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I honestly wish I could say something that hasn’t already been said to you, @markiplier . You are such an inspiring and kind soul. You have been so transparent with us since day one. I’ve never doubted your honesty, and I don’t believe anyone else has either. As an animation student in college right now, I can only hope and dream that I can leave such a positive impact on as many lives as you have. You are loved and I can’t wait to see what you acheive next❤️

I took upon the challenge to do @dazzmazing-dazz’s campaign to keep our tree goober safe. So I made a chibi version and wrapped him up in a special blanket called the “Safety Blanket”. Thankfully I finished it just before tomorrow’s episode before it was too late.

To be honest, overtime, Aku has become one of my favorite villains. It’s not just because he’s an evil entity and a huge troll, but he’s also a big goofball and a adorable one too. He’s also pretty expressive to the point where I started laughing my head off. I’m really saddened that he might die in tomorrow’s episode, and I really don’t want that to happen. So that’s why I wanted to contribute to this campaign before tomorrow’s episode starts.

Genndy please don’t kill off our favorite tree goober. I AM BEGING YOU MAN!?


The Beast of Gravity Falls- Chapter 3

I actually finished this on Sunday but I was busy with church stuff and this morning I was busy with work stuff, but here it is now!

Thanks to @artsycrapfromsai for coming up with this awesome AU and also to Karissa Ellett, Laura Mabe, and Nour Hajar for reading and commenting on the story while I wrote on Google Docs.

Part 1, Part 2

Dipper and Mabel had nearly fallen asleep on the bed when someone knocked on the door to their room.

“Who is it?” Mabel sniffed.

“My name’s Wendy, I work here.” A girl’s voice said from the other side of the door. “I just wanted to check up on you guys.”

“People work here?” Dipper wondered, opening the door. An axe and a guitar stood there. “Wait, what!?”

“Hey.” Wendy said simply.

“Omigosh!” The boy exclaimed, taking a step back. “What-ho-how is this possible?”

“Are you… magic?” Mabel gasped in awe.

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Hobbit Fic Recs

Because all the cool kids are doing it and I’ve been obsessed with Hobbit fic for weeks and I’ve discovered some truly excellent stuff that needs to be shared, like WOAH. Most of these are either rated M or R/Explicit, because… well, just because.

Pre-BotFA Fics

The Affairs of Dwarves (by sam_ptarmigan) - [R/Explicit] Omegaverse fic(ish). Dori thought himself well past his bearing years, unlikely to run into the troubles of his heat on the road. Their adventures in the goblin caves, though, seem to have shaken something loose. Silly, fluffy dwarven courting fic. Bilbo is alternately confused and exasperated by the dwarves’ odd behavior, and there’s some cute Bagginshield on the side of a very sweet Balin/Dori romance that is note-perfect. There’s also a fix-it sequel and I hope for more to come!

Beneath the Mountains Music Woke (by EmilianaDarling) - [M] Slow-burning romance. After Carrock, Thorin finds that his feelings for the burglar are more complex than he initially supposed. AKA Thorin is kind of thick-headed but we love him anyway, and he certainly loves his hobbit. The story is lovely… and includes a chilling coda. I would love to see a “good end” to this AU, but we have been given a dark, excellent “bad end” in On His Dark Throne (Thorin takes the ring. Everything goes far worse than one might expect. Warning: Sequel contains heartbreak and character death).

A Halo on Your Body (by freakylemurcat) - [R/Explicit] Smut fic. Dwarves have piercings. Bilbo is absolutely fascinated by them. That’s it, that’s the fic. It’s awesome and its sequels are awesome (Thorin/Bilbo/Dwalin threesome awwwright).

Made and Remade the Necklace of Songs (by littleblackdog) - [R/Explicit] Soulmate fic. Dwarves are born with a Heartsong in their dreams. Hobbits are born with a Mark on their wrists. Bilbo has borne his strange Mark, unknown Dwarven runes, his whole life. Thorin has heard his Heartsong, but never in the waking world. A lovely, romantic interlude between the goblins and Mirkwood - with bonus sequels.

Seen and Not Touched (by pherede) - [R/Explicit] Smut fic. Thorin claims his consort in the tradition of his people. Bilbo had no idea what he was in for, but it’s too late to back out now. Public, ritual sex in front of the entire company. May be a wee bit triggering due to a lack of communication about sex. Holy wow dear lord hot. And if you like this one, read the rest of pherede’s work because damn. Contains what has become known as DFP!Thorin characterization.

Post-BotFA fics

bring your battle to my door (by kay_cricketed) - [M] Quasi-angsty fix-it(ish) fic. Thorin and Bilbo have hot ritual sex on the throne. Thorin tries to apologize but Bilbo is not having any of it. There is a WIP sequel that I dearly hope continues because I want more of this ‘verse.

An Expected Journey (by MarieJacquelyn) [R/Explicit] - Time Travel fic. Bilbo chooses to live the quest again, to do all and everything in his power to save Thorin and his nephews from their fate. It is never that simple, and the road to ruin is paved with good intentions. This fic left me absolutely speechless. It is unpredictable, gloriously heart-rending, and brilliant. A must-read.

Prayers to Broken Stone (by Avelera) - [T] Angsty, epic fix-it. Dragon Sickness is effecting Thorin more than mentally. Bilbo refuses to leave him, even as his transformation worsens far beyond what anyone could have expected. I cannot, absolutely cannot recommend this fic enough. It’s one of the ones stuck in the four-way tie for my favorite in the fandom.

Safe and Distant (by Lindzzz) - [R/Explicit] Post-BotFA Everyone Lives AU. In which Bilbo doesn’t think he’s good enough for Thorin and Thorin makes a complete botch of communicating his feelings. Probably my current favorite “you precious goobers let me knock some sense into your heads” mutual pining fic. There’s currently a Thorin-POV sequel being written that is equally precious. These two, I swear to god.

Something Blue (by Lapin) - [M] Romantic fix-it fic. Thorin and Bilbo marry, but the proposal is a political one. Both of them are too obtuse to realize that there’s something more to their marriage than diplomacy and convenience. Bless their silly little hearts.

Theft (by Erinye) - [R/Explicit] Angsty fix-it(ish), Fili and Kili do not survive the battle. In the process of recovering the Arkenstone, one of Thorin’s demands is that Bilbo be tried for its theft, according to dwarven law. Now a prisoner in Erebor, Bilbo finds himself the focus of Thorin’s attentions, with the trial looming over their heads. This fic is awesome at depicting the long, hurtful road to forgiveness, full of setbacks and pitfalls and anger. A hopeful ending, but boy does it hurt getting there. Contains what has become known as DFP!Thorin characterization.

Threads of an Old Life (by EmilianaDarling) - [T] Angsty recovery fic, Fili and Kili do not survive the battle. Thorin is not recovering well. Bilbo holds out hope. A meditation on grief and mourning, with a sweetly hopeful ending. Nicely parallels Frodo’s feelings after returning from Mordor - Erebor is not the home that Thorin hoped it would be.

The Road Delivered Us Home (by keelywolfe) - [M] Slow-burn romance/recovery fic, Fili and Kili do not survive the battle. Bilbo returns to the Shire, to Bag End, and lives a not-very-respectable life caring for Frodo and mourning the dead. Then Thorin and Dwalin arrive in the Shire. Thorin and Bilbo pine after each other like the ridiculous creatures they are. Meanwhile, Dwalin is adopted by every hobbit child within a forty-league radius and everything is sweet and adorable.

An Unexpected Addition (by karategal) - [T] Romantic fix-it fic. Bilbo returns to Erebor with his orphaned nephew Frodo in tow. Thorin is awkwardly sweet but still has the communication skills of a rock. Bilbo is the only sane man. Frodo is adorable. Everything is happy and nothing hurts. Exactly what I needed after walking out of the theater.

Up in Smoke (by keelywolfe) - [R/Explicit] Slow-burn romance, WIP. Bilbo gets in a shipment of Old Toby from the Shire. He ends up being embarrassingly talkative under the influence, and it turns out Thorin is incredibly tactile, and if they could get past the cultural miscommunication everything would be fantastic.

Alternate Universe fics

All Ahead, Full Sail (by durinsheir/ShadowChanger) - [M] Mermaid/sailing AU, WIP. Bilbo is a merrow, perfectly content under the sea until Gandalf the meddling wizard arrives to push him into his mother’s adventurous footsteps. The Ring gives Bilbo legs, and he finds himself navigator to the mysterious crew of the Orcrist and its inscrutable, infuriating captain, Thorin. I am on tenterhooks for the next chapter because this universe is excellently built and realized, and Bilbo is a fierce little thing.

The Cat on the Hearth (by MarieJacquelyn) [R/Explicit] - Spirited Away fusion AU, WIP. Bilbo is the spirit of the Cat on the Hearth. He runs a guest house in the Shire, where weary spirits come to find good food, a warm fire, and pleasant company. It’s a cozy fic so far, but I feel that it’s the calm before the storm. We’ll see where it goes!

Clarity of Vision (by mithen) [G] - Easily tied as my top fic for the whole fandom (it’s a four-way tie), in this AU, Smaug was slain over Dale when he descended on Erebor. Thror is wasting away under gold sickness, and Thorin seeks a cure. He runs into Bilbo in Bree, purely by chance. Its a long, slow build, and it’s lovely and it has enough Tolkien lore to get the biggest lore nerd all twitterpated. It has two sequels, one of which (Clarity of Purpose) is still ongoing and is if possible even more amazing.

A Home for My Heart (by Moonrose91) - [M] Romance AU, Smaug never happened. Bilbo, head of the Baggins family, is shunned in the Shire for the infertility that runs in his family. As he cares for his mother in her fading health, a dwarven blacksmith arrives in the Shire. Thorin, betrayed and exiled from Erebor, has built strong walls around his heart. Lots of sweet mutual pining and obliviousness with a happy ending.

If You Go Out Into the Woods (by bubbysbub) - [M] Fix-it AU, WIP. Dwarves are infuriatingly foolish creatures and Bilbo has had more than enough of their recklessness and stupidity. With a firm hand, he takes control of the company to save them from themselves. So far it has been cute and fluffy with what looks like a Thorin/Bilbo/Dwalin threesome in the works (Thorin and Dwalin are married).

Life is What You Make of It (by Moonrose91) - [R/Explicit] Arranged Marriage AU, WIP, Smaug never happened. The land around Erebor and Mirkwood is failing to some unknown sickness. Thorin’s marriage is arranged to Bilbo, to secure an alliance with the Shire. Bilbo finds it more than a little difficult to adapt to his life under the mountain - it’s hard to be the only hobbit in Erebor, much less a deaf hobbit in Erebor. So far, the marriage has been fraught with difficulty despite Bilbo’s unexpected talent for his duties as Consort. I’m really liking this AU and I hope to get more of it soon.

A Most Sensible Idea (by HildyJ) [T] - To secure a much-needed trade alliance between the Shire and the kingdom of Erebor, an arranged marriage is negotiated between King Thorin and the young Frodo Baggins. Bilbo goes with his nephew as a chaperone, but nothing could have prepared him for the king himself - or the love that would develop between them.

Nothing Gold Can Stay (by perkynurples) [T] - Modern Royalty AU. Bilbo is hired as a private tutor for His Majesty Thorin, King of Erebor. He travels to the small European country to find grief, secrets, intrigue, and romance. A brilliantly constructed work that I could not put down.

A Smith and His Forge (by acervate) [M] - WIP. Blacksmith AU. Bilbo’s front door is jammed - luckily, there is a company of wandering dwarves taking up temporary residence in the Shire. Among them is Thorin. We all know where this one is going. There’s a great deal of neat Shire politics in this one!

HEY! YOU! markiplier

‘You look BEAUTIFUL today!’

Such a large project, but I’m proud of how it turned out! My first large animated gif that does more than just blink. *sweats*
Tell me what you guys think! Be gentle please this is my first official ‘animation’ (P.s., the gif starts late because I set the first frame for a five second wait for a seamless loop. Sorry if you guys think it’s taking forever! :x)