favorite goal tbh


look look look it’s some beautiful boys by the wonderful @r2sk !!!!! I love it so muuuuch they look so gooood.

In my modern au, Dorian is a history professor and Nicos is a college tennis coach :)


I always loved that about you. How you could laugh even though everything was shit.

John Boyega appreciation post

So I’m a little bit in love with John Boyega and there are so many reasons why he’s amazing so here’s a few of them:

- He’s a huge Star Wars fan
- He’s always so upbeat and cheerful
- He’s respectful of (and seems to like) the Star Wars prequels
- He’s good to his fans
- He’s proud of who he is
- He’s funny
- He’s confident
- He speaks so highly of his parents
- He also speaks highly of his co-stars
- He’s always so excited during interviews
- He’s so excited about Star Wars
- He’s a cat person
- He’s handsome af
- He posts the sweetest thank you’s to his fans on Instagram
- He visited fans in some theaters when tfa came out

There are probably a million more reasons too so if you have any please feel free to add them!