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Seeing how so many people stuff their hamster in small cages is so depressing :( 

These type of hamsters are never to be kept in pairs EVER:

Russian Dwarfhamster

Syrian hamster or better known as goldhamster.

Chinese Hamster:

These can be kept with 2 at a time, of the same gender !!! And only if they have known each other for a while:

Roborovski or Robo. AKA fast motherfuckers.

These can be kept with +- 5 IF THEY ARE FROM A PURE BREED:


DO NOT EVER GIVE YOU HAMSTER THESE !!! EVER !!!! If you want bedding for your hamster give them toilet paper.


These are NOT good cages !!!:

A syrian (gold) hamster needs a cage that is at least 80 centimeters long and 50 cm width. Their running wheel must be 30 centimeters in diameter.

A dwarf hamster (russian and roborovski) need at least 50 centimeters long and 30 centimeters width cage. 

Please, you have no idea how many hamsters are suffering in horrible cages. Also, nice cages make the hamster happy and you will be able to tame them so much easier. 

Here are a few examples of good cages for syrian hamster:

The Ferplast Mary. A favorite among hamster owners.

The Alaska cage. Cheap and perfect.

Hamster Heaven 80. Cute as hell. And the 30 cm wheel fits perfectly.


The good old Duna:

The Duna Fun:

An old terarrium:

Also, hamsters LOVE sand baths. And they are pretty funny rolling around in the sand. + makes the fur look fabulous.

Here’s all the adorable creatures and pets from different shows

Charles the dog, Cliff the cat, Geo the hamster and Walt the canary bird from the loud house

Az the tofu and junior the dhreller from wakfu

And Lion, Pumpkin, Watermelon dog and Centipeetle from Steven universe

To be hugely honest, i didn’t like the shading turn out but I’ll probably get soon used to that. Anyways I think it’s alright.

Sing Me To Sleep

A Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir fanfic
Summary: In which Marinette nurses a concussed Chat back to health. Unabashed MariChat fluff.
Snippet: Marinette observed him briefly as he reclined on the couch, eyes closed with a look of self-satisfied contentment on his features. She was tempted to snap at him and tell him not to get too comfortable – she wasn’t going to wait on him hand and foot indefinitely – his cockiness definitely didn’t need any bolstering. But he just looked so peaceful, like he was right at home and this was the most natural place in the world for him to be. ‘I wonder how mom and dad would feel about taking in a stray cat…’

Originally posted on fanfiction.net and archiveofourown.org on 03/26/17, reposted here since I want to make my more memorable one-shots available on tumblr.

Pinks and yellows, frills and lace, sparkles and glitter – these were the things cherished most by the merry toddler as she twirled about the room in her favorite dress-up tutu. Today she was Princess Belle, beloved by all her plush animal subjects in the kingdom of her living room. An elaborate spread lay in front of her as she danced, so she was careful to avoid the delicate plastic teacups and the croissant Maman and given her for her afternoon snack. Her world of make-believe was full of sunshine and rainbows, despite the grey and wet atmosphere that hung around her ‘castle’.

Rain began to patter against the windows, but she fancied it to be the sound of the court minstrel striking up a jolly jig for the beloved princess to dance to. As her pace quickened, she became lost in her performance, her adoring subjects cheering for their beautiful leader to dance faster and faster. It was in her fervor that she forgot to carefully check each step before she made it, so when a flash of bright light shone in her peripheral, her distraction cost her an unfortunate misstep and she found herself tumbling headfirst into her tea party. The clap of thunder that followed rattled her nerves even farther, and soon the shock of her fall gave way to the realization that she was in pain, and scary loud monsters were coming to storm the castle.

“Marinette! What’s the matter?” her most loyal knight hastened to her side, leaving his post in the kitchen, where he had been working on preparing that night’s royal feast.
Through sniffles and sobs, the child fell into “Her royal knight, Sir Papa!”’s consoling embrace and first chastised him for getting her title wrong – again. “I’m not Marinette; I’m the princess!”
With a soft chuckle, Papa argued, “Every daughter is a princess, so even if I don’t always call you my princess, you always will be, mon petite Marinette.” Rubbing her nose affectionately with his own until she giggled, he then repeated, “Now tell me, Princess Marinette, what seems to be the trouble?”

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Happy late Birthday AiAi~! <333

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"I want to see you again”. It’s a phrase that makes you think there will be a next time after all, and it’s easy to understand what the other person feels.“

–Ai Mikaze, ASAS Booklet


Words describing Ai: calculating, knowledgeable, witty, composed, organized, indifferent, perfectionist


Basic Info:

Height: 178cm

Weight: ?

Blood type: Unknown

Birthday: March 1st

Zodiac: Pisces ♓️

Instrument: Synthesizer


"Its not just happiness that makes the feeling of love. There is also sadness and pain. Once you add all these feelings together, it makes up the shape of love.”

–Ai Mikaze, All Star


Ai’s aesthetics


Being the straightforward person he is, everything is in black or white for Ai. He doesn’t see any in betweens. He isn’t afraid of anything either

His organized nature is the cause for him having a slight OCD. He needs everything to be in order. When he sees some disarray, he usually cleans it up after scanning the area.

He takes everything at his own calculated pace, he does what he thinks is best.

The books in his shelf are arranged according to the Dewey Decimal Classification. The items in his room are all labeled, neatly kept and easy to find.

He lowkey wants to build a laboratory next to his room because reasons.

His pet is either a school of fish in an aquarium (due to his like for marine beings, they fascinate him) or a hamster.

His favorite season is a tie between spring and winter. He likes watching snow kiss the branches of trees and also the blooming of buds into vibrant flowers. Nature marvels him.

He is multilingual and speaks a number of languages easily.

As a human, I see Ai to be sensitive but he wouldn’t show it, choosing to show a poker face instead. He doesn’t like being affected so much but he can’t do anything about it either which is why he looks to science which is more stable than his emotions.

Human!Ai’s Hogwarts house would be Slytherin and robot!Ai belongs in Ravenclaw.


“Smile until the very end, I don’t want you to cry.

After all, today will never be forgotten.

“I will continue to live inside you”

Thank you for all the love. Goodbye, my dear.”

–Winter Blossom, Ai Mikaze


Every single Florida Fiasco hamster has a name, and here they are:

Which one is your favorite? #hamster #name #whatsinaname #love #baby

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Name: Shhhhhhh

Nickname: Mocha, Kaha.

Height: Idk exactly but I’m either 5'4 or 5'4 ½.

Ethnicity: Sierra leone, Italian.

Favorite fruit(s): Apple, Pineapples, Grape, Strawberries, Oranges, Mandarian Oranges, etc.

Favorite season: Fall. Since it’s not too cold or too hot and the animals are gone- it’s perfecT

Favorite book(s): The Story of Emmett Tillman by Simeon Tillman.

Favorite flower(s): k I don’t really know many flowers - but I really like white roses and lavender.

Favorite animal(s): Hamsters, birds (espECIALLY the chubby ones).

Favorite beverage: lmao ice water and fruit juices.

favorite fictional characters: Claudio Serafino (ultimate papi), ARMIN (2nd ultimate papi), Joel/Ellie (tlou), Blackhat (villainous), Gumball/Darwin, Asuka Kazama, Shaheen, etc.

Number of blankets you sleep with: 1 ?? it’s a comforter-

Dream trip: Being in a hotel I never have to pay for with free wifi.

Blog created: Around March of this year or the January ?? idk i’m kinda new but not really

Number of followers: 637 lovely humans.

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“suffering passive” or why japanese is hilarious

 in japanese there is not one but two types of passive voice! 

formation is quite simple, you have to add -れる to the informal negative form  for verbs of I group and -られる to the stem for the verbs of II group. 

exceptions change like this: 
来る ー> こられる 
する ー> される

  • first one - similar to english, for example: 

そのマンションは去年に建てられました。ー That apartment house was built last year. 

私は猫に掻かれました。ー I was scratched by a cat. 

For every passive sentence there is a corresponding active sentence. 

猫は私に掻きました。ー A cat scratched me.  

  • The other type of passive describes a situation when an action made by something/someone affected another person, who had no control over said situation.

So, if we use past tense, we simply state a fact. 

姉は私のお菓子を食べました。ー Elder sister ate my sweets. 

She did it, I know about it, but..uh, whatever. However, if we use passive voice the emphasis is that I’m very much pissed off that my sister stole my food. (As in my samurai honor has been abused by that treacherous act).   

私は姉にお菓子を食べられました。ー I was annoyed by elder sister eating my sweets. 

Person who experienced some kind of impact - topic marked by the particle 「は」, agent, making said action, marked by 「に」. 

Another (sad) example, if your favorite hamster dies you may say: 

私はハムスターに死なれました。ー My hamster died (and I’m suffering). 

Here are some words to use with passive voice (and to be unhappy with): 

踏む 「ふむ」ー to step on (foot) // наступить (на ногу)

殺す     「ころす」ー to kill // убивать

撃つ 「うつ」ー to shoot (at) // стрелять (в)

刺す 「さす」ー to stab // резать ножом

噛む 「かむ」ー to bite // кусать

轢く 「ひく」ー to run somebody over (with vehicle); to knock someone down​ // переехать 

撥ねる 「はねる」ー to have a car hit someone // сбить машиной

衝突する 「しょうとつ」ー to collide // столкнуться

追突する 「ついとつ」ー to have a car hit from behind // врезаться сзади

盗む 「ぬすむ」ー to steal // украсть

誘拐する 「ゆうかい」ー to kidnap // похитить

ハイジャックする ー to hijack // захватить самолет

墜落する 「ついらく」ー to have plane crashed // упасть (самолету)

爆発する 「ばくはつ」ー to explode  // взорвать

殺人者 「さつじんしゃ」ー murderer // убийца

殺し屋 「ころしや」ー professional killer, hit man // киллер

泥棒 「どろぼう」ー thief // вор

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Name: Vionna
Nickname: Vio
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 5′4
Ethnicity: Asian
Orientation: Straight
Favorite Fruit: nectarines or blackberries
Favorite Season: Fall
Favorite Book: Garden of the Purple Dragon
Favorite flower: Sakura, hydrangeas, roses
Favorite Scent: Boba tea- I’m so serious this sounds weird but I would legit wear the smell of boba as a perfume if they made one. Also I love anything fruity smelling
Favorite Color: Blue green
Favorite Animal: Everything you name it. Seals, dogs, cats, hyenas, chinchillas, foxes, hamsters, etc
Favorite Drink/Beverage: Boba milk tea. This is no surprise. If you’d calculate how much I spend on boba a year, it’d probably be enough for one of my college textbooks
Average Hours of Sleep: 4. sigh that pre-med trying to become a doctor also partly poor time management and competitive college feels.
Favorite Fictional Character: Gaara from naruto
Number of Blankets: 2 always
Date of Blog Creation: Somewhere in 2014 but started actively posting on 2015
Number of Followers: 935. So close to 1K

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name: Sophia but I prefer Mamon/Mammon or Shiiro.

nickname: Mamon,Fetus,Zygote (@candykitties funk u),Shiiro,Ichi

birth month: July

height: 4′9″???

ethnicity: Filipino

orientation: pan

favorite fruit: strawberries

favorite season: the Philippines has no snow but I LOVE SNOW!

favorite books: Never heard of them (jk jk i’m joak it’s just that i dont read much books and mostly fanfics)

favorite flowers: Maybe Sakura?

favorite scent: vanilla

favorite animals: bunnies and hamsters

favorite beverages: smoothies,milkshakes,orange juice

average hours of sleep: literally idk

favorite fictional characters
Shiro (Voltron)

Sven/aka 80′s Shiro (Go Lion)

Ryou (Go Lion)

Keith (Voltron)

Pidge (Voltron)

Allura (Voltron)

the Matsuno brothers (Osomatsu san)

number of blankets you sleep with: none bc we have no aircon rip


blog created: November 6,2016

number of followers: 161

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Merry Christmas, Marinette

(Slight spoilers if you haven’t seen the Christmas Special yet! I got this idea after I watched it and only now got around to actually writing it. Super fluffy and extremely cute material for Adrinette shippers!)

This Christmas morning was much better than Adrien had thought it would be. He knew it had to be because of the dinner last night. It was great to spend the night with his friends. After the dinner they went to the living room and exchanged presents before everyone left.

Things were definitely different without his mom there but it was a great morning. Adrien was currently sitting next to the tree surrounded by gold wrapping paper and the best presents money could buy, including an advanced copy of Mecha Strike IV that wasn’t due to come out till next month.

Maybe since school and all of Adrien’s lessons were on hold he could invite his friends over again to hang out. They could play Mecha Strike IV! Nino, Max, Marinette for sure!


Adrien felt his heart drop into his stomach. Just thinking about her made him feel guilty all over again. He didn’t realize it until he saw her last night that he had felt so bad about giving her gift away. At the time he had been so sure about what he was doing but when he saw her at the dinner the guilt hit. She probably spent a lot of time making that hat for him and he just gave it away.

He apologized to her and she assured him that she wasn’t angry or upset but it didn’t make him feel any better. It was still gnawing at him as the morning went on. There had to be something he could to make this better. He called up Alya for ideas.


“Hey, Alya, I need some advice.”

“Sure thing, on what?”


“Oh…what’s the occasion?”

“Well, Marinette had made me a really nice hat for Christmas and I ended up giving it to someone else. It’s not that I didn’t like it I just wasn’t thinking and I want to make it up to her.”

“Adrien, if you explain the situation to her I know she won’t be able to hold it against you.”

“I know, I mean I did. But I still want to get her something. Any ideas?”

“Okay, what did you get her last night?” Alya asked.

“A charm bracelet.”

“Cute, describe it.”

“It’s silver. There’s little charms shaped like a spool, a video game controller, pink charms since it’s her favorite color, a hamster, blue charms to match her eyes, some flowers, a croissant–Alya? Are you laughing?”

“No, not at all. It’s just adorable how much thought you put into it. I don’t see how you could top that.”


“Okay, you obviously know what she likes. Just take that and work with it. I’m sure you’ll think of something.”

“Right, thanks.” Adrien hung up and stared up at the ceiling in defeat. What could he get her? What could he give her that no one else could?


Marinette was sitting in the living room with her parents when they heard someone knocking on the door. “I’ll get it.” Marinette hopped off the couch and bound for the door.

She opened the door and froze. “Adrien, oh, uh, w-what are here you doing? I mean you here doing? I mean…come in?”

“Thanks.” he smiled and she stepped back so he could come in. What was Adrien doing in her house?! Oh no she was in her pajamas! Her hair was a mess! Was there food in her teeth? Did she have morning breath? Had the cocoa dyed her teeth brown? Why was this happening?!

“Oh is that Adrien?” Marinette’s mom beamed at them, “Merry Christmas, would you like a cup of hot cocoa?”

“Thanks but I can’t stay long, the Gorilla’s waiting outside.” he explained then turned back toward Marinette who was trying in vain to tidy her hair. “Here.” he held out a pink package with a big curly white bow on top. “I still felt bad about giving away your hat like I did so I got you this.”

“You really didn’t need to do that.” she felt her face flushing, “I said it was fine, I understand why you did.”

“I know but I insist.” he pressed the present towards her, “Please.”

Marinette took the present and carefully tore the paper off. Inside was a light blue sketchbook. “Oh, a new sketchbook. Thanks.”

“Open it.” he was grinning with the light of a thousand suns.

She flipped open the cover. There was already a sketch inside. She flipped another page and there were more fashion sketches. Literally everything from blazers to gloves. “Wait, is this…?”

“One of my dad’s old sketchbooks. I know that he’s your favorite designer and he had no use for it anymore so I asked if I could give it to you. He remembered you from the derby hat contest and trusted that you would treat it well. I thought that maybe it could give you some ideas for your own designs.”

“This is…” she couldn’t help the smile that split her face, “This is amazing. Thank you so much!”

“I’m glad you like it.” he rocked back on his heels, “I should get going I guess. After last night I don’t want to push my luck with my dad, you know?”

“Of course, I’ll uh, I’ll walk you down.” She ignored the adoring glances from her parents and walked Adrien downstairs.

“Thanks again for the sketchbook and the bracelet. You know you really shouldn’t have gone to so much trouble.” she flashed the charm bracelet on her wrist.

“It was no trouble at all and now,” he rolled up his coat sleeve to reveal the lucky charm bracelet she had lent him, “We match.”

You could have lit up the Eiffel Tower for a decade from the burst of nervous affection that thrummed through Marinette’s heart. There was whistle up above them and Marinette and Adrien looked up to see where it had come from. There appeared to be nothing but Marinette could have sworn she saw a flash of red zoom out towards the bakery.

What was Tikki…doing…


She clenched the sketchbook harder to her chest. Adrien and her were standing under the mistletoe! This was not a drill!

“Ha ha, looks like we got caught under the mistletoe.” Adrien gave a nervous laugh. Was she dreaming or was his face turning pink?

“Y-Yeah, you can just ignore that. My parents put it up every year it’s really nothing you need to–” she was cut off by a quick peck to her already scorching red cheek.

She stared unblinking at Adrien who was also glowing bright like a Christmas light. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to, I mean I did mean to but I uh–” he clammed up again fumbling behind him for the door handle. “M-Merry Christmas, Marinette!”

She gave a small wave as he stumbled out into the street toward the waiting car. “Adrien!” she called from the door, “Merry Christmas!”

He smiled back at her before waving goodbye and sliding into the car. She watched the car disappear before letting out a loud squee of delight. Best Christmas EVER!

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Name: Serena

Nicknames: Fickri (my cousin calls me that), buttcheek (my best friend calls me that), bb (my “fiance” calls me that)

Zodiac sign: Leo

Height: 171 cm which is like 5′6 i think?

Orientation: -awkwardly laughs- idontknow 

Nationality: American/Lebanese

Favorite fruit: Mangoes!

Favorite season: Winter

Favorite book: Salt by the Sea

Favorite flower: I don’t have one 

Favorite scent: I like the smell of feet but its not my favorite lmao

Favorite color: -clears throat- black

Favorite animal: i like hamsters? i don’t have a favorite

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: ALL

Average sleep hours: depends? 5-6 hours i guess?

Cat or dog person: Can’t choose

Favorite fictional character: Castiel from Supernatural :) 

Number of blankets you sleep with: 1

Dream trip: Japan! :D

Blog created: January maybe? I don’t remember 

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32 Things About Myself

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  1. Name: Aimee
  2. Nickname(s): Team Mom, Satan, I guess Fukumom now
  3. Zodiac sign: Capricorn
  4. Height: 5′3″
  5. Ethnicity: German American
  6. Birthplace: Florida
  7. Sexual orientation: Asexual
  8. Favorite fruit(s): Mandarin oranges
  9. Favorite season(s): Summer
  10. Favorite song(s): Nightmare by Set it off
  11. Favorite flower(s): Forget-me-nots and Gloria cosmos
  12. Favorite books(s): I’m currently into “The shadow warriors of Nakano” (I have mostly non-fiction history and manga orz)
  13. Favorite animal(s): Hamster
  14. Favorite beverage(s): Coffee
  15. Favorite fictional character(s): Jitsui from Joker Game, Nishinoya from Haikyuu, Henry from Fire Emblem, Kureto from Owari no Seraph, and Rock Lee from Naruto
  16. Dream trip: A vacation trip to Switzerland 
  17. Killed people: Not yet.
  18. Siblings: One older sister
  19. Horror films? Nope
  20. Reason to smile: My pets, friends, and the fact that I’m almost done with a fic
  21. Questions you are always asked: “Do you have a job yet?”
  22. Favorite food(s): Any kind of pasta or rice
  23. A gift you currently want to receive: That Fire Emblem Echoes sounds pretty nice right about now lol
  24. OTP: I’m not big on ships themselves anymore, but I’ll always love Sasuke/Naruto, Sorey/Mikleo, Sweden/Finland, Nishinoya/Hinata, and Fukumoto/Odagiri
  25. One thing that changed about you: I’m less scared to drive now lol
  26. Your first ship: Sasuke/Naruto (it started in second grade, alright)
  27. NOTP: Nothing specific, but I guess any ship that goes against moral grounds
  28. Fear that you want to conquer: Accidentally lashing out
  29. Favorite fanfiction(s): It was too long ago for me to remember the name of it, but it was a SasuNaru fic and I think about it almost every day because of what it taught and how it changed me i guess lol
  30. Favorite sport(s): Martial arts, volleyball, hockey
  31. Birth of your blog: Around 2011-2012
  32. Followers: 1,415

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