?
65. Opinion on the history taught in schools today?

Don’t imagine Kevin Day curled up in a warm sweater, fuzzy socks, a book about his favorite historical figure in his hands. He’s got a cup of tea sitting next to him, it’s raining quietly outside and he’s curled up in his favorite chair.

Don’t imagine soft Kevin. It’ll make you cry.


The Doctor meeting some of my favorite historical figures (Two showing a living dinosaur to Mary Anning, Eight completely geeking over Nikola Tesla’s work, and Five trying to convince Julie d’Aubigny not to kill someone who made fun of his celery).

How much of a GIANT HISTORY NERD are you

Can name your favorite historical figure’s birthday: 1 pt

Can name your favorite historical figure’s DEATHday: 1 pt

Can name the spouse of your favorite historical figure: 1 pt

Have cried over your favorite historical figure: 1 pt

Drawn your favorite historical figure: 1 pt

Ship your favorite historical figure with someone else: 1 pt

Have visited their grave (if they have one): 2 pts

Have read 2-4 or more biographies about your favorite historical figure: 2 pts

Met a reenactor of your favorite historical figure: 2 pts

Have had ~interesting thoughts~ about your favorite historical figure: 2 pts

Have read fanfiction about your favorite historical figure: 2 pts


Have visited your favorite historical figure’s house: 3 pts

Have reenacted as one of your favorite historical figures: 3 pts

Have read 5+ or more biographies about your favorite historical figure: 3 pts

Gotten into a fight with someone over your favorite historical figure: 3 pts


0-7: your favorite historical figure is ashamed of you

8-15: you probably know enough about your historical figure that you could fight them in an epic duel and win

16-27: you’d get drunk with them at a bar

28+: holy shit dude

History Ask Meme
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  • 1. Favorite time period
  • 2. Favorite male historical figure (HF)
  • 3. Favorite female HF
  • 4. An HF I really dislike
  • 5. A time period I dislike or find boring
  • 6. HF I never expected to like as much as I do
  • 7. HF I never expected to dislike as much as I do
  • 8. An obscure HF who needs more love
  • 9. Favorite history-based movie
  • 10. Favorite historical novel
  • 11. Favorite nonfiction history book
  • 12. Ever been to any cool historical sites?
  • 13. What historical places do you want to visit?
  • 14. Favorite fictional depiction of an HF