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Fic: Glory Days

Anonymous said: I just had the randomest thought. When Blaine gets his first grey hair he’s gonna freak out so much like remember that “time capsule” extra thing that happened where Blaine was talking about injecting himself with stem cells or something and Kurt’s trying to make him feel better and he says something like “oh you’re fine honey, I mean look at your dad he’s aged so gracefully” and Blaine is just like WHAT YOU HAVE A CRUSH ON MY DAD and Kurt’s like what. this is not what I meant. such idiots

A/N: Anon, you can’t just drop something that precious and adorable in my ask box without expecting me to turn it into a fic. Please feel free to have more random thoughts of this nature, I love your brain!

“Blaine, honey, are you ever going to come out of the bathroom? You’ve been in there for an entire episode, we’re never going to get through our Parks and Rec marathon like this!” Kurt leans both palms against the door, listening for any kind of sound on the other side.

It takes a moment, but then he can hear Blaine’s voice, a little strained and a little too high. “Go away, Kurt!”

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